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Candle Making Guide: The Complete Guide To Homemade Candle

by SpC Books

A candle is a solid wax block, with an embedded wick, which is ignited to provide light and sometimes even heat.

Candles can be made from different types of wax, like bees wax, soy bean wax etc. and can be produced in different colors and different scents.

Candles are quite popular during holidays to highlight that special holiday moments and romantic moments are also unthinkable without them.

You can find candles anywhere from special stores to plain markets, but if you really want amazing candle that will satisfy all senses, than you should create your own.

This guide will teach you how to make simple candles, but also customized ones and even candles from candle leftovers that are quite practical and economical.

Table Of Contents:



-History of candles

-Types of candles

-Candles and safety


-Essential items for candle making

-Types of wax for candle making:

-Wicks and different types of wicks

-How to make candle – step by step

-Scented candles

—–Scented candle – making process

—–Double scented candle – coffee and whipped cream

-Customized candles

—–Something old into something new candle

—–Hand painted candle

—–Dipped, cut and carved candles

—–Candle carving basics

—–Getting started

—–Carving process

—–Customized photo candles

—–Candle inside the candle

How to Love: For Woman – A Clear Cut Guide to Having A Loving Lasting Relationship (How to Love Yourself, How to Love A Princess, How to Love A Black Man, … to Love Your Wife, How to Love your Husband)

by Kim Newman

Learn Now to Love your Partner!

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Here’s an inescapable fact: you will need to come up with relationship strategies that you can use to improve your relationship. Relationships are successful not because of luck or chance. They are successful because couples make an effort to make their relationship work. As a woman, you need to follow time-tested guidelines that will make your man feel that you love him.

If you do not follow these guidelines, you have no one else to blame but yourself if your relationship fails. It is easy to follow the tips included in this book because they are practical and flexible. Girlfriends and wives will surely benefit a lot from this book.

It’s time for you to become an amazing girlfriend or wife who knows how to love her partner. Once you learn how to love a man, your man will surely pick up a few tips from you and will not hesitate to return the favor. As what you will learn from this book, a successful relationship is a continuous positive cycle that can begin with you.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Love Yourself
  • Show Him Respect
  • Give Him Space
  • Be Intimate
  • And Much, much more!

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Harvest Time Book-24 Natural Treats!

by Gary Moore

Every page is crafted to give the reader new types of beautiful scenery Each picture is carefully selected to wet the appetite for more lovely

pictures to give the eyes treasures to feast on. Each picture draws you

on to more exciting vistas!

Your family will delight in wanting just one more look with the

hint of more to come.. Enjoy the fun together of sharing

each new picture to give fun and delight. Enjoy the sights together!

Harvest Time Book-24 Natural Treats!, will delight all who view it

The Christmas Holiday Guide to Upcycling Part 2 – Table Decor, Gifts and More (Green Crafts)

by Mahe Zehra Husain

  • Bring some upcycling and recycling magic to your craft table this Christmas

The Christmas Holiday Guide to Upcycling Part 2 is an awesome reference and project guide for holiday themed projects. Learn how to make lots of table decor items and gifts using soda cans and plastic packaging. 

  • Enjoy step-by-step instructions to make Christmas themed projects!

You will not believe the amount of projects that can be completed using very simple and easily accessible materials. Choose this Christmas to share upcycling joy with your family. Include children and other family members to make this a truly memorable crafting experience. You will find the instructions well illustrated and easy to follow.

  • Make gifts for everyone on your list for pennies and make them look like a hundred bucks 

The compliments I have received on these projects are numerous and from varied sources. People really find it hard to believe that the item used most is a soda can! 

  • Napkin Rings, Table Mats, JEWELRY, albums and more!

You will be able to make napkin rings, table mats, place cards, jewelry, albums and much much more. Become a green artist and crafter and join the upcycling revolution today 🙂

  • That is not all! Learn the techniques presented and add your own twist to make cards, bags and other craft projects. There is no end to the applications possible.

Carpel Tunnel and Wrist Pain – Simple Relief Exercises (Natural Home Remedies and Cures)

by Sandra Bingham

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, wrist tendonitis and wrist pain are some of the most common ailments to trouble us. Yet just thirty and more years ago these complaints were all but unheard of.

Now nearly everyone is using a computer keyboard, and many young people daily press the buttons on their mobile phones, their playstation consoles and their games controllers thousands of times.

The trouble with doing this is that, though there never appears to be any harm to be done, and you can carry on doing this for months and even years without there appearing to be any problems brewing, there is, nevertheless, often a price to pay.

And that price often manifests itself at a time of its own choosing in the form of severe wrist pain, tendonitis or carpel tunnel syndrome.

Or you could call it Repetitive Strain Injury on the wrist. Whatever name you give it, the fact is that when it strikes you are suddenly faced with severe pain for simply doing what you’ve been used to doing for years without any problem. Few of us could face a future with the sudden deprivation of a pleasure, or even a business necessity, that we’ve taken for granted for as long as we can remember.

What do you do? If you try to ignore it then it will get worse and more painful. Yet any prospect of doing without our mobile phones or computers of whatever type seems too awful to contemplate.

Fortunately few of us will ever have this condition to that degree, but nonetheless if we start to experience the symptoms of wrist pain or Carpel Tunnel Syndrome then we have to do something.

The exercises set out in this brief Guide are not presented as a cure for these conditions, if such a cure exists at all. But they will bring a good measure of relief from the pain and discomfort of wrist pain in all its forms.

And they will form a valuable introduction to the system on which they are based – that of Acupressure. Similar to Acupuncture, but without the needles, Acupressure is a form of treatment that has been around for thousands of years in China and the far east. Millions of people have benefited from its health-giving properties and had the causes of pain dealt with.

You’ll most likely be prompted to find out more about this amazing form of treatment, and take advantage of its ability to treat all kinds of pain and enhance your life and health. Just click on the Buy Button to experience your first taste of genuinely natural pain banishment.

Healthfully Delicious: Low Carb, Low Sugar, High Protein Recipes for Every Occasion (The Low Carbohydrate, High Protein Way to Lose Weight:Start Losing Weight & feeling Great)

by A.E Wilson

The right food choices can greatly impact your health, and it has long been proven that too much carbohydrates and sugar can contribute to obesity and other diseases such as diabetes. That’s why this recipe book is the answer to making healthy, low carb and low sugar meals easier than ever!

Featuring recipes for every meal- breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and desserts are all in here. All the recipes are carb free and high in protein, which can benefit you and your family health wise. Not only that, they taste great too! Now, you can have it all, nutritious and great tasting food in every meal.

Quit Smoking Now Quickly And Easily- Strategies To Help You Quit Smoking And Eliminate Cravings, Along With All Natural Secrets To Quit Smoking And Modern … medical breakthroughs to help quit smoking)

by Ace McCloud


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Quitting Smoking Is Never Easy. Whether you’ve only been smoking for a couple of months or for a few decades, you know that nicotine is one of the most addictive substances known to mankind, thanks to the millions spent by big tobacco companies to make it that way. The contents of this book will give you all the tools you need to help you quit smoking quickly, easily, cheaply, and forever, so that you can live the happy, healthy, smoke free life you’ve been dreaming of and deserve!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Learn The Top Recommended Methods To Quit Smoking Successfully And Naturally
  • Learn About All The Chemicals In Cigarettes That Are Slowly Destroying Your Body
  • Learn About The One Thing That Most People Forget To Do When Trying To Quit Smoking
  • Modern Medical Methods To Help You Quit Smoking
  • All Natural Methods To Help You Quit Smoking
  • Healthy Lifestyle Choices To Help You Quit Smoking For Good
  • Learn How Long It Takes To Repair Your Body From The Damages of Cigarette Smoking
  • Learn Exactly What You Need To Do To Quit Smoking Smartly And Intelligently
  • Much, much more!

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The Art Of Raising A Basset Hound Puppy

by Sharon Dinma Fiberesima

Most people think of a Basset Hound as a cute dog to enter for shows. And that’s one of the wonderful parts of owning this particular breed; they do really well in dog shows. However, Basset Hounds are also loyal pets with an interesting character. This book guides you through taking care of your pet, grooming, diet, training and lots more.

A Texas Legacy Christmas

by DiAnn Mills

This Christian, historical romance by best-selling author, DiAnn Mills is set in the early 1900s. In this fourth and last book of the Texas Legacy series, Zack Kahler thinks he is leaving New York City for home in Texas to publish his own newspaper, but a pair of six-year-old twins and a young woman from his past complicate the situation. What will this Christmas bring to this group of strangers now thrown together?

The Cure Of Public Speaking Fear – How to Overcome Fear and Anxiety Of Public Speaking FAST (Public speaking anxiety, Public speaking for success)

by John Murray

“The Cure Of Public Speaking Fear”: If you have a Fear Of Public Speaking and want to overcome it, This Is The Proven Way To Do It NOW!

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Scared of speaking in front of people? As it affected your life for the worst? Wish you could do something about it? Wish you could be confident and charismatic when facing a crowd? NOW YOU CAN! JUST BUY “THE CURE OF PUBLIC SPEAKING FEAR” AND BECOME THE MOST CHARISMATIC SPEAKER YOU CAN BE!

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to overcome fear of Public Speaking Fast and Permanently.

In Chapter 1, you will understand your situation more to know how to fight your speech anxiety the best ways. In Chapter 2, a step-by-step approach will be taught to help you face your very fear without failure. On the other hand, the power of preparation and all things therein are discussed in Chapter 3.

A brief break on the exercises is given in Chapter 4 to help you strengthen your resolve throughout this battle. In Chapter 5, you will learn to avoid common blunders of public speaking that result to embarrassment. Lastly, in Chapter 6, you will learn to do seven effective tricks in boosting your confidence and helping you achieve a strong finish.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Understanding The Source Of Your Fear
  • How To Approach Your Fear
  • How To Prepare Yourself For A Speech
  • How To Get In The Right Mind Zone Before A Speech
  • What To Avoid When On The Stage
  • Tips That Make A Difference: Seven Powerful Tricks To Use When Speaking To A Crowd
  • (insert bullet point)
  • Much, much more!

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Slow Your Prose: 25 Tips on How New Authors Can Improve Their Craft

by James W. Lewis

New writers often worry more about how to sell their book instead of writing a polished story in the first place. They have the pedal pressed to the floor when they shouldn’t have gotten in the ride at all, so to speak. In “Slow Your Prose: 25 Tips On How New Authors Can Improve Their Craft,” we go back to the basics.

Showing vs. telling, passive/active voice, point-of-views … many writers confuse these key elements for writing a good story. Before rushing a book to market, it’s more important to write the best book possible first. But why do so many authors skip this step?

As a bonus, you’ll find three proven query letters that have led to deals with a literary agent, a magazine and popular anthology by a New York Times best-selling author.

12-Step Prayer Journal Prompts for the Relapsed Food Addict

by Mischell Day

If you’ve ever participated in a 12-Step program you know it is not easy. For food addicts, it is particularly difficult because you can’t stop eating altogether. Food has brought comfort and joy in so many situations that it’s hard to give up that crutch.

So, within a 12-step food addiction program, it is very easy to relapse and feel horrible about yourself. These journal prompts were created to help you write about your feelings during and after a relapsed period.

I hope you find them helpful.

Your Quick Tip Guide to a Fierce Body

by Jessica Kiernan

So you want a fierce sexy body? You want to look good and feel even better? Well, you’re in luck. This quick tip book is for the person who wants to get right down to the tidbits and dive right in, head first. I wanted to put this together for you who, like myself; love tips. I’m to the point. So let’s dive right in this pool and see what you need to do right now to get a fierce sexy body that will get people drooling.

Let’s start with what a fierce sexy body is to you? Sit down for a few minutes and think about this. Grab a journal and write down what you want. Do you want sexy sculpted abs, or a booty to die for? Long lean legs? Guysâ?¦do you want more muscle? Just take a small amount of time and write it down.

Next you need to set realistic goals. This is usually a very tough thing for many. Why? Because many are so used to setting huge goals and then failing at them…Why? Because the goals are ridiculous and so big and hard to attain that you just cannot fulfill it. So we need to start thinking different about what is realistic. If you want results that last beyond 6 months, you have to accept the fact that maintainable and also life-long changes, will not happen overnight. It’s an everyday process you need to work on. Yes your busy, yes its hard…but the point is to start to learn to make time, even if it’s a small time every day. Not a few weeks out of the year but each and every day! Make the promise to yourself.

Holidays Frightened My Father and Other Stories

by Walter Donway

Nine stories and five personal narratives by novelist, poet, and magazine editor Walter Donway.

Dear Sex Predator
A brilliant 14-year-old computer prodigy enjoys chats about sex with weird guys, and also posing nude for the high-school art teacher. When her parents see an alarming message on her screen, they get a nice guy from the D.A.’s “Sex Predator Office” to warn Nikki of the risks. He tries to clip her computer wings, but she runs circles around him–until one of her internet friends waylays her on the way to school…

The Fathering Bargain
They’re loving living together in a great Upper East Side apartment in Manhattan with “Baldy,” a Persian cat who is seriously neurotic, but she wants a baby–now–and that has always scared him. When she sets a deadline, they struggle for their future with some very “advanced” psychotherapists and by discovering if they can even see eye-to-eye in parenting a cat that pisses in the bed.

Say Hello to New York, For Me
When his car goes dead in the hills of West Virginia, with night and a snow storm approaching, a New Yorker finds out from a kid in Appalachia how much competence is worth in life.

Suddenly–No Wheels
When I woke up one day, in Worcester, Massachusetts, to find that my midnight blue Corvair had been stolen, people kept saying “Just some kids on joy ride” and “Who would want it?”

The Tom
A fashionable summer lake community has a peeping Tom and so far the police haven’t been able to catch him. So runners in the community make a plan to do try to do it. But when the ‘Tom” turns out to be a ‘she,” Annie Burke conceives a bright idea for raising big money at the community’s summer auction.

Easy Runner
When I ran every evening on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, through Carl Schurz Park and along the East River, I discovered that there are almost as many ways to be competitive as there are steps in a run.

The Bright Idea
The mayor’s beautiful, ambitious wife would love to eliminate his chief rival for the governorship, and also get back at a guy who gives her too many long, lingering looks.

What Mr. Zimet Saw
A NYPD detective drafts a psychic into a scheme to trick a murder suspect into leading the police to a body they haven’t been able to find. Mr. Zimet goes along with the “sting,”–and the detective discovers Zimet has extraordinary powers, after all.

Holidays Frightened My Father
He propitiated the gods at Thanksgiving and Christmas by finding the toughest, messiest job around the house. When he bought a summer vacation home, the required penance for enjoying himself was monumental. And so the whole family joined in drilling the new well–by hand.

Vernon Bagley’s Golden Years
After 40 years in the basement of Martins and Snead in shipping and receiving, Bagley would do anything–anything–to live his life again as a novelist. He’s willing to give that opportunity to young Earl Stokes, so he can be a painter, but Stokes just won’t take it.

Feeling My Way
When my father died suddenly I discovered the demands that the dead make on the living.

Love and Honor at Enghein
Jon Kister is in Paris in June, celebrating his graduation from Harvard, enjoying his first love affair, and trying to recover from a shocking row with his father. When his college roommate and best friend, Lance, suddenly shows up, Jon wonders if Lance’s card-counting skills can save his trip–and probably his love affair.

After Kate goes out on a dinner date, Roy and Helen sit at dinner speculating about their daughter’s sex life. Helen goes from wondering if Roy ever heard of the sexual revolution to sudden fear that he is too interested in Kate.

Stolen Christmas Gifts
Alec is a handsome young man with a new job at a department store and the Christmas rush is on. Soon, though, he finds himself in a new love affair–and in a big, sophisticated, long-term shoplifting ring. Who do you think will be in trouble by Christmas?

The Wedding Officiant’s Manual: A Guide to Writing, Planning and Officiating Wedding Ceremonies

by Sunny Dawn Johnston

“The Wedding Officiant’s Manual: A guide to Writing, Planning and Officiating Wedding Ceremonies”

The Wedding Officiant’s Manual is an essential guide for anyone who wants to create a wedding ceremony. Sunny Dawn Johnston, an Ordained Officiant with over a decade of experience, has written this book from the Officiants perspective. However, this manual can be used by brides, grooms and wedding consultants as well as ceremony Officiants.

This guide contains fourteen complete ceremonies and a variety of vows, poems, prayers, blessings and wedding traditions. There are also several special tips that only a seasoned pro would know. Johnston’s goal is to offer you a variety of material that honors your unique beliefs, traditions and intentions.

“The Wedding Officiant’s Manual” takes the guesswork out of the ceremony creating process and gives you options galore, all in one handy book. Included is a Q&A form to make the entire experience from beginning to end as stress free as possible. This is the Ultimate guide for step-by-step instruction on creating the perfect ceremony.

Origami Volume 2 (Easy to Learn)

by P S Kohli

If you are looking for simple, straight forward origami instructions, you have come to the right place. Here you will find out how to make every day objects with clear illustrations and simple instructions.

There’s nothing quite like the happiness you get from making an animal face, flower etc from a plain square piece of paper.

Buy this book now, and enjoys hours of learning the art of Origami.

Journal Prompts & Creative Writing Ideas for Dealing with Depression

by Mischell Day

30 Writing Prompts for Exploring Your Depression
Depression affects so many people around the world and for a variety of reasons. And depression manifests itself in many different ways, and sometimes, we don’t even know when we are depressed. I remember a specific time in my life when I was really down and out, and it was a struggle just to get through each day. My husband at the time (now ex) could not keep a job, he was in legal trouble and it was my responsibility to make everything work. That’s a lot of pressure to put on one person. I did not even know I was depressed until my brother suggested it to me, and I looked at myself closely and decided he was right. I didn’t even realize that every piece of clothing I had was navy blue, gray or black. The depression had even gotten to my clothes! Not to mention the weight gain.
I am by no means a doctor or a therapist, but when I was depressed, the one thing I found helpful to me was to put my thoughts down on paper. Usually, I destroyed the writings because I didn’t want anyone to know what I was feeling, but you don’t have to do that. That’s just me. Journaling has helped me through so many situations in my life, and I hope that these journal prompts will help you too by instigating thought into what you are feeling and to maybe shed some light on your depression.

Headache relief: relief of headache and migraine with natural methods

by Frank Ar

“Headache relief: relief of headache and migraine with natural methods” is based on research in the field of headache prevention, causes and healing, and it also leverages the author’s experience in healing his own migraines.
If you have experienced mild headache s, or you are struggling with them, or you just want to prevent them from happening in you and people you care about, “Headache relief: relief of headache and migraine with natural methods” can make a difference in your life. Think about all the time spent in bed, and the missed opportunities, which result from repeated headache cases.
After seeing what headaches are, and are not, “Headache relief: relief of headache and migraine with natural methods” identifies some of the most recurrent causes, plus simple strategies and tactics to prevent and deal with them. While short-term remedies are very useful as patches, in order to live your life headaches-free, you may decide to live an overall more holistic and relaxed life. In this case, the author offers you AmAre as a tool to cultivate a relaxed and meaningful lifestyle.
AmAre in Italian, means “to love”; in English, interconnectedness: (I)Am (we) are. As a framework for happiness, AmAre stands for being:
* A – Aware and Accepting
* M – Meaningful and Motivated
* A – Active and Attentive
* R – Resilient and Respectful
* E – Eating properly and Exercising

This book is for information purposes only. It does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, treatment or care. If you have a health problem, medical emergency, or a general health question, you should contact a physician or other qualified health care provider for consultation, diagnosis and/or treatment. Under no circumstances should you attempt self-diagnosis or treatment based on anything you have seen or read here.

Biotin: biotin for hair and hair growth. Can biotin stop hair loss?

by Russ Dupont

Can Biotin stop hair loss? Is Biotin beneficial for hair health and hair growth? How to take biotin?

In this book, we provide you the results of our extensive research about Biotin and its benefits for the health of your hair. But we do not ask you to believe the information we found . Instead, we provide you the tools to make your own research if you so desire. Not on unknown sites, but in scientific, peer-reviewed journals.

In the first part of the book, you discover Biotin and its benefits. The second part guides you through additional natural remedies. The conclusion offers you tips and insights about overall well-being, for the benefit of your hair and your body as a whole.

The 3/4 Rule: How To Eat As A Young Athlete

by Chris Weiler

The ¾ Rule! An easy, no nonsense nutrition model, simple enough for a 7 year old, yet practical and detailed enough for adults.

Discover the difference between Nutrition for Survival vs. Nutrition for Athletes, why all protein is not created equal and how to decode any nutrition label with one simple rule. We’ll also dig into those unregulated, expensive, heavily marketed magic bullets – supplements.

The ¾ Rule is not restrictive, applies to all eating environments, and most of what you will find in this book you have not read or heard before.

The ¾ Rule is a model that greatly simplifies nutrition, and shows you exactly how to eat as a young athlete!

12-Step Journal Prompts & Creative Writing ideas for Alcohol Addiction

by Mischell Day

If you look up 12-step program on Wikipedia, you will find that it’s a program that helps with recovery from compulsion or addiction, whether it is from alcohol, food, gambling, drugs or sex. You may know them as Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-Anon, etc. This journal prompts book is focused on alcohol addiction, but is not published by NA, OA or AA.

This book will help you as you work the 12-steps of recovery or have already been through the 12-steps.

There are thirty journal prompts in this bookâ?¦one for each day of a month. Read the journal prompt and then write about how you are feeling or answer the question. You can use the prompts one per day or stretch them out to one a month. There is no right or wrong way to use these journal prompts. You can use them more than once or write a little bit each day. You can skip around as you feel necessary. You can even repeat as them or apply the questions to different circumstances in your life. All you need is pen and paper or a computer to begin.

Best Thing Ever: Escape Disappointments and Drama and Let True Love Into Your Life

by Sky Blossoms

Best Thing Ever is a transformational step-by-step guide to building a truly magical life partnership. It invites the reader to prepare for future commitment by building a strong foundation within and offers an array of practical tools. The author’s profound insights into the nature of healthy, successful relationships was a lifetime in the making, and included intrepid acts such as walking on hot coals and testing the limits of her innate abilities. Spiced with humor and true stories of the author’s extraordinary road to authentic love, as well as captivating vignettes from other successful couples, Best Thing Ever will deepen your understanding of love and transform the quality of your relationships.

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