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Turning Tuscan: A Step-by-Step Guide to Going Native

by Sam Hilt

This is a story about what it’s like to fall in love with Tuscany in your mid-life years, to buy a home there, to change around your work, and, finally, to leave the San Francisco Bay Area and move with your wife and children to a tiny Tuscan village. That’s the first part. The second part tries to share what it’s like living here once you’ve made the move: learning the language, becoming part of a village community, running a tour company, understanding the political scene, getting an internet connection, enjoying Renaissance art, spending time in the hospital, appreciating the bureaucracy, and enduring customer service at The Phone Company.

I’ve tried to write it all in a way that will make you feel like an honored guest invited into the cockpit as we transfer from America to Tuscany and set up shop. And, in case you’re wondering what kind of crazy person does such a thing, and whether you might be one, I try to share enough personal history and detail about our lives on both sides of the ocean to satisfy your curiosity.

As a foreigner who enters into another culture, there’s a limited window of time available to you to see these things and to try to record them in some way. You have to become Italian enough to play the game, but not so Italian yet that it all becomes invisible. If you wait too long, you are no longer in a position to reflect or comment on cultural differences because what people are doing seems totally normal to you.

Ripeness is all, as the poet said, and hopefully I’ve managed to capture for you some of the subtler aspects of living here that travel photos, even high resolution ones, can never reveal.

113 Free Things To Do In Ireland (2014 Edition) (Travel Free eGuidebooks)

by Daniel Davidson

Ireland. Once a cheap country to visit, but today, boy, is it getting expensive!

So, how can you see this diverse, energetic, historic yet modern country without paying through the nose?

Turns out that Ireland is literally overflowing with free activities, destinations, events, and music, festivals, and more. And that’s what this book is all about: having a good time without spending a dime.

Free music & museums in Dublin, castles in Donegal, arboretums in Wexford, battlefields in Meath, an oratory in Kerry, art in Limerickâ?¦there are so many free things to do in Ireland IF if you know where to look!

You could be in the know, doing 100% FREE, yet culturally rewarding, activities such as:

– Free tours of the National Gallery in Dublin

– Visiting St John’s Cathedral in Limerick

– Touring Enniscorthy Castle in Wexford

– Hanging out on free beaches in Donegal

– Jameson’s Dublin International Film Festival

– Free walking tours of Galway

– Much, much more


This book is not about discount travel. It’s about FREE travel.

1) It only includes free activities, events, locations & attractions. It tells you how to get in to many paid attractions and events for free.

2) it’s exclusively formatted for the Kindle and Kindle App

3) It’s interactive, so you can easily access directions from your current location, reviews from other travelers, and more information entries in the book.


Each entry has a well-researched description, contact information (email, phone, website), and links to contextual information. Color photos too!

It works great with the Kindle App for your smartphone, so you can get directions from Google.

There’s an interactive map, showing you all the free activities and an appendix with free trip planning tools, apps, etc.


– Introduction

– Interactive Map

– Free Sightseeing Attractions

– Free Music

– Free Museums

– Free Art, Literature, and Architecture

– Free Outdoors Activities

– Free Kids & Family Activities

– Free Festivals and Parades

– Free Tours & Walks

– Free Markets, Stores & Window Shopping

– Free Trip Planning & Traveler Resources

– List of Attractions By City

– About The Author


Thanks to many loyal readers who email me when information changes and when they find free activities, this book is constantly being updated.

Enjoy Ireland spending nothing but time. It’s just a few bucks, but it could save you hundreds.

Paradise Now: How to Plan the Perfect Italy Vacation

by Sam Hilt

My wife, Pam Mercer, and I started out in the late 90s doing one tour in Tuscany every summer just for the fun of it. Now, fifteen years later, we plan itineraries and organize small-group tours throughout Italy for hundreds of people every year.

I’ve tried to share some tips and insights we’ve gleaned from years of traveling in Italy on trains, buses and in cars, from staying in hotels, villas and agriturismos, from traveling on our own to taking tours and offering tours. But the main reason I wrote this little book was to share some core insights about traveling in general, and traveling in Italy in particular. Not the usual stuff about where to eat and the top ten things to see, but how to organize your travel based on who you are, what you enjoy, and what you can’t stand.

Often we tend to travel in fixed ways just because we’ve just always done it that way, and we’ve never really considered other options. When people return from a vacation and are disappointed, it often has to do with the structure of their vacation being poorly matched to who they are and how they enjoy spending their time. We forgetâ??or perhaps we’ve never realizedâ??that there are many ways to travel, and many different styles of travel. I’ve tried to lay out some of the categories and choices, ranging from booking a stranger’s couch to enjoying luxury hotels, from flying by the seat of your pants to carefully planning your day’s activities.

So, in addition to looking at the details of planning, this guidebook explores some of your broad options in traveling. “Paradise Now” invites you to step back for a moment, to see which type of travel best matches your own fantasy, and to be creative in putting together the perfect vacation.

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