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ABCs For You And Me – An Alphabetical Rhyming Children’s Book ( Fun Ebooks For Kids )

by Michael Mitchell

Learn ABCs with a whole host of fun and funny characters.
Very educational childrens story for everyone and a great family activity. ABCs. A Silly Kids Story Book eBook: Michael Mitchell: Kindle Store

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by Deborah Bennison

This is a basic guide to writing well. Aspects of grammar and punctuation that commonly cause confusion are demystified in plain English. You’ll find clear instructions on the correct use of possessive apostrophes, commas, speech marks, hyphens, and semicolons.

Other topics include the subjunctive, split infinitives, and the difference between â??fewer’ and â??less’. You can also learn more about active and passive sentences (active sentences will often make your writing clearer and more direct); commonly used foreign words and phrases; and word classes, including nouns, adjectives and verbs.

Other common conundrums dealt with here include:
– that or which?
– affect or effect?
– lay or lie?
– practice or practise?
– whose or who’s?
– my friends and I or my friends and me?

Why does correct punctuation and grammar matter? Well, look at the following:

A woman without her man is nothing.

With the correct punctuation all becomes clear:

A woman: without her, man is nothing.

Wordwatch includes an introduction to politically correct writing. This is not comprehensive but offers some sensible, no-nonsense advice for the careful writer.

Wordwatch grew out of the author’s successful blog:

Second Language Acquisition: Language, Culture & Identity, for English Language Learners Worldwide – ELL / ESL / EAL / EFL

by Thomas Jerome Baker

“Written by an experienced teacher and author of 58 books, from a practical perspective. This book is for new teachers, experienced teachers, parents of English Language Learners worldwide, English Language Learners, and students from all disciplines with a need to know how students learn English in actual day to day practice.

This book provides an actionable answer to the question of “How Do Students Learn English?” In this book, the discovery method is applied to case studies and actual experience, in reality.

If encountering the topic for the first time, this is a clear and practical introduction to experiential Second Language Acquisition (SLA). It shows actual students and teachers grappling with SLA issues in an interdisciplinary manner. To do this, we “stand on the shoulders of giants” like Wittgenstein, Gass & Selinker.

Storytelling becomes the medium to illustrate SLA in action, without being heavy on explanation. This is an inductive, discovery approach to deep learning about SLA in action.

How a second language is acquired; whether English, French, Yu’pik, or Mapudungun is what the second language learner needs to know; whether in the USA, Canada, Singapore, China, Chile or any other location worldwide, we all need to find relevant answers to know why some learners are more successful than others. The book introduces in a warm, friendly, first-person, engaging fashion a range of fundamental concepts – such as SLA in adults and children, in formal and informal learning contexts, and in diverse sociocultural settings – and takes (in the tradition of Gass & Selinker) an interdisciplinary approach, encouraging students to consider SLA from linguistic, psychological, and social perspectives.”

A Daniel Come to Judgement: 1984 & Animal Farm (Homeworker Helper)

by M.D. Jones

This essay was submitted by Flushing High School student M.D. Jones. “A Daniel Come to Judgement: 1984 & Animal Farm” is a twelfth grade analytical dissertation that compares 1984 and Animal Farm (by George Orwell) to the true qualities of the great leaders in history. This essay argues that the most effective leadership traits as displayed in Orwell’s novels are charisma, perseverance, and intelligence. This essay is approximately 4.1 pages in length.

*All essays published through Homeworker Helper LLC have been published as they were submitted for classes. Grammatical errors may be present to reflect the proper grade of the submitted dissertation. The viewpoints presented in each essay do not necessarily reflect those of Homeworker Helper LLC. It is our hope that such essays will assist fellow students, in brainstorming for literary and English composition courses. Enjoy!

Bundle Three (Set One)

by Laura Rollins

Bundle Three includes books 9-2. The last four books of Set on in the Ribbit Books Series.

Ribbit Books is a series aimed at teaching young children to read. Each book builds slowly so your little tot isn’t overwhelmed. Ribbit Books makes it easy to enjoy the thrill of learning to read. No one is better apt than you to give your child wings to soar.

The books in Bundle Three combine ‘at’ words and ‘og’ words. Cat plays with Dog. Frog and Bat meet. Logs and mats are all part of the fun!

Find more at

Reflections from the Soul: Cultivating Leadership in a World Hungry for Change

by Christopher Harrison

Reflections from the Soul: Cultivating Leadership in a World Hungry for Change is a compilation of our reflections concerning leadership. This book is written to provoke further thought in key areas of leadership (i.e., resiliency, integrity, education, social responsibility, greatness, and vision) as they relate to the development of our next generation of leadersâ??children and youth.

Leaders are change agents. Leaders carry out their work as heads of organizations, managers of departments, coaches of teams, parents or caregivers of families, and concerned stakeholders of communities. Change agents make key decisions everyday that affect the well-being, livelihood, and productivity of others. Leaders hold their vision for the future in mind, and express their internal wealth from their soul through plans, decisions, conversations, and interactions with others. It is no surprise that people are beginning to demand more of a self-less leadership from persons in positions of influence and power. However, to be an effective agent for change “externally”, a leader should begin his/her journey of change “internally.”

As you read this book, you will embark on a journey of reflecting on key areas of leadership within the context of developing the next generation of leadersâ??children and youth. As Nelson Mandela (one of the greatest global leaders and humanitarians of our time) once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” With this in mind, if you have an interest in further cultivating yourself as a leader to create positive change, then this book will inspire and guide you to take the journey inward for personal growth and development. The degree of impact of one’s leadership “externally” depends on one’s commitment to personal growth and development “internally.” This path of personal development will pave the way for building the next generation of leadersâ??children and youth. So read, reflect, and take action!

Secrets of a Hairdresser Exposed – What They Don’t Tell You Will Save You $1000 or More

by Adele Carey

Have you ever wondered if your hairdresser has information that would be very helpful to know?

Did you know that there are a few simple things you can do at home that will save you thousands of dollars every single year?

I am amazed when I tell a client that the way they are drying their hair is causing split ends, or that by purchasing a good quality shampoo I can mix in a bit of colour that will extend the life of their colour.

I am about to lift the lid on the most closely guarded secrets of the hairdressing industry so that you can take advantage of the things they don’t want you to know.

All you need to do is follow the instructions given in this eBook and voila, you’ll have gorgeous, stunning hair, just the way you like it. This book reveals all those little secrets, which hairdressers have hidden up their sleeves. With the arsenal of hairdresser’s secret knowledge at your disposal, you can be sure to gain all those tips and tricks, which will make your hair shine like a rockstar without their budget.

Basic Life Support (BLS) Student & Instructor Manual

by Vanessa Roberts

This Basic Life Support (BLS) Manual is designed to teach, satisfy & save lives! It’s designed to be easily read and comprehensive throughoutâ??for medical professionals and workplace employees. This Manual is presented by

In this Manual you’ll find comprehensive materials relating to Blood borne Pathogens, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), Fibrillation & First-Aid. You’ll learn necessary steps for saving lives and necessary tools for aiding all persons who’re in need of help!

We’d love to hear you thoughts so email us at [email protected] or visit our website at

For CPR / First-Aid / Bloodborne Pathogens & Basic Life Support (BLS) Certification visit our website at

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