Free parenting and families Kindle books for 17 Dec 13

Finding JOY in Caregiving

by Dr. Bonnie Libhart

Finding JOY in Caregiving is a short work about being a care-giver to a family member. Many people have to take care of another person at some time in their life–and it is not always fun, but out of love, we can find JOY in doing it.

Manifesting Change – Overcoming Fear and Life to the Fullest

by Danny Baker

In this book Danny Baker takes you on trip of manifesting change, overcoming fear and living the life to the fullest. Danny is your “average” guy who has found work in a profession that he is passionate about but is still looking for more. His idea and way of making the “big bucks” comes crashing down one day Join Danny on his on his adventure of self-discovery and how you can learn the lessons applied from his mistakes to help you get what you want out of life.

Another Day in the Motherhood

by Megan Bushree

Through a combination of blog posts and new essays, peer inside the life of a Generation-Y single mother. Household budgets, post-pregnancy body concerns, newly-divorced dating, living with an ex-husband and his new wife, and all the horrifying/delightful tales of motherhood. From the blog, Another Day in the Motherhood, comes a memoir of sorts from someone not famous in the least, but would sure like to make some mommy friends.

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