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A Matter of Time

by Graham Debenham

It is 1998 and Eddie Hall is a guard on the London underground. He is twenty six years old and is obsessed with the past, particularly the war years between 1939 and 1945. Late one evening, towards the end of a long shift, he falls asleep on the platform at Tooting Broadway station while reading a Worl War Two historical textbook. When he wakes he realises that he has travelled a lot farther that Golders Green.
How did he get therer? How will he get back? Will he want to get back?
Only time will tell.


by Walter Erickson

Horst Hessemann, Professor of Oriental Studies at the University of Pennsylvania, travels to 1273 BC Hatti to document the battle of Kadesh between the Egyptians and the Hittites. While there he is attacked by assassins from the 24th century, meets and falls in love with a young Hittite woman named Teshan, saves a young Hittite farmer from death, is tortured by the Egyptians, and returns to his own time to discover he has not traveled to his own distant past, but to someone else’s present, a discovery that means Teshan is alive somewhere. He sets out to find her, and does, with unforeseen consequences. Events take place against the backdrop of the war between two regional superpowers, the Egypt of the Pharoah Ramses II and King Muwatalli of Hatti. The battle of Kadesh, the first recorded battle in history, is historically accurate, as is Hittite equipment and language.


by Jonathan Marker

In 2050, when the Federal government commits to a mass ejection of all illegal residents to reduce overpopulation and quell civil unrest, a research organization called the SYLK Institute devises a means to eliminate those illegal residents that refuse deportation. Under the veil of the opportunity to become US Citizens by completing a five-year period of service to an infrastructure development effort called the Harvestmen Candidate Program, these illegal residents actually become live training aids for a covert military training replacement program codenamed SPYDER SYLK. Enter Nathaniel Dixon, a man made prisoner to the SYLK Institute for his father’s endangerment of a Veteran treatment program the organization ran two decades prior, who becomes the unfortunate guinea pig for SPYDER SYLK. As the lynchpin of the program, Nathaniel undergoes a yearlong transformation into a synthesized weapon called a SPYDER, under the care of Doctor Robert Wulfrom – the same man who imprisoned him for twenty years. Enabled by a neural implant called Trapdoor, Nathaniel slowly melds the synthetic capabilities of the implant with his body, through carefully designed training scenarios that use live Harvestmen to elicit lethal responses by projecting nonlethal force on the SPYDER. As the transformation progresses, Nathaniel systematically surrenders his memories for complete neural implant control, and begins to demonstrate the utility of the program with staggering efficiency. However, when a saboteur with direct access to the delicate hardware of SPYDER SYLK compromises the integrity of the concept, the program begins to unravel. When failure appears imminent, the SYLK Institute cadre commits to drastic measures to ensure the delivery of a SPYDER to the Federal government within the promised time.


by Marie Nelson

We knew it would happen eventually. The zombies are here.
A mother locks her young son out of the house after he is bitten, but as she searches her soul, she can not tear herself away from the constant stream of news on social media sites.

The Genesis Incident …an Unforeseen Event (XODIS)

by Butch Berardesco

CreationMakesSense.comThe Genesis IncidentThe Earth’s oxygen level has been steadily diminishing over time. A crew of six have been carefully selected for a top-secret mission, that will take them back in time to retrieve high oxygen-yielding plants.  What starts out as a simple mission, gets complicated really fast. The crew soon find themselves fighting for their lives as their journey propels them through incredibly turbulent days; where they witness the impossible, struggle with the unknowable and discover something too valuable to reveal. They all knew the risk was high, but none knew . . . . they were already marked for death.This action/adventure time-travel novel is in a category all its own! You’ll laugh, cry and cheer as you join Axle and the crew on this one-of-a-kind journey.
 Axle Kade, second generation test pilot, chosen for this extremely discreet and potentially dangerous mission, finally gets the opportunity to display his uniquely unconventional piloting skills.
 Standing at 6’6″, intimidating and always in command, Captain Eli Hunter, soon enlists the aid of his unkempt Engineer and Navigator, Maxwell Grant, confirming that he is shockingly smarter than he looks, as the crew is unexpectedly launched into a violent, tempestuous journey.
 Science Officer Marcella Qui, Botonist Jane Doe and Patrica Lucas, M.D, were chosen to complete the crew. They each possessed unique skills that would prove vital to the mission.
 You will become enamored with Grandpa Vinny during his transformation from old man into “Vincent Kade, Chief Emissary”. 
 Inspired by true events, it’s a fun, easy read, laced with emotion.and written in laymen terms. You will experience first-hand, the scientific events that took place “In The Beginning”.

Fate’s Harrow (Blade Opera)

by C. E. Dorsett

In an age gone past, when many roamed the heavens, space was full of magic and mystery. Heroes and villains came and went like the passing of the daily tides. Some names were remembered, while others simply faded away.

In this darkness, demons and monsters run free. Eldritch creatures of untold horror wander through the wastes, seeking those that they may devour, destroy, or simply terrorize.

After war ravaged his homeworld, Ara’lu, his wings bloody from battle, journeys to the temple of the Fates looking for answers, finding only pain and fire.

Elsewhere in the galaxy, three children are taken from their family to study the arcane arts. One fearing the known, the other fearing the unknown yet all are haunted by the Night Terror. Can the three young boys survive their training in the way of the maker?

In the end, they confront the hardest choice of all: What would you be willing to do to save the ones you care about?

One Planet Away (Martian trilogy)

by Adam Denton

In the second Installment in this epic series, The human race is heading for extinction. The war for survival is on.

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