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by Troy Mason

An All-American spiral into an outlaw’s lifeâ?¦

Jason Broaduc lives his life as part of a brotherhood. A High School football star and Marine Corps war veteran decorated for heroism, he has returned to life in Paris, Tennessee working as a State Trooper. When all of this is taken away in an instant, how will he react? What will he have to do to survive in world where no group will accept him? The answer may lie in a different kind of brotherhoodâ?¦and a lifestyle he would never have imagined.

Christmas Girls Bare it All #1 (Margie, Kelly, Kristy 70+ Pictures)

by She’s the Bomb Studios

Here is your Holiday Picture Book from She’s the Bomb Studios! This Christmas-themed Nude Photography Ebook features 3 shoots:

42 pictures of Margie – a super-cute, fun brunette, stripping out of her Santa’s Helper outfit till there’s nothing left to the imagination. Being sexy is good, but this model’s fun and quirky personality makes this shoot really special!

Then you’ll meet a sensuous blonde on Christmas Eve – Kelly, in long white boots and bright red panties. 11 pictures.

Finally, a beautiful scene featuring Kristy. She poses in a quaint wooden living room with a beautiful snow scene out the window behind her. The only thing she has on is a Santa hat! 13 pictures.

These private photos are high resolution, optimized for vivid black & white, and quality color viewing, depending on which e-reader you have. You should be able to zoom in. This Ebook does contain a few fun (but brief) descriptions about the Christmas-themed models, as well as the naked pictures. A quality nude ebook at a discounted price.

Warning: You should be 18+ to buy this This Erotic Model Photography ebook. It contains nude pictures of hot women – topless and FULL FRONTAL NUDITY.

BONUS: Christmas Girls Bare it All #1 also includes 6 FREE PICTURES of various nude and semi-nude girls with a Christmas theme, in addition to the descriptions above. 70+ pictures in all. If you haven’t checked out an erotic picture book on your e-reader, this book is specially priced so you can have your own and see how you like them. Happy Holidays from She’s the Bomb!

Plug In And Play: Guitar! Christmas Tunes

by Jack B. Fleming

A collection of 15 well known Christmas songs with no need to read music notation!

The songs range from only three chord per song to seven and focus on the use of open chords. The idea is that you can keep this on something portable like your Kindle, Tablet or Smart Phone and crack it out whenever you fancy a wee sing 🙂

Songs Include: Jingle Bells, Joy To The World, Silent Night, I Saw Three Ships, Oh Little Town of Bethlehem, Good King Wenceslas, In A Manger, O Christmas Tree, Deck The Halls, Oh Come All Ye Faithful, Hark! The Herald Angels Sing, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Ding Dong Merrily On High, We Wish You A Merry Christmas and We Three Kings.

As the title suggests it’s plug in and play- no messing about. Any guitar will do, electric, acoustic or classical so long as its got some frets and strings!

Babes in Thailand (Adult Picture Book) (Vanida & Kanya)

by She’s the Bomb Studios

This Nude Photography Ebook features 41 uncensored photos of Asian girls Vanida and Kanya stripping. Both are all-natural Thai hotties in great shape. Vanida looks sweet and virginal in her white lingerie and Kanya is a fun, passionate girl in red panties.

These private photos are high resolution, optimized for vivid black & white, and quality color viewing, depending on which e-reader you have. You should be able to zoom in. This Ebook does contain a few brief descriptions as well as the naked pictures.

BONUS: Babes in Thailand also includes 3 FREE PICTURES of Pranee, another Asian cutie. She is wearing a lavender bikini and nude.

â?¨Warning: You should be 18+ to buy this This Adult Picture Book. It contains nude pictures – topless and FULL FRONTAL NUDITY.

Hannah Lost Her Panties – Sexy Picture Book

by Sexy Photo Books

Book contains content suitable for 18 years or older. Hot and sexy high quality photos inside.

A Murder Perfected

by Ari Franklinos

This story was written to clarify a fact that escapes most parents. Children understand vastly more than we as adults give them credit for, with devilish schemes that would not be out of place in a theatre of war. The child-protagonist plans and executes a murder coldly and with military precision simply because the idea entered his head.

Creative Writing Ideas & Journal Prompts for Musicians & Song Writers

by Mischell Day

Musicians and song writers seek inspiration in all parts of life in order to write meaningful music and lyrics. Journaling is one way to do that. Knowing what type of music you like, your favorite artists, what inspires you, etc. helps to make your music interesting and uniqueâ?¦because it comes from your perspective and your point of view.

These journal prompts are designed to look at particular life experiences and musical tastes to inspire your creative writing ability. You can use them to help you write lyrics or music or for your personal journal. Even if you are a music lover but do not write music, you will enjoy these prompts.


by Jonathan McKeown

My story of Alcohol and recreational drug abuse, the total journey through to Psychological and physiological breakdown and almost certain death. I was saved at the very last minute by a Liver transplant which I never expected to get as I was already struck off the liver list because I was considered too ill and weak to survive the major operation. this story is about my life and attitudes before, during and after my illness.

A Beatles Quiz

by Leonard Stegmann

Why are we still so fascinated by the Beatles over forty years after they broke up? Because they were that good. (Quiz/715 words)

Little Music Lessons for Kids: Lesson 5 – Learning the Piano Keyboard: Old Story about Two Musical Zebras

by Tatiana Bandurina

This is the fifth lesson from the series “Little Music Lessons for Kids” where you can help your child to learn the piano keyboard with fun.

Two zebras meet in a forest clearing. One of them is big, another is small. The little zebra loves to walk and sings a song about herself all the time. In this song, she repeats her name several times. Hearing the little zebra’s song, the large zebra begins to cry. As it turns out, the large zebra does not know her name or how to read her white and black stripes.

The little zebra tries to help the large zebra. She asks for help and looks for an elephant’s aid, and then assistance from an owl. But all attempts are in vain, and the large zebra cries louder and louder. Then a miracle happens! A small forest bird helps the large zebra learn her name and even compose her own song!

Games and the friendship of the two zebras attract the attention of the music master, who has the idea of creating a piano.

Read this story and show the beautiful pictures to your child, regardless of his musical knowledge and abilities. You will see how much joy it will bring to your little one.

A Day of Forgiveness

by Ari Franklinos

Allied bombing has crashed Berlin. Old Hans struggles to survive day by day, scavenging for food for his wife and two grandchildren.
His young grandson is part of the Hitler Youth, dedicated to fighting and dying for his Fuhrer.
As Russian tanks arrive in their neighbourhood, the unthinkable happens. Two Russian soldiers break into their apartment and ask for women……….

Cities In The Sky

by Ari Franklinos

Our Earth is in the precise location where given all the correct parameters it exists in an equilibrium that can support life. However, everything is so finely tuned that the slightest deviation from this equilibrium can cause catastrophe. Throughout the universe, celestial bodies of all sizes are destroyed continually for different reasons. Why not the Earth? Because we live on it and have nowhere else to go? That would be taking Man’s self-importance too far. The Earth can be destroyed too and Man is lending a hand towards this final destination. This tongue-in-cheek story is about Man-made events that lead to the finale.

Darkness Creates Talent

by Philip A Swiderski Jr

Just a short collection of my writings and drawings.

Gabriella’s Gift

by Ari Franklinos

Most people in the world believe in a divinity. In this story, the Archangel Gabriel comes to earth in the form of a girl that would appeal to a troubled young man, Julian, so that together they could bring faith back to a country where God had been forgotten. Gabriella helps Julian to become famous and then allows him to die. Once the doctor has confirmed death, she proceeds in front of his devastated family to bring him back to life and the world discovers God exists and miracles still abound.

Jesus The Warrior

by Ari Franklinos

In rewriting the story of Jesus and concentrating on the middle years of his life rather than his birth and death, I wanted to present him as a man who was finally able to offer us ideals to strive for. He dies on the cross unaware of his own divinity and yet the people recognise he is divine and follow his teachings until the edifice of the Church takes them around the globe so that his goodness echoes throughout the centuries. A faith is created only if the people are willing to accept and believe in that faith.

The Mercenary And The Shaman

by Ari Franklinos

What makes a man choose to become a warrior in our times? It’s a question I have asked myself since adolescence. In the absence of conscription, one chooses freely, yet so many young men follow this road and end up as wasted lives. When life is such a powerful force, what is that other force which draws us towards the line which if crossed means annihilation? Idealism, meaning, belief, madness?

Poor Man

by Ari Franklinos

An epic poem describing in a light-hearted manner the history of the universe from the Big Bang to life on earth and the arrival of Man with his problems.
A very old explosion/ Had made a universe/ God looked on in wonderment/ ‘Twas beauty sung in verse…….

Postcards From The Big Island (Journey Through Hawaii)

by JP McKeever

Photos of selected locations on the Big Island, Hawaii. Book Three of a Hawaiian Postcard Series.

The Prisoner

by Ari Franklinos

The Prisoner concerns the eternal story of man’s inhumanity to man, and the irony that anyone can be turned by circumstances from an ordinary, caring human being into a depraved monster capable of inflicting torture on others without flinching, simply for the sake of an idea. I wrote it because of the everyday headlines informing us of such atrocities and because close friends who dared to express opinions with their God-given freedom suffered at the hands of others. I wrote it because familiarity has hardened us and we no longer see it happening. We need to reset our values.


by Ari Franklinos

The story is concerned with the creative process and its link to mythology and dreams. Human suffering leads to a tension which stimulates the creative process. Our imagination’s flight is no more than the need to escape our painful predicament and once escape is effected, we find an inner calm without the necessary tension to create.

Ukulele Song Book: 20 Christmas Songs with Lyrics, Chords and Chord Tabs (Ukulele Song Books Strum and Sing)

by Rosa Suen

This is a Ukulele Song Book I put together for parents and children who have participated in my Ukulele Workshops. These are 20 all-time-favorite Christmas songs for everyone’s enjoyment. The songs are in the keys of the vocal range so that the song book can be used for singalongs in your Christmas gatherings and parties. The ukulele chord tabs & charts are shown at the beginning of each song.

In this Ukulele Song Book, I have compiled the following 20 All time favorite Christmas songs for old and young alike. Have fun!

1. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

2. White Christmas

3. Let It Snow

4. Silent Night

5. Blue Christmas

6. Jingle Bells

7. Deck the Halls

8. Rocking Around the Christmas Tree

9. O Come All Ye Faithful

10. Winter Wonderland

11. We Wish You A Merry Christmas

12. The Twelve Days of Christmas

13. When A Child Is Born

14. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

15. Silver Bells

16. The Little Drummer Boy

17. I’ll Be Home For Christmas

18. O Holy Night

19. Away In A Manger

20. Jingle Bell Rock

Learn How to Draw Cars For the Absolute Beginner (Learn to Draw)

by John Davidson

Learn How to Draw Cars For the Absolute Beginner

Table of Contents


Principles to have in mind

Phase 1: Get those hands loosen!

Phase 2: Begin your car design

Phase 3: Car Personality Traces

Phase 4: Define the silhouette

Phase 5: Windows!

Phase 6: Eyes and personality

Phase 7: Wheels need roomâ?¦

Phase 8: Wheels room is part of the car!

Phase 9: Grey parts-painting time. Patience and patience.

Phase 10: Rims: the groom’s shoes.

Phase 11: Sunglasses and brakes.

Phase 12: Shiny and â??’contrasty”

Phase 13: Give it some depth!

Phase 14: Color is character.

Phase 15: The check point: Wait, observe, and improve.


Have you tried to draw a car that would look both impressive and real? Have you asked yourself: “Why doesn’t my car look real?”

How good it must feel to not only comment on how beautiful, innovative, original or aggressive a car looks, but also to be able to create one yourself!

Car design is a very popular industry for several reasons. For instance, a car is one of the first things a family buys; a car is a popular graduation gift; a car is a way that people show who they are, what they do or how they live; a car can be a whole culture’s symbol; a carâ?¦ is one of millions of people’s dreams.

In this book, you will learn the basics of side view car design and get to understand what criteria should guide your steps as you approach your final production.

As you read and follow the books phases, draw conclusions on why the instructions, comments, and suggestions you read are necessary to be aware of.

Now, you are just a few moments away from doing amazing car designs, so we encourage you to put these steps to practice, try following the tips given, and, most importantly, boost your creativity up!

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