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Christmas books: Truthy Ruthy’s Christmas Surprise. (An Interactive Children’s Book. Special Christmas Edition.) (Christmas books for children ages 4-8); (Christmas children’s books)

by Sari Barel

Give your child the very best Christmas gift!

A new interactive children’s book for Christmas,

from the author of the #1 best-selling, Truthy Ruthy.

How can little Ruthy surprise her family with Christmas gifts as grownups do?

Being only five-years-old, she cannot drive a car or go shopping aloneâ?¦

Little Ruthy has no idea how to deal with buying Christmas gifts by herself, until Santa Claus pays her a visit and leaves her a box filled with very strange giftsâ?¦

What’s in the box?

** Here’s the surprise – three possible endings! **

This interactive children’s book offers three different endings

that represent different ways of thinking.


1. Pessimistic thinking brings disappointment.

2. Positive thinking leads to remarkable ideas.

3. Innovative thinking leads to great ideas for all.

You, too, will be surprised!


** Surprise! **

Don’t Forget To Download Your Free Gift!

A Template For “My First Book” For Young Children.

This book comes with an unusual gift; a template that allows children to make their very own children’s picture book. Like Ruthy’s Christmas Surprise, the template provides space for children to create three possible endings to their own special stories. Download the template and let your child express their thoughts in story form.


Give your child the very best Christmas gift – A Values Children’s Book:

~ For children:

The interactive children’s book options are so exciting!

~ For parents:

This Values book teaches a few life lessons, helping young children to think outside the box from a young age, without our needing to say too much!


This interactive children’s book for ages 4-8 serves as excellent learning-to-read material for preschoolers and beginner readers. It also serves as an enjoyable anytime activity for the whole family. Read the story to your children before bedtime and watch them go to sleep with a big smile…

This surprising Values book is highly recommended.


From the Author:

“The idea of making an interactive children’s book for ages 4-8 with three different endings will help children to learn that there’s always more than one solution to any of life’s little dilemmas. As an international expert in creative thinking, I’ve always emphasized to parents that giving children the freedom to choose, and find their own solutions, is a great gift that will make a huge difference in their lives.” Sari Barel.


*** Amazon Prime members can borrow this book for free! ***

Times to Remember, The Fun and Easy Way to Memorize the Multiplication Tables

by Sandra Warren

Learn the Times Tables Today with Picture Rhymes and Songs!! (CD sold separately)Parents *  Home-School Families * Teachers * Grandparents * Special Education     MADE IN THE USA!   See Author Page (scroll down) for  INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO.
 Times to Remember, the Fun and Easy Way to Memorize the Multiplication Tables  will help your child (or students) learn those pesky times tables once and for all. Open to any of the beautiful picture rhymes and begin learning immediately. There are NO stories or factor rhyming words to recall! – Just simple rhymes based on the shape of the factors.  Look how 6 and 9 (6×9) have turned into flamingos. They’re catching “fish galore”. Hmm…sounds like 54! See eights with wings. They are buzzing bees leaving their honey hive. “8×8 go out the sticky door, 8×8 equals 64!” It’s so easy. Wait a minute. Not so fast. See if you can find all the hidden numbers in each picture rhyme. Keep looking!                                                   This beautiful 86-page full-color book (hardcover is 8 1/2 x 11 ) can be used as a stand-alone book, or watch learning come alive with the supplementary multiplication music CD: Times to Remember the Fun and Easy Way to Memorize the Multiplication Tables: Sing-Along Songs.                   Also included in this multi-sensory method are hands-on learning activities (244 pages!) found in Times to Remember, the Fun and Easy Way to Memorize the Multiplication Tables: Home and Classroom Resources ($19.95). Apple enhanced musical e-book available at the Itunes store for only $4.99!                              See for more information, free sample downloads, and reviews.

Where’s Lighty?

by Michael Spencer

Search for unique creatures from Lighty Island

The Twelve Dogs of Christmas (All the Creatures of Christmas)

by Kevin Whitlark

More fun with Whitlark’s Creatures of Christmas. A perky pack of pooches
(there are a lot more than 12!) from the One Hundred Dogs and a Cat series and puzzles gives us another raucous rendition of a Christmas classic. Kids sing a long with the lovable hounds, as they laugh and learn. Fun for all ages. Great for counting, word recognition, and vocabulary, as well as learning about people and animal activities!

An easy and cheap Christmas gift and virtual stocking stuffer!

NOTE: THIS eBOOK HAS BEEN TOTALLY REFORMATTED SINCE THE REVIEWS MENTIONING THE EARLY FORMATTING ISSUES! For those who’ve already purchased the book, Amazon will be issuing an update this summer.

Also try the Twelve Cats of Christmas, and The Twelve Cows of Christmas will be available this fall.

Cheerleader Abby and the Cheerleading Competition (Book 2 : The Adventures of Cheerleader Abby – Stories for Kids 4-8)

by KP Baker

Sometimes kids have a hard time performing in front of others. There could be a lot of anxiety for kids, whether they are shy or not, to get up in front of many people and do a performance. They could be worried about failing or simply too scared to even attempt it. This is what happened to Abby’s friend as their team practiced for the big cheerleading exhibition.

In “Cheerleader Abby and the Cheerleading Competition,” Abby and her cheerleading team are joining the conference exhibition. Abby is really excited about it, but one of her teammates is not. In fact, she is downright sad and scared about it. Abby’s teammate, Tammy, was afraid of performing in front of the large group that would be at the exhibition and she was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to do the dance well enough. In this book, Abby and Tammy explore together how much fun it can be to face their fears and try new experiences.

If you want to:

– Help your child learn that it is okay to be afraid, but that he or she should not let their fear stop them from doing things that they enjoy

– Teach your child the value of friendship and confiding their feelings to someone

– Show your child the pride and joy that they can feel from accomplishing something that they were afraid to try

Then “Cheerleader Abby and the Cheerleading Competition,” is the perfect book for you and your daughter. Abby’s journey with her friend Tammy will show your child that it is okay to be nervous about a new activity, but that she should never give up. As you read this book about cheerleading, you and your daughter can talk about the things that scares her or activities that she has avoided for fear of failing. Your daughter might even relate to Abby’s friend, Tammy in the story. Buy “Cheerleader Abby and the Cheerleading Competition” today and help your child overcome her fears and live life to the fullest!

Take the Dog Out!

by Lynne Dempsey

Coco wants to go outside, but everyone is too busy. They’re watching television, reading the newspaper, and baking cupcakes. What’s a dog to do?

Join Coconut as she convinces her family that a walk outside is what they really need. Count the barks, find the dog bones, and look for the color red on each page. Watch out for the flying toilet paper.

This humorous story includes fun illustrations, repetitive text, and sight words for the early reader.

Amanda and the Gentleman Bum

by P. J. Repond

The story of Amanda Bryant Barrington, an orphan, who yearns to have her parents, her pony, and her old life back. She knows it’s impossible, but when she runs away from the orphanage and accidentily winds up living on the streets of New York City her life takes an impossible twist. A twist which leads her to a life with Edgar, a gentleman’s gentleman, and an incredible jo

The Adventures Of Fiona Faith, The Present.

by Christy (Kalayla) Olson

Fiona Faith; poised with grace, who is super strong, brave and intelligent, took a deep breath in

and told her trusty min pins; “Bones and Lena; I smell an adventure!” Fiona Faith Fitzgerald and her best friend David John McDuggle both are baseball players and are off on another adventure! This time on a trek to their international baseball clubhouse, Fiona Faith along with help from her friend David, learns about being content in the moment and being patient.

The Christmas Quiz Game Book: Facts And Fun For Kids Of All Ages (The Holiday And Occasion Quiz Game Books)

by Larissa Larsen

Here are what readers are saying about “Christmas Quiz Game Book: Facts And Fun For Kids Of All Ages”:  
“This is not only a fun quiz game for kids but adults as well. It’s a great little book for those ‘after dinner’ around the table moments. Quiz questions are not only brain teasers but informative.”  From Grace Bellavia 

“This is a unique little quiz game book for the whole family. The range of questions touch all topics and age groups.  You will be engaged without having to make the commitment to finish a “long read” – no matter where you are.  The easy way you can interact with the book is so much fun. You instantly know if you are right or wrong when you give your guess.”   From Jessica Spongia 

The hallmark of a great trivia book is to entertain and inform at the same time.
The Christmas Quiz Game Book: Facts and Fun For Kids Of All Ages book does just that. The book is geared to test your “brain bank” about what you believe you know about the holiday’s history, facts, traditions, and legends. Lots of great amusement and a good learning experience about the reason for the season.” From Andrew Galin 

ired of waiting in the shopping line or at an appointment with nothing to do? 

This great little game book can entertain and inform kids of all ages about the yule tide season. 
The questions range from easy to real brain teasers. Best of all, the book is interactive 
allows you to obtain an
swers immediately without flipping to the end of the chapter or another part of the book.  This makes a great little electronic stocking “stuffer” as well.The entire family will love to test their knowledge of the yule tide. 

Time Is Running Out

Pick this up today for a quick fun, informative, and festive holiday game before the season ends.

Noah, and His Wonderful Day with Bob

by Richard Gomez

Noah finds a new friend! This is a story that reminds us that imagination and friendship go hand in hand, Noah and His Wonderful Day with Bob is great for children between 3 and 7 years old.

The Twelve Cats of Christmas (All the Creatures of Christmas)

by Kevin Whitlark

More fun with Whitlark’s Creatures of Christmas. A select crew of cuddly cats (there are a lot more than 12!) from the One Hundred Cats and a Fish series and puzzles gives us another raucous rendition of a Christmas classic. Kids sing a long with the lovable cats, as they laugh and learn. Fun for all ages. Great for counting, word recognition, and vocabulary, as well as learning about people and animal activities!

An easy and cheap Christmas gift and virtual stocking stuffer!

NOTE: THIS eBOOK HAS BEEN TOTALLY REFORMATTED SINCE THE REVIEWS MENTIONING THE EARLY FORMATTING ISSUES! For those who’ve already purchased the book, Amazon will be issuing an update this summer.

Also try the Twelve Dogs of Christmas, and The Twelve Cows of Christmas will be available this fall.

What is larry? (Once upon a Larry)

by Professor Frantz

      “Once upon a time, in a very nearby far away country, there was a Larry. But no one
knows what a Larry is. 
Do you know what a Larry is?” 

   “What is Larry?” is a humoristic and highly imaginative “mystery” book that you and your children can be a part of. You just have to guess:  what is the thing that Larry is? 


The Holiday Collection (Santa Through the Years)

by Sandra L. Portman

Illustrated and Interactive – Age 2-6

Save 50% with The Holiday Collection; a compilation of all the books in the Santa Through the Years series.  Click through to Sandra’s author page to view videos of the series.

Excerpts of reviews from the individual books:

“… This book is perfect for children who are getting excited about the upcoming holiday season. I really like how the author created interaction by engaging children with the pictures. (by asking questions that kids will love) Well written and a sweet story.” ~ Kaye T

“… warm and charming book that has that kind, nostalgia feel to it.” ~ Paul J Coleman

“… My son absolutely loved it and I have had to read it many times to him because it was so enjoyable.” ~ Jed Allen

This series introduces children age 2-6 to the legend of Santa and the Christmas symbols that make up the holiday season.  The book is written in short sentences, asks simple questions and also instructs the child to point out special features in the pictures.

Children will enjoy the pictures and following the story throughout the season. Each section represents one of the books in the series.  As you read each page, questions and functions are used to increase the interaction during the reading.  This book has digital links the reader uses to answer some of the questions to move to the next page.

Buzzzzzzzz What Honeybees Do

by Virginia Wright

HONEYBEES ARE AMAZING CREATURES, for they are insects that provide us with golden sweet food known as– honey. Learn the basics about honeybees, where and how they live. This is an educational, non-fiction book, for adults and children. Teachers, use Buzzzzzzzz What Honeybees Do as a honeybee primer in the classroom– it is easy to understand and answers the questions:

  • Do all honeybees sting? 
  • What do they do with pollen?
  • How do they make honey? 
  • What is pollination? 
  • Does all honey look and taste alike? 
  • What can we do to benefit the bees? 
  • What kind of flowers do honeybees prefer? 

With over 2,000 words packed in this small 26 page book, Buzzzzzzzz What Honeybees Do, can be used in conjunction with other school curriculum in the classroom to teach children about honeybees. Real photographs of the honeybees, comb, hives, flowers, and even one of a bee’s tongue!

Lord Jones is Dead

by Sara C. Roethle

The death of journalism…at least as far as rabbits are concerned.

A novella intended for mid-grade readers, or adults, or whoever, really.

Johnny Appleseed

by Knowledge Works Company

Johnny Appleseed is a celebrated American pioneer who lived from 1774-1845. He became well known while he was alive because of his leadership in conservation. His given name was John Chapman, but the nickname Johnny Appleseed later stuck with him following his passionate work planting apple seeds wherever he went.

Knowledge Works Company has been bringing the Classics to life for over 50 years. Children’s classic storybooks are now being offered in digital forms so you can share the same classic fairy tales that you grew up reading, with your children!

The Great Pyramid Robbery (Seven Fabulous Wonders)

by Katherine Roberts

“A terrific tale of plots, curses and evil forces set in ancient Egypt.” Sunday Express.

It was meant to be the perfect crime. When the workers building Lord Khafre’s pyramid plot to steal the treasure buried inside the neighbouring Great Pyramid, the only thing they fear is the curse that protects the tomb.

They persuade Senu, whose bond with his otherworldly ka gives him magical powers, to help them. But Red is afraid to talk to the dead, and Senu is fast approaching the age when children cut off their ka-tailsâ?¦ can Senu and his friends outwit the robbers and save their families from the dead lord’s vengeance?

“This book is funâ?¦ an Egyptian fantasy that goes out of its way to be historically correct, without getting bogged down with the pageantry of pharaohs.” British Fantasy Society.

“I thought it was WONDERFULâ?¦ I couldn’t put it down.” Diana Wynne Jones.

“The Great Pyramid Robbery” is one of the Seven Fabulous Wonders series, originally published by HarperCollins and translated into 11 languages worldwide. A mixture of magic, mystery and adventure set against carefully researched historical backgrounds, these books can be enjoyed in any order by confident readers aged 10+.

The complete seven book collection is also available as the Seven Fabulous Wonders omnibus edition.

Fluffy and the Solar System

by Joanna Leigh

Zachary Smith is a five year old boy that loves to run and play outside. He doesn’t like anything to interfere with his playtime… especially rain.
Zachary also has a fascination with the sky and what’s beyond the big fluffy clouds.
When a rainy day turns into a sunny day… Zach is ready to go outside and play. He is on his swing set wishing to touch the colorful rainbow in the sky…. He’s swinging one minute and the next…. He’s riding on a talking cloud…. Fluffy. Fluffy takes Zachary on a trip into the Solar System he will never forget… Is it all just a dream or an unforgettable adventure?

Peekaboo, God (A Gently Spiritual Bedtime Story) (The Gently Spiritual Bedtime Book series)

by Julie Sarff

Italian Folly, also by this author, free for 2 days only

***This book is best viewed in landscape orientation on your kindle.

Peekaboo, God.

I see you in the bear and in the snake

Who live at the big zoo, by the little lake.

Peekaboo, God.

I see you in the long, tall giraffe

Closely watching over her calf

While munching on some leafy trees.

Peekaboo God, I see you in the birds on the breeze.

So starts the gently spiritual bedtime book about a boy who observes God’s hand in all creation as he walks through the zoo. As daytime turns to night, and he gets ready for bed, the boy realizes that he, too, is one of God’s many wonderful creations. Peekaboo, God is a prayer for the evening that will help ease a child to sleep.

Beautifully illustrated in bright tones with friendly animals, Peekaboo God is the second book by Julie Sarff and the first done in collaboration with the artist Xin Wu. Peekaboo God will soon be available in print version.


More from Julie Sarff :

Sweet Delicious Madness, a rom/com mystery novel placed in Italy, has been praised by readers and has spent most of its time in the top 100 in its Amazon category since July, 2012.

The Prince and the Dragon

by Virginia Wright

Join in on the fun for a day and follow Tyler after he receives an amazing gift for his birthday. With this unusual gift he discovers a magical world just beyond, where he learns that an act of kindness helps another overcome his fear of being unlike others.

The Princess and the Castle: A Fairy Tale

by Virginia Wright

Join in on the fun for a day and follow Elisabeth after she receives an incredible gift for her birthday; and with this amazing gift–she discovers a magical world just beyond, where she has one adventure after another.

Crying Bear

by Virginia Wright

Join this very adventurous little bear cub, as she wanders too far from the den in the snow covered mountains of Maine.

A Kindle Christmas – Christmas Traditions Uncovered

by Jason Taylor

About A Kindle Christmas

Millions of people will wake up on Christmas morning and receive an Amazon Kindle. Those same millions of new Kindle users will be searching for their very first books from an Amazon library of millions and millions of books.
This will be their first fledgeling steps into the world of electronic books and e-book reading. It can be daunting for both the new Kindle users and anyone who is buying a Kindle as a gift for Christmas to know what books they would like.
This is why we have written “A Kindle Christmas – a look at Christmas traditions worldwide”. This is the perfect first book to purchase for a Christmas present or to â??gift’ it for your loved ones at Christmas.

As Christmas has progressed through the ages the essence of Christmas, the traditions of Christmas and the true meaning of Christmas have disappeared and been driven into a frenzied state of over commercialisation. On the television we see advertisements for Christmas many months prior to the actual big day. In shops around the globe the buildup for Christmas sometimes happens six months or before the actual event.

We asked many children what Christmas meant to them and 80% responded with answers similar to “it’s a time when we get presents”. Not give or receive presents at Christmas just receive. When we asked those same children the true meaning of Christmas, the response was pretty much the same. But, it’s not only children at faultâ?¦ Ask any adult why we have Christmas crackers?

Christmas, Xmas or the holiday season as it is known in many parts of the world is one of the most celebrated universal events, yet increasingly is becoming the least understood or appreciated.

“A Kindle Christmas”, looks at the various aspects of Christmas and traditions and gives you the answers as to why we have them.. It’s a book that really will give you the true answer to Christmas and the true meaning of Christmas around the world. You’ll be able to answer virtually any question a child will ask you about Christmas!

So whoever is your Father Christmas, Santa Claus, St Nicholas or Père Nöel make sure they know that you’ve been a very good boy or girl this year and deserve “A Kindle Christmas”.â??

The Adventures of Crog and Zog: In the Land of Frog and Toads:Kids Frog Prince Bedtime Stories – A Funny Picture Book for Children

by Emily A. Cabot

LIMITED TIME SPECIAL: Get This Audiobook for FREE!

That’s right…For a limited time you can download a FREE mp3 Audiobook version of our new Frog and Zog Book for Kids, “The Adventures of Crog and Zog”

Follow the “The Adventures of Crog and Zog” – an illustrated frog prince book for children .

Frog Toad adventures will keep your child delighted as this precious frog tale unfolds. In The Adventures of Crog And Zog In The Land Of Frogs And Toads, frog and toad are friends, teaching your children important lessons about getting along with those who are different from them. This story features the frog prince Crog and his friend, Zog, who decide that when frog and toad are friends, everyone’s life is better off.

In this delightful book, your child will stay on the edge of his seat while learning of the trouble that frog and toad get into throughout the pages of this book. Your young child will meet the friendly ducks who can make frogs fly,and learn about the thrills of adventure while our young stars visit the place where frog and toad all year live together. Because of the exciting nature of this children’s book, like the other book in the frog and toad series, your children will learn that being brave enough to face the unknown can take them to marvelous places that they had only before dreamed of visiting.

Emily A. Cabot goes all out in this frog tale, giving children the opportunity to learn important lessons while remaining safely within the realm of comfort for a children’s frog prince story. Since frog and toad are friends in this book, your children are introduced to the always challenging concept that just because you are different from someone else doesn’t mean that you can’t be friends.

Within this second book featuring the frog prince Crog, your child will be delighted with colorful drawings and playful illustrations that bring the frog and toad drama to life in your hands. Your child will want to read about frog and toad all year long, quickly becoming one of their favorite tales to be told at the bedtime setting

As frog and toad together gives the story a feeling of unity and delight, your child will fall in love with these playful characters from the frog and toad series all over again in this newest adventure.

The time spent with your child reading these tales will create fond bedtime memories that your child will cherish for the rest of their lives. Don’t delay, get your copy of this tale of frog toad today, and open your child’s mind to the delights and wonders of the imaginative world of Emily A. Cabot’s delightful story.

I can exercise my face.

by James Rabidoux

Bond and interact with your kids! A fun time for all ages making silly faces together. Keep the camera handy!

Parents: if you’re sick and tired of re-reading the same old bedtime stories, you need this book! You’ll laugh so hard, your face will hurt!


by Keith B Walters

Some writers take on writing challenges for fun, but this time round and for this writer it’s much more than that – it’s to write his children to a place of safety when an unseen author takes over his story and plunges his children into danger – taking them to a place of wonder and danger – dragging them into ‘Neverville’.

For Sam & Georgia what start out seeming like just ordinary and fun dreams, suddenly take a dark turn, with only the sound of their father’s keyboard and the characters he still has some control over to help them escape.

With wizards, fairies, trolls, mermaids, some familiar faces and some all new creatures in this new fantasy land, Neverville is a place both beautiful and deadly, with twists and turns that keep the children wide awake but still dreaming.

Written initially as a NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) project, Neverville was influenced by its own lead characters by being read to them each evening as a bedtime tale, leading to many of the more outlandish plot twists along the way. I hope that those sudden twists and the story coming in one large instalment, leaving the reader to choose where to stop each night, will give a few gasps and giggles to other children – as mine wanted it as an ebook so they can read their own adventures over and over again.

Coming soon…… ‘Forevermore’

Keith B Walters

Nathan’s Christmas Box Bungle! (Christmas Books for Kids)

by Sandra L. Portman

Christmas Kids Books for age 4 and up – Illustrated – Includes Coloring Book!

In this new Christmas book, Nathan has just spent the afternoon playing with his friends in the neighborhood and is returning home to help his mother and sister wrap Christmas presents. Rachel is only four and since this is her first time helping, Nathan will be showing her how to attach the Christmas tags to the wrapped presents.

Nathan’s mother has the table all set up for wrapping and has instructed Nathan and Rachel in what they are to do. Nathan has hidden his Android on his lap and connects to his favorite digital game. His actions almost ruin Christmas Eve when he discovers there are consequences to his actions that affect him and others.


It was getting close to Christmas and that meant it was getting colder. Nathan was riding his bike home from Ryan’s house, who lived a block away. Ryan and Nathan are both nine years old and they have been friends since they were in nursery school together. Ryan wasn’t his very best friend, but he was a good friend. He was someone Nathan could count on when he wanted someone to play with. Even if Ryan was already playing with someone, he would always welcome Nathan into the fun.

After an afternoon of riding their bikes and playing their favorite game on Xbox, Nathan had no way of knowing this game would almost ruin Christmas Eve.

With the wind blowing, Nathan had his jacked zipped all the way up and the hood of his jacket protected his ears from the wind rippling past. The wool mittens his mother insisted he take with him, helped him ride his bike home with ease, ignoring the chill wind that turned the handle bars to ice. He was anxious to get home because his sister Rachel and he were wrapping presents with their mother.

When you died…

by Gary Zuckerbush

This is a book about friendship, love and death. Two foxes try to help you to talk about “dying”. Perhaps it makes you sad …

With illustrations!

Books in German language available, too:

– Das Katastrophentrio- von Gary Zuckerbush

– Als du starbst… – von Gary Zuckerbush

Joejoe Bunnys Big Adventure

by Hannah Jennings

Do you have a bunny? Ever wonder what baby bunnies think?
Joejoe is just a month old, but he’s already getting into trouble. Unlike the girl rabbits, Joejoe enjoys wandering off and meeting people.
One day, Joejoe decides that a day of fun and breaking Mother Rabbit’s rules is better than being good. To him, being good is boring.
So when he gets the chance, he sneaks off, hopping his way to adventures outside the bunny tunnel.
What will Joejoe do today? And who will he meet?
And at the end of the day, will Joejoe finally learn to follow Mother Rabbit’s rules?

Age level: 5 and up
With 8 photos

Your Choice #1: Cruise Fever

by Trevor Shelby

Have you ever wanted to go on a cruise? How about go on a treasure hunt, fight pirates and swim with mermaids? With over 29 very different endings and several story lines to choose from, Cruise Fever is never ending fun. Your Choice Books is a new and fresh take on game books from the 80’s and 90’s that so many kids and adults loved. With the ability to choose your own path, you not only read the story… you control the story!

In The Garden Of Goodwill

by Adriana Devoy

When Abby visits her neighbor, Goodwill, he insists they cannot bag his autumn leaves until he has counted them. He searches for his spoiled tabby cats, Josephine and Olivia, and despairs over a dying birch tree in his garden. Goodwill tells Abby that only Father Nature can save the tree. When Abby catches the last leaf of autumn, entitling her to a wish, she secretly wishes for an audience with Father Nature.

That evening, Abby spies the tabby cats trotting off into the moonlight dressed in peplum suits and periwinkle boots. A gold sleigh arrives in the midst of a sparkling snow shower to transport her through meadow, marsh, and forest to an enchanted garden where it is forever summer. She encounters an offbeat assortment of creatures along the way: quarrelling porcupines, hens with a penchant for card playing, mice and moles and rabbits engaged in the curious activity of inventorying dead autumn leaves and reviving them with the miraculous “Oil of Quince” cure.

Abby introduces her simple child’s knowledge into this magical world, and assists all whom she meets, though doing so causes her great delay in her quest. In the end, all the animals, recalling her kindness, rally around her when she, at last, faces the formidable Father Nature.

Day by Day Devotions 2

by Karyn Henley

Just like growing kids need water, calcium, and vegetables, a growing believer needs Gods Word.

Growth comes in small steps, but big things can happen before you know it. In just seven minutes a day, your child can grow to know and love God. It just takes a little time.

Best-selling author and educator Karyn Henley has provided another great devotional tool to help you invest your time well. Day by Day Devotions 2 contains a full years worth of just right teaching for your kids ages six to ten.

Here’s what you’ll find: Each week focuses on a single topic like “Who Wins?” or “Fighting Temptation” or “Getting Along with Others.”

Every days devotion includes a different selected passage from the Day by Day Kids Bible and follows with a kid-friendly reading and prayer.

And each weeks topic includes four or five activity ideas to help kids anchor the truths they’ve learned with hands-on fun things to make or do!

That Baby Woke Me Up, AGAIN

by Sherry Ellis

That Baby Woke Me Up, AGAIN is for all those bleary-eyed families who sincerely believe that they will never again enjoy a full night of sleep. Seen through the eyes of an exhausted sibling, this book is guaranteed to bring a smile to even the most fatigued members of a sleep-deprived household.

Can you count the number of nights you slept after you baby was born? Do you remember–or are you now suffering through–the cries that can mean anything from Change me now, to I’m hungry, to Time to come in and play with me?

In Sherry Ellis’ That Baby Woke Me Up, AGAIN, there’s no question about who’s the head of the household. It’s the baby! The little darling who was born with feed-and-play-on-demand talents is making his message clear: I want you…and I want you now! Ms. Ellis understands the world of the sleep-deprived and felt compelled to write a book that might make every family’s sleepless nights bearable. Thus, the first lines of the book:

“I was sleeping in my bed
and a dream was in my head

That baby woke me up, AGAIN!

To hear an interview with the author about the book, go to then click on, “A Story to Tell.” The interview is on the September 5, 2005 edition.

Red Flame: Wizards’ School

by Pamela Shine

Red Flame: Wizards’ School is the first in a series.

“Hi my name is Resha Valentine, I’m a 17 year old wizard who wants to join the strongest wizards’ school. I meet Aiden and Kat 17 year old twin wizards just like me. Only it turns out they’re in the runing for the strongest wizards in Red Flame Wizards’ School”.

This book is categorised as teenage fiction but younger and older readers have have also read and enjoyed this book. Therefore this book is not limited to a teenage audience.

This story follows Resha a 17 year old wizard’s journey and her dream to join Red Flame Wizards’ School.

During her journey Resha makes friends with other teenage just like herself who all have different magical powers.

Being typical teenager they get into trouble and end up in the middle of wizardry battles with rival wizards from the Dark Wizards’ School.

Tornadoes. Exciting facts about Nature’s Powerful Tornadoes

by Hanna Morgan

Exciting facts and pictures about Tornadoes for kids.

Tornadoes are known as one of the most powerful natural disasters. Learn about the different types of Tornadoes and the life cycle of a Tornado. Find out about how fast they spin, how far they can travel.

The book also covers cool facts about the deadliest tornadoes in the last 100 years around the world.

Finally a fun quiz for the kids to try at the end of the book.

dolly the supermarket trolley

by joanne brighton

A children’s bedtime or anytime story book. It is the story of a group of friends that you would find either inside or around the surrounding area of a supermarket.
At some time in a child’s life they have to endure either the daily weekly or monthly supermarket shop with their parents.
This series of stories will start to introduce children to several characters and hopefully make shopping a much more enjoyable experaince while looking for these characters while shopping with their parents.
Story one finds Dolly strandard in the supermarket car park waiting for Trevor the trolley man to take her back to her friends.
Story two Dolly meets Cedric the seagull a character from the “sea crew” books when he gets lost on his way home from visiting his friend “Cyril the caterpillar” a character from the “garden crew” books due to a large gust of wind.
Story three .Dolly goes missing tells the story of dolly being taken away from the supermarket by a shopper who could’nt carry their shopping.
Along with Dolly the supermarket trolley is her best friend Trudy and Bertie the basket among others.
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Only One Page Cards- Card No. 14: Best Friends! (greeting card, surprise card, eBook card, carte de voeux, GruÃ?karte, tarjeta de felicitación, biglietto d’auguri)

by R. E.


All Only One Page Cards are handpainted!

Only One Page Cards are available in the following languages:
English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, â?¦ !

Only One Page Cards consist of a cover sheet and a greeting card (ONE PAGE).
Surprise other persons (or yourself) with an Only One Page Card by uploading it (secretly) on your eBook Reader!
Different languages, different designs, many occasions!
For example: Will your marry me, Birthday, I love you, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Valentine, Best Friends, …
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Collect Them All!

Only One Page Cards bestehen aus einem Deckblatt und einer GruÃ?karte (ONE PAGE).
Ã?berraschen Sie andere Menschen (oder sich selber) mit einer Only One Page Card, indem Sie diese (heimlich) auf Ihren eBook Reader laden!
Viele Sprachen, viele Motive, viele Anlässe!
Zum Beispiel: Heiratsantrag, Geburtstag, Ich liebe Dich, Weihnachten, Osternâ?¦
Kontakt: [email protected]

Only One Page Cards consisten en una portada y una tarjeta de felicitación (una página).
Sorprende a otras personas (o usted mismo) con una Only One Page Card subiéndolo (en secreto) en el eBook lector!
Los diferentes lenguajes, diferentes diseños, muchas ocasiones!
Por ejemplo: Quieres casarte conmigo?, Cumpleaños, Te amo, Navidad, Pascua …
Contacto: [email protected]


The Land Between the Rivers

by Malcolm Campbell

Three short stories set before the dawn of time, when the Florida panther, the snake bird and the black bear were among the first to come into the world of the swamps and forests between Apalachicola and Ochlockonee rivers in what is now known as Tate’s Hell Forest in the Florida Panhandle. Discover why the panther doesn’t roar, why the snake bird has to dry off his wings, and what black bears really like to eat.

My First Day Of Sixth Grade – 6th Grade Middle School

by Elijah Walker

Elijah was born with spina bifida and hydrocephalus. This is the story of his first day in middle as a sixth grader. From waking up in the morning to getting home, this book provides a look at the first day of 6th grade through the eyes of a special needs kid.

25 Farty Christmas Stories Rhyming Picture Book

by Timmie Guzzmann

Kids just love the holiday season and they enjoy celebrating their own way. Some kids love the more traditional countdown calendars while the cooler kids know that there is only one way to countdown to Christmas and that is the farty way.

Timmie Guzzmann the author of the First Farting Advent Calendar knows because he is a kid himself and there is one thing that he even does better than farting and that is picking up trends because he loves to listen to his pals and the other kids at school. Lately he picked up lots of kid conversations where kids all around him just told him that they are annoyed by these lame chocolate countdown calendars that their parents have been giving them for years.

Timmie had an epiphany right at the spot and that is how the fart calendar was born.

He teamed up with his good friend Randolph Meretzenischt from poetry class to form a team of unbeatable fart rhyming artists. They got together and shared some crazy fart ideas and put them into fun and rhyming poetry à la Dr. Seuss.

Timmie the fart expert shared some cheerful ideas how farts can be transformed into the Christmas season and Randolph transformed Timmie’s Christmas fart disgust into cheerful and seasonal greeting type of poetry that sounds like Christmas fart poetry world class.

Timmie, the fart expert, and Randolph, the poet, got together with Hawk Henninger who joined their forces and popped out some smelly illustrations on top of the rhymes. The three of them put all their energy and creativity together and put out the ultimate fart harmony that they proudly call:

The First Farting Advent Calendar!

As mentioned above, this countdown fart Christmas calendar is only for the cool kids (no wussies allowed) because if it is not a fart calendar it is just a calendar.

This holiday season will become so much more fun & exciting because this smelly Christmas countdown calendar offers 25 hilarious farty Christmas carols that are even fun to read out loud. These rhyming Christmas fart poetry pieces will definitely make your kids LOL and bring some sparky Holiday cheer into your home!

Your kid will love to open up these 25 fart surprise doors one per day and counting down to Christmas day the fun & farty way!

The Holiday season has never been funnier, more hilarious, and more fart intensive than this year!

If you are searching for a Christmas ebook, particularly a Christmas ebook that rhymes and has fun fart Christmas illustrations in it, and is about counting down from less intensive fart surprise to the the most intensive fart surprise that are going to happen as Christmas day approaches, then you have come to the right place.

Get The First Farting Advent Calendar for your kids right now at the very low introductory prize of $2.99 because who knows when it goes up!

By the way if your kids love Dr. Seuss type rhyming picture books, your kids are definitely qualifying for the Farting Advent Calendar because they will just love it! Your kids just can’t wait to open the next door! Your kids are going to have so much fun counting down to Christmas and you can thank Timmie, Randolph, and Hawk later!

Make sure to only give this to your kids on the 1st day of December. They can only open one door per day otherwise the fun is going to be ruined!

See you inside…

Children’s Books: Max’s New Sister (The Family Life Kids Books)

by S.A. Yarden

This children’s book is about a puppy named Max.

Max is a very happy puppy who likes to play and walk in the green meadow with his friend Charlie the lamb.

One day a new puppy joins the family and Max gets very worried about how things will turn out from now on.

Discover Max’s story and find out how he has faced the challenge of a new baby in his family life.

This kids bedtime story is excellent for “big” brothers who needs to welcome a new baby to their family.


children’s books:Honey the Bunny Big Adventure (childrens books series:Honey the Bunny)

by Odeya E.

“Honey the Bunny is the smallest bunny in the burrows. Everyone knows that he is the smallest. But . . . Honey the Bunny is actually revealed as a bunny that is bigger than ever! But how?”

Childrens Picture Book: Alphabet Animals C is for Cat

by Lilly Scrivens

Aimed at younger children, this picture book is the second in a new series entitled Alphanimals. This book contains lots of beautiful pictures of cats, ranging from the domestic tabby to the aristocratic Siamese right the way through to wildcats and big cats, such as tigers and lions. Each picture is accompanied by a few sentences on the animal on show. The language has been kept as easy to read as possible and while your 3 year old will love the pictures, your 5-7 year old should be able to identify some of the words. You may need to help with some of the bigger words though.

This series is aimed at younger children from 3 to 7 years of age with a view to encouraging them to find out more about animals and the wider world in general. The list of cats is not exhaustive but it is a good spring board for further reading.

Fairy Friends

by R. W. Mitchell

Have you ever seen a real fairy? If the answer is yes then which type of fairy was it? Read ‘Fairy Friends’ the first in the brand new series of picture books to find out. Fairy Friends is a beautifully illustrated picture book for all you fairy fans out there.

Read and find out about all the different kinds of fairies out there in the world. Enjoy choosing your favourite food fairy, flower fairy and celebration fairy.

Fairy Friends is the 1st Book in a new series of books dedicated to all your favourite fairy characters!

Frank the Ant takes the train (Frank, the Ant)

by Arthur Lewis Gelston

An ant adventure for children age 8-11 reading above grade. Frank travels by train from Forest Hills to Freeport, Long Island, while exploring the brim of a hat, on another voyage of discovery.

Real ants don’t talk. But some ants make sounds by rubbing part of a leg across their abdomen so that a person listening very closely can hear the sound. There are no ant scientists or engineers, but some ants build structures using real engineering skills. This is a story about ants and other insects who talk, who live in organized societies, who plan for their future and change these plans when necessary, who go into battle and join voyages of exploration. Though a fantasy, the activities ascribed to ants in this book are, for the most part, REAL ant activities. The author has simply translated the ant language of odor and touch into words more easily recognized by people who read books.

The Princess and the Pirate (Jamboree Island Adventures)

by Sarah Topping

One tomboy princess.

Two mischievous princes.

And a pirate named Lancelot . . .

There’s trouble brewing on Jamboree Island . . . FINALLY! Princess Sophie and friends have waited all summer for some excitement, so when they hear of a robbery at Wigglesworth Manor they know just what to do.

No hang on! Wait! They have no idea – but that won’t stop them. The finger of suspicion points to that pirate Lancelot – but is it pointing the wrong way?

Who REALLY stole those precious jewels – and why? Set sail for an island adventure today – but watch out for the angry squirrel on your way! QUICK HIDE YOUR BOTTOMS – HE BITES!

Enid Blyton meets Jeremy Strong, The Princess and the Pirate is comedy adventure with traditional themes of friendship and family, featuring a princess, a pirate, a cast of silly sidekicks and laugh-out-loud fun. Perfect for 7+ girls and boys and fans of Enid Blyton, Jeremy Strong and Andy Stanton.

Sarah Topping is a Creative Copywriter in children’s publishing, and for six years has worked on a stellar list of children’s authors, including Roald Dahl, Jeff Kinney, Eoin Colfer, Jeremy Strong, Cathy Cassidy, Jacqueline Wilson, Michelle Paver and Rick Riordan. As much as she loves reading and writing about other people’s books, Sarah would like to turn her pen to stories of her own. Sarah has been 28 for the last five years and lives in London with her husband and baby son.

Hannah George is a freelance illustrator living and working on the south coast of England. With a fluid and versatile approach she creates her illustrations using a combination of watercolour, pencil, ink and digital process.

Hannah works regularly with publishers such as Conde Naste Traveller and Little Tiger Press whom she has illustrated several children’s picture books with. Thriving from the challenge of a new brief, Hannah also provides artwork for a diverse range of markets both in the UK and internationally.

The Secret of Flying

by Kimi Morgan

Have you ever tried to your hardest to do something,
but just couldn’t get the hang of it?
Were you frustrated?
Did you want to give up?

So did little bluebird.
More than anything, bluebird wanted to fly.

His parents encouraged him. They were excited that he would soon learn.
“Be patient,” they said. “Keep trying.”
Even his animal friends gave him advice.

Trusting them all, bluebird flapped and flapped and flapped his little wings, but still he could not get off the ground.
He became tired and frustrated.

Will little bluebird give up?
Or will he fly like his other bird friends?

Read THE SECRET OF FLYING and find out.

Age: 6 – 10

Silent Night, Holy Night!

by David Collins

This wonderful Christmas book tells a story about the little orphan Nellie, desperately trying to reach the gates of heaven, in a quest to reunite with her mother on Christmas Eve. Join her on this adventure and find out how it ends.

The author uses great writing and beautiful classic artwork to entertain the little ones.

Note: This is a fixed layout children’s book with Kindle Panel View for even better reading experience.

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Give us your thoughts about the book. Your opinion is important to us.

The Tales & Adventures Of Colonel Snickery Snackery Esquire & His Little Dog Toby

by ram ramakar

Children’s illustrated Christmas book. An adventure story.

Angels in Harmony (Threshold Series)

by Christa J. Kinde

An illustrated companion to the Threshold Series by Christa Kinde. Angels have always served in pairs, but Baird is sure there must be some mistake when Kester shows up on his doorstep. The vividly energetic redhead couldn’t have been more different from his genteel new apprentice. Yet their rocky beginnings give way to a unique balance, proving that friendship can flourish in the unlikeliest of places, given time, trust, and the Twelve Days of Christmas. Includes a bonus first chapter from Book #3 in the Threshold series, The Broken Window!


by Dominique Scott

Hades has disguised himself as a teenager living in a small American town so that he can battle the creatures that have been crawling from his underworld into the mortal world.

Ravenwood: The Winter Blade (Book 1)

by Michael C Holman

Lenora Sunstone just made a huge mistake. She thought she was doing the right thing when she hired the Shadow to help steal a government artifact. But she never dreamed there would be men waiting to catch them.

And she certainly didn’t think that the artifact would turn out to be the infamous Winter Blade.

Now she’s plunged side by side with the secretive and deadly man she hired into a storm of lies, secrets, and confused allegiances, all stemming from the mysterious Lord Dante, the man who suggested she steal the artifact in the first place.

And the closer she gets to finding the truth, the more she begins to suspect that this was all a trap.

‘Tween Girls and God (‘Tween Girls and God – GIFTS!)

by Caroline Nandakumar

Raising a ‘tween girls isn’t any easier that being a ‘tween! Younger than a teen, older than a little girl, ‘tweens have special needs and concerns. This is the age when many girls come to know Christ, and the way they learn to follow Him in these formative years will be the blueprint for how they follow Him later.

‘Tween Girls and God is a second, third or even fourth resource for you and your ‘tween girl. The devotionals, articles, activities and stories inside these pages are especially written for girls in the 9-12 year old age bracket. It provides a safe place for Christian girls to connect, to pray for each other and to learn about the most important relationship they will ever have – their relationship with Jesus.

For the month of December, TGG will be focusing on gifts – those we have, those we give, those we get and, most importantly, the gift that God gave us in the form of His Son, Jesus – GOD WITH US!

‘Tween Girls and God is a ministry magazine. Find it for free the first five days it’s out, and pay only .99 thereafter. (Publication is usually on a Friday, and the ‘free period’ runs from Saturday – Wednesdays. If publication is delayed for whatever reason, the free period will be extended.)

Roe-bot Girl: Best Friend App (Roebot Girl)

by Amy Braat


Roberta is a girl, who acquired the nickname Roe-bot girl because she loves programming, snowmen and robots. Her parents are engineers, who travel with her around the world installing and troubleshooting robotic manufacturing lines. Because of this, she has come to learn that growing up in the world of robots can be a very lonely place, making it hard to sustain any kind of friendships. So, she decides to make and program robots to keep herself company.

This is her story of an eleven year old girl growing up in a world of engineers and electronics. But, her family must make some difficult decisions as to her future and what is best for her. Join us in sharing the life and changes of Roe-bot girl as she navigates from the world of robots to the real world of family and friends.

Coming Soon to West Knox

by Megan Bushree

12-year-old Mickey has grown tired of living in the small town of West Knox, a town with nothing to do and nowhere to go. With only a few weeks of summer left, before entering Junior High, Mickey and his friends declare to make it the best summer ever!

When a mysterious old man hands over a set of colored pencils and sheets of paper, everything changes. With just a few pencil strokes, Mickey and friends are able to make anything their
heart ‘s desire, appear over night. Soon, with the help of a little magic and a whole lot of imagination, Mickey’s tiny town becomes the ultimate hot spot, with everyone in the neighboring cities clamoring to get into West Knox.

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