Free poetry Kindle books for 16 Dec 13

The Secret Life of Hardware

by Cheryl Lachowski

A chapbook of poems by Cheryl Lachowski

Poems of Love and Unrequite

by Jay Severn

Four short poems of love, unrequited love, lost love.

Feeding The Beasts

by Abigail George

The second collection of poetry in a trilogy is a much more personal, haunting and thoughtful. Wiser to the ways of the wild, wild world around her, from the sprawling urban jungles of asphalt, to the rural countryside, villages, the white tents filled with women, men, children of refugee status or no status at all the poet takes on universal themes. She does not walk leisurely through this landscape where childhood and womanhood meets. She does not dance she sprints. She wants to take us all on the wonderland of her creative imagination, her imaginarium if you will. And there you will find the defined, the instruction gathered through half a lifetime, a tribe/tribes attuned to nature, collectives connected, people who live, who matter. She has an inquiring mind and with her woundedness, her vantage point, her gentle spirit that has come to know and love so much of the world around her and its people, with her soul she casts a spell. She draws you in.

Fragile Elements of a World Unknown: Love Unspoken Part 1

by D.A Fifton

I’ve always loved writing, ever since I was young. As a shy person who enjoyed spending time alone, it easily and very quickly became a part of mY wORLD! I used it as a way of expression, a chance to get things off my chest. I never trusted anyone, but the pages between my chosen book, and after all this time, they have never let me down. So I continue to write and my trusted source never whispers a single sound. When I open up my book, it opens up a part of what is unknown on the outside, my world becomes a different place that allows me to be…me. I am free of inhibitions; my energy bursts through and for that moment in time., when I am doing what I love, I can truly be myself.

The time has now come for me to share this with the world. Enjoy!x

Lyrics and Poetry for the New Aesthetic Beat Movement

by Vincent Teetsov

Wordsworth said in the preface to the lyrical ballads that all good poetry is the “spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings”. His pronouncement could be no more true than it is today. People are restricted in their expression. Words require a swift internal punch to come out for many. And this is the basis for the New Aesthetic Beat Movement. A revolution of words in which people use language to recognise beauty and for the beauty of language itself. A revolution to challenge the ways of the world. A revolution to challenge humankind and remove humanity from stagnancy. In this collection, Teetsov begins to explore the human nature inside of him and how we fit into the complexity of our existence. If nothing else, he is at work to free the words and feelings from inside, and to encourage others to join the movement.

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