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Children’s Book (Ages 3-8): Christmas Meeting

by Rafael Rolnik

Christmas book for kids (Ages 3-8)

This book is about two dogs – Lucky & Sally, who love each other.

They had to be separated for a while because job relocation of their owner.

They were sad but after a short period they met again and celebrated Christmas all together .

This Children Book deals with issues like:

Relocation of Children

– Dealing with a Breakup.

– Preparing kids for an Overseas Moving.

– How to keep in touch with friends and Family who live Overseas.

– How does your Lovely Pet feel abroad.

Reading Friendly

The book contains full-screen color pages with beautiful illustrations.

The book is also suitable as a self-read for beginner readers.

The first edition was published with some spelling and grammar mistakes.

The 2nd edition was published after a professional proofread.

Scroll up and grab a copy today.

The Donkey in the Living Room

by Sarah Cunningham

This book allows families to begin a Christmas tradition focused around the Nativity story for the 9 days leading up to Christmas. Each day children wake up to find a wrapped gift, which contains a figure from the Nativity. The story follows that character’s role in the story of Christmas. Wonderful illustrations bring the story to life as new characters are introduced each day.

Zoe & Zak and the Ghost Leopard (A Magic Fantasy Action Adventure #1)

by Lars Guignard

WARNING: “It’s really addicting.” — A Kid’s Review

Move over Percy Jackson.  Find out what everybody is talking about!

If you loved Harry Potter, if you couldn’t get enough of Percy Jackson, if you’re wondering what to read after The House of Hades –  from, Lars Guignard, the bestselling author of Lethal Circuit, comes the brand new, kids’ magic fantasy adventure… Zoe & Zak and the Ghost Leopard.

Imagine you’re lost in a strange city with no idea where you are and no way home.

Now imagine that elephants and snake charmers start telling you that you’ve been chosen to save the world.

Would you believe them? What would you do?

Zoe Guire isn’t sure. Having that elephant talk to her was weird, and, as a rule, Zoe doesn’t do weird. But the thing is, when Zoe tags along on her mom’s business trip to India, things get very weird, very quickly. In a matter of hours, Zoe finds herself lost alongside a kid named Zak with no money and no way home.

And those are the least of Zoe’s troubles. Because if she’s to believe the strange looking snake charmer sitting in the corner, she and Zak have been chosen — chosen to protect a mythical creature called the Ghost Leopard from an ancient evil.
Now, the farther they get into the mountains, the more crazily impossible things get. Carpets fly and statues talk and if either Zoe or Zak want to make it back to their parents, or the sixth grade, or anything even close to normal, they’re going to have to make some new friends, learn some new tricks, and listen, really listen to that talking elephant. Because if they don’t, the world will never be the same again.

Join Zoe and Zak as they journey high into the Himalayas to a place few have been and even fewer have returned to tell about it.

Get Zoe & Zak and the Ghost Leopard now!

*The adventure continues. When you’ve finished Zoe & Zak and the Ghost Leopard, be sure to read Book Two in the series: Zoe & Zak and the Yogi’s Curse.

Yo Mama Jokes (The #1 Best Collection of Yo Mama Jokes: 200+ Yo Mama Jokes) (Joke King’s Laugh Lab)

by Johnny B. Laughing

The World’s #1 Collection of Yo Mama Jokes!

Be the life of the party and make everyone laugh with this classic collection of the best Yo Mama Jokes on Earth!


“Yo mama is so ugly… The government moved Halloween to her birthday.”

“Yo mama is so fat… She broke a branch in her family tree.”

“Yo mama is so poor… She eats cereal with a fork to save milk.”

“Yo mama is so bald… You can see what’s on her mind.”

“Yo mama’s teeth are so yellow… Traffic slows down when she smiles.”

Laugh for hours and impress your friends with these hilarious jokes!

All the jokes are ordered by category, There are easy-to-navigate chapters and a clickable table of contents for your convenience! Here are a few of the chapters:

1. Yo mama is so ugly…

2. Yo mama is so stupid…

3. Yo mama is so fat…

4. Yo mama is so skinny…

5. Yo mama is so poor…

6. Yo mama is so old…

7. Yo mama is so bald…

8. Yo mama is so hairy…

9. Yo mama is so tall…

10. Yo mama is so short…

What’s fat, hairy, and ugly? YO MAMA!!!

The Original Story of Mrs. WeeLittle

by Judy Grandy

“The Original Story of Mrs. WeeLittle” is composed of original art work assembled to convey a fantasy tale to a small child. But it is much more. The margins of the art work contains numerous mini stories with elves and loveable animals, hidden in plain view. It is said that a picture is worth 1000 words. If that is so each of the pieces of art work in this book is worth 10,000 words. Much quality time can be spent with the parent and child searching the margin of these art works and discussing the material they find.

Mrs.WeeLittle is a wee little woman who lives in the woods with her animal friends. Her life is different from ours in many ways because she is so small. Follow her adventures as she works and plays with the animals and enjoys the bounty of the earth. Have fun discovering even smaller elves and animals living in the decorative borders of the illustrations

Tommy’s Dream World #3: Fight with Dragon (Children Book Age 3 – 6 years)

by Freda Jones

Tommy’s Dream World #3: Fight with Dragon

This time Tommy dreams about a dragon. He woke up in the jungle and then the story begins. He has to fight with the dragon. Will Tommy lose? Let see how he faces this situation and how the story ends.

Cheapest Ever Xmas Gift (Xmas Series)

by S.O. Issachar

Not sure what book to get for your loved ones as a gift for this Christmas? Try this. Xmas Series consists of 8 humorous books. I’m sure they will bring a smile…or a swearing.

No budget for Christmas gift? Book 1 of Xmas Series- Cheapest Ever Xmas Gift is a good choice.

“It’s time for simple yet not necessary easy message.”- S.O. Issachar

libro para niños:Reunión de Navidad (Edades 3-8)

by Rafael Rolnik

Libro navideño para niños (Edades 3-8)

Este libro es acerca de dos perros – Suertudo y Sally, que se aman.

Ellos tuvieron que ser separados por un tiempo porque el dueño se cambió de trabajo.

Estaban tristes, pero después de un corto período de tiempo se volvieron a encontrar y celebraron la Navidad todos juntos.

Este libro para niños se ocupa de cuestiones como:

– Reubicación de los Niños

– Hacer frente a una ruptura.

– La preparación de los niños para mudarse a otro continente.

– Cómo mantenerse en contacto con amigos y familiares que viven en el extranjero.

– Cómo se siente tu encantadora mascota en el extranjero.

De lectura sensible

El libro contiene páginas en color de pantalla completa con hermosas ilustraciones.

El libro también es adecuado como una auto-lectura para lectores principiantes.

Desplázate hacia arriba y agarra una copia hoy.

Dogs: Learn to Read – Kids Learn about Dogs with Large, Beautiful Photos and Fun Facts (Free Bonus: 30+ Free Online Kids’ Jigsaw Puzzle Games!)

by Jamie Roy

(This book is currently a Best Seller on Amazon)

Dogs: Learn to Read – Kids Learn about Dogs with Large, Beautiful Photos and Fun Facts:

Do your kids love dogs? Great! We love them too. Do you want your kids to learn to read the fun way? Great! This book is jam-packed with large, beautiful dog photos and fun facts that your kids will surely love to read.

This dog picture book uses large, beautiful photos instead of the regular hand-drawings to attract your little ones right away and keep them interested until the end of the book.

The descriptions are both informative and fun. For example:

Most dogs can swim but bassets cannot. Their long solid bodies are just a bit too heavy for their hard-working short legs.

Dogs have a fantastic internal clock. They know when it’s time for walk, play, dinner, bed and other important activities.

Dogs can sense odors 100 million times better than you. If you dropped your bacon sandwich last week, they can still tell where it landed.

Instead of boring your kids with excessive details, this book focuses on getting them interested and showing them the basics.

Here’s What You Will Get from this Brand-new Kids Learning Book:

How Long Dogs Have Been Living with Kids
How Smart They Are
What Can They Do
The Largest, Smallest, Most Hairy, Hair Less, Oldest…
How a Dog Deals with the Heat in the Summer
The Only Dog that Has a Purple Tongue
The Only Dog that Can’t Swim
The Only Dog that Can’t Bark
The Quickest Dog that Runs Faster than a Horse
Why Your Favorite Foods May Hurt Your Dog
And a Lot, Lot More…

Do you feel challenging to get kids to read through a book? They get bored easily and lose their interest very quickly. The large photos and fun facts in this book have been carefully put together just to address your particular concern so that reading and learning is now real fun for your kids.

Look Inside the Book now to see how much your kids will love this beautiful, cute, and sweet dog picture book.

New – Free Bonus: You will get access to over 30 online jigsaw puzzle games absolutely FREE. These are the games specifically created for your little ones. Look Inside the Book for details now!

Peace Rebel (Promise of Zion #2)

by Robert Elmer

Book 2 of 6 in the series

From a midnight beach into dangers unknownâ?¦

Dov Zalinski has at last made it to Palestine! But his arrival was hardly what he was expectingâ??pushed off the leaky immigrant ship Aliyah, dragged ashore by an odd British girl, then taken by truck to Kibbutz Yad Shalom, a Jewish group farm. And just when it seems Dov will finally get to Jerusalem to find his missing family, the thirteen-year-old Holocaust survivor is swept up in the country’s explosive political situationâ?¦ and in the plight of Emily Parkinson.

Emily Parkinson is not pleased at having been separated from her father, a British army officer, while he was arresting those aboard the Aliyahâ??not to mention being pushed overboard and transported to a rustic kibbutz, along with the Jewish boy she rescued. Although impressed by the courage of the Jewish immigrants, Emily is desperate to find a way home. But one misstep could place her in terrible dangerâ?¦

So This is Christmas

by Jim Devitt

“â?¦ Christmas is about love and giving. It’s a time to remember past traditions and make up new onesâ?¦”

The Anderson family loves Christmas. You could even call them Christmas junkies. After moving up north, Mark, Carla and their children Cindy and Tony, finally get their postcard Christmas of warm fires and snow.

As the big day approaches, it’s a joyous time for everyone, except for Tony. Adjusting to a new school can be hard on a nine-year old and he’s ruining Christmas for everyone. In this holiday story, the magic of Christmas comes to life in the most unusual of places.

For young and old alike, this magical tale of finding Christmas spirit is sure to become a new tradition for Christmases to come.

Alphabet Fun Children’s Rhyming Picture Book (Children’s Fun Reading)

by Linda Groves

Alphabet Fun rhyming book is filled with creative pages that are meant to be silly and have your children wanting to read it over and over again. The book uses colorful pictures that makes it fun to learn their ABC’s and all the letters in the alphabet.

Sample Book Content:

A is forâ?¦.

Alligator with antlers doing arithmetic in class

or an armadillo on an airplane drinking from a glass.

B is forâ?¦.

Baboons eating burgers on the beach

or for a buzzing baby bumblebee snacking on a peach.

C is forâ?¦.

A camel crunching cookies on the couch

or for a cow using crutches saying “oochie, oochie ouch!”

D is forâ?¦

Ducks wearing diapers in the park

or for a donkey and a dinosaur dancing in the dark.

E is forâ?¦

An earthworm who ordered eggs at the buffet

or an elephant eating eclairs as she dined at the cafe.

F is forâ?¦.

Firecrackers that frightened the friendly fairy

or for the fox who tried to swallow the canary.

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Just Little Old Me

by Joyce Mitchell

Just Little Old Me is a cute rhyming story of Leah the Frog and her friend Alex the Fish. As they play in the water, they talk about what they want to be when they grow up. As the story unfolds, we see they find out what all children need to know. A real heart-warming story.

The Magical Christmas Reindeer: A Story of Love, Faith & Friendship

by Emily Hart

This is the story of a young boy named Andy who stumbles upon and befriends a Magical Reindeer stranded in the woods behind his house. Sadly, the reindeer has lost her magic and is unable to fly. With Christmas just days away, Andy must work quickly to restore the reindeer’s magic so she can return home. Andy’s task is made more complicated by an unfriendly neighbor named Mr. Solite who suspects that a Magical Reindeer is in the woods. The reindeer fears that Mr. Solite could be dangerous, and Andy knows he must protect her.

Andy learns to communicate with the reindeer and discovers the secret formula that enables Magical Reindeer to fly. Andy relies on his wit, his heart, and clues from the Magical Reindeer in order to discover the secret that makes all Christmas Magic possible.

Read this with your children or gift it to children you know. Children and parents will enjoy reading this story together and find a delightful message in this tale where Andy learns that anybody, even a regular boy, can create Christmas Magic.

The Mouse And The Stocking

by Izabel Quiroz

A hungry little mouse befriends a playful and kind little girl during Christmas. A story about making new friendships, sharing, and caring during the holidays. Written and Illustrated by aspiring 8 year old author Izabel Quiroz, winner of the Presidential Award Of Academic Excellence in 2011.
For children Kinder to fourth grade. Perfect for new readers. Great for a bedtime story. Full of pictures, all illustrated by a child and made for children. A cute little Christmas story to show the meaning of the holiday.

My Gift to the World

by Miriam Lizette Geisler

Like fingerprints, snowflakes and trees, each of us has a unique set of traits and talents, which I call “gifts.” My Gift to the World aims to inspire children to discover their true interests and natural abilities – their “gifts to the world” – and then to consider what they will do with their gifts.

The story, My Gift to the World, is about a little girl named Valentina, who, upon asking her mother why she became a piano teacher, finds out that this was her mother’s “gift to the world.” The mother gives Valentina numerous examples of unique gifts and talents various people have, and how they share them with the world. Ultimately, Valentina is told that finding and doing what she loves will be her gift to the world.

Having taught in both public and private elementary schools for years, and as a contributing author for the book, It’s All About Kids: Every Child Deserves a Teacher of the Year, I have noticed that at the beginning of the school year, we always talk about what the students want to be when they grow up and what kind of jobs they would like to do.

And I began thinking, what is really important are not the jobs that are out there, but how do we best identify and nurture into full blossoming our children’s gifts, their unique traits that make them so special?

Every child (and adult) has a unique set of traits and talents,* which I call “gifts.” When you are aware of them – either as a parent or a teacher — it will help you guide them toward their purpose in life, what they have the capacity to give to the world as a service, job, or career. We all know that when you give to others what you’re naturally good at, your own unique gifts, then you’re more likely to be happy . . . and others will be, too! That’s because each person you touch will be able to feel your enthusiasm and passion for life coming through in what you give.

I wanted to write a book in which I could talk to students about the importance of discovering their own unique gifts. My Gift to the World will hopefully inspire all children to grow in self-confidence and self-worth, by recognizing we are each blessed with special gifts that expand joy when they are shared with the world!

Visit us at

The Littlest Maple Tree

by Elizabeth Hartner Purcell

Is it possible for a sickly little maple tree to become a beautiful Christmas tree?

That is exactly what happens in this delightful Christmas tale, when one small maple overcomes bullies and goes on to live its lifelong dream.

Elizabeth Purcell has been writing and performing original children’s stories for more than 30 years. Her story rhymes delight beginning readers and help them to learn phonics effectively. Your children will read her stories over and over again — developing their reading skills in the process!

Be sure to search for her other picture books for beginning readers on Amazon!

101 Facts… Penguins. Penguin Books for Kids – Amazing Facts, Photos & Video Links.

by IP Factly

IP Factly presents… “101 Factsâ?¦ PENGUINS!”

Amazing facts, photos and video links to some of the world’s best-loved animals.

Penguin books for kids – a fun and fascinating way for young readers to find out more about some of the world’s cutest animals.

This penguin book mixes facts, photos and even includes a video clip page.

IP Factly’s 101 Facts series has been designed to encourage and bolster independent reading.

Accompanying webpage with video clips

This book provides fact after fact for information hungry children to tell family and friends, and even has an accompanying webpage with video clips of some of the penguins in the book. It makes learning fun and gives a real reason for children to want to read by themselves. Kids will love discovering animal facts to share and enjoy.

The video links mean children come back again and again, naturally developing their reading and learning skills (early kindle models don’t support video but the safe website link is given).

Fascinating Facts Include…

Not all penguins live in the Antarctic. They are also found in Argentina, Australia, Chile, Ecuador, New Zealand and South Africa.

There are no particular names for male and female penguins – they are simply categorized as either male or female.

About 45 million years ago, giant penguins appeared. The tallest known penguin is the Nordenskjoeld’s giant penguin, which could reach a height of five feet seven inches.

Penguins have special flattened eyes which allow them to see both above and below water.

The black and white pattern of a penguin’s coat is called countershading. Their black backs camouflage them from above when they are in the water, while their white bellies camouflage them from below, preventing seals and killer whales from seeing them as they swim.

Scroll up and Buy this book now – your child will love going back to it again and again.

Book 2 Learn the Alphabet (Pre-K Learning Series)

by Sandra L. Portman

Illustrated and Interactive for age 0-4 – Bonus Printable Worksheets

The ONLY Kindle series that GROWS with your child!  Fun, builds self-esteem and readiness for Kindergarten.

In this creative and colorful activities for toddlers series, Sandra takes children from birth to age four by introducing parents to Levels, which makes learning numbers fun and helps build self esteem when the reader is able to progress to the next level.  Book 2 in this series begins by showing children the pictures that represent the letters to learn the alphabet.  As their abilities increase each year, the next Levels challenge them in matching big and small letters with pictures and finally to selecting the correct answer to the choices that are presented. 

The goal of this series is to introduce Pre-K children to learning by stimulating and building upon their natural curiosity for the environment around them. Each book in the series grows with the reader through age four with games for toddlers.  All children will enjoy this early reading alphabet book with the colorful images of the letters of the alphabet and objects that represent the letters.

Zack Lamb and the Silly Bullies

by Carl P. Ricks


My name is Zack and I’m ten years old. I like going to school but I have a problem.

Actually make that, “problems”.

And the problems start with a capital “B”.

As in Bullies.

The Bullies are making my life in school very hard and even though I secretly call them “the Silly Bullies” they haven’t stopped doing what they do best.

It’s as if they can’t read my mind…It’s as if they can’t see how silly I think they are…

I need your help to help me teach them a lesson.

Will you come with me on this journey?

funny poems and rhymes

by martin pierce

Have you ever wondered where a runny nose might run to? Or how to tell if your headmistress is really an alien? Dive inside and meet a talking dog, snoring feet, run-away chicken sandwiches and other hilarious characters, all just waiting to tickle your funny bone.

Lots of fun and full of chuckleness.

Facts About Hummingbirds: Hummingbirds Picture Book for Kids (Facts for Kids Picture Books)

by Lisa Strattin

Children’s author Lisa Strattin presents Facts About Hummingbirds, Hummingbirds Picture Book for Kids, the latest book in her Facts For Kids Picture Books series for children between the ages of 3 and 8 years old.

The new book about hummingbirds is full of beautiful, stunning images of hummingbirds in natural settings. The hummingbirds facts included in the book will give you and your child (or grandchild) a lot of things to talk about when you discuss these cute little birds with so much power in their wings.

Farm Babies – Adorable baby farm animals

by Cindy Bracken

Visiting all of the cute animals on the farm is so much fun! In this easy nonfiction reader by bestselling author Cindy Bracken, young children will enjoy learning about baby horses, ducklings, puppies, lambs, foals, barn owls and more! Bright, colorful photo illustrations of each animal along with simple text will engage early readers. Makes for perfect shared reading or early independent reading.

Puppy Cat

by Sandra McDonald

Cat thinks he is a puppy dog! Silly Cat. Will he ever figure out that he is not a dog?

A simple, fun story for 6-9 year old children about a cat who thinks he is a dog and discovers he’s a cat after all.

The Fantastic Time Book

by DC Lozeau

Many times I have often wondered what it would be like to have lived in a time with any one of the great writers of the past. Imagine how it would be to sit next to Ernest Hemingway or maybe George Bernard Shaw. Better yet, walk the clay-bricked streets of ancient Athens next to Aristotle.
The story I am about to tell involves a writer whose dream it was to do just this. He would sit by the window in his small upstairs apartment, pen in hand, poised over a blank sheet of paper, all the while staring out the tiny window in front of him. What was he looking at…nothing. He was day-dreaming.

Cave of Whispers

by Angie Berg

Young Wes finds comfort from his friends and, surprisingly, from a cave with local lore after the death of his father.

The Christmas Mystery Adventure (A Children’s Rhyming Picture Book about Christmas.)

by J. KindHeart

“The Christmas Mystery Adventure” is a cute story about Molly who thinks Christmas is somewhat of a mystery. On the afternoon of Christmas Eve, she and her older brother, Wally, have an adventure together when riding the winter holiday trolley around town. In doing so, Molly is able to see many of the seasonal events and activities that occur during this time of the year. In the end, Molly has a really fun time with her brother and great Christmas Eve. She also better understands the “mystery” of Christmas. Colorful pictures of holiday backgrounds are used to tell Molly & Wally’s adventure story. This book has 26 pages of colorful holiday pictures, and is intended for beginner or intermediate readers. I hope you and your children will enjoy! Professor J. KindHeart

Easter surprising egg

by Federico Torriani

Francis wants to find a beautiful present for Alice’s birthday. But the right present is hard to find! Looking inside a supermarket Francis has a great idea…

Father Christmas and the Mouse, Illustrated Short Story

by Raymara Barwil

Do you love amusing Christmas stories? The mouse in this Christmas short story will delight you and bring Christmas alive with a little joke!

Get your copy of Raymara Barwil’s magical Christmas short story for children and big kids, with full colour illustrations on every page, where the little mouse plays a jolly joke on Father Christmas.

When Father Christmas comes down the chimney, to bring presents to the children of the house, he finds a cheeky mouse waiting up for him.

The mouse, tiny as he is, outwits Father Christmas in a crafty and amusing way. All that is left for Father Christmas to do is sit back and laugh.

This book is for you if:

  • You are a child who can read on your own (5 to 10 years).
  • You are a parent – Read this enchanting story to your younger children.
  • You enjoy the wonder and the magic of Christmas regardless of your age. Who wants to be grown-up at Christmas anyway?

How will Father Christmas reward the cheeky mouse, do you think?

The Ginger Nuts And The Parrot (Louisa’s Ginger Nuts Series)

by Peter Brighouse

One fine long story of adventure, all sparked off by the family parrot-sitting for a weekend. Our friends Bullpuss and Squimps decide to trace the source of the River Mersey and take Henry the parrot as a guide. Assuming a lost cat party, Tigtoes heads up the rescue to ensure that everyone gets back in time for tea.

Hi! I am Dolly the Famous Pony!

by Alice Macdonald

Find out what Ponys do … see what things Dolly’s cousins do … Ponys can be a great friend … this is a nice way to introduce your child to ponys/horses.

The pictures are bright and each picture has a caption … good bedtime reading … if this book sounds like something you’d like to read to your child, just scroll up and click “buy now” to immediately download and start reading!

JetDogs – A New Breed Of Heroes

by Carter Crocker

The Story of a Boy and his Flying Dogs

Like everyone in the little town of Desert Flats, Johnny has grown up revering his late father, beloved captain of a famed squadron of stunt flyers. The Boy’s heroic Dad died averting a crash that could have cost countless lives. 12-year-old Johnny gets his own chance at greatness when he and his Grandpa build a wearable jet-wing. His pets serve as eager test pilots, forming a new squadronâ?¦ the JetDogs. When the Boy and his Dogs foil a deadly plot by an unscrupulous arms dealer, Johnny goes from being a Nobody to a National Hero.

Jojo’s Christmas Day – A bilingual Chinese Christmas story about a naughty elephant calf

by Sujatha Lalgudi

This is a beautifully illustrated Christmas story in Chinese about Jojo, the naughty elephant calf.

Jojo loves to eat his favorite red fruits. On Christmas eve, he refuses to share the fruits with his friends.

The Queen announces a grand Christmas party. None of his friends want to celebrate Christmas with Jojo.

Will Jojo mend his ways?

What happens in the Christmas party??

Read this sweet little Christmas book in Chinese to find out …

This story (in Chinese) hopes to capture the spirit of Christmas and the joy of friendship and sharing.

Merry Christmas!

Bonus: Go on a berry hunt! Find the partially hidden berries on each page.

Jojo’s Christmas Day – A bilingual Greek Christmas story about a naughty elephant calf

by Sujatha Lalgudi

This is a beautifully illustrated Christmas story in Greek about Jojo, the naughty elephant calf.

Jojo loves to eat his favorite red fruits. On Christmas eve, he refuses to share the fruits with his friends.

The Queen announces a grand Christmas party. None of his friends want to celebrate Christmas with Jojo.

Will Jojo mend his ways?

What happens in the Christmas party??

Read this sweet little Christmas book in Greek to find out …

This story (in Greek) hopes to capture the spirit of Christmas and the joy of friendship and sharing.

Merry Christmas!

Bonus: Go on a berry hunt! Find the partially hidden berries on each page.

Jojo’s Christmas Day – A bilingual Ukrainian Christmas story about a naughty elephant calf

by Sujatha Lalgudi

This is a beautifully illustrated Christmas story in Ukrainian about Jojo, the naughty elephant calf.

Jojo loves to eat his favorite red fruits. On Christmas eve, he refuses to share the fruits with his friends.

The Queen announces a grand Christmas party. None of his friends want to celebrate Christmas with Jojo.

Will Jojo mend his ways?

What happens in the Christmas party??

Read this sweet little Christmas book in Ukrainian to find out …

This story (in Ukrainian) hopes to capture the spirit of Christmas and the joy of friendship and sharing.

Merry Christmas!

Bonus: Go on a berry hunt! Find the partially hidden berries on each page.

The Magic Mist and The Mushroom Bag (Tales from Ravenswell)

by Antonio Corto

This story for children and young people tells of a boy named Tostig who lived in medieval times . While out picking mushrooms early one morning, he hears beautiful singing . The sound appears to come from within a dense mist that hangs over the waters of a nearby lake. He decides to investigate the source of this magical voice. In so doing he finds himself propelled into the future and an adventure that will change his life forever and the lives of the people he meets there. Upon his return to his own time he realizes he has left his mothers most precious item behind . He must return to the future…. but how ?

A must read story for girls and boys age eight years and above

A Not So Wild Christmas (The Not So Wild Things)

by Oliver Scunk

The Not So Wild Things are back for some wacky Christmas adventures!

Charlie the Cat turns detective to hunt for a mysterious prezzie thief â?¦ but is the villain close to his heart? Stevie the Stick Insect tells a Christmas ghost story â?¦ but will he get the final scare? And can Polly the Pigeon outfox Nevermore â?¦ a raven so devious and dastardly he made turkeys vote for Christmas?

Tales of friendship and adventure, mystery and suspense, and loads of beastie wackiness.

For 7 to 9 year olds, and anyone else who loves animals.

Snowman’s ‘Noggin and Neck’ Award

by Joyce Mitchell

Two reindeer, Prancer and Blitzen, trot through the community to pick a winner for this year’s ‘Noggin & Neck’ award.

The Sun Sings and the Birds Shine

by Ishika Goel

This book is a collection of poems written from a perspective of two school going siblings as they progress experiencing all seasons through the year. It captures moments throughout the day and the year in simple, funny, engaging manner. Kids will be able to relate their own feeling and experience as they go through pages of this book. The illustrations in this book will captivate young readers, preschoolers and toddlers. Parents, this will be an important asset to your bedtime reading collection for your young ones.

Proceeds from this book will be donated to Akshaya Patra. Akshaya Patra, everyday serves freshly prepared school meals to 1.3 million children in India to fight hunger, promote education, and eradicate poverty – one child at a time.

Toddler’s book: Big Cats, Small Babies (Cute Baby Animals)

by Roni Shwartz

Take your toddlers on a fun pictorial journey to the big cats kingdom, where they can meet cute cubs of tigers, leopards, jaguars, cougars and many other cats, and see how their daily lives look like…

Your toddler will learn that baby animals are just like baby humans: They like to play, to explore the world around them, to be naughty and have fun and, of course, to hug mommy!

My name is Roni Shwartz, and I’m a travel consultant and writer who specializes in family travel. I spent more than 15 years in Africa and Australia, where I visited many of the world’s most amazing parks and watched some of the world’s most fascinating animals from close by…

In my new series of picture books for toddlers, “Cute Baby Animals”, your small kids will be able to meet the different baby animals of our planet and appreciate how valuable they are for all of us…

Enjoy the reading!

Wild Adventures

by Richard Brown

5 Short fun children’s stories involving some of the worlds most endangered animals.

Each story has a conservation message with identifiable characters to which children will warm to. Follow the main characters adventures and enjoy the life and trials of these wonderful creatures. Thought provoking but very enjoyable stories will fill each child with wonder and excitement. A donation from every book sold will go directly to the wildlife organisation. The (W W F) World Wildlife Foundation to help in their hard work in saving some of the worlds most endangered



by William Scanlan


“I couldn’t allow the wolf to make its way to shore. I had to take him out while he was still in my world. But to my dismay, the wolf made it and turned to face me, with teeth showing and rage in its eyes, the beast stood its ground.”

Think Hunger Games, Revolution, Mark Twain, and The Odyssey all rolled into one.

All electricity on Earth has been slowly and sporadically disappearing. Cars and modern trains stop where they are, ships lay dead in the water, the unprepared suffer in the harsh and unpredictable Michigan weather.

People are forced to adapt to a world without electricity. Due to the collapse of government and public order, many areas are now ruled by tyrants and militias.

Follow a family of four from the beginning of the blackouts to the final total blackout that sends the world back to the dark ages.

Discover what happens when the family’s small town is overtaken and they are forced to leave into the unknown.

Follow each family member as they are separated and forced to find each other in a strange and dangerous new world.

Mia’s Lost Toy

by K. D. Jenkins

Mia’s birthday is just around the corner, but little does she know, a special surprise awaits her.

Coming to terms with not getting what she expected, learning to appreciate what she has and being mindful of others are some of the â??not so easy’ lessons Mia learns through this eventful birthday!

“Mia’s Lost Toy” is a wonderfully light hearted story about generosity and friendship, with 24 colorful illustrations sure to inspire the imagination. Sometimes sad experiences can help us grow and become a person with a more positive outlook on life.

Join Mia on her adventure as she learns about giving and sharing through a heart-warming tale. Because, losing a toy doesn’t mean losing your happiness.

The Scrying Pool

by Hans Henriksen

A dark and sinister force creeps across a land inherent with a healing magic, corrupting and enslaving the people who have forgotten their past. The future of this world is now in the hands of two orphans who must not only discover who they are, they will have to uncover how their people came to be.

A Trip To The Zoo: A Day With Ollie

by Julia Reed

Welcome to another “Day With Ollie” Today Ollie is taking a trip to the zoo with his mommy. Ollie learns all about the different animals from the different parts of the world and mom takes lots of pictures for the photo album. A fun and educational children’s book.

The Womb Diary (UK English Version)

by David Maegraith

Are you expecting a baby in your household, or know someone who is?

The Womb Diary is a delightful, beautifully illustrated children’s book tracing the gestational process from conception to birth.

Big brothers or sisters, cousins, and little friends will take delight in following their baby’s actual development in mommy’s tummy, with The Womb Diary.

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