Free war Kindle books for 16 Dec 13

On the Brink War with Iran Vol lV (On The Brink – War With Iran)

by Gerald Greene

The On the Brink series examines the probable consequences and actions should a war with Iran occur. Through the eyes of a Marine military family, headed by US Marine Colonel Brad Rogers, the war is visualized as one that would profoundly affect most Americans. The military and their families would suffer the most. But unlike America’s recent wars many Americans share in the suffering as nuclear weapons are used and the economy tanks..

Much of the action in Vol. lV is on Iran’s Qeshm Island, a 135 mile long by up to 40 mile wide Island near Iran’s southern coast which guards the Strait of Hormuz. The widely varied topography of Qeshm gives a good indication as how difficult an invasion of Iran would be. This action adventure military novel explores war from the viewpoints of those who cause it, the politicians, civilian Iranians and Americans most affected by it, and the combatants. No viewpoint is pretty. Modern warfare is violent and deadly.

Quintrell’s Black

by Clive Hawkswood

1914. The Imperial German Army is sweeping through Belgium.

Quintrell, an English renegade freshly arrived from Africa and recently enlisted as a captain in the Belgian Army stumbles into the chaos of the British retreat after the fall of Mons.

While avoiding old enemies and making new ones, Quintrell is coerced into taking command of a seemingly hopeless mission to rescue a German prince who wants nothing more than to see peace restored.

All that stands between Quintrell and success are the traitors in his own ranks, hundreds of thousands of German soldiers, the Rhine, a formidable castle, and the fanatics of a secret society known as the Ultima Thule Verband.

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