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The Self Esteem Guide: How to Boost Self-Esteem of Your Child in 21 days

by Michael E. Reese

Guide Your Child The Right Way in Developing His/Her Self-Esteem

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You’re about to discover proven steps and strategies on how to help your children become confident, even when they are doing activities on their own. At the same time, it would bring you to the roots of enforcing good behavior to your children.

This book will also help you understand that your guidance is helpful in building your child’s self-esteem.

You will develop good personal habits, after reading this book, that would help you become a good example of a confident person to your child

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • What Would Self-Esteem Do For Your Child
  • First 3 Days: Get Rid of the Wrong Attitude
  • Day 4-10: Make Adults at Home Great Role Models
  • Day 11-16: Teach the Value of Real Achievement
  • Day 16-20: Teach the Value of Cooperation and Leadership
  • Conclusion

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Total Breakup Recovery – Why you shouldn’t get your ex back and you are winning for life

by Manu Jones

This book helps you recover from a breakup and guides you on your way to feeling better again

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You’re about to discover how to best handle a situation of despair and turn it around so you can start living again. Better yet, your life might even get better than before! We take a look at the big picture and I show you why you should absolutely avoid getting back with your ex, even if you almost cannot resist. There are steps you can take that help you to stay strong. Let me help you!

When going through a breakup, everyone knows that it is the mental attitude that needs to be changed to make true changes. This book is designed to show you exactly what you can do and offers very powerful suggestions on what works best!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Reasons why you should never get back together with your ex
  • How to get over your ex
  • How to use transformational tools to make you feel better instantly
  • Get to know opportunities that arise after a breakup
  • Learn that your heart heals and you can fall in love again!
  • Much, much more!

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Aunt Beth’s Christmas Treasures

by Sandra White

Sandra White

Aunt Beth’s Christmas Treasures

Anne Morgan Davidson is filled with sadness as she travels via train to visit her Aunt Beth in rural Iowa. It has not been a good year for Anne. Recently divorced, her sadness, tinged with bitterness, engulfs her as she watches her fellow travelers in their pre-Christmas happiness; she dwells upon her disappointment that her two college-age children are spending Christmas with their father instead of her.
Anne reluctantly accepted her aunt’s invitation to spend Christmas with her, something she had often enjoyed as a child. In spite of her apprehension, she is pleased by the warm welcome she receives from her auntâ??and the picturesque surroundings of a snow enhanced countryside. She is further warmed by her aunt’s cheerfulness, as well as her very tasty cooking and baking.
The real joy of the season begins to invade Anne’s resistance when she and Aunt Beth decorate the Christmas treeâ??a spectacular seven-foot fir that fills the house with fragrance. Anne’s mother gave her collection of Christmas ornaments to her sister, Beth, shortly before she died. As Anne and Aunt Beth carefully unpack each ornament, they recall stories of their origins; Anne remembered how she, as a child, treasured each and every one.

Journal Prompts & Writing Therapy for the RAD Parent

by Mischell Day

Unless you have a child with Reactive Attachment Disorder, you have no idea what it’s like. All the questions and uncertainty. This journal prompt book is 30 days of writing prompts to get you started writing about what you’re feeling regarding your RAD child.

There are a lot of highs and lows that come with have a child with RAD, and writing about your feelings allows you to get your emotions out, so that you do not take them out on your child.

I hope it helps you as much as it helps me. My RAD child is growing up and maturing every day, and I believe half the battle is believing they can change.

Pilfering or Protection: The American Guardianship Problem

by Angela Levitan

Many families find themselves confronted a sobering experience with a guardianship of a loved elder. They enter into long costly legal battles with an appointed guardian and the Probate court system. The problem needs to be addressed. This is especially so with so many Baby Boomer’s beginning to enter their elder years. Don’t fall victim to this vicious system that demoralizes and destroys lives.

More Prayer Journal Prompts and Creative Writing Ideas for Moms

by Mischell Day

Journaling is a great way for you busy moms out there to clear your head and organize your thoughts. These 30 journal prompts & creative writing ideas will help you get started. They cover topics such as, finance, relationships, sex, physicality, meal times, etc.

You may not even know how you feel about population control and other issues until you have to write your opinion about it.

You can use these ideas over and over again or use one every day of the month and then start over. You can write your answers on paper, in a Word document or blog about them. Whatever you choose, it will help you to make clear your mind and know yourself better.



Shamim Ngabo finds herself at crossroads; she has nobody to defend her from her father’s intentions of ejecting her from school and marrying her off to a man fit to be her father in exchange for money in form of bride price.

On the eve of the wedding, she plans and acts quickly to abscond from home, ending up at a remote island where she finds herself in a home of a Catechist.

She is a shock to her father when she presents herself after six years in a nurse’s uniform.

By Moon Glow (SANTA and the SPIRIT of CHRISTMAS Collection)

by Bernard J Muzeen

Santa shares the closely guarded secret of how Rudolph and the reindeer travel in the dark Christmas nights. Children discover how Rudolph brings Santa and his sleigh, through heavy cloud cover, to their home.

“SANTA and the SPIRIT of CHRISTMAS” a collection of short stories, are fully illustrated, and based upon real encounters between Children and Santa.

A collection of true, charming and insightful stories inspired by children and adolescents, ages 3 to 12, written by SANTA.



In addition to the fresh pain of losing their beloved mother, the two orphans are set to separate from each other following a decision by the clan members.

It rules that, Vanessa relocates to a remote village with her aunt, while Paul stays with the dad under a promise of a maid to take care of of the home; she comes along with her son of Paul’s age for a playmate.

The truth unveils later that the caretaker is not just a maid and her son is a true member of the family.



Joy painfully separates from her family in the village to be employed as a maid in the city.

What she finds at work is a far cry from her expectations;hard work, ostracism, starvation and molestation.

Her fortune is met as she desperately wanders around in search of assistence.

Make Your Christmas The Best!

by Jennifer Stopps

Make Your Christmas The Best! has many great suggestions on how to plan the perfect Christmas despite the recession. These invaluable tips will cover What to do on Christmas?, Special Christmas Activities, What to Consider when Preparing a Christmas Party, Christmas Parties for Kids, Decorating Your Home This Christmas, Whеrе to Gо fоr ChrÑ?Ñ?tmаÑ? VасаtÑ?оn?, Decorating Your Home This Christmas and much more! This book is your typical Christmas 101 as there are so many useful tips. I have written a collection of Christmas books so make sure you are on the look out!

Mrs. Clause’s Diet (SANTA and the SPIRIT of CHRISTMAS)

by Bernard Muzeen

It was a well-kept secret that Mrs. Clause places Santa on a strict diet for over half a year. In doing so Mrs. Clause insures there is space in the sleigh for the uncounted thousands of toys to distribute to all the good girls and boys

“SANTA and the SPIRIT of CHRISTMAS” a collection of short stories, are fully illustrated, and based upon real encounters between Children and Santa.

A collection of true, charming and insightful stories inspired by children and adolescents, ages 3 to 12, written by SANTA.



The only way a teenage Diana can be accepted into her mother’s new marriage is by disguising as her housemaid.

Mr. Dombo’s assumption is that, the beautiful lady he is marrying is young and has never had any child, which is the main condition for the marriage.

The man is already biased with the concept of maids at his home and is not interested in one if not to please his new wife.

However, he later develops wicked intentions about the little girl who is not ready to reveal anything for the good of her mother’s marriage.

Kings Hidden Secrets to a better Marriage

by Pheonix Kings

Kings Hidden Secrets to a Better Marriage is the one-stop shop to improving your marriage. Within its pages you will have all of the tools, all of the lessons, all of the ingenuity to put a stop to the dissatisfaction in your relationship, to improve your marriage or just to start your marriage off right and avoid divorce.

This book begins with horrific letters from different husbands and wives all over the world. All of the couples in these letters requested our help and direction in their relationships, to prevent them from dysfunctional behavior, or help them stop any current dysfunctional behavior that they were struggling with. Some were having affairs, some were discussing divorce with their spouses, and some were even contemplating packing up and leaving their families with no notice at all. Sadly, few were considering suicide when dealing with the ideas of a failed marriage and being separated from their children.

If you refuse to be separated from your children, if you desperately desire to improve your marriage and prevent it from going down the road that your divorced family and friends have already taken; IF YOU ARE REALLY SERIOUS ABOUT YOUR MARRIAGE, this book is a must read!

25 Days ‘Til Christ

by Paula Whidden

As we begin December, the speed of life increases. It’s tempting to get caught up in the buying frenzy and competition.

For those families who desire to keep Christ at the center of Christmas, it takes effort but that doesn’t mean it cannot be fun.

Inside you’ll find:

– Wonderful treasures, like how to prepare your own special advent calendar or ways to use candles to remind you of Christ’s centrality to Christmas.

– Bible verses to read as a family and insight to the details God planned well before Christ’s arrival.

– The plan for a Christmas party with Jesus as the center attraction.

– Games to play as a family while learning and growing closer to God and each other.

Bloodline: The Doberman Family

by Richard Estrada Corey

The story of a Doberman mother’s struggle to save her puppies from a life of hate and fear. Lilly wants her puppies to grow up loving and caring about others.

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