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Where is Santa – A Christmas Picture book for Children (Spot It)

by Sujatha Lalgudi

This is a lovely and cheerful Christmas picture book for Toddlers!

A sweet little child and his pet Reindeer experience their very first Christmas.

The story begins on the night before Christmas. See the family build up Christmas cheer, and celebrate the joyous occasion.

It is a great book to introduce children to the concept of Christmas.

Bright, humorous and full-length pictures in each page will have your child asking for more!

Ask your child to spot Santa(s) hidden in each page. There are other objects related to Christmas to find too!

All the illustrations are based on the Christmas theme.

Early beginner readers can read the simple, yet, interesting sentences in the book.

Merry Christmas!

The Parent’s Guide To Potty Training Toddlers – Everything You Need To Help You Potty Train Your Toddler (Parenting,Toddlers,Children,Kids)

by Emily Banks

Kindle’s Best Guide To Help You Potty Train Your Toddler!

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You’re about to discover how to…

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how parents can help their toddlers become potty trained. This stage of a child’s development is very crucial, and stressful to parents. It can easily become a frustrating endeavor, which can affect your relationship with the child. Troubles and accidents can make the parent and the child feel like failures, negatively affecting self-esteem.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Getting to know your toddler
  • Toddlers and potty training
  • The basics of potty training
  • Steps to potty training your child
  • Troubleshooting
  • Psychological effects of toilet training
  • Much, much more!

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The Mystery of Grandpa’s Christmas Cane

by Nick Nichols

What was so special about Grandpa’s Christmas cane that had little Christian so curious? As with many Christian Christmas books, this small book is based on special experiences I’d had with my own father and grandfather. It’s a quick read in the kids’ Christian books category and is perfect for a sweet-dreams bedtime story. The end of the story focuses on Jesus in a heartwarming way as children’s Christian books should. Guaranteed, the children who read this short book or those who have it read to them will never think of a cane….or candy cane….in the same way ever again.

The Bohlingaringding Christmas Ring

by Pat Hatt

Are you ready to clap your hands and stomp your feet? Then join the Bohlingaringding beat. They are putting on a show, dancing in the snow. There are so many kinds out shaking their behinds.

Some are grumpy and some are scary. Some are even rather hairy. Some you should beware because they like to eat underwear. Some even live in a shoe. But they are all ready to dance with you.

So clap your hands and stomp your feet, join the Bohlingaringding beat. See how many Bohlingaringdings you can spot by adding another book from Pat Hatt to your lot.

A Bear of a Christmas

by A. J. Cosmo

Why doesn’t Santa visit bears? Bo-Bo the cub wanted to know, so he asked Mamma and boy, does she have a story to tell.

2k words, 12 illustrations, full color, perfect for emergent readers

Santa’s Diary (The Christmas Connection)

by Santa Claus

A unique opportunity to hear Santa’s story first hand. Find out how he gets down chimneys, visits everyone and hear amusing elf tales.

A quick message from Santa …

Hello everyone, and welcome to my diary.
People have been asking me for years to write about my experiences and what’s going on in my world. So I have finally given in and I’m going to share with you all what I’m getting up to. I’ll be keeping a record here of all my preparations for Christmas and news for the next fews month. And what a time it’s going to be. The elves are already hard at work, and Rudolf and the other Reindeer are well rested. We’re all looking forward to another great Christmas. I hope you’ll read this diary regularly and send me lots of nice letters, and even track my movements over the coming month.

Animals & Colors: Learning colors with fun animal shapes

by Jon Haws

Borrow for FREE with Amazon Prime. Does your child love animals and colors? This book makes learning about different animals fun and easy using common colors so that your child will not only enjoy learning about animals but they will also learn about colors while reading. This book is bright and colorful and fun to read.

Both old and young children will have fun as they browse the pages and look at their favorite animals. Includes 18 different animal and color shapes like; giraffe, elephant, frog, kangaroo, lion and many MORE! Can be used with kindle, iphone, ipad, ipod, android devices or any reader with the kindle app.

Learning can be fun! This book will help your child distinguish shapes and keep their attention while they learn and grow.

Why Reindeer Fly

by Catherine Winchester

Mitch and his little sister, Michelle, didn’t believe in the magic of Christmas until something amazing happened one snowy night. They were transported by a flight of Sugar Plum Fairies to the North Pole. Reaching the top of the world, the two discover that they must help a stylish collection of talking reindeer learn how to fly again before they can go home. With a great storm on its way, Mitch and Michelle must go to the ends of the earth, and beyond, to learn the dark secret that will undo the curse that grounded the reindeer and now threatens the enchanted creatures.

Dolch Sight Words Flash Cards & Activities: Level 2 (Sight Words: Reading Comprehension)

by Jon Haws

This book contains the second 52 words in the Dolch sight words list in both flash card method as well as sight word games. In all there are 220 words on the Dolch sight words list. These words are intended for brand new learners. As your child progresses through the book they will grow in their reading comprehension and confidence. The games are designed to help the child further understand and recognize the words that they are learning. These words are intended for Kindergarten aged children.

The sight word method was developed and made infamous by Edward William Dolch PhD when he published his book, “Problems in Reading”. He compiled a list of 220 words that are most commonly used in the English language and which he felt must be mastered in order to understand reach a proficient level of reading in the English language. Your child will love the words, games, and pictures as they flip through the flashcards and games. Over 50 pages of worksheets, flashcards, and games to keep your child both entertained and teach them at the same time!

These words are often called sight words because unlike many words these 220 words cannot be sounded out and therefore must be learned via sight. These words are utilized in many educational settings to assist language learners in mastering reading skills. There are five levels of words divided up into grade levels:

– Pre-School
– Kindergarten
– First Grade
– Second Grade
– Third Grade

With each successive level the words become more difficult and the words associated with each list are those most often used in the coinciding reading level.

The idea is that these are high frequency words in the English language that are not as easy to read phonetically. Thus, learning them by sight improves the child’s chances of success in reading. We believe that using sight word books and sight word worksheets is a fantastic method for helping your child achieve that success they deserve. In fact, these methods are used to teach ESL students and new language learners.

The Dolch sight words were later expanded by Fry who developed the Fry word list and Fry sight words which are similar to the Dolch words. Being able to quickly read through the Dolch sight word list will place your child or student at a great advantage on spelling, reading, and other tests.

Copper’s Christmas

by Bernard Kilburn

First came Copper. A dog that never had a chance to take anything for granted. It wasn’t her fault, though. Her mean owners kept her holed up on their farm.

But one December, a little luck happened Copper’s way, and with it came her first look at her corner of the world, her first friends, and her very first Christmas.
Then, there was Thomas. As far as he was concerned, Christmas seemed so silly, and was a total waste of time. Celebrating wasn’t worth it. So, he never did.

But Thomas’ beliefs were about to change.
“Forced” by an employee to take a vacation of sorts, Thomas drove to Camden, where he was asked to listen to “Copper’s Christmas,” a children’s story detailing the accounts of her journey.

Obviously, Thomas needed lots of persuading to sit through such a request. But by agreeing to listen to Copper’s story, Thomas not only found a spirit to Christmas he never knew existed, but also discovered the greatest secret the town of Camden has ever come to know.
A delightful tale masterfully woven between humans and animals alike. A chapter book full of moments and life lessons, meant to be shared by families, or enjoyed by individuals of any age.

Dani and the Haunted House (A Dani P. Mystery)

by K. Lamb

There it was. The biggest mystery in Shady Hollow and she was here to solve it. Dani stood in the middle of the cemetery and stared up at the haunted house on the hill. Something–or someone–had been plaguing it for months. Dani’s heart raced and butterflies danced in her stomach. This was her big moment. She was out to prove to everyone that age didn’t matter when it came to solving mysteries. With the help of her best friend, Chloe Marshall, Dani was determined to uncover the secrets within its walls. She gulped and stepped forward. There was no turning back now.

Ballymore Adventures, Book 1

by Bob Brooks

Have you ever flown in a Christmas sleigh or baked an exploding cake or sailed on a lily pad?
Those are a few of the adventures awaiting you and your children in this sweet book of tales. For the Christmas season, the book closes with a touching holiday story.

The amusing, eccentric, and warm-hearted animals of Ballymore have returned.

Again, there is Bartholomew, the wise old owl, who watches over everyone including:

Branna Bluebird – the brave, spunky messenger;
Wilde and Wilder Weasel – the mischievous, unofficial security guards;
Finn Frog – whose middle name is “Adventure”;
Grenby – the eccentric, weather forecasting groundhog;
The Chipmunks – who seem to attract trouble wherever they go;
and many more.

Featured are ten fun and funny short-stories enhanced by 60 beautiful full-color illustrations.
Heartwarming, humorous, and adventurous, the book is intended for parents to read to their younger children (5-6).  It is also intended to be read alone by 7-8 year olds but can be appreciated by anyone – young or old.

You may also enjoy my other book, Tales From The Glades Of Ballymore, for older children and even adults.
Thank you for looking,

Bob Brooks

Note:  This book was originally published under the title, Ballymore Bedtime Tales, Book 1.  The title was changed to better reflect the audience for which it was written.

Across the Stars

by Morgan Elizabeth Huneke

A prince becomes king. A boy comes to grips with his mother’s death. A girl faces a difficult decision. A young man learns the consequences of his rashness. A rabbit travels through space. And in another part of the universe, five children begin the adventure of a lifetime.

After a midnight journey through the far reaches of space, Sara, Charles, Jack, Hetty, and Lu Watson find themselves on Emoria; a planet ruled by wicked King Jorrid, and the home of an oppressed people, waiting to be set free. There they meet Felix Walker, the poorly treated son of King Jorrid’s general. Together with Felix, the Watsons put together a force for the purpose of freeing Emoria. But will their small band of farmers and children be able to stand against the king’s massive army?

Let’s Count Trains

by R.A. Krispell

To be a train driver you must be able to count to ten. This book is a fun way to teach young children to count. When you can count to ten you can touch the train drivers key. Good luck!

The Arcadian Child (The Colin Millar Adventures)

by J.C. Hanna

A Christmas story that will never end. Colin Millar is a very ordinary teenager. He attends a typical school. He goes out with his friends. He chats with people on Facebook. He is very happy with who he is and the life that he lives. One Christmas destiny steps in and turns his world upside-down. Join Colin and his friends as they discover the true power and danger of our world as observed through an understanding of science that is more powerful and dangerous than the darkest magic. Today everything changes. Today the barrier between our reality and the world of myths and legends comes crashing down. Today the fight for our very existence begins. Magic is real. Science proves the existence of magic. For the first time in history human beings are handed the keys to the magical otherworld of their imaginations, and it’s all thanks to science.

Joey The Weather Boy: A Story About Asperger Syndrome For Parents And Children To Read Together (The Dr. C & Elwood Files)

by Dr. Sam Caron Ph.D.

Seven year old Joey has Asperger Syndrome. The other kids don’t seem to like him very much since all he wants to do is talk about the weather. He doesn’t say things such as “Nice weather we’re having today,” but rather talks about cumulonimbus clouds and cold fronts. People quickly tire of hearing Joey talk about meterology.
Joey’s parents take him to see Dr. C & Elwood for a diagnosis, and Joey discovers there are a few surprises in store for him…

When treating children who have Asperger Syndrome, an easy mistake often made is to not actively involve the child who has the Asperger Syndrome in the treatment process. Not involving the child can negatively affect treatment outcome. This mistake occurs for several reasons.

To begin with there is a serious shortage of child mental health providers in the United States. David Crary, in an Associated Press article stated, “America suffers from a serious, long-term shortage of child psychiatrists that is taking a toll on young people, their parents and their doctors.” According to a recent American Psychological Association article written by Annie Toro, J.D., M.P.H., “Research has shown a dearth of appropriately trained clinical child psychologists, child psychiatrists, and social workers. Only one out of five children and adolescents receives treatment from a mental health professional with special training to work with children. There are particularly acute shortages in the number of mental health service professionals serving children and adolescents with serious emotional disorders.”

Also, many therapists find it easier to work with the parents than with the child, and so choose to focus on parent counseling rather than working directly with the children.
We should involve the child in the treatment in order to educate him/her about the syndrome. Understanding the problems can help the child to cope better as (s)he actively tries to function better. It can also help the child avoid developing impaired self esteem, for example believing that (s)he is stupid, inadequate, or mentally disturbed. Understanding can also help reduce the stigma associated with having Asperger Syndrome. If the child is an active participant, we also might be able to avoid tapping into an oppositional response from the child; in other words many of the children might conclude that we are trying to control them with medications and counseling, and therefore respond by purposely fighting progress and not trying. Currently a very high percentage of children quit taking medication when they grow up, even if they still need it. When we actively involve them in their own treatment, we increase the probability that they will continue to properly manage the disorder when they grow up.
It is for the reasons stated above that I have produced and will continue to produce books and videos which are aimed at directly educating children about Asperger Syndrome (and other disorders, such as ADHD) and thus actively involving them in the treatment process.

A Christmas Tree Named Greenie

by Lori Lapekes

A little girl discovers magic in an abandoned Christmas tree.

The Experiment

by Morgan Elizabeth Huneke

One hundred years in the future . . .

America as we know it today no longer exists. Scientist Holly Reginald and President Malcolm Crowdler have hatched an evil plot to control the minds and lives of the American people. Only a few are still able to fight back. And those few are children.

Mystery and intrigue abound in this heart-stopping adventure as the last remnant of Americans strives to stop The Experiment . . . before it’s too late.

Little Joe’s Christmas Tree

by Eddie C Dollgener Jr

Family Drama – Little Joe has been living in the homeless shelter with his family for several months. When he learns that there is no tree available for the residents to enjoy for the holidays, he decides to find one and bring it back for everyone. He has not yet learned the hidden dangers of the city or the power of a sudden winter storm about to overtake the city…

Secret Santa Squirrels: A Fun Rhyming Christmas Picture Book

by Hazel Nutt

Secret Santa Squirrels is a delightful look at the answer to

“Just How does Santa deliver 60,000 presents a second,

In 31 hours, without going completely around the bend?”

The answer?

“Well the answer is magic reindeer poo

And Santa’s little squirrel friends too!”

Do you want to know more?

Then buy this book!

The Little Purple Fox and Little Fox Purple (The Adventures of the Little Red Fox)

by J.L. Toscano

The Little Red Fox and the Little Yellow Fox meet some new friends. The Little Purple Fox and Little Fox Purple are twin sisters. At first, one is nice and the other is mean. Join them as they embark on a new adventure with the Little Red Fox.

Lost In The Woods (The Tales Of Wooffer’s Woods)

by Betty Fasig

21. A Tale Of Wooffer’s Woods – Wooffer put his nose a little way under the fence and sniffed. He went a little past the fence and sniffed. Before he knew what he was doing, Wooffer was well under the fence and on the other side and deep into the forest. He was on the trail of whatever wonderful creature had been in the yard last night!

10 Fun Stories for Girls – Level 2 Reader Collection

by Hannah Grainger

Help your child learn to read with this set of 10 super fun girl’s stories. From mysteries involving missing dogs and teddy bears to helping babies that don’t like milk, your child will laugh and smile at each new story in this collection.

The collection has been created around the philosophy of using common words that comprise over 70% of everyday language to assist your child learn to read.

Each story also comes with a set of multiple choice questions that help reinforce new words, as your child learns them.

A brief summary of each story

1. Molly Finder of Lost Things – The case of the missing teddy bear.
2. The Case of Alice and Boo – A raccoon called Nabs has a taste for little girl’s toys. Will Molly be able to bring Nabs to justice?
3. The case of the lost shoes – Lots of babies are missing their shoes, will Molly be able to solve the mystery?
4. The Case of The Lost Dog – A dog called Burps disappears, can Molly crack the case?
5. The Case of The Missing Birthday Cake – A little girl is devastated when her birthday cake is gone.
6. The Baby House – Welcome to the baby house.
7. Max – Lizzy tries to help a baby that doesn’t like milk.
8. The Baby Bandit. Lizzy investigates after a lot of stuff goes missing after a new baby arrives at the baby house.
9. Twins – A set of twins have the same dreams and wakes each other up. Lizzy tries to help them.
10. Babynappers. All of the babies in the baby house have gone missing.

Pick up your copy today!

Hannah Grainger is a former teacher that specialized in early education and helping kids learn to read.

Hercubear Vs The Cyclops Rabbit

by Lesley Williams

The Cyclops Rabbit is dirty and smelly and there are few teddies in Thebes who wish to be his friend. Hercubear is different. Called upon by the teddies of Thebes to conquer the fearful beast, this hero bear surprises everyone with his magnificient transformation of his grubby new friend.


by Gitte Ahrenkiel

Ban on bikini, burqas, balaclavas and broadbrimmed hats. Keywords to a book, based on fact and fiction. Enjoy.

The Fable of Hungry Squirrels in the Village of Idiots

by Paul White

The fable ‘Hungry Squirrels in the Village of Idiots’ is a short childens novel, with a few adult themes.


A man called Winter Solitude lives a solitary life on a mountain in an unnamed region of Europe. His house overlooks a vast unpopulated stretch of bog called the Ordain Marsh. Legend has it that the bog was once home to a large city which sank in the swampy mud thousands of years ago.

One day a young woman comes calling on Winter. She asks him to be her guide through the bog in search of the lost city. The two of them make an unlikely alliance whilst being chased by the local village of idiots (and a few hungry squirrels) who wish to see Winter removed from the mountain once and for all.

Teenage Life: Cats Academy (Books for Teens)

by Gila Hemda

In the Cats Academy young cats learn how to deal with life by peaceful means, to sing in a mewls choir, to catch mice and snag tails. When the Kishta marauder gang threatens to break the peace, our heroes unite to fight for their school, led by their headmaster Catamaran and his loyal deputy Shuka. This is an enchanting journey to the world of cats. The spoiled and the lazy, the fighters and survivors, the puppies and the adults, as individuals and in groups; learning the most important lessons of life in the world outside the school – an experience that will last them for a life time.


by David Derbyshire

A fantasy tale for children, set in a time before mobiles and personal computers. A traditional style.

The Spirit of Scalibrae

by Armando Rings

Trevor Clouse lives an average, introverted life in his hometown of Mystic City. He goes to school, deals with bullies, and mostly stays out of trouble. But when Trevor receives an old sword as a gift from his grandfather on his 18th birthday, his life takes an abrupt turn–his grandfather is suddenly murdered by Krain, a man with telekinetic power, and he is shocked to learn that his seemingly normal sword is alive, possessed by a supernatural entity named Scalibrae.

Scalibrae vows to help Trevor find Krain and bring him to justice. For Scalibrae has his own score to settle with Krain–one that dates back a couple centuries. And should they succeed, there might just be a way for Scalibrae to revive Trevor’s grandfather.

Along the way, Trevor finds himself being pulled out of his comfortable, laid-back life as he and Scalibrae take on some of Mystic City’s back-alley criminals, earning him the nickname Back Alley Knight. In the process, however, he’s declared a vigilante by police. Meanwhile, Trevor’s own father, Eric Clouse, a Mystic City Police officer, is hard at work tracking down Krain, but he soon becomes just as interested in taking down the new vigilante in town.

While Trevor and Eric are busy with their problems, Krain himself is piecing together a plan of his own–a plot to dominate Mystic City.

Samantha Series: Books 1-3 Ebook Collection (Samantha Series of Chapter Books)

by Daisy Griffin

This is where the fun begins! Now you can have the first three books of the beloved Samantha Series of Chapter Books. Perfect for those children who are branching out from picture books into longer stories. The stories are helped by fun illustrations along the way. These three books are well-loved with an average of 4.7 stars from over 70 reviewers.

The story begins with Samantha Loses the Box Turtle, when Samantha’s grandfather finds a box turtle on a busy street the only thing to do is bring him home. Sam’s mom says that he has to be let go, but not before zany drama ensues.

In Samantha Hatches the Chicken Egg, Samantha and her best friend Gerti find some chicken eggs while visiting a farm. Samantha decides to make sure they hatch and finds out just how hard it can be to play mother hen.

And in Samantha Plays Possum, when a crazy critter gets attacked by a cat, guess who’s there to save it? Seems like it’ll be easy to let this one free, but sometimes life gets complicated.

The Samantha Series of Chapter Books are filled with fun and adventure while teaching about animals and nature. They are masterfully illustrated by Matthew Gauvin.

Snot Boy

by Eric Kimmel

Two Face, the cannibal giant, stalks the Northwest forest. He kidnaps Hummingbird and devours her ten brothers when they try to rescue her. Can anyone overcome Two Face and rescue Hummingbird from the monster before he devours her, too? A hero is on his way. He may be small and icky, but he has the courage of a mountain lion. Will that be enough?

Among Us (Ancient Warriors)

by James Cambas

When four teens discover their little town is being invaded by creatures from another world, they reluctantly set out to battle the extraterrestrials. However, the enemy has special powers one of which is melting metal. So with conventional war fare virtually off the table our unlikely heroes turn to a more primitive selection of weapons: crossbows, baseball bats, and other non metallic devices.

But can their primitive arsenal be effective against high-tech laser pistols and rifles?

However, the teens have learned a secret about the aliens that just might tip the odds in their favor.

Camp Hideaway

by Sophia Osborne

Amelia Walker goes to a mysterious summer camp where everything just seems a bit… off. Will she be able to figure it out and escape before it’s too late?

DINOSAURS: Fun Facts and Amazing Photos of Animals in Nature (Amazing Animal Kingdom Series)

by Emma Child

DINOSAURS: Fun Facts and Amazing Photos of Animals in Nature (Amazing Animal Kingdom Series) is a thrilling look into the world of prehistoric reptiles. You guessed it! Dinosaurs! Don’t just sit there… Walk through the jungle, dig underground, swim to the depths of the ocean with this funny and entertaining book for kids. DINOSAURS: Fun Facts and Amazing Photos of Animals in Nature (Amazing Animal Kingdom Series) is an amusing and enlightening book about dinosaurs. Learn about the different types of dinosaurs as well as what they eat and their strange behaviors. It is the perfect book for children of all ages. This book can be enjoyed by young readers and even adults, as they read to toddlers and Kindergarteners.

DINOSAURS: Fun Facts and Amazing Photos of Animals in Nature (Amazing Animal Kingdom Series) has it all! Not only is it an exciting and entertaining book, but it is also designed especially for the younger readers who love dinosaurs. In this amazing book, you will find that the sentence structure is well designed. Its short paragraphs and easy to read words makes this book a wonderful story for children, parents and even primary school teachers. Dinosaur names can be difficult to pronounce. This remarkable book provides phonetic breakdowns to assist young and even older readers with pronunciation.

Reading to children can create a lifelong bond between you and your child. So grab a copy of DINOSAURS: Fun Facts and Amazing Photos of Animals in Nature (Amazing Animal Kingdom Series) and curl up with your child today.

Journey through the Land of the Unknown and discover something new!

Discover Horses – Fun Facts For Kids

by Rose Alden

Which animal is celebrated in sport and entertainment, helps the police to enforce the law, has carried us into battle, lightened the farmer’s load and for much of human history has been used to transport us around?

Discover the answer to this and much more in the fascinating Discover Horses.

A fact, filled feast for the eyes!

*Packed full of fascinating information and amazing illustrations.

*Visually appealing format really brings subject to life.

*A fun book for kids to browse independently or read with parents.

*Perfect for enquiring young minds.

*Ages 5 – 9


Farmer Jake and the New Dog

by R.B. Taningco

Farmer Jake’s shed has been ransacked by ravenous rodents! Shadow and Gary already have their hands (paws) full, so Bobby the pig offers to try his new “space age” security system. After the security system backfires, Farmer Jake decides to adopt a dog from the animal shelter.

Farmer Jake adopts Petey; a dog who has never worked on a farm before. Unfortunately, Petey doesn’t do well in training and becomes afraid that he’ll be sent away. With the help of the other farm animals, Petey musters the will to complete his training — and just in time to face the rodents in a contest reminiscent of American football.

Note: Presented in comic book format (i.e., illustrations in panels with speech balloons).

Funniest Xmas Gift (Xmas Series)

by S.O. Issachar

Not sure what book to get for your loved ones as a gift for this Christmas? Try this. Xmas Series consists of 8 humorous books. I’m sure they will bring a smile…or a swearing.

Is Book 3 of Xmas Series- Funniest Xmas Gift really the funniest? Well, you tell me.

“It’s time for simple yet not necessary easy message.”- S.O. Issachar

The Last Train From Charlatoonga

by Raj Viswanadha

After accumulating loot garnered during a lifetime of successful thievery and pretty larceny Bertram, a conman, in for a piece of flimsy ‘work’, breaks out of prison – risking imprisonment on a much graver charge!

Why does he do that …and what does he gain in turn?

Living With Obama: Humorous Memories Of My Days With Barack, Michelle, Malia And Sasha (White House Special)

by Dan Santana


Barack, the stubborn Head of State; Michelle, the devoted wife and mother; Malia, the fourteen-year-old teenager; and Shasha, the eleven-year-old brat, are the main characters of this funny and revealing book about the Obamas and their private life in the White House. A friend of Barack, Michelle, Malia and Sasha, Dan Santana wrote this great comedy book for those who have a fine
sense of humor, packed with jokes and humorous situations!

Read it now, discover a new and comical face of the Presidential family, and have a laugh!

The Lost Tribe: The Continuing Adventures of Pauly Bunyan, Paul Bunyan’s Incredible Son!

by Roy Stier

From the loggers’ bunkhouses to the trappers’ cabins, from the saloons to the Hudson’s Bay outposts, the legend of Paul Bunyan was perpetuated in the years following his entry into the north woods in 1837.

His son Pauly, little known to his friends, was destined to follow the exploits of his bull-of-the woods father in the care of the “Swamp Angel.” This old recluse served as mentor to young Bunyan as his father was forced to “farm him out” in his last days of life.

In THE SWAMP ANGEL, the old man and the youngster encounter adventures far beyond their expectations. In the process, Pauly becomes well-schooled in woods lore and survival methods.

Later in THE SACRED MOONSTONE, Pauly, now fifteen years old, strikes out on his own in search of the great strength his father had. His travels take him through several Indian nations, but it is the sacred moonstone given to him by the Swamp Angel which is the key to receiving the gift of strength from the great holy man himself, the Menabozho.

Now, in the latest book, THE LOST TRIBE, Pauly decides to return to his first love, the woods, to become a famous logger. His only connection is Horsecollar Camp where he lived for some time during the previous winter, and it is at the mouth of the river leading to the camp that the Mohegans leave him…now on the way to his next adventure.

There are 16 digitally colored illustrations not available in the original hard copy series. The book is a great gift for “tweens” and all young readers who are interested in the great outdoors, logging history, Native American Indian lore, and unique adventures.

Minecraft: Battle at Creeper Fields

by Mari Cinco

Captain Leon and his men are sent by the Lord of the Diamond Village on a quest to Emerald City. What should be an easy task is a perilous one as in between the two kingdoms is the Creeper Fields, a long stretch of flat land with no place to dig under, hide in or gather resources. Leon and his men must rely on what they have to build forts by nightfall, manage a short food supply and beware of traitors in their own team. Will they make it to Emerald City in time to send the important message? Read and find out!

On sale for a limited time! Grab this best-selling Minecraft novel today!

The Never Ending Story

by Sarah Burns

Twelve year old Sarah Burns takes the reader on a chilling, yet thrilling adventure in this her first novel. She and her older sister somehow fall into the pages of a book they are reading, a book that describes a beast that has a murderous vengeance and is attempting to stamp out all living things.

Rusty and Mike’s summer adventures

by Lawrence Albertson

A story of a boy, his dog and an old man and their adventurous summer. Mike, a city boy, is moved to the country by his parents. He and his dog, Rusty, share many adventures with the help of an old man who lives in a log cabin.

Sea Turtles For Kids – Factual Rhyming Books for Children – Animal Books For Kids Rhyming Series

by Ann Lilly

Bestselling children’s book author Ann Lilly presents Sea Turtles For Kids – Factual Rhyming Books for Children – 8th book of the Animal Books For Kids Rhyming Series.

Sea Turtles for Kids presents the life and features of these amazing creatures in a rhyming story format.

From this book among other things you will learn about:

  • different families of Sea Turtles
  • features and characteristics of body parts
  • food and metabolism
  • parasites
  • how sea turtles are beneficial for their habitat
  • how they are endangered

Each page contains a picture and lines of text with difficult words explained underneath.

It is a great, informative read for both the children and their parents.

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A Lark For The Larkins

by Raj Viswanadha

A small lark sings and nudges a little boy back into health and in doing that itself comes close to death’s door. But can the boy do the same for his feathered Samaritan?

Twenty J.M.W. Turner’s Paintings (Collection) for Kids

by Stanley Cesar

Have you ever wanted to enrich your child with the arts and humanities?


Have you every wanted to decorate your child’s room with great paintings from one of your favorite painters?

Well, you can start with J.M.W. Turner’s Paintings.

Twenty J.M.W. Turner’s Paintings (Collection) for Kids

There are colorful, youthful, and inspirational.

The Magic Pigeon Trap (Grace Erickson)

by Joan Wittler

Grace Erickson is tired of losing . . . to a boy! Her classmateâ??and rivalâ??Sean is always first. But that’s about to end, starting with the school’s annual talent show. That is, until Grace can’t master her winning magic trick. Grace won’t back down even when she feels trapped into helping everyone else. But how far will she go to bring home the prize? Is it worth alienating Stephie, her best friend, and disappointing both of her little brothers? And why is Sean suddenly showing up everywhere and giving her that look? See how two failed magic tricks, four boxes of tissues, and a handful of oatmeal cookies help Grace receive the admiration she deserves rather than the attention she covets. And watch as she realizes there’s more to life than winning first prize.

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