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Santa’s Watch

by Konstantinos Foutsidis

This Christmas, prepare for the biggest adventure ever. Three friends, a 9 year old boy, a 500 year old elf and a squirrel, will confront wizards, monsters and corn, lots of corn. But before that, they’ll cause a great deal of problems.Will they get to free Santa from the hands of the evil wizard? A story for children and adults that never grew up.

Dangerously Loving Meesh 2 (Meesh, Myself and I)

by Shelli Marie

Most of you know Me’Shellay from her previous endeavors in Meesh, Myself and I. All of the shit she went through groomed her into the most loving, caring, protective, dangerous chick you could even think about fucking with.

Me’Shellay is still married to the unfaithful Sanders, but things take a shift as a new chapter in her life begins.

Nearly twenty years after Kerron, the love of Meesh’s life, flees to Cuba, he resurfaces to reclaim what he feels is rightfully his. That is when her life gets crazy, revealing things that would change her forever. From murder and deception to shocking secrets exposed, Me’Shellay will do whatever it takes to secure love and protect family.

Will Sanders and Me’Shellay weather the storm? Can Kerron come back and pick up where he left off? Will she finally be reunited with her long lost son, or will she end up all alone once again? Whatever the outcome may be, it will create a whole new world for herâ?¦

A Christmas House

by Mary Miller

“A Christmas House” is the perfect book for anyone who has ever: built a house, worried about getting old, been single, been married, experienced sibling rivalry, delivered a baby, or spent the holidays with their relatives!

Born on Christmas Day, Abigail Addison was turning sixty this year. Even though she didn’t look old, every now and then she felt old. So, when Fred her husband of thirty-five years invites the family down to spend Christmas together in the house he’s been building on an island off the coast of Georgia, she decides to surprise him by selling their old home and embracing a life together at the beach.

It’s Abigail, however, who is surprised when she gets there to discover Fred’s beautiful red brick house with white columns is somewhat lacking inside â?¦ lacking paint, lacking plaster, lacking walls!

As each member of the family arrives they see a different house. Fred sees it for what it will be. Abigail sees it for the unfinished mess it is. Their three grown daughters, Margaret, Babs, and Lizbeth (eight months pregnant!) recognize it as an exact replica of the house they grew up in and reminisce about growing up in an unfinished home.

But it’s Abigail who sets everything in motion. Unable to tell anyone what she has done, she refuses to stay in the house for even one night and insists on finding a hotel room on Christmas Eve. As in the original Christmas story there are no rooms to be found. So it’s up to the others at the height of the chaos, as Lizbeth goes into labor, to figure out a way to make a house with no walls … a home.



In 1989 my father finally decided to build his dream house on an island off the coast of Georgia. He had talked about building this house all our lives. As kids, my sisters and I, thought it’d be something he’d finish while we were still children. Mother thought it’d be something he’d finish while she was still young! But by 1989 both my sisters and I were well out of the house and mother had turned sixty. Born on Christmas day, age never bothered her before, but that year, with her husband away and the children gone, she suddenly felt old and alone. When someone feels old and alone, especially at sixty, they are apt to do something drastic to change their life.

This is that story, a mixture of truth and fiction tempered with love and understanding and a healthy dose of humor because, after all, the names have been changed to protect the guilty!

Merry Christmas

Mary Miller

The Best ‘Un Yet

by Becky Mushko

Five short stories about Christmas: “The Best ‘Un Yet,” newcomers to a rural community try to change the annual Christmas program; “The Spirit of Giving,” a father takes his children to a mall to receive charity; “â??The Magi’ Strikes Back,” a gift exchange goes wrong; “You Don’t Ever Know,” children at a rural school receive gifts from an anonymous benefactor; and “You Ain’t Buck Nekkid and You Got Enough to Eat,” a country girl envious of her classmates realizes how fortunate she is.

Diary of a Kid Named Wedgie: High School Hacker

by J. Newton

A bright middle school kid with a wedged shaped head gets accepted by the cool kids in school. The kids create a scheme to hack into the schools computers database. Having success with hacking they take it to the next level. They receive riches for their crimes and become the target of law enforcement in Dallas, Texas and the entire country.

The Untold Story Of Pyramus And Thisbe

by Steven L. Sheppard

A dramatic contemporary telling of the old told Ovidian tale of Pyramus and Thisbe, in the form of a one-act play, written in prose.  Pyramus and Thisbe, like you’ve never read them before!


by J.E. Taylor

Short Story: In the land of nightmares, what is reality and what is just a dream.

…I can’t locate the source of the terrible sound echoing against the brick walls of the alley, reminding me of claws dragging against metal.

Gritting my teeth, I shiver uncontrollably. My clothes are soaked, slick against my clammy skin. Terror washes over me as his hot breath touches me from behind.

I scream . . .

The Hollidaysburg Christmas Miracle

by Bruce A. Bracken

Oblivious to an approaching freight train, 14-year-old Chris Ballentine is trapped high above Pleasant Valley, midway on Cresson Trestle, with two options: being struck by the oncoming locomotive or to leap into the rocky ravine below. Chris realizes his predicament too late and dives headlong into the abyss. Meanwhile, three “kings of the road” observe Chris’s plight and rescue and care for him in their camp in the rugged Central Pennsylvania mountains until he can be safely moved. Mysteriously drawn to the trestle by the mesmerizing allure of the headlamps of passing trains, the men’s willingness to “follow the light” sets the scene for a real Christmas miracle.

A Stranger in Triva

by Marten Weber

A Stranger in Triva is an ingenious cycle of stories about gay men and their lives. Each story offers a glimpse into a relationship, from Russia and India a century ago; in Asia, the US and Mexico today. These stories speak of love and devotion, of longing and erotic pleasure, but also of responsibility, of honor, and of deceit.
As the reader travels from story to story, a magical narrative emerges which connects all the protagonists in the book across space and time.
Marten Weber has created a cohesive work with incredible depth that will forever change your mind about what gay story-telling can be.
These are imaginative and beautiful stories about personal fates, spanning a century and ten countries, ingeniously linked and told in the educated and engaging style Weber has become renowned for.

A Life in Snow

by Heinreich Sioson

“A Life in Snow” is a science fiction story set in an alternate Orlando, Florida where cold winters are the norm. In that city is a man from another place, another world. He is looking for a boy but instead meets the boy’s mother. The man is duty-bound to perform the task set before him, but he finds himself drawn to this woman.

This is a story about making a choice. This is a story about love, and what people might do in its name.

Confessions of a Boulder Roller

by Hans Henriksen

This book is a collection of short stories from my life. Some, like The Storm, are 100% true. Others contain only a kernel of truth, tossed with humor and peppered with imagination. Let me share with you my love of the outdoors, my skew on life and my sense of humor. It is my hope you will be entertained in a way that not only has you chuckling in your chair now; it will find you smiling several days later as you reflect. And perhaps, as you go back to enjoy these a second time, you’ll find a new kernel of truth.

Confessions of a boulder roller takes you on a comical ride through a young man’s eyes as he twists an innocent enjoyment that was shared with his father into the compulsion it has become today.

The Storm will take you first hand on a solo voyage in a small boat into the worst the Pacific Ocean has to offer.

My life as a star takes you on a tour for a day as an extra in a Hollywood production.

There is more, but you’ll just have to open the cover and see for yourself.

Library of Illumination: Doubloons

by Carol Pack

The Library of Illumination is a magical place where all stories begin: literature, science, poetry; every thought that has ever been committed to paper resides within. 16-year-old Jackson Roth is library curator Johanna Charette’s new assistant, but he may be too rambunctious for the quiet repository of knowledge. He unwittingly releases a bunch of rowdy pirates, who leave a cache of Spanish doubloons behind in the main reading room after they disappear back into the pages of “Treasure Island.” The money from the pirate booty couldn’t have come at a better time, but a pawnbroker’s interest spirals out of control, and instead of untold riches, there is mounting danger. Can Johanna and Jackson outsmart their enemy before an itchy trigger finger finds its mark?

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