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A Thread in the Tangle (Legends of Fyrsta)

by Sabrina Flynn

In a shattered realm where gods breathe and battle, sixteen-year-old Isiilde must find her feet among people who both despise and crave her kind. She trembles on a precipice, caught between the lust of men, the greed of kings, and an eternal struggle for dominance.  As three powerful kingdoms vie to own her, the fire in her blood awakens, sparking a cataclysm of events that spiral into disaster.  A barbarian, a madman, and a timid nymph are all who stand between light and oblivion.

Shattered World 1 : The Eurasian War

by Bobby Hardenbrook

Written in the form of a detailed timeline, Shattered World describes an alternate history timeline in which the Soviet Union invades Poland in 1937, sparking a radically different second world war.

In the early 1930’s relations between Hitler’s Third Reich and Stalin’s Soviet Union cool dramatically, bringing a level of tension to Europe not seen since the days before the Great War. By early 1936 Stalin is convinced that Hitler intends to invade Poland and decides to launch a preemptive invasion of his own. The Red Army, already large and formidable, begins to make its preparations.

Tensions between the East and West now explode into open conflict as Stalin orders the Red Army to roll west. It is the dawn of a terrible new chapter in human history, and the birth of a global struggle that will boil and rage for years, maybe decades, to come.

Switch! The Lost Kingdoms of Karibu

by Karen Prince

Currently #1 on Goodreads “Best Fantasy/Fiction for Teens” and “Most Original” lists.

Switch! A fantasy adventure about magic, friendship and bravery, but also about bad judgement, rascally witches and thoroughly irresponsible adults.

Trouble is brewing in the secret African rift valley of Karibu and Gogo Maya, the witch, and her leopard are about to make matters worse. Of all the dubious magic tricks they know, they choose a risky â??switch’ they’ve been working on, to escape from somebody lurking in the forest. Unfortunately they overshoot, switching right out of Karibu and drawing an ordinary Zimbabwean boy into the mess they leave behind them. The whole disaster that followed might have been averted if another boy had not gone and sucked up what was left of the witch’s power, leaving her too weak to switch back again. CPR, the daft boy called it. He should know better than to risk kissing a witch

If you had to choose between Joe’s two best friends or his cousin, Ethan, to lead an adventure into the bush to rescue him, Ethan would be the last one you’d pick because, well â?¦ he’s useless that way. Yet the witch’s leopard inexplicably starts issuing plans right into his head. Apparently he’s Joe’s best hope because he has absorbed some of the witch’s questionable magic powers. Powers which might come in handy if he ever learns how to wield them, and if he can endure the painful backlash he suffers every time he tries.

In a world that quite literally defies belief, where magic seeps into the drinking water for anyone to use or abuse, and the terrain is impossible to navigate without help from extremely risky sources, this is the tale of Ethan’s struggle to reach his cousin, Joe, before he falls into the wrong hands and gets himself killed.

Early Reviews for Switch!:

What a fantastic story! This may be classified as YA, but there is no reason why adults can’t enjoy it too. All the adventure of Tom Sawyer, and all the “life’s Lessons learned” as well. Kitty Muse Book Reviews.

Of all the current books for teens, this is my favorite. The characters were all charming, well thought out and full of quirks and fun. Sharon Gosling.

If you enjoyed the Harry Potter series, the Artemis Fowl series or Terry Pratchett you might like to scroll up and click on the â??Look Inside’ feature right above the book cover image for Switch! and see if you want to give it a whirl.

About The Author:

Karen Prince was raised on a wildlife farm in Zimbabwe; a perfect childhood for someone who always wanted to become an adventure writer. Between searching for leopards and other dangerous creatures on horseback and cooling off in the nearby dam – which was occupied by at least one crocodile – it was a wonder she survived.

This chaotic life was balanced during the school term by the harsh discipline and unreasonable constraints of attendance at an all girls boarding school, an overnight train ride away. That was where Karen became an avid writer. Mostly of heartfelt pleas to anyone who would listen, to rescue her soon.

Shifter Witch On Hell’s Road: Book One

by Trinity Night

It is you who has summoned me.

***Intended For Adult Audiences***

This is a novelette of about 11,500 words that is Part 1 of an Paranormal Erotic Romance Series.

Shifter Witch On Hell’s Road is a spin off of the Spellbound series but can be read independently.

Eva is a scrappy runaway who became an exotic dancer at a club in downtown Seattle after she turned eighteen. One night her world was turned upside down by Julia (the sex witch) and her boyfriend Alexi. The next morning she began to shapeshift into a raven without control. She lost her house and her job and ended up on the street. On top of that, a strange man followed her everywhere she went.

Eva’s had enough and decides to leave town. She drives south in a new VW, a backseat full of new clothes, and a gold card all care of Julia. Eva is on a strip club tour to give her life direction (and because she can’t think of anything else to do.)

Balthazar, who she sarcastically dubs B-Zar, pops into the car, much to Eva’s annoyance. But she lets him tag along as her bodyguard. They make it to the club and sparks fly after Eva realizes she doesn’t like other girls climbing on Balthazar’s lap.

A sudden attack from the forces of evil, sets Eva on a journey she never would have expected. Balthazar is at her side to guide and protect her.

Eva has a lot to learn if she is to fulfill her role. Balthazar must gain her trust and consummate their bond if he is to fulfill his.

Excerpt from Shifter Witch (Book One)

“Fine, we can spar. We’ll see just how talented you are.”

I threw a punch and smacked him squarely in the face and then laughed loudly. His nose looked red for a few seconds while he stared at me with disgust.

“I’ll give you one shot. That was it.” He said moving into fighting position.

He thrust a strong left hook at my stomach, and I twisted away just in time. I put my fists up in a defensive position in front of my face and balanced myself like he had shown me. B-Zar had about thirty pounds on me, and that was pure muscle. He could take me down with one good hit.

I narrowed my eyes at him and circled around him stepping lightly and evenly to keep my body in a balanced defensive position.

The sound of an engine buzzed outside, and his eyes darted to the left. I took the opening and threw a swift jabbing punch into his jaw. He backed up just in time and corrected himself, smiling at me and bouncing in place with this fists in front of his face.

He threw another jab at me, but I could tell it was weak. He didn’t intend to hit me. As I bent out of his reach I swipe kicked under his knees and sent him reeling down to the ground. As he fell, his foot connected with my ankle, sending me right down on top of him.

I felt on his chest. My face hung inches over his, and I felt his body respond instantly to my contact. I tried to get up but B-Zar swung over on top of me and pinned my arms down to the barn floor. In this position I had almost no defense. I tried to knee him in the gonads, but he pinned my legs down with his knees.

I struggled against his arms but he was so much stronger than me, I could barely budge. The sense of helplessness went from infuriating to tantalizing. Overwhelming desire trickled through my adrenaline soaked blood, and my eyelids fluttered. My body melted into the floor. His mouth leaned into mine and pressed hard against my lips. I struggled a little, just so he didn’t think I was giving in so easily. But not for long.

The feeling of him holding me down, pressing my body into the hay littered floor, made moisture seep between my legs. All my defenses evaporated, and I let his tongue into my mouth.

The Banshee’s Revenge (The Banshee’s Embrace Trilogy- A Paranormal Romance Urban Fantasy)

by Victoria Richards

The Banshee’s Revenge – A Paranormal Romance Urban Fantasy.
This is Book 3 in The Banshee’s Embrace paranormal romance trilogy.

Toby Williams is a wizard with a problem. He is very much in love with half banshee, Jacqueline Huston. Though she exists in the realm of the living, as a banshee she is also able to see death- and help those who have died to cross over to the other side. But something inside her has snapped. Anger and revenge is all she feels now. Jacqueline is hell-bent on revenge to the Brotherhood of Merlyn wizard’s for their past atrocities and their current attempts to kill her love, Toby; especially their ancient and powerful leader, Gwydion. One by one she tracks them down and destroys them. Jacqueline’s power grows with each wizard she reaps while Death’s voice taunts her from within. By pursuing a path of revenge Jacqueline isn’t doing her job as a banshee, leaving those who have died unable to cross over and throwing off the balance of nature- with dire consequences.

Toby is at a loss how to save her, and the world. His answer comes in the form of Morrigan, a powerful Celtic goddess. Morrigan has a plan to help Toby save Jacqueline and regain her humanity, but at great risk.

Even the best laid plans can go astray, especially when evil Gwydion enlists the help from a god of the underworld.

Will Jacqueline be saved? Does she have any chance at regaining her humanity? Can Toby and Morrigan overcome a powerful wizard and a god of the underworld? Find out now in the exciting conclusion of The Banshee’s Embrace Trilogy.

Star (Starland Vamp Series)

by Theresa Oliver

Abigail Starland, better known as Star, is a kick-ass CIA agent. But what’s different about her is she’s a shape shifter vampâ??from the Revolutionary War eraâ??in a covert new branch of the agency. According to the CIA, she doesn’t exist. She fears nothing, that is, until she’s assigned as bodyguard to Zachary Davis, the 18-year-old teenage son of her boss. They fall in love and the trouble begins. She soon discovers that “The Others,” rogue, uncontrollable vamps, are after him. But who’s behind it? Star soon learns she’s bitten off more than she can chew when she discovers that it’s a vamp from her past. “Star” will keep you guessing at every vamp turn of the page!

Death of the Mad Hatter: Chapters 1-5

by Sarah J. Pepper

If the king loses his head, then the Queen with a Bleeding Heart would rule the Red Court until Time ceased to move forward. When a second carried on for infinity, every creature in Wonderland would tip their Hat to the misfit girl with a Boy’s name (or was it a boy with a Girl’s name?) who’d end the Reign of Terror. However, it all hinged on the One-Eyed Hare being able to convince an uninspirable Heir that the impossible was indeed possibleâ??like stopping timeâ??and that Love was worth a Beheading.

Heads would Rollâ?¦

Hearts would Breakâ?¦

In the end, would it matter who Reigned?

The Smolder

by Kathryn Judson

Fantasy, set in the future. Oleevaba is the proud, pampered breed representative of the Advanced Midstate New York breed of humans – until she’s kicked out of society for having too much initiative. She’s expected to dutifully starve to death, like other expersons. Instead, she’s rescued by a parallel civilization she never knew existed. This civilization has been good at staying out of sight. But that’s about to change.

Searching for Maia, Book 2 ( The Peaks at the Edge of the World)

by M.F. Erler

Jon and Jael have finally released Jael’s sister from her bondage, but now they must venture into the unknown Far Wilds of their planet Terres. As they do this, Jon decides to try a daring experiment involving parallel worldsâ??by bringing two Twenty-first Century Earth children into their bodies, to experience their journey with them. And so Danny joins with Jael, while his sister, Ginna, joins Martina. No one knows what impacts this experiment may have on each of the young people involved.

Thanks to Jon’s ability to Cross the GAP, they find a way to leave Terres, and begin searching for a planet called â??Maia’â??or Mother Earthâ??encountering many hazards along the way. In addition, no one they meet in their travels seems to know where it isâ??or even if it is a real place, at allâ??and then they are captured by Rebels, the most feared force in the Galaxy.

The Marvelous Land of Ap

by George R. Shirer

Charlie has lived in the Marvelous Land of Ap since he was a teenager. He doesn’t miss the world at all.
Ella has just arrived in Ap, and can’t wait to go home.
Until that happens, Charlie has agreed to look after Ella.
Unfortunately, this arrangement gets complicated when Charlie’s duty takes him, a reluctant Ella, and a young boy named Thimble from the safety of Ap, into the uncertain dangers of the Dustlands.

The Shadow Rises (Witch-Hunter)

by K. S. Marsden

Witches are real, and to be blunt, they’re all black-hearted, and evil. These are not wiccans, bored housewives and teens that wore too much black, playing with candles and poems; witches are a different breed that use magic with devastating effect.
Charged with stopping the witches, taking whatever measures necessary, there are witch-hunters, all reporting to the Malleus Maleficarum Council (MMC). For hundreds of years witches have been persecuted and when the powerful Shadow Witch rises again, they have their opportunity for revenge.

The best the MMC has to offer, the talented seventh-generation witch-hunting Hunter Astley has his own part to play. In his own way.

PRIMATE Shape Shifters

by Tomas Braun

President Julio Hector Ortega a republican and former Navy SEAL is elected President in 2016. He is the Navy SEAL who killed Osama. Key members of his military and civilian organizations are now being killed after being seen in the company of beautiful young women or handsome men. Strange DNA of a unknown Primate is found in the bite marks that tore their mauled bodies asunder.  Rumors of the “Jersey Devil” begin to circulate after horrific events unfold in the South Jersey Pine Barrens.  The killings are now occurring throughout the world.  It is time to take action.  But how and against whom?

Fantasy IV: Poetry / Naivety

by Gitte Ahrenkiel

“Another Moon” is an example of Fantasy Poetry / Naivety.
A simple playing with words and images. Unambitious. Indifferent to literary principles and high-level intellectual messages. In short, free and enjoyable creativity.

Share your experiences
Take advantage of this book series to publish YOUR OWN fantasy poems and pictures.
Contact me by mail: [email protected]

The Garden Kingdom of Be

by David Derbyshire

Magical creatures in a hierarchy interplaying in a garden, with some reference to the household attached. The fantastical creatures eventually venture out and over the countryside, then back to their ‘play’ in the garden.

JAEGER Issue #1: The Straw…

by Scott A. Mehlman

Cord Jaeger has tried to get through life doing things the way you were supposed to; but life was rarely fair. Every once in a great while though, life provides a way to level the playing field. Cord got knocked down one too many times, and if life wasn’t going to play fair, then neither was he. Cord Jaeger has a secret, a secret he has been keeping since sixth grade because to reveal it could mean losing his freedom; and that was only if he was lucky.

Set in a future where Cleveland, Ohio is one of the largest cities in a slightly smaller United States (and the Browns still haven’t won a Super Bowl), JEAGER tells the story of a man who has given up trying to do the right thing. Cord Jaeger has been hiding his power, and now he is learning to use that power to take care of that which he holds most dear. Himself. Cord Jaeger has great power, to hell with the great responsibility.

Edward Mordake: in Love, at War

by Paul White

A fictional account of the life and death of Edward Mordake.

Edward Mordake was born with two faces. He has managed unconvincingly to stumble through his life as a hermit who lives with his elderly mother. Edward longs to fall in love. He begins to follow a beautiful girl he has seen walking outside his window. Eventually he plucks up enough courage to ask the girl out on a date. She accepts. When the girl reacts to Edward’s second face Edward runs. He runs at night time into the wilderness. He befriends a few animals and runs into a dirty drifter who plies Edward with homemade moonshine. Edward’s troubles soon deepen. His luck runs dry. The great love he has within him also begins to run deep and dry. Edward gets swallowed up and has to fight for his life, the life that he has thus far hated.

(Edward Mordake was reportedly the 19th century heir to an English peerage. He supposedly had an extra face on the back of his head, which could neither eat nor speak, although it could laugh and cry. Edward begged doctors to have his “demon head” removed, because, supposedly, it whispered Satanist language to him at night, but no doctor would attempt it. He committed suicide at the age of 23.

It is difficult to establish the facts behind Edward Mordake’s condition due to the lack of reliable medical records. Not even his date of birth and death are recorded and there are conflicting accounts regarding his suicide, as well as placement and position of his extra face. Much of what is known is based on oral retelling.) Taken from Wikipedia.

Howl of Frost (Halley Beufrey Series)

by Jennifer DuBose

When Halley Beufrey offers her help to a seemingly harmless human she inadvertently throws herself in the middle of a centuries old battle between brothers. One of whom is her first love Jamieson McClure. Thus, forcing her to hunt down a murderous witch with the ever charming and handsome Damien Triwick. As if emotional matters couldn’t get worse the darkly mysterious co-owner of Fifth Alley, Logan has offered her his help alongside his affections. If she can get off this romantic joyride long enough to find the villains, she just might save the world.




This is a Version that I had added more and more Pages to make it 132 Pages Long. I just Edited the Long Description into a Short sand Sweet one. There is no more Information other than my Tip to the Readers: “Order this Book and Read onward.”

The Discovery of Maya Phillips

by L. S. Paul

Maya thinks she’s just a normal woman, working a boring job, with a boring life and good friends. However, she soon realises that this is not the case when she is contacted by some of her absentee mother’s friends, drawing her into a web of conspiracy, lies, and secrecy.

Dragon on The Green (The Stone Dragon Saga)

by Elizabeth Tyree

In Dragon on the Green we find our protagonists in a bind as they are forced to work for the one person they are trying to thwart. This thrill filled addition to the Stone Dragon Saga will keep readers enthralled as they follow the twists and turns that bring the characters through constant conflict and triumphs.

Firedrake Volume 1

by T. Mike McCurley

In 1963, human beings began to Emerge – to develop abilities far beyond the human norm. Some were born twisted or in shapes once thought fantastic. Among that number is one Francis Drake, born in the form of a humanoid dragon. Following an abusive childhood and an adolescence spent as a fugitive, Drake has been pressed into the employ of the United States Department of Justice – Metahuman Response Division. Serving a citizenry that often recoils from the mere sight of him, Drake is called upon when law enforcement encounters one of the Emerged – the “geneboosters”.

Small Town Charms: Growing Darkness

by Cora Cuba

Welcome to Small Town Charms: Growing Darkness

Mandy Flores is magically bound to the mountain town of Big Bearâ?¦and trapped in a cabin with her very sexy ex-boyfriendâ?¦

Ancient magic binds Mandy to the tiny town of Big Bear. In her new role as Dark Witch of the mountain, she must imbalance the White Witch Janeâ?¦who unfortunately is a dangerous psychopath determined to end Mandy by any means.

Luckily for Mandy, Jessica’s sister Tiffany arrives on her doorstep ready to answer all her questions about what being the new Dark Witch means, and initiate her into the magical process of “growing darkness”. And they’re also dealing with a far more worrisome housemate- Mandy’s charismatic ex-boyfriend Brick, who has agreed to tend bar at the Holler.

Of course Clyde is not exactly pleased Mandy’s living with her ex. And Tiffany is determined to get revenge on Jane. And Jane is determined to seduce Brick. If she is to protect the friends she loves and the town she’s bound to, Mandy must face the greatest pain she’s ever known and learn the heart-breaking secret that will change her life forever.

Ë?Ë?Ë? Small Town Charms Book Three teaser included!

Small Town Charms: explore the magic today.

Tainted Legacy: Bundle Pack

by L. Macinley

This is a bundle pack of my released stories plus two bonus. As well as cover arts for my next two stories.
Genre: Dark Fantasy and Horror
Tainted Legacy: Ruins
Tainted Legacy: Twins
Bonus Story: Conscript Zalenco
Bonus Story: The Waters Edge, Feathers on the Wind

Tall Tales and Cathode Ray Tubes

by Tim Sandle

Absurd and surreal tales, prose poems and poetry: a reflection of modern urban living from a phantasmagoric perspective.

In Between Myths

by Tom Marriott

What if things did go bump in the night? What If the loch ness monster was the low end of the crypto zoological spectrum and What if â?¦.myths contained a grain of truth? Would you go searching for that truth?â?¦Would you live to tell the tale?

Henry Lomax is a pessimistic loner and a failed crypto zoologist. His unbelievable story is told through his journal entries and the retelling of wild events. Along the course of Mr Lomax’s personal journey he becomes ever more open to the â??wonderful’ and less close-minded. Along the way he comes across such mythological stalwarts as the Minotaur, (who turns out to be an obsessive compulsive Billy Ocean fan), Zeus and Kharon (aka the Ferryman) and many more.

Delve into a unique crypto zoological adventure of mythological proportions.

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