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A Santangelo Story

by Jackie Collins

Can’t get enough of Bobby Santangelo? Check out this unbelievably sexy and scandalous bonus story by New York Times bestselling author Jackie Collins.

This e-book original also includes a special sneak peek of the sensational New York Times bestselling novel Poor Little Bitch Girl. Only Jackie Collins can take you inside the glamorous lives of the rich and famous.

A Walk in the Park

by Jane Green

Bestselling author Jane Green has partnered with Bioré®  for the short story “A Walk in the Park,”  about Olivia Adamson, a 20-something whose life is suddenly filled with surprises. But one thing that doesn’t have to be  unpredictable is your complexion. Bioré® knows that  every 20-something needs at least one thing she can depend on: clear, beautiful skin.

In the time you read this short story, you could be on your way to healthy-looking skin by removing build-up, dirt and oil with Bioré® Pore Strips. So go ahead, grab a big comfy blanket, a Bioré® Pore Strip and your eReader. You’ll be ready to face anything.


The muscular dog appears out of nowhere, like a mythological creature from the dark side, making a beeline for Pippin. Amy freezes, pulling the tiny Yorkie behind her, then screams as the dog opens its huge jaws and clamps them around Pippin. A yelp, then all is quiet.

Just when Amy Adamson thinks her life can’t get any worseâ?¦

Six months ago, Amy Adamson felt like she had it all, until overnight, everything changed. Everyone said Eric was bad news, but surely he would change for herâ?¦ wouldn’t he? His constant partyin, her fear of losing him if she didn’t keep up, led to her losing her job, he apartment, and now, it seems, her whole life.

A surprise visit to the apartment to collect her things finds Eric in bed with her roommate. Who’s also stolen her Biore Combination Skin Balancing Cleanser. Bitch.

All Amy wants is her old life back, but with no job offers, and no money, she’s back in her parents’ suburban house, squeezing into jeans that are rapidly becoming too small, and cursing an unexpected case of teenage acne thanks to the loss of her Biore. Who the hell has acne at twenty six anyway?

The only people her age left in town are the losers, or the ones who married their childhood sweethearts, taking every opportunity to show off their “adorable home” and 2.4 children.

Just when she thinks it can’t get any worse, she’s walking their pet Yorkie by the beach when it’s attached by a large dog that has escaped the ramshackle home of a reclusive woman known only as Mrs. Warner.

Mrs. Warner isnt’ home. Her grandson, William, is. A screenwriter, he’s funny, warm, and has a smile that makes Amy tingle in places she’s forgotten about.

Life starts looking up thanks to a date with William and Biore Fighting Ice Cleanser. Until Amy opens the wrong door to discover a dead body in the guest room. Is William truly the nice guy he seems? Can the Biore create the miracle she needs? Will Amy, in short, find that luck might finally be on her side?

Love a la Carte

by Jeffrey Stepakoff

A romantic short story from Jeffrey Stepakoff, bestselling author of Fireworks Over Toccoa and The Orchard.

In The Orchard, Grace Lyndon is a rising ingénue in the world of perfumes and flavors; a stiletto-wearing, work-a-holic in Atlanta, she develops aromas and tastes to enthrall the senses. Dylan Jackson is a widowed single father whose heart and hands have been calloused in the fields of his North Georgia apple farm. When Grace happens to taste an apple picked from Dylan’s trees, it changes both their lives forever.

In “Love A La Carte,” Dylan cooks a romantic dinner for Grace, who is stuck all evening at work.  By the end of the delicious evening, Grace realizes that she’s beginning to fall for the handsome and caring Dylanâ?¦

The Backstory to Think Twice: A Special Bonus

by Lisa Scottoline

The Backstory to Think Twice, a special bonus story.

Is Evil born or bred? Bennie looks exactly like her identical twin, Alice, but the darkness in Alice’s soul makes them two very different women. But there are two sides to every story!

Read this story, and then read bestselling author Lisa Scottoline’s explosive novel, Think Twice.


Robert (not Bob) Dylan: An American Folk Hero

by J.E. Simpson

Robert Dylan is a gently eccentric librarian whose fears and compulsions have all but sucked the life out of him. A slave to routine, Robert religiously schedules every minute of his day, including scheduling time for scheduling his time. Robert is deathly afraid of circles, dogs, and public restrooms, but despite his idiosyncrasies, is a likable guy who seems to make friends wherever he goes. When disaster strikes and Robert’s fears become reality, he gets caught up in an accidental pilgrimage spanning four continents, several new friendships, and even the adoption of a mutt named Bob.

Written as an escape from today’s fetish for cynicism, Robert (not Bob) Dylan is a reminder that kindness still exists, even if the world can be cruel at times.


by Steve Jovanoski

Dave couldn’t imagine his life without Julia, his love for her is an obsession. When she’s diagnosed with a dilapidating disease their plans and ambitions are shattered. Julia’s prognosis is bleak and her body withers away at a shocking pace â?? time is running out and there’s nothing they can do. In an attempt to ease her suffering Dave agrees to fulfil Julia four wishes: to relive the moment from their first encounter, visit the lavender fields where they first made love, watch the sunrise for the last time, and her final wish â?? to go home.

Three years pass since Julia’s death and Dave is no closer to letting go. Work is a monotonous routine and life is a constant reminder of his wife. One day, a friend inspires him to change and he does so, in a drastic manner. Dave quits his accounting job, sells everything he owns and farewells his loyal friends Mike and Amy. The first destination is Hong Kong. Why? He doesn’t know nor does he care. Decisions are made spontaneously and at the spur of the moment.

The adventure begins while getting drunk with an eccentric American aboard a flight to Hong Kong. Once he arrives in this amazing city a rollercoaster ride of a night leads him to nightclub owner, Sam, the cool and charismatic Australian. Sam gives him an insight of Hong Kong’s VIP world and a party scene he has only seen in movies. And it’s his open mindedness that takes him to Erin, the beautiful student from America.

The stunning Erin is a mysterious girl. He’s intrigued by her and she gives him an opportunity to join her, in Paris. On his way to a new adventure he meets a crazy Frenchman, becomes intoxicated by the beauty of Paris, constantly questions his motives, his moral boundaries are tested and is robbed of all his earnings.

Like a drug addict, sooner or later Dave has to crash. This novel is about the tragedies of one man’s life, how external factors impact him and the strength he finds to understand it all.

National Library of Australia CiP

Author: Jovanoski, Steve, author.

Title: Chasing life / Steve Jovanoski (author) ; Alison Hiew (editor).

ISBN: 9780987366627 (ebook)

Subjects: Widowers–Fiction.

Other Authors/Contributors: Hiew, Alison, editor.

Dewey Number: A823.4

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We’ll All Fall Down

by John duVal

March, 1928 Philadelphia. Mafia forewarning:

“Shoot me, Klaus,” Father says.

The hair on the nape of my neck stands up.

“Now you’re scaring the shit out of me,” I say.

Klaus, bookkeeper and embezzler of Mafia funds, escapes to upstate New York where he lives under the assumed name of Max Anders. As bookkeeper for the Cosa Nostra, he is forced by the fed to testify against the mob on the government’s behalf. Mafia boss, Adamo Gattuccio needs to shut him up, puts a hit out on him.

Teenage Galena meets Max and Steve Bragg in a 1920s speakeasy and is assaulted by Steve in the alley behind the speakeasy, not true love, Max Anders. Three months later, she learns she’s pregnant, succeeds in blackmailing Max, with whom she never had sex, into marrying her with threats of accusing him of child molestation. Nine-months later she gives birth to Erik whom she despises as the child of her sadistic seducer. As her bastard son grows up, he becomes increasingly obsessed with Max. Starting at the age of three, bitter rivalry for Max’s favor grows between Erik and Galena. Family drama turns dark, leading to murder, mystery, police harassment, Mafia involvement and sadomasochism, straight and gay.

Twenty-four years pass. Continuing family conflict intensifies. December 1941, Max joins the Navy, is reported lost at sea after Japanese destroyers sink his ship. Later, the Navy learns he was picked up and interred in a Japanese prisoner of war camp. Erik is placed in a foster home where he seduces the son, sixteen year old Allan.

1945: Erik and lover, Allan, part ways when Allan discovers Erik with Bull, Allan’s housemate. Erik’s previously hidden craving to dominate others and later, be dominated: treated like a slave and endure verbal and physical abuse grows. Eventually, he and Allen reunite, Erik is drafted and into the Army, commissioned, and sent to Korea. There, he is blown out of a foxhole and shipped to Tokyo for treatment and conscripted into the Office of Special Investigation, the military version of the CIA.

After escaping death by alcohol, Galena finds her sobriety and becomes a successful writer. Erik finds Max. Mafia thug, Victor murders Max. The story ends as each of the survivors discovers his own personal triumph.

Toccata and Fugue (ignite the sky)

by David Reeder

‘Toccata and Fugue (ignite the sky)’ is a book for the inquisitive, the contentious, the aficionado of ideas, and anyone else wielding opinions on why we are who we are.

Douglas, a wealthy socialite with mother issues, lacks all conviction, but is full of certainty, especially about the value of gender lopsided sexual gatherings and other men’s wives. His young friend, Robert, has doubts about everything, especially himself, but believes that there is, or should be, a moral order to life, although he isn’t sure what it is.

Starting from Douglas’ position of certainty and Robert’s of doubt, there follows the first of three conversational chains, each chain comprising one day, that passing from one set of characters to the next, roams through ideas that, consciously or unconsciously, form a complex of interrelated concepts that animate and determine individual, social, and national perspectives.

This is, perhaps, an improbable book; a mad, nimble, questionable book that questions much that is generally believed to be beyond questioning, and should anyone be persuaded to any presented point or perspective, its final conversation provides means to oppose its own presentations, as should any honest argument. Unlikely of a book as it may be, frequently skirting the outside of the social fringe of normal conversational material, it nonetheless holds true to its underlying concern: Who are we and why are we who we are?

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