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HOW TO CREATE USEFUL IDIOTS—all the interest groups and political parties do it

by Ernest Kinnie

A short paper on how interest groups and political parties use association matrices and narratives to create useful idiots.

From the paper:

To make the message they want to send even more powerful, organizations such as the Democratic and Republican parties group the associations together into a story or narrative. That way they get back and forth reinforcement among the associations.

Three major Democratic narratives:

1. I’m for the little guy, against the big corporations and the selfish rich who trash the planet and are indifferent to the pain and struggles of the poor and middle class.

2. The power of government is necessary to stop the rape and pollution of the planet, to level the playing field, to ensure a fair distribution of resources, and to tend to the struggles and suffering of the poor and middle class.

3. The greedy rich are not paying their fair share.

The key words are strung together to create a flow of ideas and emotions. And each key word has endless variations. A politician who finds creative ways to express the narrative will be considered a great orator by those with similar associations.

Two major Republican narratives:

1. The greater the power of government to tax and regulate the less freedom left to the individual, and democrats are always for higher taxes and bigger government.

2. The Democratic Party is in the business of taxing and regulating the successful, to continue to buy the votes of those they make dependent upon government.

Which group of narratives you think are lies and attempts to brainwash, and which are obviously true depends upon which side of your own brain has been washed.

Arguments between people with different narratives are usually a waste of time. Each firmly believes facts and logic on their side. Their narrative is The Truth, so the other side must be dumb, evil, liars, libertarian, communists, deniers, warmists, greenies, left wingers, right wingers, in the pocket of somebody, etc. etc. How else to explain their not agreeing with what is so obvious? Such a discussion frequently devolves into name calling. Well actually, it usually starts with name calling.

The Greatest Quotes (3)

by Svaj Darwin

A treasure trove of rare and unpublished Quotes that encompass the entire gamut of life and living…..

Too Cool for School – Why Schools Don’t Breed Intelligence and Why You Shouldn’t Go To University

by Philos Sopher

Understand the reasons why you shouldn’t go to University and why schools do not breed intelligence.

The educational system is purely designed to mass produce human robots, to power businesses. Qualifications are the false impression of intelligence and the way in which schools restrict thought, is the first step from youth to losing your true identity and individual creativity.

Most believe that traditional education will improve their future circumstances, however it is more likely that you will be left burdened with debt and have to continually mould yourself to fit into a system, based on false appearances. A system which will not allow you to be yourself.

Uncover how you can hold on to more of who you are, while being forced to be a part of this system, and see clearly what the educational system is really for, and how it affects the human psyche.

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