Free historical fiction Kindle books for 17 Dec 13

Massacre at Moniac Crossing

by Janice Daugharty

“Sensuous, swift, full of sparkling twists, [Daugharty’s] is a voice so rich that a single page can be thrilling.” The New York Times Book Review

“Massacre at Moniac Crossing” is based on a true story of an uprising at a turpentine camp, better known as “the Baxter Rebellion.” The story takes place at a railroad crossing in North Florida, in 1904. Almost the entire community of Moniac is headed by train to St. Augustine for a picnic, at the invitation and command of an unscrupulous new-comer who has by hook and crook swindled most of the old families out of their cattle, land and turpentine laborers. When Shirley speaks everybody jumps, except for Merry Gay Rose, daughter of the late, beloved Hoss Rose. Shirley has heard her sing when her daddy was living, but she refuses to sing for him again. That is, until the day of the picnic in which Shirley commands her to sing as entertainment for his friends on a moored yatch off the Atlantic coast. On the train trip home, that evening, what starts out as a racial battle turns into a bloody war involving the Moniac old families against Shirley and his men.

Janice Daugharty is the author of seven novels and two collections of short stories. She has a new novel coming out in February 2010 by the title of “The Little Known.”

Cover Art by Wes Sewell

The Blackhearted Saint

by Ned Minkov

A student discovers a strange sonnet in a library’s collection of Italian Renaissance poetry. This leads him to another, greater revelation – a centuries-old story of lust, greed and killings – all the sins of a single man. The student is soon to find out that this mysterious persona is in the middle of one of the most shameful chapters of the Vatican’s history.

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