Free erotica Kindle books for 17 Dec 13

Snow Bound

by B Alexander

Driving through a raging blizzard, Kent takes a chance and pulls off the interstate hoping for a place to wait out the storm. Luckily, there’s a motel at the exit – and they have one vacancy left.

Another traveler – a young and attractive over the road trucker named Dave – enters the motel just after Kent books the last room.

Feeling guilty, Kent makes a decision that will change the way both men feel about being snowbound.

*This short story contains graphic depictions of male on male sex. It is intended for adult audiences.

Healing His Heart

by Carol Rose

Doctor Julia Adams has dreamed of building a log home, but contractor Caleb Hayden has made it clear that he doesn’t want her to come by her own project! It doesn’t help that Caleb is hot and muscled and she thinks about him way too much.

Caleb’s just as attracted to the beautiful blonde doctor, but he’s got regrets in his past that keep him from trusting any choice he’d make. Although he’s moved on to building log homes, Caleb was once a physician himself, until he missed the signs of a fatal illness in a woman he no longer wanted to date. Unable to forgive himself, Caleb knows he should just stay away from sexy Dr. Adams.

Julia dove into medical school, grieving her own lost love, and she’s not taken the time to get close to anyone else. But the sexy, virginal doctor can’t resist her hunky contractor and struggles even more to get him out of her mind when she learns about Caleb’s past. They find redemption in the least-likely place.

Stretched and Ruined (size, cuckold, stretching)

by Celia Demure

Petite and pretty Ella has always dreamed of sex with a well-endowed man. Her fiancé’s average endowment leaves her feeling unfulfilledâ?¦ On the eve of her wedding, she persuades her fiancé to join her in a one-time night of swinging. Her guy gets to hook up with a busty blonde, while Ella’s own male “date” for the evening is Victor, a handsome, charmingâ?¦ And BRUTALLY ENDOWED stud.
Victor politely warns Ella’s man that their tryst will have lasting consequencesâ??but the foolish fiancé laughs this off. However, once they get going, neither Victor nor Ella will stop until she’s taken ALL he has to offer.
Ella will be OPENED in ways she could never imagine. But is the price of this pleasure too high? In the forceful heat of their coupling, Ella will greedily take IT ALLâ?¦ Despite the warningsâ?¦ Despite the knowledge that this wantoness may leave her feminine anatomy CHANGED FOREVER.


Tall, Dark, and Hung (Bill & Leah)

by Petit Morte

At first glance you might dismiss Bill and Leah as the typical May/December couple, or the rich guy with the trophy wife. After all, he is rich, and she is a beautiful exotic dancer. But underneath the surface there is so much more. Leah is one naughty wife, and Bill is a very happy cuckold husband. In this short 3000 word introduction, Bill and Leah will introduce you to their erotic tales as Leah swings her lovely hips and firey red hair for a succession of men, women, and groups! Leah’s conquest in this story is a tall, dark, and very well hung black man, every bit as rich (it seems) as Bill himself. Pure, raw, hardcore interracial sex is what she wants, what Bill wants to watch, and what you’ll get in this naughty wife series. Sex positive, swing positive – nothing but good hot fun with beautiful people.

Femdom : The Dressmaker : Femdom, Male Chastity, and Forced Feminization, a transgender story. (Femdom : Female Dominationm, Forced Feminization, Male Chastity, Slavery & Gender Swap)

by Sabrina Jen Mountford

Enjoy strict chastity, forced feminization, and female domination, in the gender swap story, ‘Femdom ; The Dressmaker’ 
Shaun is a fairly lazy about nineteen year old. His older sister works at a bridal couture shop. When he remarks about her job being a skive Caroline suggests he should try it… Except she’s not sure how he’d look in a dress. Feeling defiant Shaun ends up making a bet, he bets she can’t get him a job there and she bets he can’t hack it.

As it turns out, Francesca, the boss has been getting grief from the job centre about discriminating against males in her employment policy. Not one to be defeated, she takes Caroline’s suggestion about hiring her brother as a challenge and an opportunity… How far will her efforts to ‘feminize’ Shaun go? How will Shaun find his new life, blackmailed into Satin and Lace and working in the dress shop, trying on for customers and acting as Fran’s manequin.

In the end, thanks to a little help from Dr Eve Wilshaw [Of ‘The Hypnotist’] Shaun ends up not just accepting his new female status… He embraces it…

When Fran supplies him with a new experimental drug to make his breasts grow the results are quite surprising…

This is an adult themed forced feminization fiction fantasy story, which is unsuitable for under 18’s. It features themes of female domination, male chastity, forced feminization, and orgasm denial.

Enjoyed this one?  There’s now an effective ‘sequel’ in ‘Gender Swap : Anita’s Transgender Pill : A Gender Bender Story’

All characters in this story are consenting, this story is pure fantasy and not within the realms of realism. If you’re looking for male chastity within the realms of realism, I urge you to look at the works of ‘Sarah Jameson’ whose chastity and cuckholding fiction and male chastity guides are excellent.

Gender Swap & Transgender Titles by the same author:-

The Clinical Trial (With ‘The Receptionist’)
The Tormentress and the Boss
Slavery: Part 1 : Captured!
Slavery: Part 2 : Operated on : Forced Transsexual.
The Male Bridesmaid
The Hypnotist
A Sissy Story : WPC Domination 
A Sissy Story : Feminized For Her ‘How he became a lesbian’ 
Cross Dressing : Schoolgirl Domination
Samantha’s Tale : The Deal (Prequel to ‘The Tormentress & The Boss’)
Anita’s Tale : The Sperm Donor (Prequel to ‘Slavery: Part 1 : Captured!’)
The Harem Slave
Femdom; The Dressmaker
Femdom: The Ex’s Revenge
Femdom: The Beautician Trap
Tickle Torture: Tickled into Submission
Tickle Torture: Tickled until she wets herself
Corporal Punishment : A Study in Caning (The BDSM Studies)
The Male Bridesmaid 2 : The Reluctant Cuckoldress
Orgasm Denial : A Study in Chastity (The BDSM Studies)
Femdom : The Game
Femdom : The Game 2 : High Stakes
Femdom : The Game 3 : The Ultimate Forfeit
Gender Swap : Anita’s Transgender Pill : A Gender Bender Story
Forced Feminization : A Study in Sissification (Jacqueline’s Submission to Slavery) (The BDSM Studies)
Diary of Sissy Slave AliciaThe Bisexual Writer : Cuckolded into Chastity by a LesbianTerror Asylum – A Horror Story with femdom elements

*Slavery 1 & 2 are available together and separately

Compilations by the same author:-Feminization Stories First Collection:The Hypnotist,The Male Bridesmaid
Feminization Stories Second Collection: Feminized For Her, Crossdressing: Schoolgirl Domination
Slavery: Part 1 & 2 : Captured & Operated on!
Tickle Torture: Tickled until she wets herself & Tickled into SubmissionFemdom : The Game TrilogyThe BDSM Studies Trilogy(For non-Kindle owners) Paperbacks by the same author:-Feminization Tales: The Hypnotist,The Male Bridesmaid
Corporal Punishment : A Study in Caning (The BDSM Studies)
Two Tales of Tickle Torture [Tickled into Submission and Tickled until she wets herself]
Seventeen Shades of Depravity [A Compilation of stories first published to the Kindle.]Two Tales of Tickle Torture [Tickled into Submission and Tickled until she wets herself]
Seventeen Shades of Depravity [A Compilation of stories first published to the Kindle.]

Pumped in the Woods (Dicey Affairs)

by M.L. Patricks

(3,500 words)

I went camping with some of my coworkers for the weekend. It was me, my buddy Ken, and three girls from reception. In the middle of the night, one of the girls lured me over to the girls’ tent, and gave me mind-blowing anonymous oral. The next night, I was in for a wild surprise, when all three girls invited me in to stay the night in their tent.

Breed Me Baby (Collection–Breeding/Bareback, creampie)

by Celia Demure

A HUGE value collection of SIX COMPLETE BOOKS (7 stories total) by the daring and infamous Celia Demure! If the idea of rough, sweaty, unprotected sex ending in the heroine getting filled with fertile male fluid appeals to you, this collection is sure to please.

Get all six previously published books, now in one collection at a great price, with a new Introduction by the author:

Poor Celia. Shy and petite, the 29 yr. old blonde had always been afraid of people. Especially men. Especially AGGRESSIVE, powerful, large, muscular men.
But, when her money situation forces her to take a job as a part-time parking enforcement person, she tickets exactly the wrong car. This exotic auto belongs to “Carlos the Wolf,” the Alpha Male criminal mastermind. Bent over the hood of Carlos’ car on a public street, as he takes control, Celia feels her fear giving way to lust and fulfillment … She’s helpless, and whether this is game for Carlos or not, she know she might actually be “bred,” as she is ovulating that very day

A Friday night get-together of old friends â?¦ Sangria, strip poker, two frustrated married couples who’ve long held secret desires for each other’s matesâ?¦ Both couples trying to conceive, with hot, ovulating wives ultra-fertile from hormone treatments.
It was NEVER supposed to happen—and NO ONE brought condoms. Is it a gateway to heaven, or a recipe for disaster? Either way, it’s a night neither couple will ever forget â?¦

SHE JUST WANTED DINNER AND A PLACE TO REST. THEY WANTED HER BOOTALICIOUS BODY AND HER FERTILE WOMBâ?¦Featuring two virile young guys and one submissive, ovulating plus-size heroine on a cold winter night â?¦

Hot breeding sex and melancholy romance in a dark and dangerous world of powerful men, vulnerable females, and deep magicâ?¦ In each of this “matching pair” of tales, a man and a woman of vastly different social classes break the Imperial taboos to share tenderness and lust â?¦ to LOVE and MATE and BREED together.

T’Zarra, leader of the amazon contingent, had fought againstâ??and defeatedâ??most of the males of the Unarmed Gladiatorial League. But that was before she faced the legendary Perros “the Bull.”
Pitted against this powerful, ruggedly handsome, dominating male opponentâ?¦ The amazon fighting woman is finally outmatched. Forced to submit, conquered physically and then sexually, in front of a crowd of thousandsâ?¦

Pretty, pointy-eared Chially is a slave on a wyvern ranch, but she’s always been like a member of the family. But, when the lady of the house dies, her gruff, brutish husband decides that it’s nigh well time for him and his stepson to USE their VIRGIN PROPERTY for PLEASURE and BREEDING. The young elf wench is about to be DEFLOWERED and MATED to two sweaty human males who want to fill her belly with half-elven offspring they can use as slave laborâ?¦


by Mandingo

He carried a very big secret between his legs�����������������.

Blessed with twice the endowment of a normal man, Kareem Carter is forcedi into the adult film industry after falling behind financially. Although he is college educated, a classically trained actor, and comes from a wealthy family, he still has to scratch his itch.

His entire life he had been a ladies man and told he should go into erotica by peers who are aware of his gift. Upon arriving in Hollywood and not being successful in mainstream, he decides to go blue. A famous adult film producer Steve Skeet puts him in a film that sky rockets him to fame and fortune.

Along the way his persona John Stud becomes the most famous black man in Hollywood, as adult is more accepted as mainstream. In the process he is meet with old fashioned stigmas, media attack dogs, and a famous televangelist who does his best to bring his whole world crashing to a halt. In the end he finds he is more infamous than famous and must do his best to find his peace with himself and God.

Writer Mandingo does an effective job of not only showing the other side of Hollywood but the struggles of family and relationships. Thirteen Inches is a highly entertaining read.

Stuffing my Stocking: A Gay Erotica for the Holidays

by Jeremy Browne

A freshman in college, the first semester has been an eye opener. All the men I could dream of were willing to be with me, and here I was going home for the holiday break. Home, where my parents don’t even know I’m gay. To my surprise, an old family friend, just a few years older than me, knows what I’m thinking and invites me to an ugly sweater party. Greeting me alone, he’s ready to stuff my stocking for the holidays!

The Personal Assistant (Book 2)(Erotic Romance Stories)

by D.C. Peck

***Content warning: For adults only!***

An erotica romance story – Book 2

Bare Art

by Maite Gannon

A cellist, a painter, and a gawker.

Brothers Matt and Pete only wanted a quiet, clean roommate, and artist Claire seemed to be a perfect fit, until they discovered an interesting habit of hers. Claire paints in the nude.

This is a 9000 word erotic short story. Check out the sequel, Be Mine.

The Prince and the Bellhop

by T.P. Dylan

Naked in Vegas?

After the injury of the Prince’s majordomo, Adam the Bellhop must see to the Prince’s demanding needs.

And Adam resents it.

Titillating male sweat.

No kiddies allowed!!!

My First But Not My Last (Gay Erotic Tales)

by Gavin E. Black

Connor hadn’t intended on hooking up with anyone at the beach. But ever since his girlfriend had dumped him a week ago, he’d decided to stop lying to himself. So when Jake, the hot and sexy dj from the club ‘Crush’ started cruising him, Connor knew this was going to be the guy. Jake was going to be his first.

Content Information: This book contains graphic depictions of male/male sexual practices, graphic language and other content that some readers may find objectionable.

Straight A’s Part 1

by Elizabeth Thorn

Studying was never this much fun!

The Dirty Dentist: Part 3

by Arthur Mitchell

The final book in Cheryl’s story. We find out what happened to Debbie and Charles. The trio end up together in Florida for what could be the final round of fun…

The Tree What if God made a NEW Garden of Eden?

by Rico Lanzo

Dr. Harold Jones, a Professor of Christian Science has had a childhood dream of walking where God walked; to find the original location of the Garden of Eden from the Bible. Later in life when he comes into the funds to make this historical trip possible. He hires a ship and brings along 4 of his top students in his quest for the Garden and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Along the way the hired ship, its Captain and crew are thrown blocks and barriers that make them wonder if the trip is too dangerous and what higher powers may be working against them.

They continue forward in spite of their troubles to discover a jungle where Satellites show only rocks and dirt. Could this be the Garden that the Professor seeks? This is the question they ask themselves in their pursuit of THE TREE.

Wild, Wild Wives (The Chronicles of Staffordshire)

by NC Simmons

(This is book 2 of 4 in “The Chronicles of Staffordshire” Series)

The Paulson Princesses finally have their man! Lena, Lenore, and Rory are now a happy little ménage à trois, making love here, there, and everywhere as the urge strikes. The threesome has forged a blissfully depraved little family and nothing will ever tear the three lovers apart or strain their eternal bond.

Except, perhaps, for the “M” words. Mistress, Marriage, and Mommy.

It seems Rory doesn’t know that his future wife has a cracked brain and Lena can’t tell him about Lenore’s little problem without betraying her sister’s trust. The Guardian Girl has a few more top-secret dirty jobs to do before she can release Lenore to Sonia’s protective care and the sexual tar pit of Staffordshire’s dungeon.

Plus, Lena knows she can’t be a third wheel in Rory and Lenore’s bed forever. Once they marry, the Master and Mistress will want to start a family. It is only a matter of time before Lena must find her own way in life and love. The Wild Child needs a Prince of her own to sweep her off her feet. She needs a big, cuddly, soft-spoken Prince with a gift for the perfect cup of coffee and a HUGE crush on, “The most beautiful tennis player in the world.”

And as the estate prepares for the birth of the next generation of Paulson Sisters, a mysterious young woman will visit The Master and his Mistress and teach them the real meaning of the word, “Oneness.”

The saga of Staffordshire continues. The estate’s “Wild, Wild Wives” will continue their wicked, libido-exploding ways.


“The Chronicles of Staffordshire” is a lifetime love story in four parts. It contains graphic depictions of sexuality including m/f, f/f, group sexual liaisons, and BDSM as well as coarse language.

Book 1 – “Guardian Girl” (Available NOW exclusively on Kindle)

Book 2 – “Wild, Wild Wives” (Available NOW exclusively on Kindle)

Book 3 – “Loaner Lovers” (Available NOW exclusively on Kindle)

Book 4 – “Drop Dead Daughters” (Coming December 2013 exclusively on Kindle)

Love Out Of Lust – Part Two (Love Out Of Lust Series)

by Ray Sostre

It just happened. Daryl & Marisol had sex for the first time and they felt weird about it. Was it meant to be? Can they just keep it as a one-time thing? And if they can’t, can they maintain their friendship without being hurt?

Was it meant to be between them?


by Alexia Stark

Cody treats women like crap. They’re good for one thing, with an exception: Ava. She’s treated with the love, compassion and kindness he can’t seem to give to any other.

A weekend away turns out his dark nature, and she’s left with thoughts of how he’s always kept her safe. The question is; who’s going to protect her from his savage hunger?

Content Warning: This story contains adult material, explicit sexual situations, and language as well as a fetish some readers might not enjoy.

Word count: 6,900+

What’s inside:

She launched herself at him, her fingers digging into his ribs in quick strokes. He laughed, then dropped her to her back, pinning her hands with one of his while he tickled her belly. She squealed with laughter, twisting and turning, trying to free her hands.

“Did you think you could take me?” he asked, his playful fingers dancing over her skin.

Fighting to catch her breath she broke into fresh, uncontrollable giggles. “Mercy!” she shouted, breathless while he tickled harder.

“No mercy!” He moved up to her ribs, then to her knees while she struggled. She kicked at him, landing a blow on the offending hand while twisting out of his grasp. She launched at him again, knocking him onto his back.

Straddling his hips, she tickled him, gripping him with her thighs. He bucked and rolled on top of her, his hand again capturing hers and holding them above her head. She froze while his fingers tickled over her ribs, his touch suddenly becoming more erotic than she imagined possible.

***So scroll up and enjoy this very naughty story today.***

The Bartender (Book 1)

by Janie Firepanties

I was very happily married. But, something was missing.
I found that ‘something’ when I joined ‘the Club.’

Membership came with only two rules. Two very important rules:
1) Complete discretion
2) Absolutely NO strings attached.

Take your pleasure and then go home. No one will ever know. Ever.

Give it all, Amanda III (Amanda’s way)

by Dick Carson

Give it all, Amanda! Yes she can.
Experience with her the joy of uncensored pleasure between consenting adults.

Warning: This eBook describes sex in detail including rough sex, first lesbian sex, barely legal sex and public sex. Only mature adults who won’t find that offensive should read this book.

Excerpts from the book:
… “Roy, that idiot. He thought I was his teenager girlfriend.” She whispered to her boss and party master. “What do you expect? Do you ever see yourself in a mirror?” He asked her with Amanda totally puzzled. “You are smart, sexy, a body to die for, you like to be fuc …

… “What’s the matter? Was he funny with you?” The old fart asked.
“No. He is just another liar.” She said and went. …


by Natasha Tsarina

Three short stories.


An older gentleman gets the attention of two young women when he insists on revving the engine on his bike while they are trying to enjoy their day off.


A young man is asked to help out at the neighboring farm where he learns that the farmer’s wife have certain skills.


An old artist meets a young woman and when he asks her to model for him his fantasy might just come true.

10 Nerds 1 Prize: Round 1

by Arla Coopa

The nerds have brought revolution and now control the planet. Now no one goes hungry and everyone has their basic needs met. Machines do most of the work. Life is pretty good for everyone. But being a nerd overlord still has its perks. Ten of the smartest will get to compete in 9 rounds of games. The prize is the beautiful Nasha.

Danielle in the Dorm Room: A First Lesbian Sex Experience

by Angela Ward

I think I started falling in love with my college roommate the moment I first saw her. She was beautiful and sweet and elegant and kind. I kept my affections to myself because I wasn’t sure how to approach her and I certainly couldn’t imagine that she’d return them. So, I was surprised when all of my fantasies came true one evening in our dorm room. It was my first lesbian experience with a girl I’ll cherish forever.

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity and includes first lesbian sex, lesbian seduction, and more. It is intended for mature adults who will not be offended by such content.

Here’s a preview:

Sure, like any girl I’d occasionally had an idle fantasy that would flit through my head but I’d never seriously desired it at all. So, when I found my gaze lingering on Danielle and when I made it a point to steal glances while she dressed and undressed; I was a bit taken aback by my behavior. Thoughts of her began to fill my mind at all times. In fact, I found myself thinking about her all the time. I actually masturbated thinking about my dorm mate, and it was the first time fantasies of lesbian sex were forefront in my mind. It wasn’t lesbian sex in general. It was very specific. I wanted Danielle. From that point forward, I was thrilled whenever she was around and also terrified that she’d somehow figure out how I felt.

On a Friday night right after midterms, we celebrated by renting a movie, and as we sat on the tiny couch and watched the tiny television screen, I felt her leg pressed right up against me. It was torture to sit next to her, to feel her thigh against mine. Worse, we were both wearing pajamas. In my case, that meant a t-shirt that came to my knees and my panties. She wore the same, but her t-shirt only came to her waist. I couldn’t pay attention to the movie at all. I was so damned aware of her proximity, and I could feel my nipples almost pulsing. They were hard as hell and I desperately wanted to touch them, to touch my clit. I had never been so turned on in my life, and I’d certainly never been so turned on when there was nothing at all I could do about it. I tried not to let it show, tried to act like I was watching the movie, and tried not to feel her body right next to me.

And then she kissed me.

Fill Up Those Holes! Five Group Sex Erotica Stories

by Cassie Hacthaw

Group sex! Is there anything sexier than a lovely lady taking on more than one guy at a time? Looking for hot double team sex? Like the idea of double penetration? Wanna read about really, really rough sex? Maybe you want group sex in the office. Maybe you even want to see a blushing bride endure a scorching first anal sex double team encounter. Whatever your fancy, this is your collection!

1. Andrea’s Outdoor Double Penetration: An MMF Ménage Short

Andrea is overwhelmed running her seventy-thousand acre ranch all by herself after her grandfather died. She rides her horse throughout the property until she comes to the beautiful glade where her beloved grandfather fell in love. There, she swims in the small pond, nude and free from ranch worries. Only she’s not aloneâ?¦two men watch her, and before the afternoon is over, she will have pleased both in a steamy and powerful double team sex encounter complete with double penetration!

2. Two Cock Casting Call: A Double Penetration Short

Irene’s acting career isn’t going the way she’d hoped, but she’s pretty sure she can get spot in a student production at the local college. Of course, she had no idea that the camera’s would be capturing every side of her just as two men would take every part of her, her mouth, her throat, her pussy, and her tiny asshole! Deepthroat, double team sex, and double penetrationâ??sound like a movie you might want to see?

3. Reprimand: An Erotic Office Humiliation Short

Addy isn’t doing a very good job at all. In fact, clients are starting to get angry at the way the phone just rings and rings because Addy can’t be bothered to answer it. Mr. Brent insists she stay late at the office to assist with a client and makes it clear her job depends on it. Addy complies, but her heart really isn’t in it. It doesn’t matter, though, because other things will be in Addy. Mr. Brent and his client will be taking every one of her holes, and taking them hard. Maybe some deep throat, rough anal sex, and double penetration is just what it will take to make Addy a team player.

4. After Hours Office Orgy: A Group Sex Erotica Story

Adele has set her sights on the handsome new executive Jason Lands, and as far as this slutty secretary is concerned, he’s going to be hers. Her coworkers seem to have no clue what she’s up to, but she’s about to find out they understand a whole hell of a lot more than she thinks. Before she knows it, she’s getting her wish with Mr. Landsâ?¦and also getting a whole lot she didn’t wish forâ?¦a whole bunch of the girls at the office joining in to make sure she has a very rough and overwhelming experience!

5. The Bride’s Rough Double Team: An MMF Rough Sex Erotica Story

It’s the day before Marilyn’s wedding, and she’s having a tough time with pre-wedding jitters. She’s overwhelmed and not sure if she’s doing the right thing. The stress is overwhelming, and she just drives aimlessly around town until she ends up at the caterer’s place. There, she not only gets a chance to see the handsome caterer, but she also sees his god-like partner. These men know exactly how to take care of her stressâ??a red-hot threesome complete with bondage, rough sex and double penetration.

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during a various group sex encounters. It includes oral sex, deepthroat, rough sex, first anal sex, sex in public, first lesbian sex, lesbian seduction, sex toys, office sex, threesome sex, bondage, double penetration, and more. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

Get Everyone Involved: Five Group Sex Erotica Stories

by Sally Whitley

Group sex is some of the most alluring erotica out there, and our authors know how to bring it! Whether you’re looking for a first threesome or a gangbang, we’ve got what you want. Maybe a very rough double penetration is in order. There’s one thing you can count on in this collection, there’ll always be more than two people involved! The sex is hardcore, explicit, and red hot. Download your copy today and be sure to make some room on the bed!

1. Win the Trophy, Win the Cheerleader: An Anal Sex Gangbang Erotica Story

Sally Whitley is back, continuing her memoirs, Anything You Want: Memoirs of a College Call Girl. In this explicit erotica story, she describes her first gangbang sex experience, a powerful episode with the members of a college water polo team. As usual, her wit and her plain and honest descriptions of life as a college prostitute bring to the story a poetic brilliance that inspires excitement, amusement, and even a little sympathy.

2. Facebook Blackmail: A Rough Double Team Short

Savannah can’t believe the mess she’s gotten herself into. A late night half-drunk encounter in a chat room led to some explicit shots of her naked, and now the once-friendly chatter demands she show up at a hotel for a more personal chat! Reluctantly, she arrives, hoping she can keep the whole thing under wraps, but it won’t be easy. He has a friend with him, and she’ll have to satisfy both of them with a rough sex double team encounter complete with deep throat and spanking!

3. The Stranger Takes Two: A First Lesbian Sex FFM Threesome Short

It’s been a tough week, so Carlene is looking forward to a night out with her best friend Jackie. Get a few drinks in this girl, though, and she’s ready for action. Action in this case means her first ever lesbian sex experience right in the middle of a ménage a troisâ?¦with a complete stranger!

4. Surprised by My Boss and My Best Friend: A Rough Group Sex Erotica Story

Kelly is supposed to be on a no work vacation, but there’s just no way this overachiever can keep from answering her phone when her boss calls. She’s very committed, and it doesn’t hurt that her boss is perfect man-candy either. She heads off to the appointment he’s set for her, but she’s not going to be buying antiques like she thinks! Oh no! The handsome customer will be bending her over for some rough sex, and she’s going to be surprised to find her best friend and her boss are already going at it right there!

5. My Bar Pickup Bondage Fantasy: A BDSM Roleplay Erotica Short

Jenna isn’t the kind of girl who usually goes for one night stands, but on this particular night, she decides to throw caution to the wind and just enjoy a night of abandon. When she sees the very attractive Jamie, she decides he’s the one and hopes for a night of wild no-strings stranger sex. The only problem is that Jamie wants strings, or more accurately; he wants ropes. Before she knows it, Jenna is tied up on the side of the road, and Jamie is busy using her body for his own pleasure. It’s just the way Jenna planned it!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of a various group sex encounters. It includes call girl sex, rough sex, deepthroat, double team sex, bondage, BDSM, pinching, double penetration, first anal sex, gangbang sex, semen swallowing, spanking, humiliation, stranger sex, first lesbian sex, public sex, spanking and more. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

The Kinky Kaiju (Kaiju Erotica)

by Penelope Masters

Somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, a large monster Kaiju is making its way toward Hawaii. The Fleet of the Pacific Alliance nicknames him “Lou.” But as Stacy soon finds out, Lou the Kaiju has more than destruction on his mind: he oozes with lust for her giant robot!

When Lou finally meets Stacy, he shows her just how wet and kinky he can be…

Naughty and New: Five Sexual Firsts

by Jeanna Yung

When a woman decides to branch out (or when it’s decided for her) the results can be red-hot, and this steamy collection shows why. This collections practically smokes! It has first lesbian sex, first bondage, first bdsm, and more!

1. My First Foursome: Group Sex with Strippers by Jeanna Yung

Eva is a beautiful and sexy dancer but strangely innocent when it comes to sexual adventures. So, her friend decides to set her up, and one evening after hours she brings two men over for a special performance. Before it’s over, Eva will have her first group sex, her first lesbian sex, and she’ll be swallowing down one of the men in a foursome extravaganza!

2. Pink Cheeks: Belinda and the Briefcase, A First Bondage Humiliation Fantasy Erotica Story by Constance Slight

Curiosity can get a girl into trouble, and Belinda is about to discover just how it happens. When she visits Joshua, she can’t help but wonder about the heavy briefcase, and when she finds out what’s inside she’s shocked by the contents. That’s just the beginning. Before long, she’ll be cuffed and gagged and completely at Joshua’s mercy, feeling the sting of his hand, the riding crop, and complete and utter surrender.

3. Isabella’s Training: A BDSM Erotic Fantasy by Fran Diaz

Isabella doesn’t really want to try adding BDSM to the relationship with her husband, but when she discovered he’d done it back before he met her, when he was with his old girlfriend, she’s not willing that he should have pleasant memories with his first love he doesn’t have with her. So, she agreesâ??terrified about the whips, chains, and beatings that are sure to follow. Imagine her surprise when she discovers that BDSM is about trust and pleasure, not viciousness and horror!

4. Giving It Up for Drew: An Erotica Story by Kaddy DeLora

She spent all of high school fending the boys off with her mouth so that she would be sure when she finally gives it all up, it would be with somebody she loves. So she’s as surprised as she can be when Andrew, a man she’s known for only hours brings out desires in her that just can’t be contained. Right on the beach in front of her vacation home, he holds her and introduces her to the world of lovemaking in this scorching story of passion, lust, and infatuation.

5. Harrington’s School for Girls: An FFM Public Sex Short by Kimmie Katt

On her eighteenth birthday, Mindy wanders the grounds of her all-girls school and stumbles upon her art teacher and the grounds worker busy in a hot public sex session! She can’t help but watch, and it’s more than embarrassing when they notice her. It’s a hot FFM threesome sex encounter right out in public!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of various sexual encounters. It includes oral sex, deep throat, spanking, bondage, domination, lesbian seduction, first lesbian sex, FFM threesome, public sex, rough sex, first lesbian sex, sex toys, and semen swallowing. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by explicit descriptions of sex acts between consenting adults.

Scorching FFM Threesomes: Five Ménage Erotica Shorts

by Fran Diaz

FFM ménageâ?¦it’s still the number one fantasy for both men and women, and there’s no surprise there. For a man to have two women is about as good as it gets. For women to get to experience another womanâ?¦well that’s another one of the big fantasies. This scorching collection is sure to please!

1. Dawn’s First Couple: A First Lesbian Sex MFF Threesome Short

Dawn is a relatively new escort for Pompis, and she’s surprised on a call when it’s not just a man she’s expected to please but his wife as well! She’s never been with a woman, and she’s hesitant; but when she gives in, she’s overwhelmed by the sweet and sensual beauty of her first lesbian sex experience. When the man jumps into the fray, it goes from sweet to scorching, and the sparks fly!

2. Sharing My Husband with Kelly: An FFM Threesome Sex Short

Kelly’s been a train wreck since things fell apart with her husband, and her good friend is about to give her some encouragement in the form of her husband’s thick cock! It takes a special kind of friend to agree to a husband share sex encounter, and this ménage sex threesome adventure is steamy, explicit, and sweet.

3. Santa’s Little Helpers: A Christmas Threesome Erotica Story

Kelly is very, very tired. Working as a Santa’s helper at a busy mall is hard work, even if she gets to spend her shifts with her best friend Lindsey and Lindsey’s boyfriend Jeremy. She couldn’t imagine having to deal with the crowds if she wasn’t with her friends, but it’s also hard to see how happy Jeremy and Lindsey are together because Kelly’s just been through a bad breakup. Evidently Lindsey understands that Kelly needs some love because after a particularly trying shift, she decides to cheer her up by giving Kelly her first lesbian experience! From there, it’s a threesome filled with holiday cheer for a very happy Santa and two spritely helpers. Watch out, Kelly, because Santa likes it a little rough!

4. Sharing My Husband: An FFM First Lesbian Threesome Erotica Story

Arielle and I had been best friends from the day we met, and we stayed friends long after college, too. On my thirty-fifth birthday, I got a present from her I never expected. She and my husband and I were celebrating when suddenly it turned into an incredible first lesbian experience for me, and when my husband joined in, it was the icing on my birthday cake!

5. If You Want to Pass, You’ll Do Me and My Wife Together: A Reluctant Teacher/Student Sex Short

Professor Pernod has made the situation clear. If Manda wants to pass Advanced Sociology, this college girl will have to join her teacher and his wife for a threesome. She doesn’t want to do it! She’s never been with a woman and never even give a blowjob! Before long, though, she’ll feel a woman’s mouth on her, a woman’s hand on her, a cock in her throat, and what it’s like to swallow a load of semen!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during a various ffm threesome sex encounters. It includes call girl sex, wife share sex, threesome sex, first lesbian sex, rough deepthroat, rough sex, semen swallowing, spanking, rough sex, teacher/student sex, college coed sex, and more. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

The Shower

by J. D.S

A short tale of hot sex.

Slut Wives Are Slutty: Five Hardcore Wife Erotica Stories

by Susan Fletcher

Slut wife erotica is scorching hot! The very idea of a lovely wife going crazy for sex is impossible to resist. Our authors specialize in turning lovely married ladies into complete sluts, so you won’t be disappointed here! Wife swaps, wife shares, swingers, threesomesâ??this collection has just what you need. Download today and fill your kindle with girls who just keep on saying, “I do.”

1. My Husband and Me, the Swingers: A Group Sex Erotica Short

Amanda and Brian didn’t mean to become swingers, but they couldn’t help themselves when the chance arose, and now that they’re part of a sex club, the excitement never ends. In this erotica short, there’s plenty of rough sex, deep throat, group sex, and anal sex; so hold onto your kindle!

2. Happy Birthday to Me: First Anal Sex and First Lesbian Sex

Take a trip with a woman for two different birthdays. On her thirty-ninth, she’s determined to have a first anal sex experience, and the results are scorching! On her fortieth, it’s time for her to experience the fairer sex, and her first lesbian experience is wonderful with a hardcore FFM threesome with her husband. It’s hot and hardcore erotica as only Cassie Hacthaw can do it!

3. Taking the Naked Neighbor: A Rough FFM Threesome Short

Gayle can’t believe her neighbor is naked and asleep on the couch when she and her husband arrive early. That’s okay with her. For some time, she’s wanted to have her first FFM threesome, and the eighteen year old neighbor will work fine. It’s a rough time for the lovely loday, as she has her first anal sex and deals with deep throat and semen swallowing!

4. Sharing My Husband with Kelly: An FFM Threesome Sex Short

She’d always had the fantasy to enjoy a woman with her husband Giles, and Kelly makes for the perfect choice. She’s beautiful, she’s bisexual, and she’s available. It’s a night of scorching hot threesome sex complete with rough sex, lesbian sex, sex toys, and deep throat!

5. Releasing Lily’s Inner Slut Wife: A Swinger Sex Erotica Story

Dante loves Lily and she loves him, but after a few years of marriage, their sex life has become boring and nearly nonexistent. When a therapist suggests talking to a trusted couple to see ways others spice things up, they meet with some of her friends at work. When Lily finds out her friends are swingers, it turns her on so much that the moment they leave, she attacks Dante’s cock! Dante’s in for a whole lot more than a blowjob, though; because it isn’t long before they’re introduced into the world of swinger sex, and Lily is about to learn the joys of wife swapping and group sex!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during various slut wife sex encounters. It includes rough sex, oral sex, wife swap sex, first anal sex, semen swallowing, group sex, first lesbian sex, public sex, group sex, deep throat, semen swallowing, FFM ménage sex, and more. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

Taken at School: Fun with Her Teacher

by Kendra Claire

Back by popular demand, Kendra Claire continues to deliver the steamiest erotica for your discreet enjoyment!

I’ll give you a perfect score if you let me have my way with you…

Amy’s college cheerleading scholarship is in jeopardy after a terrible test grade in her final year of high school, and she’ll do whatever it takes to make sure she keeps her perfect record… even let her anatomy teacher do whatever he wants with her!

This 4,000 word story contains a very sexy college cheerleader scoring extra points with her professor, and he’s going all the way with her… no protection, no turning back.

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