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Death by Desire (Book #4 in the Caribbean Murder series)

by Jaden Skye

DEATH BY DESIRE is Book #4 in the #1 Bestselling Caribbean Murder series, following the FREE book DEATH BY HONEYMOON (#1), DEATH BY DIVORCE (#2) and DEATH BY MARRIAGE (#3).

In the midst of gorgeous St. Bart’s, a few days before Christmas, a Senator’s daughter is found stabbed and strangled on the beachâ??the day after her engagement party. While the rich and famous are pouring in to celebrate the holidays, the local police are desperate to keep it quiet and not cause an uproar. But the Senator’s family wants justice for their daughter, and they hire Cindy and Mattheus to solve the crime.

As Cindy and Mattheus investigate, they meet the elite crowd surrounding the Senator’s family, an exclusive world of unimaginable wealth, of luxurious parties on yachts and private villas. They learn of all the people who may have wanted the young woman dead, all the jealousies and rivalries, the secret ex-es and affairs. They meet her devastated fiancé, her twin sister and her distraught Momâ??all intent on the killer’s being found. They meet the corrupt police force, who wants them stopped, and a rich Russian mogul who controls half the islandâ??and has his own agenda to bring down the senator.

As they delve deeper, they learn the many secrets of this exclusive family and the young woman, and discover that all was not as perfect as it appeared to be. As they get close to the answers, Cindy faces personal danger, while at the same time her relationship with Mattheus grows deeperâ??and faces a crisis of its own.

And as the two of them are about to leave the island, a sudden twist in events changes everything. Ultimately, they come to learn that on the pristine, perfect St. Bart’s, everything is not always as it seems to be.

Books #5–#8 in the series are now also available!

Blown Circuit: Spy Action Adventure for Mystery Thriller Fans (Circuit Series)

by Lars Guignard

The Cold War brought the world to the brink of nuclear Armageddon.
But it was also responsible for the development of a different kind of weapon.
The new device was stealthy, instantaneous, and absolutely devastating.
Fortunately, it was also lost.
Until Now…

Michael Chase is on a mission. A pair of coordinates broadcast on an obscure frequency have brought him to Istanbul, Turkey where credible chatter has emerged that a terrorist group plans to use a devastating device to hold the world hostage.

Designed by Nikola Tesla, arguably the greatest inventor of the Twentieth Century, the weapon is experimental, it is capable, and it has been missing for almost sixty years.

If Michael is to prevent a catastrophe, he’ll need to get to the device before the Conspiracy or risk upsetting the global balance of power forever. Of course, finding the Tesla Device is one thing, knowing whom he can trust with it is another matter entirely.

To survive, Michael will have to do both. If he doesn’t, what started as a bad day is about to become a disaster.


Blown Circuit is the second spy thriller in the bestselling Michael Chase Circuit Series. The first book in series, Lethal Circuit, is available below, and the third book in the series, Quantum Circuit, is soon to be released.

Gun Happy Burn (Burn & Chaos Book II)

by T.R. Jones

Two years after the storm that erupted surrounding their reunion, Rachel Burn and Samantha Ross have found peace in life, love and each other. They live in a private cabin, in a wonderful small town, surrounded by wonderful friends. It seems that life simply can not get any better until they decided to go to Dina Shore weekend in Palm Springs. They plan to dance the nights away in the Coachella Valley’s desert setting surrounded by their friends, Amy, Mary, Bell, and Blue, but all of that changes when cop turned FBI agent, Josephine Cobb shows up bearing ill tidings. Rachel and Sam once again find themselves wading through the storm to try to save themselves and their friends from murderers, corrupt cops, drug cartels and worst of all Rachel’s father. Can the women of Burn & Chaos survive live long enough to make their escape from paradise? (Contains explicit sex and graphic violence.)

Deadly Reunion (A Grace Holliday Cozy Mystery, Book 2)

by Elisabeth Crabtree

When Grace Holliday received her high school reunion invitation promising a killer reunion, she didn’t think they meant literally.
Grace Holliday has come back home to Rabbit Falls, Colorado. Regrettably, not as successful or as wealthy as she had intended when she left her small town ten years before. Fired from her job, evicted, and having to move back in with her parents was not how she pictured her life turning out, and the last thing she wants to do is attend her ten year high school reunion. Unfortunately, her twin sister, Hope, has other ideas.

Hope drags Grace back to their old school determined to settle an old score. Despite the best efforts of the planning committee things quickly go from bad to deadly, and before the night is through, one of Grace’s classmates will be murdered.

All Grace wants to do is put the horrible night behind her, go home, and scour the want ads. Unfortunately, the only job available is the only one she doesn’t want: figuring out who killed the Reunion Queen.

A humorous cozy mystery, approximately 313 pages in length.

Full Fathom Five – The Homicide Files (A Lincoln Munroe Novella, #1)

by Harrison Drake

Breaking in a new partner is the least of Detective Lincoln Munroe’s worries – the body of a scuba diver has been found in a century-old shipwreck under a hundred feet of cold, treacherous water. When all signs point to murder, Lincoln is forced to dust off his scuba gear and investigate a crime scene like no other.

‘Full Fathom Five’ is the first installment in a series of novellas featuring Detective Lincoln Munroe that will take place prior to the events of ‘A Dream of Death’.

State of Union (The God Head Trilogy)

by Sven Michael Davison

2012 Winner of ForeWord Review’s BEST SCIENCE FICTION BOOK OF THE YEAR

“One of the best cyberpunk novels of the millennium.” – Joseph Thompson, ForeWord Magazine

“This harrowing cyber-pulp fiction brings the thrills!” – Kirkus Reviews

“Science Fiction as it should be.” – Antony Jones,


A nano-virus that converts people into mind-hacked slaves has become a worldwide epidemic. Can a team of scientist, hackers, and one ex-cop save the day? In this thrilling follow up to STATE OF MIND, Jake “Jackhammer” Travissi, who survived his own digital zombification, fights the global conspiracy with his dwindling allies.

Set in a believable world a mere thirty years in the future, STATE OF UNION is book two in a trilogy that addresses questions raised by our increasingly technologically dependent society. It explores the darkest possibilities of what can happen when humanity and technology begin to merge, covering Ray Kurzweil’s singularity theory, cyber implants, nano-technology, nuclear terrorism, fundamentalism, and growing worldwide economic disparity.

STATE OF UNION is for anyone who enjoys a page-turning action adventure with international political intrigue. A story that begins as a Los Angeles based cyberpunk police thriller in book one, expands globally to Antarctica, an Apache Indian Reservation, Beijing, Shanghai, Mumbai, and Acapulco. The book is neither conservative or liberal and both sides will find material that speaks to their political view point. Those who follow today’s tech trends or are fascinated with near-future predictions will identify well with this book. It will also satisfy readers interested in cybernetics, mass effect, singularity theory, eugenics, terrorism, fundamentalism, and exotic settings.

After living on the fringe of society for five years, Jake Travissi returns to civilization to find that a recent nano-virus epidemic has killed millions worldwide. Implanting a Personal Chip (a device which enhances the mind with the capabilities of a smart phone and personal computer, but creates a window for hackers) into the brain is the only cure. As if this wasn’t bad enough, Jake has been asked to kill his former LAPD colleague Joaquin Parks. Parks is now the head of a church accused of nuclear terrorist acts around the world. Meanwhile, the dawn of Artificial Intelligence and the promise of immortality could be just around the cornerâ?¦ With his fiancée Tomoko Sakai and his faithful Husky Lakshmi, Jake is thrown into the center of a conspiracy engineered by an international group of powerful men and women who call themselves The Consortium. The Consortium’s goal is to end Free Will and establish absolute control over the world. In his quest to defeat this powerful enemy, Jake finds himself traveling the globe. But time is running out, as all of humanity rapidly approaches large-scale genocide or life as automaton zombies.

Whether one is reading the trilogy in order or just happened to come across STATE OF UNION, the novel provides enough background information to stand on its own as a heart pumping sci-fi thriller.

Sirens spell danger

by Suresh Chandrasekaran

There are sirens and, then, there are sirens. Some warn you of danger and some lure you into danger…Lured by a sexy siren, Vicky is mistaken for a secret agent, kidnapped, tortured and slated for death. Will he survive and save Bangalore from going up in flames?…There is a serial killer loose in the city leaving mysterious messages around the bodies of the victims. Are the messages a challenge to the police or a siren call to lure another victim…Jay is sent to Bellary to investigate a possible ISI plot. Was it merely a murky political plot or was there something more sinister in the offing? And why were two women suddenly singing siren songs of love?…Three tales of nerve-racking suspense and pulse-pounding action.

Rabbi Gabrielle’s Scandal: The Rabbi Gabrielle Series – Book 1

by Roger Herst

Rabbi Gabrielle, a young female rabbi in Washington DC, is called upon to defend an accused rapist in court, imperiling her career. She must negotiate a hostile climate both in her synagogue and in the community, while attempting to live a normal life as an attractive, unmarried woman. Here is a chance to have an internal look at the life of a clergywoman in a profession that has long been a man’s proprietary domain.

Kill Clock

by Allan Guthrie

Gordon Pearce is a nice enough sort of guy. Just as long as you don’t get on his wrong side.

One evening while he’s taking his dog for a stroll, a double-crossing ex-girlfriend turns up out of the blue with a couple of scruffy toddlers and a tall tale involving loan sharks, death threats and something called a ‘kill clock’. She begs Pearce for help. Claims he’s her last resort. But he’s convinced she’s trying another one of her cons. Last time he saw her, she fleeced him good and proper, and he’s not going to let that happen again.

But as the night goes on, doubts start to creep in. Problem is, Pearce can’t afford to believe her. Because if she’s telling the truth, he has until midnight to rustle up twenty grand in cash or he’ll have another death on his conscience.

KILL CLOCK is a wild ride through the underbelly of Scotland’s capital city by Allan Guthrie, the author of BYE BYE BABY, a Kindle Top 10 Bestseller.

This 2013 edition is a revised and expanded version of the original 2007 novella, published by Barrington Stoke.

Praise for KILL CLOCK

“The extended edition of his novella Kill Clock had me laughing out loud and reminded me that the author, often cited for his chilling noir, is not just good at coming up with funny lines, but is a craftsman of the comic.” Detectives Beyond Borders

“a fine addition to any dark crime fan’s library.” Somebody Dies

Praise for Allan Guthrie’s BYE BYE BABY

“A quick, taut thriller … not a word is wasted.” Ian Rankin

“A terrific read and a great premise from an excellent writer.” Stuart MacBride

“The approach is so fresh that it makes the whole thing feel like the first time I’ve read a police story” Do Some Damage

“…a purely original, funny, sharp piece of writing. It has a plot that develops in an unorthodox, non-linear fashion–hardly resembling many of the police procedurals I’ve read. It’s often noted that Guthrie is one of the top working mystery writers, and he certainly lives up to that reputation…” Death By Killing

“A story that moves quickly, in short chapters of crisp prose, with plenty of plot turns to hold the attention, and characters you can love and others you can hate… Like Guthrie’s full-length novels, Bye Bye Baby is sly, noir as all hell (more noir than some, actually), and it just might bring a tear of pity to your eyes. It’s a police procedural filled with incident and back story, and man, what an ending.” Detectives Beyond Borders

“…a dark, clever, funny and sad story which races along to reach a smart conclusion. A tough and lovely slice of the hard side of life.” You Would Say That, Wouldn’t You?

About the author:

Allan Guthrie is an award-winning Scottish crime writer. His debut novel, TWO-WAY SPLIT, was shortlisted for the CWA Debut Dagger award and went on to win the Theakston’s Crime Novel Of The Year. He is the author of four other novels: KISS HER GOODBYE (nominated for an Edgar), BAD MEN (aka HARD MAN), SAVAGE NIGHT and SLAMMER and three novellas: KILL CLOCK , KILLING MUM and BYE BYE BABY, a Top Ten Kindle Bestseller. He’s also co-founder of digital publishing company, Blasted Heath, and a literary agent with Jenny Brown Associates.

Black Ops Bundle: Volume One

by Allan Leverone

The Black Ops Bundle: Volume 1 introduces three gripping series, in three full-length novels–all intricately linked to the clandestine world of Black Ops. From the depraved killing fields of war torn Serbia, the turbulent streets of Northern Ireland, and the shadowy corridors of the Kremlin, come three covert warriors with one common objective – SURVIVE.

Parallax View (4.3 stars/73 reviews) – A Top-Secret Document. A CIA operative, alone and isolated. And a faceless group, determined to prevent her from completing her mission. Can Tracie Tanner stay alive long enough to stop an act of treachery so violent it could trigger World War III?

Veil of Civility (4.7 stars/27 reviews) – For years, former IRA-man Declan McIver has lived under the radar — married to a beautiful woman and operating a successful business — but that life is about to change. When a meeting with an old friend goes horribly wrong, Declan finds himself on the run from a shadowy conspiracy that will stop at nothing to keep their evil intentions a closely guarded secret.

Black Flagged (4.2 stars/242 reviews)- A graduate of the Department of Defense’s experimental Black Flag program, Daniel Petrovich carries a secret he’s taken extreme measures to keep buried. In exchange for the promise of a clean slate, he agrees to carry out one final mission. Daniel’s life is about to disintegrate. To survive, he’ll be forced to release a dark side he’d fought for years to suppress.

Chasing the Tiger

by Kevin L’Estrange

Chasing the Tiger – A unique tale of greed, addiction and lies set against the last days of Ireland’s Celtic Tiger.

“If you can’t trust your drug dealer who can you trust?”

Brian Keidy’s life was a dream from the outside. He came from a good home, a good family and a good address. He was getting a good education at a good university. He even met a girl who was good for him.

But this was only one of Brian Keidy’s lives. What happened when the two collided? When the weight of living this double life took both a mental and physical toll. What lengths would Brian go to to keep his two lives and those he loved safe.

Would he pay the ultimate price?

A dark and comic tale about greed, addiction and the lies we tell ourselves.

Step into Brian’s two worlds; filled with wealth and excess, depravity and avaraice.

Dark Eros (a Novel of Suspense)

by H. Raven Rose

Dark Eros: A Novel of Suspense

The shadow of night, desecrated corpses, dark erotic desires and a naïve girl collide when a sadistic killer, a dark soul with a love for the thrill of

the chase, stalks and murders defenseless young women in a tiny town.


A Psycho-thriller/Suspense release by mixed-genre writer, screenwriter, and playwright H. Raven Rose

  • Page-turner /Suspense novel of 40,000 words
  • Survivor Chick Lit (a woman in peril must fight for, or lose, her life)
  • Sub-themes of evil vs. good, karma, death/shared death experience, supernatural themes
  • Twist ending
  • ———————————————————————————————–


    Leila, an unemployed, overweight waitress with low self-esteem, is struggling to leave her abusive long-term boyfriend. After losing her parents at a young age, she fell into the first relationship that came along. Finally ready, with the help of her sassy best friend Shannon, to leave her tiny town, and abusive boyfriend, this naïve girl struggles to do so–as a series of disturbing, horrific events, a horrible mystery, unfolds around her. A sadistic killer, a dark soul with a love for the thrill of the chase, has been stalking and murdering defenseless young women in her tiny town. Now Shannon is missing, and Leila must face shadow of night, desecrated corpses, and the dark erotic desires of a crazed man. When the blood begins to flow, will Leila escape or will she be another victim?


    In ‘Dark Eros,’ the shadow of night, desecrated corpses, dark erotic desires and a naïve girl collide when a sadistic killer, a dark soul with a love for

    the thrill of the chase, stalks and murders defenseless young women in a tiny town.

    The play version of ‘Dark Eros’ was originally staged readings in Los Angeles, one of which starred Jessica Biel.


    A Nicely Twisted Thriller

    “I found the descriptions of small town america very effective and detailed, almost Steven King like. Some might find the graphic nature of the material a little too much but personally I found it fitted the tone of the book perfectly.” ~WildWoods30

    Harrowing, Thrilling Read

    “The book is terrifying, touching and uplifting by turns, and it’s also got a couple of big surprises that I wasn’t expecting. There are some very rough moments; the author does not shy away from showing the terrifying actions of her villain, or using the appropriate language to describe it.

    Some parts of “Dark Eros” are not for the squeamish, but they’re absolutely necessary to the story. And more importantly, in reading them, you’re right there with Leila as she’s fighting for her life. I agree with another reviewer who commented that you’ll probably want to check that the doors and windows are locked as you’re reading!” ~James D.


    “I read this at night and I have to admit, (even though I’m embarrassed to ) I had to stop and check the doors and windows cos I got a little scared.” ~Sadsack

    The Necronaut

    by Michael R. Pilinski

    Worried about the NSA stealing your phone records?

    Imagine if they could steal YOUR MIND…

    Critically injured in a skydiving accident, Justin Garret becomes part of a brazen experiment to save his fading life after his terrified wife agrees to allow his conscious essence to be “quantum-entanglement mapped” and digitized into an advanced government supercomputer system.

    Here, he becomes fully self-aware again: a machine consciousness disembodied from any organic substrate – yet still able to communicate with the two brilliant researchers who saved him, along with his forlorn wife Leah.

    Overcome with boredom in his new non-corporeal life, Justin learns how to cross the line between life and death, where he freely begins to roam between multiple dimensions of conscious reality… returning with stunning observations and powerful insights into the nature of human conscious existence.

    But once Justin learns how to shuttle effortlessly between life and death – human and machine – he becomes of intense interest to the dark Agency that lies in wait behind all the fantastic technology. By now however, the Necronaut has acquired amazing new ‘reality-transmuting’ abilities that even his scheming and secretive NSA Masters cannot fully control…

    Written in 60’s-70’s style “pulp SF” style, The Necronaut is a cold-war story of advanced technology quantum-leaping its creators’ desperate attempts to harness it. As much a touching love story as a tech-based thriller, this is a tale of a man who is forced to muster the sort of courage that no human has ever been asked to demonstrate before in order to take on both the Universal Powers that he has discovered deep in his own Mind, as well as the shadowy “spooks” with darker intentions who are lusting to turn his half-human, half-digital meme into the ultimate weapon of cyber-espionage.

    Florida Is Murder (Due Justice and Surface Tension Mystery Double Feature) (Florida Mystery Double Feature)

    by Diane Capri


    “Intricate and ingenious – make some coffee, because you’ll read all night.” Lee Child, #1 Worldwide Bestselling author of 18 Jack Reacher thrillers

    Double Down with this Florida Double Feature from #1 Amazon Bestselling Authors Diane Capri and Christine Kling!

    DUE JUSTICE is the first legal thriller featuring Judge Willa Carson. When a famous plastic surgeon’s decomposed body surfaces in Tampa Bay with a bullet in its head, Willa’s “little sister” is caught in a high-stakes game of greedy lawyers, blackmail and deceit. Fiercely independent Carly becomes the number one suspect. When Carly asks Willa for due justice, Willa has everything to lose. But she risks it all to uncover the conspiracy and keep Carly alive. Willa Carson knows she’s bullet proof, except when due justice rules from the grip of a gun.

    SURFACE TENSION is the first sea adventure in this four-book suspense series featuring Florida tug and salvage captain Seychelle Sullivan. Working as she does in a man’s world, Seychelle has to work twice as hard just to compete. Some have even called her reckless. In her view, she’s just doing her job, salvaging boats and people’s lives. Years ago Seychelle Sullivan had the chance to save someone’s life. But on that summer night in Florida, lost in a world of teenage resentment and loneliness, Seychelle was not able to feel any pain but her own. Today Seychelle captains her father’s forty-six-foot salvage boat out of Fort Lauderdale’s New River. But she’s never escaped that one moment when she could have made a difference and didn’t. She’s never going to make that mistake again.

    Ë?Ë?Ë? Where Florida is Murder and Justice Rules!

    Ë?Ë?Ë? More than 75 combined 5-Star Reviews!!

    Ë?Ë?Ë? For fans of Lee Child, John Grisham, Clive Cussler and John D. MacDonald

    Double your reading pleasure! Scroll up and grab your copy today!

    Jewish Christmas: A Melissa Morris Short Story (MELISSA MORRIS DETECTIVE SERIES)

    by Jasmine Schwartz

    A thirty-something woman’s playful, poignant Wizard of Oz-inspired journey on the streets of Manhattan:

    It’s Jewish Christmas in Manhattan, which means Chinese takeout and a movie. Melissa Morris’s life is a mess, but she’s hiding the truth from family and friends, pretending that everything is just fine. When an old friend drags her downtown on a chaotic mission, Melissa finds herself involved in a burglary and kidnapping. In the end, she has to find the courage to face herself.


    “Bridget Jones with guns and dead bodies”

    -The Man of Twists and Turns

    “Full of humor, surprising twists and poignant moments, Melissa Morris will walk right into your heart with her black boots and quirky neuroses.”

    -Amy Klein, The Modern Jewish Girl’s Guide to Guilt

    “Think Woody Allen with stomach cramps on the Victoria Line.”

    – Barbara Nadel, Author of the Cetin Ikmen and the Francis H series

    “I dare you not to fall in love with Jasmine Schwartz’s Melissa Morris…”

    -Tania Hershman, author of My Mother Was An Upright Piano: Fictions

    “Farbissen is a contemporary, smart mystery, delivered in a fresh, entertaining and memorable voice.”

    -Christopher Moore, The Vincent Calvino Crime Novels

    They Deserved It

    by Aaron Aalborg

    They Deserved It –

    On the consequences of the foolishness

    and arrogance of old men

    by Aaron Aalborg

    What is in the mysterious Egyptian casket that links murderers over a thousand years?

    Our thriller begins as a historical novel set in 17th Century Italy, a time of superstition, plagues and cynical exploitation of young women. This ripping yarn of illicit love, hundreds of poisonings, the Inquisition, torture and witch burnings is built around true events.

    Characters include, beautiful young girls oppressed by dynastic marriages to aged husbands, a handsome and tormented young priest, Machiavellian cardinals and a scheming, atheist pope.

    In the second part of our story, the descendents of some of the original characters are driven to fulfill their ancestral destiny in modern day New York. The results include grisly killings, global pursuit, international espionage and a thrilling climax of mass murder, authorized by the President of the United States.

    It is up to you to decide which of the victims deserved their fate.

    Crimson Rain

    by Tex Leiko

    What would you do in a world where everything is legal and the laws in place don’t protect anyone but the rich? What would you do if you could be bought and sold on a whim? What would you do if your sister was kidnapped by a vicious cult of raiders? If the option to genetically splice your body to become stronger, faster, or more intelligent were available, would you use it? What makes a human a human? Where are the lines?

    Several decades after a nuclear catastrophe rocked the globe only two bastions of civilization stand secure on the planet. Amongst the technology and the relative peace and serenity, though, lies a darkness that is kept anything but secret. The government allows the rich to victimize the poor and large corporations to kidnap people like guinea pigs for their experiments.

    Two corporations seek to overthrow the governments and reach for global domination. Meanwhile, three unlikely heroes are seeking change, each one for their own purpose. Can they stop the change that is to come before it is too late or will they fail, dooming the earth to slavery at the hands of these evil corporations?

    When the government finally intervenes, will it be for the benefit of all humanity, or just themselves? Whose side would you pick? Who will win?

    Perpetual Motion

    by Jeff Fulmer

    When a private-eye is hired to find the inventor of a perpetual motion machine, he is skeptical. Especially when the private-eye’s name is Cynical Jones. His search will take him round the high stakes roulette wheels in Vegas, through the desert in a high speed chase, and across the ocean in a private jet. His search is joined by FBI agents and a professional hit squad, which makes Cynical begin to wonder if there could be something to this invention…And, could it actually be capable of producing free and abundant energy? If so, it will be up to a jaded ex-detective to protect a device that might revolutionize the world.

    CLANK: A Book of Madness

    by S.R. Tooms

    When a socially inept office worker finds himself mired in the midst of a lethal and outlandish struggle – a dreadfully needless situation brought about by a bizarre occurrence…

    We are privileged to witness the psychological unraveling of a man who was never meant, or should never have been allowed, to set foot in the public arena.

    Deadline – Seven short crime thriller stories featuring Detective Inspector George Haven

    by Keith B Walters

    Detective Inspector George Haven is a man with secrets but he’s a good cop and a good man, a family man, a man who just every now and then has to bend the rules.

    Troubled by the world of crime he sees rising around him and those he holds dear, this collection of seven short stories presents the detective in cases that try him, test him and show just what he is prepared to do as a good man in a world going bad.

    Tales of crime, murder, revenge all against the backdrop of London and the South East.

    Fangs for the Memories: A Dark Side of the Moon Mystery (Dark Side of the Moon Mysteries)

    by Terri Main

    When one of the Moon’s most prominent citizens is found laying in the entryway to his upscale apartment in Collins Township wearing a cape, red contact lenses and prosthetic fangs with a stake through his heart, the local authorities knew they were out of their depth.

    Enter Michael Cheravik and Carolyn Masters. Michael is a former Dallas homicide detective who is now a criminology professor at Armstrong University. Carolyn is currently a history professor and formerly with the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit. Though strictly unofficial, Michael and Carolyn take on the cases that are too hard for the small town “security counselors” to handle.

    And they have a tough case this time. Their investigation will lead through the seamy world of vampire play and the even seamier worlds of espionage, Old Money and terrorism involving some of Luna’s leading citizens.

    In this case, our sleuths get some help from a ten-year-old genius and a robotic cat.

    Fangs for the Memories is a lighthearted, action filled, cozy mystery full of twists and turns, misdirection and adventure. Set at the beginning of the twenty-second century in a small town built underground on the Moon, the story blends the familiar with the exotic.

    This is the third in the Dark Side of the Moon Mystery Series. Readers of the previous series’ titles have commented on the sense of realism Terri Main brings to the stories.

    “I don’t think about this series is being a science fiction series per se,” Main says. “I think about it as a cozy mystery that happens to be set in a different time period. In that way it’s not much different than, say, a Brother Cadfael mystery. The only difference is that this is set on the moon in the future rather than in a 12th-century monastery. While the moon plays a major role in the storyline, the story remains centered on very human and very contemporary issues such as greed, the abuse of power, and the perceived privilege of the upper classes. One of the most frequent comments I get about my stories is that of people who say they don’t like science fiction, but they like my stories. I find that to be a great compliment.”

    So, whether you like science fiction or a good cozy mystery, Fangs for the Memories is sure to delight. Order your copy today.

    Lindsey Stiles 6-Book Boxed Set

    by Lindsey Stiles

    Boxed set of six bestselling suspense stories by Lindsey Stiles, including:


    A newly divorced teacher rents a cottage that is rumored to be haunted. But Jodie isn’t worried. She doesn’t believe in spirits and the price is right. When things happen that make her start believing in ghosts, her helpful landlord suddenly clams up as she aims to find out just what happened in that shabby little cottage before she moved into it. As the ghost encounters get more and more terrifying, Jodie must decide how to handle it all without frightening her child or letting her fears steal her sanity.


    When a young mother returns to her childhood home where her own mother was brutally murdered, she brings home a toy telephone that lets her speak to the dead. However, the revelations of the past are not without danger…and sometimes the dead don’t stay dead.


    When a loving couple does a private adoption of an unwanted baby, their joy at having a beautiful baby daughter begins to turn to fear when this seven-year-old girl becomes spoiled and manipulative, and learns ghastly ways to get what she wants from her parents. She even breaks up their happy marriage and the ex-husband keeps a terrible, shattering secret from his ex-wife about their dark-hearted daughter. In the tradition of Mary Higgins Clark and Jodi Picoult, this chilling short story is suspenseful, fast-paced and darkly rich, one that will shock you over and over, and compel you to keep reading, as the story hurtles to its terrifying conclusion.


    Jade is now 14 years old and her mother, Rachel, is in a mental institution, after their horrific accident. Jade has been adopted by a nurse and a police officer. However, Jean has died of breast cancer, and Jade lives alone with Stan. Now that Jade is in high school, and beginning to get interested in boys, she worries about fitting in with older popular cheerleaders. When she agonizes to a teacher over a grade of B in her health class, and also feel jealousy over a senior girl who is interested in the boy who Jade has her eye on for the homecoming dance, the wheels begin to turn in Jade’s diabolical mind. What Jade wants, Jade gets, and by any means possible…


    Melanie may not live to see her twenty-first birthday, when she will gain control of her mom’s fortune from her alcoholic, abusive grandfather, who raised her after her parents were killed in a plane crash. One night, she stands up to her grandfather’s abuse and accidentally kills him. Terrified of the consequences of her actions, she flees Wyoming to her friend Brooke’s place in California to hide-out and try to make a new life for herself. Encouraged by Brooke, who is a nurse, Melanie enters a short program in order to train to become a certified nursing assistant for a nursing home and develops a friendship with Rose, one of the elderly residents, a sweet woman with dementia who was a psychic before her mind deteriorated. Rose cryptically warns Melanie that someone is out to get her. Now, as the clock is ticking closer to Melanie’s twenty-first birthday, she must carefully choose who to trust and who not to trust…and face down a killer.


    Mrs. Honey Pickle, a fairy godmother who lives in space and uses a space ship to visit millions of children and grant their wishes, is introduced. Her sidekick is Buzzy the dog. Five different children make wishes in this group of stories that are just a little bit noir. Reminiscent of the twists and turns of a Lemony Snicket misadventure, the children each learn lessons about what is important in life. A couple of the stories take unexpected O. Henry sort of turns at the end. This is delicious and slightly spooky reading that goes past your average fairy tale and peels back a layer of humanity to expose what is really going on with these childhood wishes that are anything but ordinary outcomes. Pleasant dreams!




    * This novella is expletive free, unlike my other work. This was intentional as it contains a message that I hope will be read by teenagers.



    Who would you trust with two million pounds? An anxious tale of a peculiar man who wins a fortune, receives a jail sentence, escapes and is then hunted by a variety of London’s most notorious criminals. Peace of mind is a forgotten luxury when your life hangs in the balance. Is the money worth it? : This novel is intended for an adult audience.

    The Wrong Delivery – Corrin’s Eyes

    by McDroll

    Crime doesn’t just happen in the city and after being violently attacked and tied up, Gordon Campbell’s peaceful existence delivering fish to his customers in a picturesque Argyll village is about to change forever.

    Crime noir mixed with a generous slosh of Scottish humour.

    Wrath of the Locusts

    by J. Arlo Mullinix

    Ellis Darby is a curious man. When he travels to Laura’s Grove, North Carolina, to find a woman named Abigail Waite, he finds a town with deep and horrific secrets. Despite its prosperous facade, the entire town is engulfed in fear and desperation as they are tormented by local cult leader, Norman Bashford. The search for Abigail Waite brings him into confrontation with this mysterious cult, its dark powers and the town’s most despicable sins. Set during a heatwave in the summer of 1953, Wrath of the Locusts is an intense, focused Lovecraftian Noir with a Southern flair. Ellis Darby’s curious nature and single minded pursuit of secrets has often led him to ruin. Will his descent into the madness of Laura’s Grove be his ultimate undoing? What sinister presence lays in the heart of a crumbling Victorian mansion on Old Oak Road? Ellis Darby is intent on finding answers, even if it destroys him.

    Into Pieces (Part One)

    by AK Dawson

    How far would you go for revenge?

    Claudia left South Africa to chase a career in London, but a phone call in the middle of the night changes everything. A family member has been murdered by car hijackers. Devastated, she returns to her home city of Durban seeking justice. When she finds out that the police can’t help her, she decides to look for revenge instead. And the only way she can catch the hijackers is if she uses herself as bait.


    Into Pieces is a psychological thriller in two parts. This is part one.

    You can also read both parts together in a single edition for Kindle.

    The Way the Wind Blew: They Battled America’s First Terrorists

    by Walter Donway

    America 1972. Bombs have been going off: in university labs, police headquarters, the U.S. Capital, the Pentagon. In California, shootouts with police are weekly. And the Black Liberation Army is about to join with the Weather Underground in a spree of hold-ups to fund the coming revolution. Then, in downtown Boston, the killing goes wholesale when a dynamite bomb shatters the Prudential Center. Martin Trepan of TASK has to find the bombers and wonders if the disappearances of college professors and students is part of puzzle. The beautiful, dangerous Mi-Sun Kane thinks so–and is determined to find her daughter before Trepan does.

    Kingdom Gone

    by Frank Lean

    Fred Davis woke up every morning with one wish. It was the same wish every morning. He wanted to turn on the TV and learn that every law passed since 1953 had been repealed. . .

    When Fred, leader of the REPEAL MOVEMENT, is found with his throat cut and private eye Dave Cunane’s card between his fingers, things turn nasty for the Manchester detective.

    It’s not only the law who want answers from Cunane. Crazies start to emrge from the Manchester hinterland. And their methods are more direct than those of the Fuzz. Aldous Arkwright, spirual guru of the CHILDREN of LIGHT cult, is dreaming of an awakening to rival anything achieved before. But his henchmen have other, more worldly, thoughts on their minds.

    Meanwhile Melville Monckton, local pop entrepreneur, claims that the entertainment scene in Manchester is boring. His plans to spice things up lead to serious problems for Cunane’s friend, club owner Bob Lane, and his giant brother Clint.

    Mix all these ingredients together and add an inspiring journalist, an iffy copper and academic skulduggery down at UNWIST, a Manchester university, and the result is trouble with a capital T.

    But trouble is Dave Cunane’s business . . .

    Crime and Punishment: a modern tale

    by Samuel Gorvine

    Harry Rasko needs money to get back to his girlfriend in Brazil, to get his life back on track. Not a career criminal he nevertheless decides to rob a bank but the job goes over the top in several surprising ways that only make his life worse instead of better. As a direct result, his girlfriend Monica is kidnapped and sold into the international sex trade. Harry´s crusade to rescue her leads him overseas and into further unplanned adventures with Monica. Through all this he must deal with his guilt and find redemption– a tall order as it turns out.

    Weeping Widows

    by Debra R. Borys

    “Every time I uncover proof a client’s spouse, fiance or “significant other” is one evolutionary step below homo erectus, I’m really reaming my sleazy ex-husband. I love me job.

    –Evelyn A. Archer

    A collection of short stories about scumbags who lie, cheat, abuse, and sometimes even murder their significant others.

    Evelyn A. Archer named her detective agency “Undercover Operations” because catching lovers between the sheets with someone they’re not committed to is her specialty. Two long years of marriage had taught her where her talents lie. Once her 8 x 10 glossies hit the divorce negotiation table, her client is guaranteed a pricey settlement.

    It’s enough to make even an optimist see the glass as half empty.

    Josie Toadfern Mystery Sampler: Three Stories and Thirty Stain-Busting Tips

    by Sharon Short

    This Josie Toadfern sampler includes the two short stories (The Telltale Spot and Lint Trap) that preceded the novel series, as well as a never-before-published story, Spin Cycle, which satirizes reality TV as only Josie could. Also included are thirty of Josie’s favorite stain-busting tips that were included in the novel series.

    The Death and Resurrection of Jonathon Sage

    by John Jacobson

    A short horror story after the style of Lovecraft and Poe. The victim of a fatal car accident finds himself haunting the corpse of a stranger.

    Nothing But A Gun

    by Walter Donway

    What happens when an eighth-grade boy is the only one who will face that a killer is about to go on a shooting spree at his school?

    Note: Readers who enjoy this story and also approve of its message should be sure to rate and review the book, so it will gain a wider audience and have a greater impact.

    From “Nothing But A Gun”

    Ricky recalled one of the rare occasions when he discussed guns with his Dad. His Dad had taken him one Saturday to the Minuteman National Historical Park in Concord, where farmers with their guns had stopped the British regulars marching from Boston. Stopped them there at the Old North Bridge over the Concord River. Collecting muskets, gunpowder, cannon, and other arms for use by the town militia violated orders of the British military governor, Thomas Gage. Gage had decided to capture the largest colonial munitions supply and it was at Concord, 18 miles west of Boston. It was to be a quick thrust, by night, to seize the cache. But as everyone knew, today, the colonial alarm system of riders like Paul Revere had worked well that night. The Concord citizens were warned and ready.

    The confrontation came at the bridge, where the statue stood today, where the first shot of the Revolutionary War that led to creation of the freest, happiest, most prosperous nation on earth had been fired.

    Standing there, looking up at the lanky statue of the Minuteman with his musket, his Dad had said: “The last thing you want to do is live with a gun in your hand, fighting. You’d rather not even think about it. That’s why we have the police to protect us from a few people who would rather point a gun at us than make a deal. Or rather steal something than earn it. There aren’t many of them, not in our country, anyway, because everyone is free to make his own way.”

    But then, he had looked up the statue above them and fallen silent. He nodded as though to himself. “Sometimes, though, someone is suddenly there, right in your face with a weapon, with plans for youâ??or you wifeâ??or your propertyâ??and he isn’t asking. The police aren’t there, no way to call them. What have you got?”

    Ricky had looked up, following his gaze. “Nothing but a gun? Is that what you mean?”

    His father nodded. “That’s right–partly right. Nothing but a gun and your own judgment, with no one to tell you what to do. Fight? Go along and wait your chance? It can take more guts to do that, when you know you don’t have a chance. But what you said is right, Rick. Sometimes, nothing but a gun will do it.”

    The Stories of Em

    by Liz Pirkey

    The Stories of Em is a collection of three short stories about eighteen year old Emily (known as Em) who bungles into solving mysteries in her community. She has decided to take a year off between high school and college to work, but mysteries keep getting in the way. Along with her friends Sam, Kayla and Austin she manages to find herself in a bind a lot, and mostly because of her natural nosiness. The stories are told in the first person, and Em has a witty, indie personality that is refreshingly candid. The first person narrative makes you feel like you’re part of the story!

    Strawberry Bliss (Book #6)

    by Julie Ann Hough

    Violet frayed roses to formula one grand prix.


    by Jessi Miller

    A harrowing short story of a young girl and her family’s struggle to survive in a post-war era. Almost 4,000 words.

    The Kalamazoo Kid (Fight Card)

    by Jeremy Brown

    Ray Kurt was one of the first guys to step into a sanctioned MMA fight – back when you scrapped four times a night and didn’t wrap your hands until you got to the hospital afterward. Now he trains fighters in his Kalamazoo mixed martial arts gym, searching for someone he can take to the top.

    Young fighting phenom Tallis Dunbar might just be that someone, but Tallis comes attached to a whole lot of trouble. Detroit mob fixer Andru Harp wants Kurt to turn Tallis into an MMA beast tough enough to take on the Chicago mob’s fearsome fighter, High Voltage – the same man who nearly killed Tallis’ brother a year earlier.

    For Detroit and Chicago it’s all about turf, but for Kurt and Tallis their lives and redemption are balanced on a razor’s edge. Kurt is used to fighting with few rules, but now there is only one – survive…

    The Wish to Kill

    by Janet Hannah

    Alex Kertesz is a biochemist, Handsome, popular – with everyone except his artist wife – and good at what he does, he is the opposite of Professor Ilan Falk, whose body he discovers one night in a University of Jerusalem laboratory. He had just been wishing that Falk would go to hell when an explosion in the laboratory sent him there.

    Was Falk’s death the result of an accident? The professor had many enemies for whom his demise was uncannily timely. One, his lovely lab assistant, confides to Alex that at the moment of the explosion she, too, had been wishing Falk dead. Her wish had been specific and conformed exactly to the actual circumstances.

    If it wasn’t an accident, and if all the other possibilities can be ruled out, Alex will be forced to consider the possibility that wishes can kill.

    The Adventure of the Poetic Assassin (Edward, Son of Sherlock Holmes)

    by Mark Bensette Aux Bois

    Holmes and Dr. Watson travel west to Liverpool where they look into the disturbing verses which are being received by an important government scientist.

    The Wrong Delivery – Part Four – Running Out of Time

    by McDroll

    Will Gordon find Morna alive? Read on in the final part of The Wrong Delivery, Running Out of Time.

    Eccentric Lady (A Lacey Summers P I Novel)

    by Edna Curry

    Lacey’s new client, Patti, comes to her in a panic because her Aunt Agnes is missing. Patti calls Sheriff Ben stupid for refusing to investigate. Is Patti lying? The case gets more weird when Agnes’s body is found and her nasty nephew and brother and his girlfriend arrive and Patti begins dating Agnes’ lawyer.
    Though Ben and even her trucker fiance, Paul, want her to drop the case, Lacey continues searching for the truth. Someone else doesn’t want her snooping, either. When threats and intimidation don’t work, she’s kidnapped. Will she survive to solve this case?

    Mystery Time (Alex Kertesz mysteries)

    by Janet Hannah

    Scientists travel a lot. International conferences are one way they keep up with developments in their field and stay in contact with colleagues who work on the same subject. In the third book featuring microbiologist Alex Kertesz, the Hungarian born scientist is at a conference in Prague when the romantic charm of the beautiful European city is shattered by the murder of one of the American participants.

    The Prague police believe that local criminals were responsible, but a professional competitor of the murdered man keeps turning up in connection with the crime.

    Alex is drawn in because his friend and colleague, Hildegard Kraus, had been persuaded to lend her antique watch to the victim and the cherished keepsake has now disappeared. Alex can’t refuse Hildegard when she asks for his help in recovering it.

    The watch, which seems to do more than just tell time, is one of the major characters in the story.

    Cold Mourning – Part 1 (A Stonechild and Rouleau Mystery)

    by Brenda Chapman

    It’s a week before Christmas when wealthy businessman Tom Underwood disappears into thin air — with more than enough people wanting him dead.

    New police recruit Kala Stonechild, who has left her northern Ontario detachment to join a specialized Ottawa crime unit, is tasked with returning Underwood home in time for the holidays. Stonechild, who is from a First Nations reserve, is a lone wolf who is used to surviving on her wits. Her new boss, Detective Jacques Rouleau, has his hands full controlling her, his team, and an investigation that keeps threatening to go off track.

    Old betrayals and complicated family relationships brutally collide when love turns to hate and murder stalks a family

    All six installments of Cold Mourning are now available for preorder. Watch for Cold Mourning arriving February 2014.

    The Need to Become


    The story of one woman’s journey through abuse and mental illness due to a physical disability and the courage to never give up to overcome and lead a normal life.

    The Organ Chair

    by Roger Robson

    A young Australian soldier, injured in the Dieppe Landings of World War II, is discharged from hospital and goes in search of the mother that abandoned him as a child. That search uncovers a murder and leads to a fatal confrontation

    The Witness

    by Melissa Yost-Haynes

    THE WITNESS (33 pages, 3,261 words)

    Look for these other titles:

    WHAT THE HELL Volume 1 The Preacher Man Series, BENEATH THE ROCK Volume 2 The Preacher Man Series, THE WHITE BARN Volume 3 The Preacher Man Series, ELECTRIC CHAIR OR TASER FRIED 2ND EDITION, WE ARE ONLY HUMAN, JEEPERS REAPERS Volume 1 The Reaper Series, THE GOAT Volume 1 Signs and Sacrifices Series, THE WATER Volume 2 Signs and Sacrifices Series, THE FISHES Volume 3 Signs and Sacrifices Series, THE RAM Volume 4 Signs and Sacrifices Series, THE BULL Volume 5 Signs and Sacrifices Series, THE TWINS Volume 6 Signs and Sacrifices Series, THE CRAB Volume 7 Signs and Sacrifices Series, THE LION Volume 8 Signs and Sacrifices Series, DEEPEST SORROW Volume 1 Red Dragons Series, PAYBACK Volume 2 Red Dragons Series, FRIENDLY STRANGERS Volume 3 Red Dragons Series, HOSTILE TAKEOVER Volume 4 Red Dragons Series, THE WITNESS

    66 Steps to Mother

    by Hilda Lolly

    Sixty-Six Steps to Mother – a deliciously dark and funny short story by national treasure-in-waiting, Hilda Lolly. When Gerald and Angela ascend the fragrant stairs of the pinkish, greyish tower block to spend Christmas Day with Mother, pleasant thoughts of mince pies and a well-basted turkey are rapidly extinguished by milk-less tea and marrowfat peas. If anyone can suck the fun out of the festivities it’s Blodwyn, and before long Angela is very much at the end of her elegant tether…

    Part of Hilda’s fabulous collection of short stories Gracious Lies Sixty-Six Steps to Mother is guaranteed to raise a smile (and put a wince) on anyone’s face this festive season.

    Chocolate GIrls with Golden Hair

    by Carrie Carr

    THREE chocolate blondes – THREE Motives – ONE Murder

    Tapping into the common wish to be someone else, if only for a short time, this suspense drama explores what happens when a black woman, bored with her humdrum existence bleaches her hair blonde and takes on the persona of her late sister.

    After the murder of her beloved sister, a quiet and warmhearted legal secretary, Bianca Bell, is in search of an escape. A few sessions with her psychologist propel her to the realization that the excitement that she seeks is in a new life, the life of her late sister.

    With a daring wish to continue the wild life of her late sister, she bleaches her hair blonde and dares to reinvent herself. And with this new persona comes a different type of experience, including becoming one of three black blonde suspects to a murder.

    “This whodunit suspense drama will keep you guessing until the last page.”–Elance book editor


    by Rui Xavier

    “Dog” is the story of a crime, but also a tale about Love, Power and Money. The main character, known just as the Woman, a well succeeded advertiser, guides us trough a tense and mysterious narrative where the conflict between career and marriage results in the most unexpected and terrible consequences. “Dog” (written as a theatrical play) is an eye opener story, full of madness, intelligence, irony and reflections about life, society and the human relationships.

    Mad Dreams

    by Michael George

    The small town of Lititz, PA was once named the “Coolest Small Town in America.” But recently drugs and gang activity have turned this quaint town into a crime ridden neighborhood. As a former Marine and police officer, Austin Brooks had seen it all. Until the day his wife and child were brutally murdered in cold blood by a vicious gang intent on revenge. Now Austin leads a solitary life, haunted by his past and plagued by dreams of murder and death. When Max Clemons, Austin’s best friend and homicide detective, enlists Austin’s help in a series of unsolved murders by a deranged serial killer, Austin senses a disturbing connection between his visions and the murders. Along with help from the attractive but mysterious FBI agent Maggie Parker, Austin must piece together the connection he has with the killer and along the way confront the demons from his past.

    MindWire (MindWire Trilogy)

    by Carl Sampson

    Psychologist Paul Clark receives an unusual invitation from Hope psychiatric hospital to undertake therapy with a strangely non-communicative young girl. Discovering that she has unusual memory problems and a hazy background, he soon begins to suspect that the girl is not mentally ill at all and that powerful figures within the hospital are covering up aspects of her past. Therapy brings about dramatic changes in his patient, but her awakening pulls Paul and his friends into a dangerous world of technological surveillance and psychic espionage, which ultimately questions the very nature of the reality they have so far taken for granted.

    The Will to Truth

    by Lon K. Montag

    My name is Manny Kant. I understand you have a job for me. But before we get to that, there are a few things we’re going to need to be in agreement about.

    You probably want my job. You imagine it’s exciting. And a little dangerous. And you think you can handle itâ?¦I’ll tell you right now, you’ve got it wrong. And that’s something we need to get out of the way up front. Because if this is going to work, I’ve got to have not just your trust, and not just your moneyâ??though I will be needing both of thoseâ??but, most importantly, I’m going to need your respectâ?¦

    If you’re going to do what I do, you’re going to need something that you can’t learn…You might not even know you have it until you’re put to the testâ?¦And in the end, you’re either battered but still standing and coming back for more, or you’re crawling away crying. There’s no alternative. And there’s no middle ground. That’s the will to truth.

    Let me tell you about the time I found out I had it.

    Fallen Idols (Jack Garrett and Laura McGanity crime thriller)

    by Neil White

    â??Fallen Idols has been hailed as a stunning debut’.

    The Blackpool Gazette

    â??Fallen Idolsâ?¦has all the hallmarks of a great read for crime-thriller fans with celebrity killings, conspiracies, revenge and even a hint of romance’.

    The Weekly News

    â??â?¦ a whirlwind of a novel â?¦ a serious contender to match the giants of the crime fiction world’

    â??This is a story worth reading … Neil White will be someone to watch for’


    Nominated for the Books to Talk About Award at the World Book Day Awards.

    A Premiership footballer is shot dead in cold blood on a busy London street, and a country is soon gripped by terror. Who is behind this apparently motiveless killing – and who’s next in the firing line? Crime-beat reporter Jack Garrett who’s left behind his Lancashire roots for the glitz, glamour, the seediness and squalor of the capital, is convinced this is no celebrity stalker.

    Aided by DC Laura McGanity, desperately trying to juggle police life with motherhood and her feelings for Jack, the trail takes them back to Jack’s home town of Turner’s Fold – and his past. He uncovers a small town conspiracy which involves his own father and the connection of the spate of recent murders to the brutal rape and murder of a young girl ten years earlier and 300 miles away.

    Conspiracy, revenge and the high price of fame all combine in the stunning debut from a dazzling new voice in crime fiction.

    Learn more about Neil White at his websites:



    Follow Neil on Twitter: @neilwhiteinusa or @neilwhite1965

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