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by Bryce Bentley Summers

Waking up one morning to find yourself buried is bad enough. But to have amnesia, believe you may be hungry for human flesh, and find out that you’re a grotesque ugly creature, can be somewhat overwhelming.

Journey with Amen as he discovers his world is inhabited by Undead, and is confused to learn it also has strange alien creatures, who appear to be helping the Undead.

In this climatic end, we feel Amen’s confusion, as he must decide whether he truly desires human flesh, or not.

Dreamwalkers (Part One)

by D.M. Andrews

Callum Chase would rather study Greek myth than play sports or mingle at school. Bullied and friendless, Cal retreats every night into a world where he is the master, a world of dreams.

But one day the girl from his dreams shows up at his school and turns his worlds â?? both waking and dreaming â?? upside down…

Dreamwalkers (Part One) is the first instalment (13,000 words) in the Dreamwalkers series. The story continues in Dreamwalkers (Part Two).

Primary Audience: Young Adult
Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal
Theme: Dreams, Lucid Dreaming
Setting: England, Renaissance Italy
Word count: ca. 13,000 words
Language: British English
Rating: Suitable for confident readers of all ages 
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Zero Phase: Apollo 13 on the Moon (Altered Space)

by Gerald Brennan

May, 1970. After a one-month launch delay, Apollo 13 lands in the Fra Mauro Highlands of the Moonand then the troubles start.

The first in a proposed series of alternate history stories from space exploration’s golden age, Zero Phase was written with help from two Apollo astronauts: Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the only remaining astronaut to have gone to Fra Mauroand Apollo 13’s Commander, Jim Lovell, who was supposed to go.

Thoroughly researched and finely written, this novella is a must for space aficionados and literary enthusiasts alike.

The Specials (The Specials Trilogy)

by Kel Pollard

When three very different high school students are rushed to the school nurse’s office with severe headaches, they realize they have something very special in common…

Kory can move things with his mind.

Heather can hear people’s thoughts.

David can freeze time.

How did the powers develop? What caused them? Are they dangerous? Rogue scientist Dr. Walter Strong seems to have all the answers, but the three teenagers are wary when he tries to warn them about Ascentia, a secret organization whose sole purpose is to capture and control them by any means necessary.It is only when members of Ascentia’s Specials Recovery Unit attack their homes and abduct their loved ones that Kory, Heather and David are left with no choice but to trust Dr. Strong, and to risk their lives to save the people they care about most.

Phoenix Awakened (The Immortal Choice Series)

by Amanda R. Browning

A goddess rebornâ?¦
The phoenix awakenedâ?¦
An ancient prophecyâ?¦

Nyx, the goddess of night, was losing her connection with humanity and chose to live a human lifetime to close the ever widening gap. Her powers were sealed away and she was born as a human. She lives a mortal life, complete with all the joy and heartbreak that goes along with humanity.

During that life, Nyx creates an immortal creature of immense power. Upon her return to the divine realm, they are charged as eternal companions and the two weather eons together. When Apollo delivers a prophecy about Hades and a coming war, Nyx knows she must act.

After watching for over five hundred years, Nyx finds the human that the prophecy calls for in Harlow. There’s a reason why she was chosen as Aiden’s soul mate and she is intended to be the turning point of the war against humans that Hades is planning.

Now that Harlow has been turned and reborn as the first Nyxian, there are many things she has to learn, the least of which is how to be a vampire. Delve into her heritage and find out why she was chosen and how she will adjust to her new role as a leader.

Phoenix Awakened is a story of growth and rebirth that spans through the ages. Harlow was destined for a life among the supernatural and Aiden was just the key that opened the door. Her fate was cast long before her birth, but will she be able to handle the life she’s been thrust into?

Shadow of Utopia (Vol. 1 – The Mutants)

by Luke Shephard

Volume 1 of the Shadow of Utopia series!

Once, long ago, the world was a happier place. It was beautiful and rich with life. There was music and laughter, pictures that could move, objects that could sing. When a life was born, people celebrated and hosted parties. When a life was taken, people were overcome with grief. There was light everywhere, and hope could always be found in the darkest of times.

That world was called Earth.

Earth is no more. This is the dead Earth, a shell of what once was. Here there is darkness and death, sickness and turmoil. Music is fragments of memories contained within the oldest people. Laughter is for fools. Life is misfortune, death is celebrated. There is no hope.

Over population and sickness have led to the destruction of society. The elite live in a floating utopia overlooking the dying world below. Many of those on the surface are mutilated and insane, side-effects of the plague that swept the land.

Yet, a few have overcome the illness and developed strange powers from it. They are trying to survive in a war-torn world as neither part of the mutants or the normal people living above.

Cora is one of the people on the surface world who has developed powers from the sickness that swept the nation.

This is her story.

Heir of Mjölnir (The Dragon Hunters)

by Drako

The servants of Hecate have been subject to persecution for many years. They have been misunderstood, accused of worshipping the devil. And Hecate has had enough. The Devil, Lucifer, has finally invaded the human world and his true servants, warlocks, are growing bold. Lucifer’s influence has spread throughout the world and nothing is the same as it was before he came. There are those that can counter the power of the warlocks, and Hecate may have found one.
Vax King had just graduated high school when the world changed. And unlike everyone around him, he saw through the lies. The world was trapped in the spell of the father of all evil and he seemed to be the only one in the immediate area that could see it. Then again, he’s a solitary witch and no one else knows it. But he’s shocked when the goddess Hecate appears to him with a quest to gain a weapon to help fight the forces of evil. The weapon is the legendary hammer of the Norse god, Thor, Mjölnir, and if he can find this he can lead the forces of Hecate against their greatest enemy. But to gain it, he must survive the Rose realm and prove his worth. Should he fail, death is all that awaits. Can he prove to the enchanted weapon of the deceased god that he is more worthy of wielding it than the original owner, and therein become the leader of an army of witches ready and waiting to stand against Lucifer?

The Dragonstone

by Lynn McInroy

When a wicked Sultan curses the land of Cardevin to sink below the waves in 30 days time, the king must rely on his wizard, Feo, to break the spell. The only problem is that Feo has never cast a spell in his life! In this epic fantasy adventure, Feo sets off to a distant land to find rare ingredients for the ritual that will save his home land, but the main component is a rare stone that can only be found inside a vicious dragon!

Will Feo return to save Cardevin, and if he does, will he be the same person he was when he left?

It’s The Stars Will Be Our Lamps

by Alan Walsh

Monday morning and Conall Donoghue hasn’t a paper to read while he crams hot porridge into his oul yap. The paperboy will have to be found!

So begins Conall’s quest to find where Declan Mac Neassa and his brother Cormac have disappeared to, taking him on a journey to meet the worst weirdos and vagabonds in the wild little town of Bally, to learn about Fierce Dee O’Loughin, and on to the secret at the heart of the whole town, threatening to tear it all to bits.

A modern retelling of the ancient Irish fable ‘Deirdre of the Sorrow’s’, we follow Dee as she tries to break free of her father’s hold, running away with a pair of local lads, her crow, and her diary. We follow Conall, as his chase to find the paperboy turns into a quest to find his killer, meeting modern versions of the Morrigan, The Fianna and Cuchulainn, to name just a few. And we follow me, a drunken local Puca, hidden away, disguised safely so he can tell it all to yourselves!

The Midnight Chronicles – The Weird Case of Mrs Etherington-Strange

by Neil Trigger

When Bethany moves to Windy Falls and into a new house, she doesn’t know anything about the weird woman who once lived there or the mysterious cloud that hangs over the gloomy village.

Being a born explorer, Bethany seeks the answers to a host of strange events and discovers a magical world in a very unexpected place. She finds a witch in a magical kitchen who teaches her how to cast spells of her own, but is Mrs Etherington-Strange everything she appears to be?

Dangers Of The Road

by T. Perran Mitchell

Sophie Lecoise’s ride through the forest takes a turn for the unexpected when she encounters a frightened young man who is more than he seems. This 8-page comic is the first adventure featuring Sophie Lecoise, with more stories scheduled for 2014. The kindle edition also includes bonus concept art used in the creation of this book.

Caution: Witch In Progress

by Lynne North

Gertie Grimthorpe is born into a society of witches and grows up in Vile Vale, but there is something very wrong with her… she is beautiful and couldn’t be nasty if she tried.

When she finds out that she is to attend a private academy for magical children, Gertie hopes to find her witchy way in the world.

With a moat monster suffering from stomach ache, a short-sighted owl familiar and mishaps galore, Gertie’s adventures are hilarious and heartwarming.

Join Gertie as she struggles with growing up (and longing to grow her first wart), learning magic and working out how to deal with a grumpy enchanted umbrella, named Bat.

Dawn Solstice

by Olivia Kiernan

Archaeologist, Dawn Kennedy, is sent to work at a Neolithic tomb in Ireland. The tomb, Newgrage, is famed for its history of reincarnation. Dawn is drawn to studfarm owner Evan O’Brien but their relationship seems thwarted from the start.

The locals talk of The Legend of the Banshee, a harbinger of death and when Dawn is haunted by a strange spectre, she feels the past reach out to her. Soon she is living in fear, fear of love, the banshee and Ireland’s fractured history and overlooking the river Boyne, Newgrange seems to be waiting, waiting for her to love, waiting for her to die.

On Extremity and Eternity: The Continuing Adventures of Mr K and Charles

by Shultz Abrahms K.

Floating voyeuristically above the endless Northern steppe lands, banished from his body and society for falling in love with a flaw, a former pornographer of the divine finds his destiny entwined with those of two eccentric adventurers: the marvellous Mr K and Charles – a Taoist Wild Boar and a quizzical Snowy-White Goat. Together they launch forth on an unparalleled quest through mind-bending dimensions of awesomeness, to reconcile the poles of the worldâ?¦ and not get eaten.
In pursuit of their goals our brave protagonists encounters: astral tramping, shameless exhibitionism, blow-by-blow Kung Fu action, revolutionary politicking, a rather salacious arch-nefarious villainess (in red!), beard stroking wisdom, secret weapons, and the (more than) occasional mind-bending paradox!
On Extremity and Eternity: The Continuing Adventures of Mr K and Charles is a genre defying work of fiction set in a fantastical land not unlike ancient Mongolia. Freely inspired by such timeless epics as Journey to the West and The Odyssey, and by authors ranging from Rabelais through Gogol to Vonnegut and Douglas Adams – reverently irreverent to all! – this is the legendary story of a young man in search of the worldâ?¦
Written over a year spent in Outer Mongolia, On Extremity and Eternity will take you to the very edge of impossibility, and beyond!

Emily Dickinson, Superhero – Vol. 1

by Eric Nixon

Emily Dickinson is widely regarded as one of the greatest poets in history. The world saw her as a withdrawn, reclusive writer with a desperate need for privacy.

That’s exactly what she wanted you to think.

Emily Dickinson was also one of the greatest superheroes who ever lived.

Emily Dickinson, Superhero – Vol. 1 follows a young Emily Dickinson acquiring her superpowers, and having to learn to use them while dealing with a whole host of issues; ranging from protecting her town from a horde of supernatural beings, to dealing with a gang of malevolent supers. The 330-page book is comprised of the following three stories:

Vol. 1, Episode 1 – Tomb and Graves – In 1852, a secret society at Amherst College succeeded in bringing the dead back to lifeâ?¦and quickly lost control. Emily Dickinson, a young woman imbued with superpowers, teamed up with the town’s new police officer to fight the supernatural hordes attacking the annual Cattle Show.

Vol. 1, Episode 2 – Creation of a Superhero – Emily tells her sister, Lavinia, and Officer Lawless the origins story of her abilities. From her time training with a ninja while a student at Mount Holyoke, to her becoming a patient of Dr. Jackson, and dealing with the superpowers she received in the process, Emily has to quickly adapt to deal with a crime gang threatening Boston.

Vol. 1, Episode 3 – Austin in Boston – In January of 1853, Emily travels to Boston to visit her brother, Austin, enrolled at Harvard Law School. While there, the Boston Supers Group asks for Emily’s help in catching an unknown super terrorizing the city. Not wanting to get involved, Emily declined, but soon found herself drawn in by an old adversary and his gang bent on a single-minded determination for revenge.

Destined Oracle (The Destined Oracle Series)

by J.G. Martinez

With evil corrupting even the ranks of angels, the one to save the world doesn’t know of what she is capable. At three years old, her Mother hid her in the human world from the realm of magic and from those who wished to thwart her destiny. After her last remaining relative on her father’s side passes away, her mother decided to return her daughter to the magic world where she belongs. With the forces of evil building an army, will Savina find the power and strength to do what she was born to do? Or will the forces of evil finish what it began years before and destroy her?

Findol: Adventures In The Big Blue

by David Satchell

Deep in the oceans of the world exists a magical place with a fantastical history, but it is now under threat from an ancient evil. However, during “The Great Darkening”, a hero is born – a dolphin called Findol. Accompanied by his faithful friend – a flatulent hermit crab called Flaytus, he must embark of the most amazing and dangerous journey of his life. Together they must find the last existing portal – a magical gateway to the land of Man where he will battle the forces that challenge the peaceful existence of all creatures; both on land and in the Big Blue.

Jalia and the Slavers (Jalia – World of Jalon)

by John Booth

In the third book in the Jalia Series, Jalia and Daniel have been travelling for weeks with Talla, a young woman they rescued in Taybee. They are heading for the city of Brinan where the Mine Owners Association keep their gold. The presence of gold and Jalia in the same place means that trouble can only be a footstep away.

One thing leads to another and Jalia and Daniel find they have no choice but to destroy the Mine Owners or die trying. It’s true that Jalia could give their gold back, but that was never really an option. 

To confront the enemy they must travel on to Telmar, a city built on seven islands. Each island is fortified and they are outnumbered hundreds to one.

Action adventures with a smattering of magic.

From the author:
Jalia is my favourite character and I have written an enormous amount about her. She and Daniel are destined for great things.

Daniel is the last of the Magician Kings, something he doesn’t believe in the current books. He’s still a teenager, brought up on a farm until his parents died and then dragged around the Golden Triangle (a trade route) by his older half-brother. At this point in his life, he couldn’t be a king if he wanted to. What he does want to do is follow Jalia wherever she wants to go. He knows he is in love with her, even as he knows that she isn’t yet capable of love.

Jalia is the daughter of a Master Trader and was brought up in luxury among the rich and royalty of Bagdor. She is very intelligent and incredibly lucky (you’ll find out why, eventually.) Her mother was a mystery, blonde and blue-eyed in a country where no one like that exists. She claimed to come from a village far to the west, but that was a lie.

Jalia is a sociopath with nothing remotely like a conscience. She puts herself, first, second and last. Ruthless does not begin to describe her. However, she has some rules she chooses to live by, one of which is that her word is her bond. She is drawn towards Daniel, but he is still largely a travelling companion. Because she wants to keep on travelling with him, she often considers what Daniel would want her to do to avoid annoying him.

These books are about the two of them growing up. They are on a sightseeing tour around their world because Jalia wants to see things, and because many of the places they’ve been have a price on Jalia’s head. She can’t keep out of trouble as it’s in her nature. Daniel wanted a quiet life, but by the end of Jalia and the Slavers, he knows he can’t have that and Jalia.

There is an epic story rumbling away in the background as hints to their future are dropped here and there, but these books are a series of adventures caused by Jalia’s irrepressible nature. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

The Unhouse

by Cally Starforth Hill

Ivan has gone to live in the village of Sleepycroft with his father.

The people in Sleepycroft are mostly asleep, a common human problem, but there is something different about this village. WIthin it there are two houses which are particularly abnormal. Both houses are the subject of gossip in the village but one of them intrigues Ivan because there is a rumour that somewhere inside there is a magic pillow which can tell him the meaning behind his dreams.

T-Cup and the Dream Team Fairies

by Sarah Manfield

A child called Oliver in need of help and those blasted BuffleBogs are trying to ruin everything.

T-cup and her best friend Cloud have become members of the dream team fairies at last. They can’t wait to earn their wings.

Gobey and his sidekick Dum have been thwarted by those flitty fairies again and these Bufflebogs have a plan up their sleeve to make their next nightmare mission a success.

Oliver is having a terrible time on earth, his bully is getting worse and worse by the minute and he has nowhere to turn.

Can T-Cup and cloud save the day or will the Bufflebogs have their way?

Princess Hevonie and the magic stone

by Paola Uberti Rovelli

A rebellious princess . A dark enemy from the past. A magical world to save.

An amazing fantasy novel that will appeal to adult readers and to the younger ones .

Hevonie Heronberg is a princess who doesn’t love the commitments of the court, rather she tries in every way to avoid them. On the day of her sixteenth birthday she receives a stone which opened her the doors of the world of magic. After having disobeyed the orders for the umpteenth time, her father, the king of Kosworth, as punishment he forced her to attend a rigorous college and the stone is removed . But during the journey to the college her carriage is attacked and from that moment she discovers a world populated by the more strange creatures , where she must fight against an old mortal danger that threatens the whole kingdom . Reading age : 12 years.

HEVONIE AND THE MAGIC STONE is a fun action-packed fantasy that takes place in a fantasy world populated by many magical creatures , where the protagonists live incredible adventures and face countless mortals dangers.

Will princess Hevonie be able to save her kingdom?

Ghost Story

by Leonid Kleyman

When young unmotivated Jaime finds himself floating above his own body, this ghost undertakes an epic journey of friendship, rivalry, and dangers on his quest to return to the living.

He was just going through life, without a care in the world. Nothing especially seemed to interest him until Jaime unwittingly saw his own death from under the hot smoke, gasoline, and blood of a car driven by a drunken man who cared less than him.

For Jaime, purgatory is a tad more interesting than real life. He’s about to discover some of his classmates carry the secret power to speak with and exorcise ghosts. His only chance to return his soul to his body is to help these special classmates remove evil spirits, but that turns out to become more complicated than anything from his wildest imagination. The truth leading to his death and a new found desire to help his friends will lead Jaime to the abyss.

The Sad Tale Of Horatio Smollet (The Midnight Chronicles Shorts)

by Neil Trigger

Horatio Smollet was running. The palace guards, made from burning feet and the smoke curling into evil skulls, animated by magic are chasing him. Horatio is a thief!

This is a short story which fills the gaps between The Midnight Chronicles series with extra colour, detail and texture.

A Whisper of Angels (SLUMBERLAND)

by D. Louis

A Whisper of Angels is volume one in the Slumberland series that unites the Seven Slumberers for a prophecy sworn for our age. It is the story of Nealand Mosey’s awakening as he searches for a missing friend and discovers that the feats he willfully executes in lucid dreams are beginning to manifest in the waking world but with real time trials and side effects along the way while he whets his new talents.

The search for his friend finds Nealand, accompanied by Rushan Shinwari and Karma Dervisher, taking steps into a world hidden out in the open and that of true myth and epic fantasy as a faint voice guides him from beyond the veil of assumed reality.

Their journey leads to encounters with legendary beasts of yore, esoteric government agents, a rogue crew of tugboat misfits, and the underground world of Steemhaven, home to the Netherkin people who long ago traveled deep within the Bellows Caverns guided by divine decree and once protected by the highest order of angels.

Rio Diablo

by Gitte Ahrenkiel

A tribute to Freedom Fighters and People who oppose Injustice.

Indira’s Journey

by Ari Franklinos

Indira lives in a village in the Gangetic plain. As a Hindu, her dream is to be cremated on the banks of the river Ganges, mother Ganga in Hindu mythology, so that she can become one with her god.
After bringing up her children and grandchildren, she looks forward to the day she dies, knowing she will be reborn to a better life, having lived her present one according to the rules.
Her family accepts her wishes and after the cremation her ashes are scattered in the waters of her holy mother.


by Zabeta Meehling

A tale of deceit, true love, and the forces that rise to save it.

The Knacker (Cornish Guardians)

by Gareth K Pengelly

“Ice-cold fear flooded Kyle’s stomach as the four of them froze. Slowly, ever so slowly, they turned.

There, behind them, so close, so very close in the confines of the tunnel, the creature hissed, the sound that of shifting sands and cracking stone as it rose to its full, terrible height; the length of its monstrous, gangly limbs barely fitting in the claustrophobic space.

This. This was the Knacker. There would be no discussion. There would be no rapport. There was only hunger. There was only inhuman malice and cold, merciless death. For they knew now what tribute it demanded…”

A Knacker, an ancient spirit of the Cornish tin mines has been roused from its decades long slumber with one thing on its mind: tribute.

Kyle, a troubled teen, recently moved to Cornwall following the death of his father, along with his three new Wiccan friends, Alice, Lou and Gem, find themselves in the path of the beast as it stalks the quiet seaside town of St Agnes.

Can the beast be stopped? How much blood will be shed before the Knacker is satisfied with its ‘tribute’? What is the dark secret behind George, the old handyman who seems to know more than he’s letting on?

And what is causing the spirits of Cornwall to stir and awaken after remaining hidden for so long?

Find out in this, The Knacker, first book of the Cornish Guardians series.


The Knacker is the first book in the Cornish Guardians series, a companion series to The Graeme Stone Saga. It can be enjoyed easily on its own, though some elements of the plot are explained in the wider story-arc of The Fall to Power and Stone Rising.

Pintogabs and the Big, Fat Rabbit

by Ujjwal Khadka

Pintogabs and Pin are brothers, and one of their misadventures into a deadly jungle helps them bring about a predestined happenstanceâ?¦

Ages: 9 and up.

The Protector of Memories (The Veil of Death)

by D.K. Manning

The Party : A cruel trick that Hera, Zeus’s wife, created to trap all immortal children within it.

The Crime : One by one the immortal children become claimed to the Earth and bound to mortality.

The Punishment : When the party ended, Zeus and Eurynome, punished Hera. They turned her into a ghost.

The Consequence : An event is triggered which endangers the race of humankindâ?¦ a race that the children are now a part of.

The Solution : The last guests to be claimed are Eurynome’s daughters and they have to convince the twenty-first century mortals that they are in danger of becoming extinct.

The Problem : The twenty-first century mortals have long since lost their ability to see the ghosts of their dead. Their sixth sense is rendered redundant and they believe in the existence of the immortal-being even less then they do the ghosts of their dead.

The Viking & the hermit: The Grabbas Are Coming(Children’s Illustrated Book Series Adventure Age 5-9)

by LaDy LaDuke

Hermit watches Viking fly high above the Bay waters, riding Sasha the seahorse, and over the fish she must spear for dinner.

He thinks back to the time he and the Viking metâ?¦

“Who goes there?”

He shouts, as he steps out from his hiding placeâ?¦spear pointing and shield ready.

The Viking softens her voice and musters sincerity.

“I am just a Viking. I mean you no harm. I lost my way at sea and found your island in the distance. I scraped some rocks, and took on water, but got my ship to shore. She’s beached in the sand, and needs repair.”

â?¦The Viking reaches up, and adjusts her helmet from the tip of its horn, as she thinks about the Vikings she left back at her village. She wonders if the Vikings will notice she is gone, and misses her father already.

The Hermit now looks back to the Viking plunging down to her fish from the sky.

It is a good day for spear fishing.

REVIEWS: “Simply Charming”

“I volunteer in a kindergarten class, and I’m always looking for books to read to the students. I found this storybook simply charming!

The story and the characters are wonderful, and the illustrations are so colorful and appealing for a children’s book!”

The Viking & the hermit Book 2: The Grabbas Are Coming is a fairy tale myth and adventure in our illustrated stories for children series. Don’t miss Book 1: Spear Fishing with Sasha & Kasha, and grab your FREE gifts inside!

Viking and Hermit will find many adventures togetherâ?¦come along with them.

Baba Yaga (Unconditional)

by Mari Bayo

26,000 word novella that starts the “Unconditional” series. YA/Fantasy/Folklore

Marnie Knezevic is looking forward to a quiet, calm freshman year of college. She deserves it after being bullied every day of her high-school experience.

Her supportive boyfriend, and the reason for that bullying, after all the school jock couldn’t really want the fat-girl, is systematically destroying that peace. First by joining his father’s fraternity and then by getting himself kidnapped during a hazing prank.

Three months later he’s returned but not all is as it seems. It’s up to Marnie to figure out what’s going on and maybe discover some secrets about herself along the way, her strength, her determination and just how far she’s willing to go for someone she loves.

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