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Minecraft: 30 Sneaky Minecraft Tricks

by Minecraft Books

From #1 Best-Selling Author Minecraft Books (Jason Scott)


Minecraft is full of countless glitches and hidden features that can give you some entertaining things to try out and make your life a little bit easier.

This eBook is going to offer you an inside look at some of these tips and tricks that you will be able to use in your own version of Minecraft.

These 30 Sneaky Minecraft Tricks have all been tested to work and show you exactly how they can be done so that you can figure them out quite easily.
These tricks range from finding the best enchantments to use on your gear to using a secret hidden method to see all ore underground without having to download a mod.

Strap in and hang on for the ride of your life. This tips and tricks train track is covered in power rails and is ready to take off!


Minecraft: 30 Tricks Your Friends Won’t Know

by Minecraft Books

From #1 Best-Selling Author Minecraft Books (Jason Scott)

What started as one programmer’s weekend hobby has exploded into the game now known as Minecraft. With over 10 million downloads and counting, Minecraft has become immensely popular due to its sandbox play style and highly social online play.

There is, of course, a certain learning curve involved; some players can finish a redstone-powered mansion with automatic defense turrets before their friends complete their first wooden huts.

What exactly causes this gap in skill?

Well, aside from hours of practice, there are a lot of little tricks and shortcuts players can use to surpass their friends or simply enhance their single-player experience.

While it can take weeks of playing to figure these out for yourself, this ebook aims to gather the 30 most useful tips and tricks into one place.

Not only will you be able to show off to your friends, you’ll be able to have a lot more fun while playing the game.


Clash of Clans – Attack Strategies for Farming and Trophies

by Baddy

Clash of Clans is a highly addictive and fun social game that the world is hooked on.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or seasoned pro because our strategies are like none you have seen before.

Our strategies are focused on the economics of battle and when you apply our simple formula to your battle plan you will always come out ahead.

This is not a clash of clans hack, nor is it clash of clans cheats, but it is the most useful and practical guide anyone playing the game will use.

Our strategy allows any player to have long-term success without wasting money on expensive gems. The clash of clans strategy and clash of clans tips we provide have never been shown anywhere else.

There is an abundance of information on the clash of clans wiki, but they do not stress the importance of economical warfare. The only way you can have longevity is by following our simple game plan.

Our strategy is ideal for every level the game starting in bronze and it still works all the way up in the champions league.

On the Clash of Clans forum you will read about many different attack strategies, however none have stood the test of time like ours.

So if you’re interested in a strategy that includes cooking a cheap Army, cooking a fast Army and frequent attacking then look no further!

Breaking Bad: The Life Lessons of Jesse Pinkman, His Decisions, and How It Relates to Our Lives

by Timothy Bauer

Learn the Life Lessons & The “Why” Behind the Decisions of Jesse Pinkman, Walter White’s Right Hand man

***Get this Amazon Best Seller now for the special promotion price of $2.99! Regularly priced at $4.99***

The hit American TV crime drama “Breaking Bad” is the highest-rated TV series of all time. The main character, Walter White, was suffering from a mid-life crisis, stress from financial instability, as well as being diagnosed with lung cancer. That’s when he met Jesse Pinkman, a high school drop-out who skims his way through life by doing drugs. He was a small time drug dealer until Walter decided to grow the drug business.

Jesse is in a typical drug dealing young adult, and adds a comic relief to the serious drama in “Breaking Bad”. However, Jesse matures throughout the show. His perspective of love, family, drugs, and violence all changes as he goes on his drug dealing adventures with Walter. In this book, we will examine some of the choices he makes in “Breaking Bad’. His involvement with Walter cause Jesse to be torn mentally and emotionally. We will finally understand some of the life lessons taught in this TV series, and understand how it relates to situations in our owns lives.

Come and discover how Jesse changes his views on life throughout the show “Breaking Bad”.

Here’s a Preview of What You Will Learn

* Who is Jesse Pinkman?

* Why does Jesse do drugs?

* Jesse Pinkman’s views on his parents

* How Jane changed him

* His decisions while being pressured by peers

* How did Jesse treat Angela?

* Walter White, the screw up mentor?

* Jesse’s relationship with his brother

* and much much more!


Comments From Other Readers

“I read the first book about Walter White, this second book about Jesse is just high quality! Jesse is such an interesting character, and he compliments Walter really well. This book is highly recommended for any Breaking Bad fans.” – Darren F. (New York, USA)

“There are so many deep seeded life lessons in the show Breaking Bad. This book really shows you what those lessons are. It’s a intriguing and meaningful book” – Janice P. (Seattle, USA)

“Jesse goes through such a tremendous change throughout the series, and this book documents it extremely well.” – Pete W. (Vancouver, Canada)

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Meet Sean Cleary

by Clarice Berniere


Suspend your belief at the flimsy plot! Marvel at the lack of action! Be amazed at the cut out characters!

Meet Sean Cleary laughs in the face of every thriller you’ve read before. Forget things being blown up, karate chops and tension that could cut the air. Enjoy the serene weirdness of some kid being involved in a YouTube stunt and how he gets out of the biggest mess in his life.

Will his friends and family solve the mystery before it’s too late?

No reader has made it past chapter 8. Will you make it to the end or throw up from the awful prose?

* previous typos have been corrected in this new version

Zeno Comes to Town

by Alex S. Johnson

Zeno comes to town… With a vengeance!

Bush E-Mails from Dad

by Erik Brown

Bush E-Mails from Dad is an imaginary series of emails written during Bush’s presidency where his father is asking about Iraq, Katrina, why Cheney is running the show, etc.
An example:
Dear Son,
With all the jobs we have sent to India, they ought to like us. You should make them the 51st state so we can collect taxes on the jobs we created.
Dear Dad,
Funny you should mention that. In September, 2004, when we thought job creation was a key to my election, Cheney had suggested I fly troops over from Afghanistan and annex New Delhi. He said as president I could annex it as a U.S. territory and pick up about three million new jobs. Plus we’d institute a one party system and gain three million Republican votes.
Dear Son,
I don’t think that’s legal.
Dear Dad,
Of course it is legal. Dick says that after 9-11 Congress gave me the power to do anything I feel necessary in the fight against terrorism.
Dear Son,
I’m not sure how this relates to the war on terrorism.
Dear Dad,
Are you getting a little slow? How can I fight terrorism if I’m not elected president?
Dear Son,
More Cheney logic, but thankfully you didn’t invade.
Dear Dad,
We didn’t need to bother.
Dear Son,
Why not?
Dear Dad,
Diebold got the voting machines contract.

Word Games For 100 Greatest Traditional Christmas Songs (Christmas Word Games)

by E L LEE

It’s Christmas time, let’s have some fun with traditional Christmas songs!
How well do you know about traditional Christmas songs?

Listed in this book are the name of 100 greatest traditional Christmas songs. Unscramble them this Christmas with your love one!

List of all the books in the series:

Word Games For Christmas Carols From A To Z

Word Games For 100 Greatest Christmas Movies

Word Games For 100 Greatest Traditional Christmas Songs

Word Games For Christmas 3 In 1

90 Percent of everything is SHIT

by L J Riordan

We interpret the world around us from our thoughts and feelings. Our thoughts and feelings are formed from our experiences, which subsequently are the effect caused by an action taken by us because of our thoughts and feelings, the same thoughts and feeling which create the world around us. 10 % of you will still be with me and will understand 10% of the population know that they ability to create a world worth interpreting. 90 % percent however do not, and only create Shit. Metaphorical, circumstantial and actual Shit. Herein we will take a closer look at it. So be prepared to think, muse, laugh and cry.

A Day in the Life of a Skank

by Patrick Mackey

A Day in the Life of a Skank chronicles the adventures of Syndee, a less than admirable member of the human species, during a twenty four hour of her life. The squeamish may find the accounts of her adventures less than appealing as they involve alcohol and drug abuse, degenerate behavior and a very low level of intellectual aptitude. Hopefully, some of those who can overlook these character flaws may find the story appealing.

One Night in Stony Creek (An Oklahoma Bill Adventure)

by Sam Maxfield

Oklahoma Bill, loveable rogue, returns in this short-story prequel to ‘The Consequences of Preserving Outlaws in Arsenic’. When Bill rolls into Stony Creek, flush with three hundred dollars of poker winnings and his usual eye for another man’s wife, you know there’s gonna be trouble. What he doesn’t reckon on is that Rachel Rollins is even more dangerous than her husband, which is saying something as her husband is the ruthless criminal who owns the town. The only chance Bill has is to get himself slung in jail,where he meets his cellmate, the most stupid man in town – Wanderin’ Eye Joe. But even in jail the chances of surviving the night are starting to look pretty slim…

Panty Raid at the Dawn of Feminism

by Leonard Stegmann

Leonard was pretty sure he didn’t want to participate in his first college panty raid. In fact, he wasn’t really sure what a panty raid was. (Humor Nostalgia/595 words)

Ramblings of an Alamance County Idjit

by Damon Woodson

A humorous collection of both fiction and non-fiction short stories. Stories about life’s humorous moments with some campfire stories thrown in.

Minecraft – Best Mods Guide

by Cheat Guides

This Guide presents the best mods available for Minecraft!

Mods add new content to the original game or alter the gameplay. This keeps Minecraft exciting, interesting and fun. There are countless Minecraft mods available which makes it hard to get a good overview. By reading this ebook you’ll get familiar with the best mods which make Minecraft even more fun to play.

Warning: 1,000 Offensive Jokes

by Harry Sakz

This book will make you laugh and cry. Warning. This book is downright offensive jokes. This book is only meant to be funny for all people who like humor. No ill will is meant for any of the people of our planet.

By downloading this book you agree to laugh and enjoy life a little. You might get upset by this and you may laugh so hard that you fall out of your chair for hours.

Tweets from an inebriated mind

by Barry Surreal

Ever drunk-tweeted? Ever regretted it or thought it was the best night of your life? Then this isn’t the book for you! Follow Barry Surreal (or don’t, it’s up to you) as he goes to the pub, has a few pints, some crisps and has a go on the juke box all whilst attempting to tweet 1000 times in one night – basically anything that comes to mind whether it’s funny, poignant, thought-provoking, boring or another category. Barry is fictional and he has never drank a pint of beer or any other liquid for that matter but don’t let that stop you reading the book – it’s hilarious or awful – you decide (or don’t, it’s up to you).

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