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The Five Fortunes of Fulano (Sketches from the Spanish Mustang)

by Benjamin X. Wretlind

Far from home, Fulano is on a mission: to rescue his family from poverty, give them a new life and save his son. So desperate is he, that he risks crossing the Sonoran Desert to find work in America. One mistake, however–one promise made in the throes of death–and he is forever changed. Something in that desert has followed him and silently stalked him to the town of Cripple Creek, Colorado where Fulano hopes to pass a few relaxing hours at the slot machines.  He soon finds, however, the fortune he seeks may not be the fortune he’s after.
What are the Sketches from the Spanish Mustang?The Five Fortunes of Fulano was the fifth released novella in the Sketches from the Spanish Mustang series. Combining elements of horror, thrillers, family dramas and fantasy, each novella in the series has been combined into a novel-length work, with each story woven together by a final narrative: that of an artist, her sketchpad and a rather unique ability.


by Marsh Cassady

What if?

What if there is life after death?

What if you can see your entire life, every triumph and every error, while you struggled to hold on to your very existence?

What if the one person you loved above all others in the world could not hear your voice?

What if life has more meaning than it first seems to have?

Grandma and Grandpa in the Latin Quarter (Paris Shorts)

by Felipe Adan Lerma

2,863 story words.

Rosetta and Arturo, young seniors, take a walk to the Latin Quarter during a break from their extended family, and find much to chat about in the restaurant and small streets of the Severin.  And find even more, encountering their six grandchildren, as they walk amid the beauty and history of Paris.

Touching, humorous rendtition.


Each story in the collection, “Paris Shorts,” is enjoyable as a stand alone work of fiction.

Additionally, each has the advantage of featuring one or more of the characters in the story line of all my novels and short stories written since 2012.

The time frames for these stories vary, and will be notated for each individual piece.

“Grandma and Grandpa in the Latin Quarter” is set within the second “Slumming in Paris” novel.

Short stories like this, I believe, do not require reading the novel first, or any other of my fiction work.

Yet, the stories will either enhance the reading of the fiction the characters participate in, and in this case, especially “Slumming in Paris, Part Two, The Children” ; or, if one has already read the related novel, will give extra meaning and nuance to the short story.

A current kept-up-to-date chronology of the time sequence of all the short stories and novels is available on my site on my page, My Fiction Storylines.

My wife Sheila and I spent 5 1/2 weeks in Paris late 2012, which has formed the setting basis for the “Slumming in Paris” novels, and theses short stories. My series “Paris in 5 1/2 Weeks” presents many of my photos taken then, which I hope you will also enjoy.

Maybe best of all, is my all Paris page 🙂 with links to all things Paris, on my site : .

With best wishes,


It Never Snows at Christmas

by Peter Higgins

Short story. About Christmas.

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