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Self Discovery: How To Ultimately Find And Explore Your Inner Self Through Self Discovery And Become The Person You Really Deserve To Be (Twain: The Emotional Series)

by Allan Twain

Emotional Series 3

Self Discovery

How To Ultimately Find And Explore Your Inner Self Through Self Discovery And Become The Person You Really Deserve To Be

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The book will be your guide as you embark on a journey to self discovery. It can be your solace when times become a little too much to bear that giving up seems to be a sound solution to follow. It will give you courage to go on and for you to finally find your inner self and free yourself from bondage that hinders you in unleashing your full potential.

No one said that the road will give you a smooth ride but nothing is impossible once you have set your heart to go on. The book will see you through every turn you make. You might discover obstructions and some blunders along the way but those are the things you need to face in order to find your inner self.

This book is your most trusted ally during those moments and it will give light on your road during the dark hours. It will help you stay on course and help you remain focused on your goal. You can avoid unnecessary detours with the help of the book and help you see your goal without delay.

Self discovery is not only a journey that you need to take to free yourself – it is a life turning experience that you will be thankful for the rest of your day.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

– The things that you need to prepare prior to your self discovery journey
– Find out who you really are and unleash your potential to become the person you deserve to be
– The process of connecting to your inner self
– How to live your life to the fullest


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Allan Twain

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Self-Development: How to Explore, Identify and Develop the Secret Patterns of Success and Positively Improve Your Thought Patterns Every Single Day for … of Your Life (Twain: The Emotional Series)

by Allan Twain

Emotional Series 3


How to Explore, Identify and Develop the Secret Patterns of Success and Positively Improve Your Thought Patterns Every Single Day for the Rest of Your Life

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“Self-Development: How to Explore, Identify and Develop the Secret Patterns of Success and Positively Improve Your Thought Patterns Every Single Day for the Rest of Your Life”.This book contains proven steps and strategies on how you can effectively leverage your strengths to achieve your goals. It also provides an outline on how you can identify your potential, improve your sense of self-worth, and inspire positivity as you gear up for success.

As it were, the key to achieving your goals lies in the seamless confluence of your drive to succeed and your mental aptitude to overcome challenges along the way. It is therefore necessary that you develop a healthy regard for what you are capable of, enhance your potential and strengths, create a blueprint of what you want to achieve, and improve the quality of your life in order to lend greater depth and meaning to your drive to succeed.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • What is Self-Control?
  • Self-Mastery and Self-Control
  • Exercising Self-Control
  • Find Out the Key to Self-Control
  • The Critical Inner Voice
  • The Dangers of the Lack of Self-Control 
  • Key Steps to Improving Self-Control
  • Take Baby Steps En-Route to Self-Control

“Let him who would move the world first move himself.” â?? Socrates

The content of this book are easily worth over $4.99, but for a limited time you can download “Self-Development: How to Explore, Identify and Develop the Secret Patterns of Success and Positively Improve Your Thought Patterns Every Single Day for the Rest of Your Life” ONLY FOR A FEW DAYS at a special discounted price of only $2.99

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Allan Twain


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The Art of Raising a Corgi Puppy: From Puppyhood to Adult Dog (The Art of Raising Puppies From Puppyhood to Adult Dog)

by Joshua Fairbairn

The Art of Raising a Corgi Puppy covers is the perfect resource for figuring out if a Corgi pup is a good fit for your lifestyle. The book will guide you to knowing how to properly train, take care of, and socialize with your new dog.

With full-color pictures and very specific details about the breed, it’s history, and the intricacies of the pup all included, you will not be able to put this book down until you have made your decision. Corgi puppies are cute, loyal, and friendly. They will make a perfect fit to almost any family!

Ultimate Detox Baths – To Help Cleanse The Body, Relax The Mind And Rejuvenate You (Detox Cleanse, Detoxification, Detoxing Your Body)

by Lisa Johnson

(Ultimate Detox Baths)

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You’re about to discover a proven steps and strategies on how to relieve your mind from stress and cleanse your body from toxins with the use of detox baths.

Would you like to eliminate toxins? energise and rejuvenate your body? feel refreshed? improve sleep quality? relieve stress and anxiety? boost metabolism? improve blood and oxygen circulation? strengthen the immune system? ease pain and inflammation? improve sluggish digestion? prevent the invasion of free radicals that cause diseases and improve skin texture? then this book will provide you with proven steps to help you.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • The Top Benefits of Detox Bath
  • Ingredients of Detox Bath
  • Detox Bath Suggestions
  • Sample Detox Bath Recipes
  • Additional Tips and Reminders for Detoxification
  • Much, much more!

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Feel cleansed, rejuvenated and energised as you enjoy a wonderful soak in the bath, free from toxins.

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Fast and Healthy Weight Loss: What and How to Eat to Lose Weight? Healthy Diet Meal Plans- The 14 Day Diet

by Jennifer Tracy

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Jennifer Tracy, best-selling author proves you can become a “New You” in her
new book, Fast and Healthy Weight Loss: What and How to Eat to Lose Weight.
She explains why;

“Being overweight isn’t actually your fault; staying overweight is. You were
using bad information or a bad program.”

Jennifer Tracy shares her revolutionary program, showing readers the best ways
to drop pounds and inches fast,

* It DOESN’T MATTER what age you are at,
* It DOESN’T MATTER how many times you’ve failed to lose weight,
* It DOESN’T MATTER if you have stubborn fat deposits around your belly
that won’t go away,

* It DOESN’T MATTER if you have an extremely slow metabolism,
* It DOESN’T MATTER if you have the worse genetics in the world…

Without exhausting workouts or boring cardio, and keep them off permanently.
Her revolutionary method assists a complete nutritional makeover and super easy
exercises to:

* Boost your metabolism,
* Skyrocket fat burning,
* Turn heads everywhere you go…

These exercises are scientifically proven to work for all kinds of women (and
men), with all kinds of body types and metabolisms.

* Go at your own pace (100% safe.) And best part of this is that you can
do these exercises without any gym and without any expensive equipment.

Jennifer Tracy also reveals:

* 10 Healthy foods that are secretly making you fat…
* 5 Diet foods you should stay away from…
* One small diet trick that helps you to lose up to 30 lbs. a year…

You never have to starve with her revolutionary system:
* With this system you will be able to eat all your favorite foods and
still lose weight. This is not only possible but also necessary.

* In fact, you are encouraged to eat from a variety of foods you love. At the
same time you will lose weight. You will feel great about yourself and in no
time you will look great as well. That is the experience of countless people who
have followed this program.
* Once you realize how this method works and how easy it is, you will wish
that you had learned these years ago.

Don’t be fat and unhappy for your entire life. So don’t put this off…Get
it now! Scroll up, click the “Buy” button now, and begin your journey
to a leaner, and healthier you!


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Jenny’s New Calorie, Carb and Fat Counter is full of information which
you will use daily as you consider making decision on which foods to eat.
Simply look for the ones that specifically fit your requirements.

* Full of useful and detailed information for you to make right food choices* Easy to use Reference in PDF format
* Easily and fully searchable
* Print any page as you want

The Book contents are sorted three different ways to make it super easy for your usage:

* Alphabetically (by food names)
* By Carbohydrate content
* By Fat Gram content
Plus protein, cholesterol, sodium, and saturated fat counters.

This Bonus Book is as PDF file and it is fully searchable. You
can use the “search” feature to find any item quickly and easily.

Get Jacked & Ripped, Quick; The Secrets to Natural Growth

by Andrew Wroblewski

Are you fed up with fad workouts that just don’t work?

Most people are, and they’ve chosen to get jacked & ripped quick, naturally through healthy eating, proper sleep, and great workouts.

Find out what you’re missing and why this is the secret you’ve been waiting your whole life for. The ladies will love you for it.

Natural Cure for Arthritis: Know Your Options to Relieve Your Pain

by Melissa Jones


Arthritis means “joint inflammation”. It has various forms and may also have different symptoms. Osteoarthritis is mainly caused due to inflammation when the soft covering on the bones are damaged. They mostly occur on bones that bear the body weight.

In other types of arthritis, like the rheumatoid arthritis, the narrow lining in the joint is affected. The joint-lining may become inflated and gradually the disease conquers the entire body and the patient fails to move.

Arthritis may cause a total disability in many people. Arthritis mainly occurs in adults, but in some special cases even children may become a victim of this disease. Over a long period of time, the inflation may cause irreparable damage to the body, which can limit the daily chores of a person.

Though the exact cause of arthritis is still not known, but it is a form of autoimmune disorder. The usual and normal defence system of the body gradually starts attacking the joints. At times, arthritis is hereditary. The ailment may also cause nodules that form in the knuckles, elbows, lower leg joint and elbows. It may also affect the lungs, eyes, nerves, or even the blood vessels.

Enemies Want You Dead

by John Blake


John Blake, author of Enemies Want You Dead, is a sociologist and specialist of human behavior whose research spans forty years. John’s clinical studies have been keenly focused on families and spousal relationships.

Karmageddon, his follow up book to Enemies Want You Dead, features more than sixty families he has observed over the course of thirty-five years.


The purpose of this book is to alert you to enemies, familiar and unknown. Your observations of people are investments in your protection; forming an alarm system, a log of patterns, designed to alert you to danger. The broader your exposure to the nuances of evil, the more sensitive your alarm system becomes.

But observations of enemies are not nearly enough. When we see the outward menace of a shark’s fin above water, we are blind to the scores beneath as we kick toward shore. The deadliest of enemies cloak themselves well. They put us at ease. The water is calm. Only with bloodshed do we know they are there.

These are the lessons learned from lives touched by evil; a bright beacon allowing safe passage. Because to solely depend on your own experience, is to fall prey to false charity and the horror of monsters well hidden. On paths forever dark. Find out who they are.


Be in the draw to win a US$5000 cash prize. Buy Enemies Want You Dead in amazon and email your receipt to [email protected] to be in the draw. For more details, visit our Facebook page at


50% of all proceeds from the sale of Enemies Want You Dead is being donated by the publisher toward the Typhoon Haiyan relief.

90% of John Blake’s author royalties for sales of Enemies Want You Dead and Karmageddon is being donated to buy land to rehouse the displaced victims of Typhoon Haiyan.

These donations by Raphael & Clover and John Blake are ongoing for the period 2013 – 2015.

Crochet Pattern – Tutu Skirt for Onesie

by Judy Rennie

This is a crochet pattern for a tutu skirt to be sewn to a Baby Onesie. Instructions are also given for the skirt to be made separately with an elastic waist. The pattern is sized to fit a 3 or 6 month Onesie. Revisions are given to increase size to a 12 month and for the elastic waist skirt up to size 3T.
Easy to crochet with just simple crochet stitches.

How to Train & housebreak your dog using hand & voice signals

by TD Edwards

Positive dog training tips to housebreak and potty train your dog discusses practical tips and techniques for training your dog several basic dog commands and the best dog training accessories for puppy training your dog.

There are many simple tricks that every dog needs to know and this book highlights simple techniques to teach your dog to train your dog to stop biting, stop barking and teach him to sit, lie down and to come when called.

This illustrated book has an introductory chapter offering information on the merits of training your dog

Chapter 2 talks about the most important factors to consider when buying a dog

Chapter 3 teaches methods involved in housebreaking your dog

Chapter 4 discusses how to crate train your dog

Chapter 5 talks about how to clicker train your dog and techniques for housebreaking your dog

Chapter 6 covers how to train your dog to come when called

Chapter 7 is about how to train your dog to sit

Chapter 8 is on how to stop your dog from biting people

Chapter 9 is about how to train your dog to stop barking

The subsequent chapters feature some closely related recommended kindle titles.There is also a section featuring some recommended dog training tools and accessories

Instantly Raise Your Self Confidence:The truth about personal male transformation. Understand the secret habits that give you more fulfilling relationships and an enjoyable life….

by Umesh Damania


“Umesh has a talent for getting to the heart of the matter and with “Instant Confidence” he skilfully guides you through the process of finding the real you. The simple exercises Umesh has created are presented in an easy to follow actionable style that really works on creating the change you need. Awesome stuff Umesh!

Clive Merrick

“Enjoy a personal transformation. Find the secrets to more fulfilling relationships. Wow! Those are some big promises. And Umesh delivers. Throughout the pages of Instant Confidence are all the steps you’ll need to take a journey to the future you want, but haven’t been able to reach till now.

“Umesh implies some heavy change will come your way through a journey to greater self-confidence. And they will.

Have you got the confidence to do anything? You will have after you complete Umesh’s boot – camp of exercises. Instant Confidence is a dynamite confidence-builder. You’ll enjoy this journey. I did.

You’ll start off figuring out why you’re shy of confidence. Self-questions are key. The more you ask yourself why you do stuff, the closer you’ll get to understanding what needs to change in your behaviour and habits, to get the self-confidence you want.

He advises journaling, which has two main benefits when used to as an aid to change behaviour. You’ll see how far you’ve come, which is always a great motivator, because tasks and goals do have hard parts to them. And while on your journey, you can read over your entries to see how your thinking changes as you develop more confidence.

In part one, Umesh helps you to better understand yourself. In common with other great coaches, he offers a way to the ‘road less travelled’. He’ll challenge you to take ‘the high road to confidence’, by seizing responsibility for making life changes.

Reviews and exercises at frequent intervals will keep you on the road to confidence. One is to imagine having a confident twin, and the attributes they have. I also got good value from the exercises that involved using my senses to increase self-awareness.

Part two is a well-rounded primer in how to thrive in life. It begins with a reminder that confidence can be learned in the same way we’ve learned many other things; by imitating others. Maybe that was obvious, but those short on confidence tend not to see solutions. I found it a refreshing reminder that everything is possible!

Umesh makes the point that setting goals and showing up and doing something every day is the way to get it done. He’s so right, and the process he outlines is well worth following. After this, there are helpful guidelines and techniques for improving your communication and being more assertive. You’ll also get physical fitness tips and much more. This is a great book!”

Anthony Smits

So often, I have sat back feeling I should be doing more with my life, but afraid to try and fail…yet again. I really do not like all those books and videos from the self-made millionaire people. I guess I feel I cannot relate to them. That’s one of the reasons I really enjoyed Instant Confidence. You are very down to earth and relatable to a regular guy like myself. I found the layout easy to follow and the extra exercises to be engaging and actionable.

Sterling Sherrell

Product Description

Instantly Raise Your Self Confidence is a journey that any man can take to create amazing internal transformation. Authentic inner confidence can create rich and meaningful relationships in your social, personal and professional life. By helping to understand yourself first, and how your thoughts and feelings influence your behaviour, you’re in stronger position to create the change you’re looking for.

The book takes you through a structured set of exercises that help you to understand yourself first, identify your strengths, the areas where you need to focus on to grow, and apply it to the relevant areas of your life.

Never Give Up!

by Avram E. Cosmin

This book will for sure have a positive impact on your life, so, why wait, click and eagerly look inside right away!

Never Give Up! is for the winners. It reveals what winners do and speaks of their character, how they act, what they think and what choices they make in difficult situations.
This book is the manual of the winners that you do not want to miss. It allows you to learn, step by step, what you should do, when you should act and, in doing so, how to always win in life.
The book Never Give Up! is not a promised land. If you expect to find quick fixes, do not read it. Life is not easy and this book tells you exactly that – “To win, you need a character and the right approach. Shortcuts and bad habits are for losers.”
Remember, this book speaks of general principles and general terms. It will tell you what you should do and why. What you don’t get is the “how.” Why? It is impossible to write a solution for each of us. The context and the situation of each one of us is special. What is true for me, it can have negative effects on you, and can only cause you damages.
So, if you really want to know “what to do” and “why do it”, do not waste more time – buy and read this book right away!

Basic Crocheting: All the Skills and Tools You Need to Get Started (How To Basics)

by Sharon Hernes Silverman

  • Fundamental skills and stitches, such as the chain stitch, slip stitch, and single, half double, and double crochet
  • Techniques include creating an integral fringe, crocheting in the round, and filet crocheting
  • Create a shadowbox pillow, basketweave blanket, bunny basket, child’s cap and mittens, openwork placemats, woven shoulder bag, and more

    A heavily illustrated introduction to the skills you need to become a crocheter, Basic Crocheting begins with the yarn, hooks, and other tools you need to get started, and then moves on to cover the skills you need to make a wide variety of home accessories and wearables. Detailed instructions for every step of each project are supplemented with helpful photographs and illustrations.

    A Quick Book on writing a Book Quick

    by Emma Southee

    Ever thought you would like to write a book but have no idea how to get that idea from your mind to a full manuscript?

    This is a guide on how to put that idea on paper in a way that will help you. From first draft, to rewrites, edits and even possible sequels.

    Radical Fatloss

    by Richard Rigor

    Radical Fatloss can be had NOW! Fitness trainer and coach Richard Rigor gives you the step by step formula he has used successfully with his own clients and members at his gym. He delivers 11 pages of laser targeted information in this Kindle ebook with no filler and no fluff. This program is specifically designed to kickstart your goal of losing weight and achieving Radical Fatloss!

    Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.