Free horror Kindle books for 18 Dec 13

Aquarius Rising

by Christopher John Chater

Out-of-work architect Nick Fellows never suspects a job interview will lead to a fight for his life. It begins when he receives an email he discovers is encoded with numerological numbers, sent to him from a mysterious company named Atlantis Revisited. Against his better judgment, he accepts an interview with them in a park in Manhattan. He’s met by their strikingly beautiful recruiter, Lisa, who’s only allowed to tell him that the company’s primary focus is civilization building . . . and that their last architect was murdered.

Immediately following the interview both of their lives are put in danger. But what could the company possibly be building, and who wants them dead because of it? The only thing Nick and Lisa know for sure is that they need to get to a place called Aquarius and Aquarius is rising.

The Devil’s Demeanor

by Jerry Hart

Donovan Scott witnessed a crazed animal attack his mother when he was a child, and his family has not been the same since.

As an adult he comes to learn that the animal is a demon from a hellish world beneath our own, and that it wants to be free to walk among mankind. In order to do so, however, it needs a host, and it has chosen Donovan’s family for its terrible plans.

False Light

by Vincent Breit

Ghost hunters from the reality television show Unexplained Haunts desperate for ratings, book a taping at a contest winner’s house. A routine taping of their show, is anything but routine when the house’s inhabitants start claiming the souls of the cast members.

Boogey Man

by J Ryan

Have you ever been scared by the things that go bump in the night? Do you ever feel like you are being watched or followed? This book will take you to a new place, a place where you can see the “boogey man” and feel the fear he demands.

Grandfather of the Apocalypse (The Future World)

by Alex Zonneveld

A post-apocalyptic world set 10 years on from a terrible illness that wiped out most of the world. The world is now a wasteland, a place where packs of wild dogs attack humans and many humans will do anything to survive. The remaining sane humans live in well armed survival camps. This is a novelette about a man nicknamed “Grandpa”, who leaves his safe survival camp in St Albans to make contact with a camp in South London. He gets there to find out that the camp has a terrible secret, one that puts his camp in terrible danger. Grandpa escapes from the North London camp with a number of other prisoners and desperately tries to warn his camp. Will he get there in time? Read the book and find out.

This is one of my first books and I’m 14 years old, give it a try and feel free to leave reviews.

Hiram Grange and the Village of the Damned (The Scandalous Misadventures of Hiram Grange)

by Jake Burrows

Something wicked walks the streets of the picturesque New Hampshire village of Great Bay–something that has inexplicably risen from the grave to wreak a horrifying vengeance. Only one man can stop it–provided he can stay sober long enough to answer the call! Hiram Grange and the Village of the Damned introduces readers to the scurrilous boozer and malcontent, Hiram Grange. Though afflicted with a laundry list of dysfunctions, addictions and odd predilections, Hiram Grange stands toe to toe (and sometimes toe to tentacle) with the black-hearted denizens of the Abyss and dispenses justice with the help of his antiquated Webley revolver and Pritchard bayonet. The first of a five part series. Cover and illustrations by Malcolm McClinton, and original woodcut prints by Danny Evarts

Squanto Undead: Wake the Undead Collected Edition Parts 1-5

by Stacy Buck

Get parts 1-5 of Squanto Undead: Wake the Undead in this collected edition of the series. Don’t miss the series that is Drop Undead amazing! Squanto Undead is an alternate history horror novel with bite. After ten years in slavery Squanto returns to his homeland to find what was once a paradise has turned into a living hell. Hordes of the undead roam unchecked across the new world. Europeans flock to this untamed wilderness in search of opportunity and freedom, but what they find is something much more sinister. Get the book that’s unlike anything on your digital shelf. It’s time to bite off more than you can chew. It’s time to Wake the Undead.

One A Day

by Ronald Hayes

Come take a ride in a delivery truck, spend a night in a cemetery, and dine with a chef who favors unusual cuts of meat in One a Day, a collection of horror fiction from the nightmares of Ronald Hayes.

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