Free sports Kindle books for 16 Dec 13

Running with Curves: Why You’re Not Too Fat to Run, and the Skinny on How to Start Today

by Jill Angie

Do you think running sucks? Do you think you’re too fat to run? Look no further, because this is the book of running tips for you. With humor, compassion, and lots of love, Jill Angie delivers the goods: overcoming the challenges of running with an overweight body and giving your self-esteem an enormous boost in the process.

This isn’t a guide to running for weight loss, or a simple running plan. This book is specifically about how a woman carrying a few (or many) extra pounds can successfully become a runner in the body she has right now.

Drawing on 15 years of experience as a curvy runner, Jill gives you everything you won’t find in the typical beginner’s running book, such as standing up to your inner mean girl, finding the right sports bra, and building up your self-confidence one step at a time. No matter what size you are, by the end of this book, even the most beginning runner will realize they are capable of much more than they ever thought possible.

The Cruiserweight

by L. Anne Carrington

In this punchy, romantic take on the wrestling world where only some of the physical contact takes place in the ring, sports journalist Karen Montgomery has been following for years the career of Brett Kerrigan, one of the smallest cruiserweight wrestlers in the business, and can recall in detail every bout he has ever fought, recognising his outstanding skills as a wrestler and his intuitive flair for entertaining the crowd. She has even written an award-winning article about him. Now she desperately wants to meet him. One night, after many failed attempts to reach him, she looks up to find him standing right there in front of her. They get talking and they immediately hit it off. However, as they become involved and grow ever-closer, Brett loses his contract and must strike out on his own. Will their relationship survive the pressures on both of them, their differences in ages, and the other women in Brett’s life? Or will one of them decide they are not the ideal tag-team after all?

On My Chest

by Adoni Patrikios

: You’re chairman of a football club. You’re down at the bottom of your division and facing relegation from the entire league. Your manager’s left for pastures new. What do you do? If you’re Bill Kenwright, chairman of Gadford FC it’s simple… Hire a female manager. A riotous comedy about boardroom politics, off-field hi-jinks and on-field action… it’s a funny old game .

The Basic Nutrition for Swim Training

by Akila M. Ramses

Competitive swimming training usually takes 6-12 sessions per week, with distances in each session vary considerably. The elite swimmers usually have double shifts daily training and during periods of the year where concentrations can be made up to 3 daily sessions. In these cases, the time the water can be more than 6 hours per day. Furthermore swimmers generally have 2-3 gym sessions a week for resistance training and can also do some aerobic training land as running or cycling.

Tales of the Unknown Rugger

by Liam Dunseath

This is an autobiography by an amateur rugby player Liam Dunseath from the United Kingdom. It describes his playing days spanning over 21 years in several different countries at different levels.

It speaks of the highs and lows of winning and losing, magnificent tries, injuries, off the field antics, rugby tours and the life long friendships made through the game of rugby.

From the early days at school, captaining his University of Salford and playing at national 7s competitions, this epic journey reveals his love of the game on and off the field, playing in the UK, France, Italy, Spain and USA.

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