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Natalie’s Revenge (A Frank Renzi mystery)

by Susan Fleet

Murder and revenge in New Orleans.  # 3 in the Frank Renzi mystery series.


  • 1988: Ten-year-old Natalie is devastated when police find her mother murdered in a New Orleans hotel. Like the dragon tattoo girl, Natalie wants revenge. Her relentless hunt for the killer takes her from dancing in New York City strip clubs to working as a call girl in Paris. And back to the Big Easy, with a gun.
  • 2008: NOPD Detective Frank Renzi investigates the murder of a VIP businessman in a French Quarter hotel. Is it revenge for the 1988 murder? As the killings continue Renzi pursues the elusive Natalie. Is she the killer? Or just another call girl? Don’t miss the exciting showdown between Natalie and Frank Renzi.
  • “The coolest detective in literature today – Frank Renzi!” — Feathered Quill Book Reviews 
  • “Natalie’s Revenge … an amazingly great read! Fast-paced, well written and extremely difficult to put down.” — Rebecca’s Reads Book Reviews

Like the dragon tattoo girl, Natalie is smart, ruthless and deadly, and yes, she has a tattoo. If you love New Orleans fiction and hard-boiled detective mysteries, follow Frank Renzi’s pursuit of justice in Absolution and Diva, two more novels in this exciting mystery series.The Premier Book Awards named Absolution Best Mystery-Suspense-Thriller of 2009.

County Ops: The Vengeance of Gable Fitzgerald

by Joel Jurrens

Gable Fitzgerald has spent his life as a covert operative–first with SEAL Team Six, and then with a highly covert Black Ops team. Now retired, Gable will search for the killer of his mother with all the skills he has developed to take down enemy governments. Working against both the good guys and the bad guys, he will go up against a beautiful state agent who will do everything she can to keep him inside the law. With his only rule: the mission must be accomplished, Gable will work his way through organized gangs and drug dealers to find out not only who would execute his seventy-seven year-old mother, but why.

The Case of the Exploding Speakeasy – The Legacy of Sherlock Holmes and Thomas Watson Continues (Sherlock Holmes Books | Mystery)

by David E. Fessenden

Thomas Watson left London two years ago and crossed the Atlantic to become a newspaper reporter in Philadelphia 1920s Philadelphia, a city that rivals Al Capone’s Chicago for its crime and corruption. Why would he go so far from family and friends? Admittedly, he was trying to get away – away from the shadow of his famous father, Dr. John Watson, and his father s even more famous friend, Sherlock Holmes.

Shortly after Thomas leaves London, Sherlock dies, and Dr. Watson takes on the responsibility of caring for Sherlock’s older brother, Mycroft. After two short years in which Thomas finds little success in journalism, Dr. Watson dies suddenly; though Thomas stands to inherit his father’s estate, he is also saddled with the responsibility of Mycroft, who has mysteriously shown up in Philadelphia, ready to move in. Puzzled by this strange turn of events, Thomas takes a walk and suddenly finds himself caught up in the biggest story of his career a suspicious explosion at a speakeasy, which kills the owner and his card-playing buddies.

The principal suspect of the police is Basil Meridan, a former British butler whom Thomas befriends and Mycroft hires as a servant. Needled into making a bet with a rival reporter that he can solve the mystery, Thomas is immediately hampered in his investigation by his editor, who fires him for spending too much time on a dead-end story. As he attempts to recover from this setback, he is escorted against his will to a meeting with bootlegger Boo Boo Hoff and his goons. They also want to know who the killer is, and provide their own unique encouragement for Thomas to find the solution to the mystery. All this makes it necessary to for him to solve the mystery, or lose his money, his job, maybe even his life. From the scanty clues that Thomas compiles, Mycroft is able to solve the mystery, but he is tight-lipped about the solution after all, Thomas should be able to figure it out himself! But can Thomas discover the murderer before he becomes his next victim?

It’s A Wonderful Death

by E N McMahon

“Someone had gone to a lot of trouble to stuff a special Christmas turkey. Henry Potter was sitting behind his desk. His mouth was open and he was facing the ceiling. A few fistfuls of greenbacks were stuffed down his gullet.

He was dead.”

Death comes to Bedford Falls, in a murder mystery that affectionately satirizes noir fiction.

Richard Incles works for the DA’s office – or he used to, until he failed to serve a warrant and found himself out of a job. Now he’s a private investigator, and out to prove that George Bailey is innocent of the murder of Henry Potter. Incles knows his trade – mostly thanks to the detective novels he’s always reading. Down these mean streets, a man must go, and Richard Incles is that man, ready for anything Bedford Falls can throw at him.

Fade Route (Burnside Mysteries)

by David Chill

A local politician is murdered and there’s one obvious suspect. But everything seems too cut and dried for Burnside’s taste. While the police quickly pinpoint a likely culprit, Burnside — the former USC football star turned private eye — pushes forward into an investigation that reveals more and more possible suspects, all with their own motives. With little more to go on than his gut feeling, Burnside pokes at everything around him as he tries to untangle a web of deceit that threatens to take down an entire community.

The story is set on the outskirts of Los Angeles, in a seaside town that is both serenely gorgeous and brutally stark. It is a community that is home to the very rich and the very poor, a place that contains more than its share of wealth, sin, beauty and despair.

Fade Route is the second book in the Burnside series, a worthy follow up to David Chill’s acclaimed first novel, Post Pattern. A sharply crafted story, Fade Route combines all the elements of a classic murder mystery with biting humor and numerous plot twists. It is a page turner that will keep you guessing until the jaw dropping climax reveals an ending that is both surprising and satisfying.

Dying to Know (A Detective Inspector Berenice Killick Mystery)

by Alison Joseph

A man’s body washes up on the beach.

It looks as if he threw himself from a lighthouse – but was it suicide, or something more sinister?

Detective Inspector Berenice Killick is used to dealing with minor complaints like parking tickets and lost property, so when she is offered the case she jumps at the chance.

She soon discovers that the dead man was Murdo Macguire, a physicist, and that he and his colleagues were carrying out top secret work on particle collisions.

When more of the scientists are found dead, in the same place and manner as Macguire, it looks like someone has a vendetta against the project.

But what were the scientists working on?

And will someone kill to find out – or to prevent the science being revealed?

As she delves deeper into the mystery, Berenice must fight to get her voice heard in a police department run by men – and she must learn to trust her instincts if she is to have any chance of solving the case.

What is it that the murderer is Dying to Know?

Berenice must find out before it is too late…

“I found this book riveting – I really liked the mix of science and thriller and found it really hard to put down.” Peter James

Praise for Alison Joseph’s Books:

‘Fascinating and complicated…’ Val McDermid

‘A rich, multi-layered novel that’s more than just a crime novel.’ Belfast Telegraph

‘Instilled with an urgent sense of the complexities of urban existence.’ Birmingham Post.

Alison Joseph is a London-based crime writer and radio dramatist. She is the author of the series of novels featuring Sister Agnes, a contemporary detective nun based in South London, and has written numerous plays for radio, including the adaptations of Simenon’s Inspector Maigret series broadcast on BBC Radio 4. She is currently chair of the Crime Writers Association.

Endeavour Press is the UK’s leading independent publisher of digital books.

The Body in the Parking Structure

by Jerold Last

Suzanne Foster discovers the body of a Bolivian scientist in the parking garage next to the Medical School at UCLA. The police treat the killing as just another drug deal gone bad. P.I. Roger Bowman, Suzanne, and his team investigate the murder, which seems to be linked to a small biotechnology company and a new anti-cancer drug they are developing. The reader is off on a whirlwind tour of Los Angeles and Westwood in search of clues. The clues are all there: Can you figure out whodunit before Roger does? This fast-paced short story features characters from the author’s popular South American mystery novel series working on a murder case at home in Los Angeles.

Til Death

by K. Gonzalez

Charlotte Benson escapes a troubled past by moving all the way across the country to the small town of Millington to begin a career as a teacher at Wilx Private School. All alone in a new place, Charlotte starts to rebuild her life with new friends and love interests. When she finds herself in a bad situation, the mysterious Devon Bradley swoops in to rescue her. She finds herself more and more intrigued with the gorgeous stranger. As she digs deeper, she discovers that there is way more than meets the eye to Devon Bradley….

The Celluloid Kid

by Nicholas J Ordinans

Trevor Newell is a hero, though the world around him in the English Midlands of the 1970s sees only a colourless teller behind the counter of the local bank. In the privacy of his own room in his mother’s house, Trevor lives in an escapist world of violent movies, but when fantasy meets reality and brutal robbers come to his bank, his character is tested as he finds himself drawn into a world of harsh realities. Will the Celluloid Kid grow up and does growing up always mean being physically and mentally tough or is there also room for compassion?

Good for One Fare – A selection of short stories – Volume 1

by Keith B Walters

A collection of short stories.

Supernatural, horror, crime, loss, redemption, some short stories and some flash fiction dealing with a variety of themes.

A ghost hunter who may have just met his match.

A young boy grieving the loss of his father in the 9/11 attacks.

A young female victim in the woods who just might be more than she seems.

A cop out for revenge.

A gangster is about to meet his fate.

A young man on the edge of madness.

A shocking discovery for a little boy.

A killer who may just be more than your average feral hoodie.

A way to say goodbye for two young brothers.

The Last Weapon

by Matthew McCluskey

A deadly lab disaster shakes the academic world of physics professor Mike Harris. When his ex-fiancee is murdered before his eyes, he becomes the prime suspect. As law enforcement and a shadowy organization pursue him, he must learn the true aim of the experiment that led to the disaster-before he gets captured or killed. The chase pushes Harris to a remote research center, where a powerful corporation prepares to unleash a weapon that could threaten humanity itself. Blending hard science with thrilling fiction, The Last Weapon is a page-turning, thought-provoking read.

Camera/Phone v2

by Oliver Clarke

Alexi and Jackson just want to have a good time and if that sometimes means taking things from others they can live with it. When they steal a phone in a street robbery they find photos on it that they wish they’d never seen. Photos depicting the murder of a number of young women.
What started as a simple robbery becomes a terrifying fight for survival as the two teenagers realise that the owner of the phone may be far from human.

A short crime/horror story from the author of Sunliner, Dear Suzanna and The Doorbell.
Camera/Phone v2 is the second in a series of stories featuring the same initial concept but radically different outcomes. The stories can be read in any order.
v1 is available now and v3 is coming soon.

It was when he saw the second album of photos that Alexi realised something was seriously wrong. The ones in the first album were bad of course, really bad, but they were a normal kind of bad. You could believe that the people in them were doing the things they were doing willingly. None of it was stuff he’d want to do but he wasn’t naive enough to assume that the range of human experience began and ended with things he liked to do. He’d seen enough nasty shit on the Internet to know that there were a lot of sick people out there.
The second album was worse. The third album though was the one that made him start to doubt his own sanity.


by Kya Aliana

How does one react to meeting the man of your dreams, only to find out he’s not quite what you expected? Find out by joining Mel on this unforgettable mystery!

Mel has been haunted by Elijah night after night as he appears in her dreams… she thinks she’s in love, but that may all change when he shows up in her real life. The only catch is he’s not exactly human… but what is he? After all, who – or what – can possibly have the remarkable ability to bring back the dead? Mel discovers the truth through a twisted, suspenseful journey to unveil Elijah’s mysterious origins.

Scrambled Eggs (A Jake Wanderman Mystery)

by Boris Riskin


Life gets scrambled fast after Jake Wanderman, Shakespeare maven extraordinaire, decides to quit teaching.

First, his wife of many years leaves him without telling him why. Says if he can’t figure it out himself he deserves to be alone. He loves his wife so he is quite upset.

Next, his best friend asks him to help a recent widow (glamorous and beautiful) cope with her new problems. He does so and immediately finds himself the object of the widow’s attentions. It turns out that seduction is the least of his problems. It seems the widow’s late husband was a member of the Russian Mafia and had in his possession a bevy of stolen Faberge eggs. Lots of people are after this treasure and Jake wishes he could get out of the whole thing. Unfortunately for him, it is too late.

Forced to deal with the widow, the Russian Mafia, the KGB, the FBI and the NYPD, along with suspicious deaths and abductions as well as a trip to Moscow, Jake manages to not only survive while quoting appropriate lines from Shakespeare, but win his wife back at the same time.

Dial 693-WINE

by Bill Bernico

The apartment next door to your liquor store would be a perfect way to expand your business, but the old lady who lives there won’t sell. She’s been there too long and she can’t be bought. She can’t be scared away and it seems the only option you have left is to try to convince the authorities that she’s insane and needs to be put away. Seems like the perfect plan, but you know what they say about the best laid plans, etc.


by Elian Lisette

Stock market crash. Worldwide depression. The city that never sleeps has become a giant slum. Hunger and broken homes litter the streets. It is in this world that Anton Leonte has been born and raised in, and in which he must raise and protect his own family. Every day, he searches for job openings that don’t exist. Every night, he goes to a storehouse where he competes in bare-handed fistfights to win off gamblings. Sometimes he’s lucky. Sometimes he’s not.

But Anton is no ordinary fighter. He harbors a rare mental ability that allows him to win in the ring with more ease than should be allowed. To this point he has been successful in keeping it a secret from everyone else, including his family. Little does he know how rareâ??and covetedâ??this ability is.

One night, a businessman named Mr. Vanderhill approaches Anton with the job offer of a lifetime. It will make all of Anton’s dreams for his family come true. It means no more storehouse, no more hunger. Surely with such an offer there must be a catch.

And this man named Vanderhill will see to it that Anton does not discover the catch until it is too late for him.

Anton, because of his ability, finds himself pulled into a strange and treacherous business organization. Well-guarded secrets, not just his own, will be exposed for their raw nature. And he will discover there is much more to his cityâ??and entire reality as a wholeâ??than what he has always known to be true.

“Resistance” is a dark, psychological tale that both paints and dissects the themes of revolution, integrity, the loss of innocenceâ??and the inward search every man and woman desires for a place across the river, behind the clouds, over the rainbow. To a place where the wrong shall fail and the right will prevail. Where even one lone candle can bring about the dawn.

“Resistance” is not just a page-turner. It is a soul-searcher. Brace yourself.

A New Order

by Keith Mulcahy

Callanham Abbey in rural Derbyshire seems like an idyllic haven but it hides a dark secret unknown to its community of monks. Set up to establish a new monastic tradition for the 21st century, it’s being used by powerful forces within the Church for their own criminal ends.

The murder of his partner shortly after working at the Abbey leads Pedro Estavez on a terrifying journey from California to Mexico, Cuba and eventually to Rome. A conspiracy is uncovered which is prepared to use terrorism and mass murder to protect its billions.

A rogue US intelligence agent trying to rob the conspirators leads to the CIA, Japanese and Chinese intelligence services also becoming embroiled.

At the heart of it all is Monsignor Sebastian Clay, a man so completely corrupt even he is no longer sure who he serves.

As She Lay Dying, He Stood Waiting

by S Jones

The chase is better than the catch? Not always. The chase is the means to an end in some cases.

The end?

That final all-consuming moment of control and clarity when you look into her now dead eyes and know that for her, it is all over and for you it is about to begin.

The Black Rock Island Murder

by H. L. Banks

Inspector Stella Chase and Sgt. John Withers, in charge of the case involving the murder of a prominent citizen, are under the gun. They have one week to try to turn up the killer before their Chief, under political pressure, turns the case over to an outside jurisdiction. The chase is on for these two colleagues to cross the finish line with killer in tow.


by Paul R. Lloyd

Short Story… Suspense… Horror… Egbert… The remarkable thing about Egbert, everyone agreed, was his glass cane, not his enormous girth. But what made him fly off like that? 1,400 words.

Life’s a Lottery – short story

by Marie Sever

A short story about a man who wins the lottery, and keeps the win secret from his wife, while he determines what to do with the winnings. Unfortunately, keeping it a secret was a huge mistake, to his detriment.

Liver and onions Short Story – Murder Mystery and Suspense

by Marie Sever

A short story taken from a book of short stories. Cal owns a burger van, in England. He isn’t making money and is desperate to keep his business, but takes extreme steps to do so.

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