Free sports Kindle books for 17 Dec 13

Running a 5k:How to Start Running and Complete a 5k Race in 8 weeks

by Alan Seel

This concise book will show you How to Start Running
Not only that, it will get you fit enough to be
running a 5k Race in 8 weeks.

In the book you will find all the necessary components
to help you reach your goal of running a 5k.

These include:

Training Schedules
These are training schedules that will help you begin your own training program and track your progress as you complete each step.

Nutrition, Fitness, Clothing
Informed advice on Food and Nutrition, Fitness levels, Clothing, and Accessories.

Covers everything you need to get out and run.
Furthermore, it will show you how to get properly prepared not just for running but also for that first 5k race.
It takes you through preparation for running, racing and evaluation of your runs and much more.

Exercise and Injuries
Outlines the basic exercises you need for core strength and
lists many of the common running injuries that runners can experience
when running a 5k.

Targets beginners and former runners
This is an ideal for the novice runner, but can also serve as a refresher for those that have run before but have had a break and want to start again.

Eight Simple Concepts to Improve Your Team’s Zone Attack Offense (Building a Winning Basketball Program Series)

by Kevin Sivils

Attacking a zone defense is something coaches, new and experienced alike struggle with. The simple zone concepts included in this short book are applicable to any type of zone defense, regardless of the type of zone offense being used.

Several easy to use zone offense drills are included as bonus material. Use these drills to teach the concepts included in the book.

Little Book of Grand Prix Driver by Driver

by Liam McCann

This is a comprehensive collection of profiles of the best drivers to have raced in Grand Prix and Formula One. From the legendary pre-war aces like Nuvolari, Caracciola and Varzi to the stars of modern Grand Prix racing like Moss, Fangio, Clark, Senna, Schumacher, Hamilton and Vettel, this book examines the careers of some of best drivers in the history of motorsport. Re-live the sport’s golden age in the 1920s, wonder at the skill and courage of drivers like Jackie Stewart, Jack Brabham and Graham Hill in its most dangerous era, and celebrate the magnificent achievements of Mansell, Piquet and Prost in the most competitive championships of the 1980s and ’90s. Packed with superb illustrations and statistical information, each profile looks at the drivers’ successes, failures and iconic moments. This book is a fantastic reference point for all fans of Formula One.

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