Free horror Kindle books for 16 Dec 13


by Mel Massey

When Lisa goes to visit her parents, she comes home to an empty house. Or so she thinks. As a storm rages outside, Lisa tries to getaway from something unknown that’s hiding in the shadows.

Eater Of Eyes

by Mike Cooley

The grey stone wall to her right rose like a cliff face above her. Birds circled and cawed in the dusk as the baleful yellow sun shone through a haze; they looked like pterodactyls with outstretched, leathery wings. To her left was a pool of water that stretched away into the fog. In the water the dark, burned trunks of logs bobbed–or were they bodies?

Dara can’t remember Dan, or the murders. Someone is stealing eyes. And there’s a monster; it lives in a wooden box.

I Guess it was the Corn! (Free Story Friday Season 1)

by Josh Hilden

This is a SHORT STORY of 6 pages.

The companion piece to “Maybe it was the Corn?” from the upcoming serial “Summer Camp of the Dead”.

Darrell’s Dark Dreams

by Darrell B Nelson

All of us have demons that live in the deepest parts of our mind. My demons are the the type that your demons will pay money to read about. The stories in this book are best described by a reviewer who said, “The author needs serious (mental) help!”
These tales are both creepy and thought provoking. Fast paced and entertaining.
Most of these stories are available free across the Internet. I included three brand new stories and a work of flash fiction that was runner-up in a flash fiction contest.

Ho Hum, Butter Rum

by Jonathan Marker

In the post-bankruptcy days in Detroit, Michigan, Aldo Vaspucci makes a good buck as a taxi driver picking up drunk construction workers from the Dip ‘n Twist – the only “ice cream shop” downtown, run by the construction companies brought in to revitalize the city. So long as he doesn’t ask any questions, is never late, and is never, ever early, he couldn’t give a damn about what happens when he drops off his fares at their destination – a place he thinks exists to sober up the construction workers. When he tries to get a toehold on an odd occurrence, he finally gets to see just how good the “ice cream” is at the Dip ‘n Twist…

Into The Abyss (The Hector Martinez Casefiles)

by Travis Brantner

Jessica Summers is a blond haired, blue eyed bombshell. At only 18, she had her whole life ahead of her with a loving mother, a potential basketball scholarship, and a boyfriend that seemed to be made for her. Things were perfect until Jessica disappeared one night.

Enter Detective Hector Martinez.

Highly inexperienced, Hector finds himself navigating a lustful widow, a series of lies, and the possibility of all Hell breaking loose.

Triple Threat (three short, terrifying tales of horror)

by Troy McCombs

Three short horror stories for a dollar!


A confused and desperate man is being stalked by a headless stranger whose real intentions may be very surprising to both him and you, the reader.

Feeding Time:

Some people think Bigfoot is tame… but is that really true? Or does it sometimes come out to eat men in order to retain its supernatural powers?


Henry has been afraid of the dark ever since childhood. Now he’s a grown man who believes that darkness is a direct link back to a previous world, a previous incarnation, where earthly fears actually have substance.

Werewolves of Eden: Wild Things

by Kat Gracey

Eden is hunter territory. So why are the Werewolves so desperate to reclaim it?

Cheyenne Martin comes from a long line of hunters. When her classmate Noah is attacked, she goes after the Weres responsible. She uncovers a plot to create a new race of Weres from humans. With the Alpha trying to get her to join them and her father trying to stop her from hunting, it is up to Cheyenne to stop them herself before its too late.

The Mystical Magical Rock and Roll Show

by Tommy Lintner

Cornerville, a town in western Ohio, was known primarily for its farms as well as its community college. When a strange troupe of exotic musicians show up and promise big financial gains for the town, a whole series of bizarre, frightening and inexplicable events are unleashed.
Bob Jenkins, an entertainment reporter and critic for the Columbus Herald was sent to cover this unique event which is called “The Mystical Magical Rock and Roll Show.” In the process he falls in love with Mary, attends the concert and becomes part of a night which changes everyone’s lives forever.

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