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Return to Order: From a Frenzied Economy to an Organic Christian Society–Where We’ve Been, How We Got Here, and Where We Need to Go

by John Horvat

In times of crisis, we are forced to reexamine our ways and ponder our future. It is in this framework that we need to consider our present economic plight and the charting of our path forward.

In his penetrating analysis of contemporary society, author John Horvat focuses on the present crisis with great insight and clarity. He claims modern economy has become cold, impersonal, and out of balance. Gone are the human elements of honor and trust so essential to our daily lives. Society has discarded the natural restraining influence of the human institutions and values that should temper our economic activities.

Return to Order is a clarion call that invites us to reconnect with those institutions and values by applying the timeless principles of an organic Christian order. Horvat presents a refreshing picture of this order, so wonderfully adapted to our human nature. He describes the calming influence of those natural regulating institutionsâ??such as custom, family, community, the Christian State, and the Church.

A return to order is not only possible but crucial. Horvat shows us how to make it happen.

Based on nearly twenty years of ground-breaking research, this book is being recognized as one of the most important and influential on the subject to be published in the past ten years. Its original insight into both the present crisis and remedies for the future thrust Return to Order into the center of the raging debate over how to restore America to prominence as a proud and great nation.

Read this dramatic approach to restore America and join the debate about America’s RETURN TO ORDER.

The Fall of the West

by Matt Buttsworth

The Fall of the West is a detailed, thought provoking consideration of what factors and events have led to the Fall of the West as the leading scientific, technological and economic civilisaton in the world.
It considers the impact of World War One and Two on Western civilisation, as well as the current crises of debt, failing technological leadership and economic competitiveness, declining education standards and increasingly violent social behavior that confront Western leaders and citizens today.
It is essential reading for anyone trying to understand the Polarshift in world economic and technological power that is occuring today, and who wish to understand the past and future of the West.
It seeks to understand why this decline has occurred and if it is reversible.
The Fall of the West is part of Polarshift which may be purchased at

The Spire Chronicle

by Anonymous

After 150 years, one man’s story can finally be told…… Summer 1861 in Salisbury, England; Writing under the alias of Ralph Chatterforth, a narrator presents his story as a journey from innocent childhood through the key milestones that shaped his wretched character to ultimately confess the sins for which he undoubtedly suffered until his dying day. The Spire Chronicle is the tale of a man haunted by his recent past as he tries to make sense of a scandalous life. A melancholic and emotional reflection brought to life through the original Victorian prose. At times humorous, but in essence an honest confession of a seemingly immoral lifetime.

Realms of Gold: Ritual to Romance ((Romance Novel))

by Terry Stanfill

Realms of Gold: Ritual to Romance is sheer alchemy. Terry Stanfill cleverly masterminds dialing back the time machine in magical, potent ways to reveal a vast fabric of history seamlessly reaching into the depths of the Celtic past. Under her pen, the past revived informs the present in the form of a star-crossed love ignited by a compelling quest, from Puglia to Burgundy, with the famed Vix krater at its vortex. The novel is a masterful tapestry of human aspirations and enterprises, of science and intuition, revealing the author’s profound understanding of the past and her visionary re-crafting of it that leads to the story’s romanticâ??and historically surprising–revelation. Historian, archaeologist, and antiquarian extraordinaire, Stanfill’s latest novel powerfully evokes living legends from their newly discovered historical sites. –Erik T. Haskell, professor of French Studies & Humanities, Scripps College, Claremont University Center

Terry Stanfill has wonderfully crafted Realms of Gold into a research-oriented mystery romance. A page-turner hard to put down.–Georgianna Erskine, Pasadena, California

Few of us know South Italy as Terry Stanfill does; and her love of this wonderful land shines through every page of her quietly astonishing novel. What a story she tells–threading its way through mythology, ancient history and archaeology in Italy and France and England. Almost a romance, almost a thriller yet not quite either, it possesses a unique character of its own. I loved it. –John Julius Norwich, author of A History of the Normans in South Italy and Sicily

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