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Magical Thinking

by Alan Dean

A collection of poems influenced by magic realism and surrealism. The content spans inner drives, war, terrorism, aging, and political and social commentary. Centred on impressions, intuitions and the rich texture of ideas and feelings that lie beneath our rational, everyday self, this volume provides a singular perspective on the way we magically create the world around us according to our fears, dreams, hopes and nightmares.

The White Cockade

by Charles Coulombe

There are many wonderful books in the world that address and teach how a good Catholic should think. However, it is important that a person not only think like a Catholic, but feel like a Catholic. Mr. Coulombe’s poems convey the feelings that millennial Catholics regularly have: feelings of angst regarding the future, but also that of hope; feelings of righteousness and feelings of awe over the majesty and wonders of Catholic tradition. The White Cockade is filled with bite-sized poems that will inspire you and touch you on an emotional level.

Dark Thoughts of a Haunted Mind

by Crystal Tyler

A collection of poems written over several years. This represents me as a writer’s darker times and is my first collections of poetry put together for the public. These are very honest feelings that span several relationships that I feel people may be able to relate to on several levels. Some are dark, some are loving, but all of them are true and honest. I hope you enjoy them and they speak to you as much as they spoke through me as I wrote them.

2nd Edition, Copyright 2013

An Unknown Road

by Adelaide B. Shaw

A haiku, although short, can say much. Poets writing English language haiku today do not feel compelled to write in three lines of 17 syllables. The Japanese language uses sounds, not syllables, and a 17 syllable English language haiku would be more than 17 sounds. The haiku in this collection vary from as many as 17 syllables to as few as nine. They describe timeless moments as recorded by the author who has had nearly 40 years experience in writing haiku. The haiku take the reader through the seasons, from spring to winter and then again to spring for another year. An Unknown Road was recognized by the Haiku Society of America with a Mildred Kanterman Merit Book award in 2009.

The Peanut Butter And Jelly And Cheddar Cheese Sandwich, And Other Selected Poems

by T. W. Fuller

Who’s hungry for a peanut butter and jelly and cheddar cheese sandwich? Who wants to reach for the stars and beyond? Who has ever smelled an awful smelling flower? “The Peanut Butter And Jelly And Cheddar Cheese Sandwich” is volume one of a collection of children’s poems by T. W. Fuller. In here you’ll discover talking chairs, a pig in a poke, how to break the curse of the billy goat, what happens when you leap before you look, the loneliness of one person on a see-saw, and more! So, what are you waiting for…

Fact, Fiction or Fantasy?

by D A Warin

A collection of the finest poetry inspired by events and people in the life of D A Warin

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