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Direct Hits Core Vocabulary of the SAT 5th Edition (2013)

by Direct Hits

Does developing a high-level vocabulary need to be a tedious, frustrating task? Direct Hits doesn’t think so. Research has shown that a powerful and vibrant vocabulary has a high correlation with success in school, business, the professions, AND standardized tests, including the PSAT, SAT, SSAT, and AP exams. Direct Hits Core Vocabulary of the SAT offers a different approach.

Direct Hits’ Core Vocabulary focuses on the level 3 and 4 words a student needs to know to achieve a Critical Reading score above a 500. This book includes the following features:

– Selective vocabulary found on recent SATs and PSATs used in context. No more memorizing the definitions of long lists of seemingly random words in a vacuum
– Relevant, vivid, and memorable examples from literature, historic events, contemporary issues, and pop culture
– A Fast Review for each chapter, with quick definitions
– A Final Review with sentence completion questions just like real SATs and PSATs, including complete solution explanations

The book is organized into six easy-to-tackle chapters as follows:

– Chapters One and Two are devoted to 100 core words that have repeatedly appeared on the SAT and PSAT
– Chapter Three introduces 30 words about interesting types of people, defined through examples from pop culture icons to make the words relevant and understandable to any teen
– Chapter Four uses historic figures and events to explain each vocabulary word
– Chapter Five focuses on the most frequently used prefixes on the SAT
– Chapter Six highlights tone words that are commonly tested in sentence completion and critical reading sections

Formatted as a 6″ by 9″ paperback book with 162 pages, teens are comfortable carrying the Direct Hits Core Vocabulary book with them to study another word or two when time permits. Building on the success of previous four editions, the authors of Direct Hits Core Vocabulary of the SAT – 5th Edition consulted secondary school teachers, tutors, parents, and students from around the world to ensure that these words and illustrations are on target to prepare you for success on the SAT. You will find that the process is effective, worthwhile, and even fun!

Montessori Inspired Activities for Pre-Schoolers: Home projects for 2 – 6 year olds

by Jo Ebisujima

Montessori Inspired Activities for Pre-Schoolers is perfect for you if you are you interested in Montessori but you can’t send you child to a Montessori pre-school or do you love Montessori but can’t afford to buy all the equipment, or maybe you want to suppliment your child’s Montessori education?

Or you don’t give a hoot about Montessori, and you are looking for activities for toddlers to keep your child quiet and busy so you can get your jobs done!

Then this book is perfect for you, many of these activities are used in the Montessori classroom but don’t use any specific Montessori toys or equipment which means you can set them up at home, at very little cost.

Why this book is good for you…

+ 50 quick & easy to prepare activities

+ All are aimed at helping the child’s development

+ Use Montessori’s theory without the cost of expensive equipment

+ Activities are engaging giving you some quiet time

+ Many activities have suggestions to make it more challenging

+ All have been tried and tested

+ Includes basic science activities for kids

+ Low cost to set up the activities, many of the items you will already own

+ Free set of high quality printables to go with the book

+ Includes photo, what you need & advice on setting up and demonstrating each activity

+ Suitable for children from 2 to 6 years old

Over 6 years ago Jo Ebisujima started blogging about the Montessori activities that she did at home with her son. As they were on a tight budget many of the activities were done using everyday household equipment allowing them to buy a number of specialized key pieces of equipment for their son.

Montessori’s theory on education should be available to everyone as it helps the child with independence and self awareness, and although many of these activities seem very simple to an adult, for a child, they are engaging and help them to learn about the world around them, they help build concentration, dexterity and strengthen those important pincer muscles and fine motor skills.

This book is a collection of activities taken from the blog when Jo’s son was between the ages of two and four. (but many were used until he was much older). Montessori theory is touched on in the in the book but not in depth as it is a practical guide for busy parents to set up activities for their developing child to do at home.

Buy Montessori Inspired Activities for Pre-Schoolers now and get started right away, get your child engaged and having fun in a matter of minutes.

Direct Hits Toughest Vocabulary of the SAT 5th Edition

by Direct Hits

Want a superior vocabulary? Let Direct Hits help.

Words are our tools for learning and communicating. A proficient and robust vocabulary is critical to success in school, business, the professions, AND standardized tests such as the PSAT and SAT. But even the most dedicated students dread memorizing long lists of seemingly random words. Like its companion book Core Vocabulary, Direct Hits Toughest Vocabulary offers an approach that places the words in a context students can easily understand and remember.

Direct Hits Toughest Vocabulary focuses on the level 4 and 5 words a student needs to score above a 650. The books include the following features:
– 215 of the SAT’s most challenging words (those that often appear in Level 4 and Level 5 questions), not a phonebook-size list of words that never appear on the SAT
– Relevant, vivid, and memorable examples from popular movies, television, literature, music, historical events, and recent headlines
– A Fast Review with quick definitions
– A Final Review with critical reading and sentence completion questions just like the real SAT

The book is organized as follows:
– Chapters Seven and Eight present literary terms and key words from science and the social sciences
– Chapter Nine examines words with multiple meanings and uses, which have appeared with greater regularity on recent tests
– Chapters Ten and Eleven contain 131 level 5 words which were the answers to the most challenging sentence completion and Critical Reading questions on recent SATs

The book concludes with five critical reading and 30 sentence completion questions (and answers) to test mastery of the SAT words presented. Formatted as a 6″ by 9″ paperback book with 154 pages, teens are comfortable carry the Direct Hits Toughest Vocabulary book with them to study another word or two when time permits. Building on the success of previous editions, the authors of Direct Hits Toughest Vocabulary of the SAT – 5th Edition consulted secondary school teachers, tutors, parents, and students from around the world to ensure that these words and illustrations are right on target to further prepare you for success on the SAT. Together the Direct Hits Core Vocabulary and Toughest Vocabulary books prepare a student for SAT success!

Diamond Envy: Gift Giving Holiday Guide

by Diamond Envy

The “Gift Giving Holiday Guide” is a concise — yet complete — manual for serious jewelry buyers — regardless of your budget or intention. It contains up-to-date invaluable advice about trends in jewelry, help in selecting jewelry appropriate for an occasion, and choosing engagement rings, as well as the all-important Diamond Four Cs and other industry terms.

This Holiday Gift Giving Guide stands out from other jewelry gift giving guides because it takes special care in the discussion and description of the increasingly popular natural colored diamonds. The contributors are experts in their field and share insider tips for staying within a budget and ultimately making the best purchase — one that is treasured and loved by the wearer.

500 Proverbial Journal Prompts and Creative Writing Ideas Using Proverbs

by Mischell Day

My grandmother was from England, and I grew up with proverbs and idiomatic phrases. To say she had a way with words was an understatement. I’m always recalling and repeating phrases she said to me when I speak to my children, and they are like, “what?” When they want something, I will say “if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.” They have no idea what that means, but I know that pretty much meant I could want all I wanted but I wasn’t going to get it.

These proverbs here are inspiration for your writing. Take each one and write about it. You can think it over first, research the meaning or just write off the cuffâ?¦the important thing is to write about it. It might even bring back a memory of someone you love just like the above mentioned proverb for me.

The Anatomy of a Memoir

by Ed Bethune

This article explains how I found the “story” in my life, and how you can find yours. A few years ago, I wrote an article telling how the Coast Guard rescued my wife and me when we were in peril on the high seas. When I finished telling how close we came to death, I wondered: Why do I take such chances? Who am I, really? The asking was easy, but serious answering called for brutal honesty and that led me to write moreâ??a full-blown memoir. It was a perplexing, passionate, frustrating experience, but I wound up writing the story of my lifeâ??which is different from simply telling what you have done. This can, and should, happen to you.

A Writer’s Dictionary of Distinctions

by Scott Andersen

Link to a video trailer of the book:

– There is no time 12:00 a.m. or 12:00 p.m.

– Mad does not mean angry

– “To be or not to be” is not a quote

– Rugs are not weaved

– You do not loan money

For those responsible for writing anything for their job; are working on a novel; or just want to generally improve what they write on a daily basis, from emails to Facebook posts to tweets, “A Writer’s Dictionary of Distinctions” is the perfect resource for you.

“A Writer’s Dictionary of Distinctions” presents the most accurate, powerful, and effective ways to use nearly 300 commonly confused words. What we present here represents the best definitions, the best distinctions, and you will never be wrong in using them as we suggest.

Use them as we’ve noted, and your mastery of the language will only strengthen.

ABCs With Kevin and Kizmo (Early Childhood Education) (The Kevin and Kizmo Children’s Book Series)

by C. Ingram ECE

Easy Effective Way to Help Children Identify Their ABCs

Learning has never been more fun and exciting

Children can learn their ABCs with Kevin and Kizmo. Usually these two spend time getting into trouble, but for now, Kevin has to go over his ABCs as a homework assignment. The pages include the 26 alphabets in upper and lower case. Each alphabet is a different color enabling young readers to learn about colors, as well as the alphabet. Kizmo, Kevin’s pet chimpanzee isn’t actually involved in the homework assignment, so young readers can concentrate on learning and recognizing their ABCs.

This type of ebook provides the repetition for young readers to learn the alphabet. Learning is easy and satisfying as young readers imitates mommy and daddy by reading on the desktop or the Kindle e-Reader. Recommended for ages 3 to 6.

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Mexico-Your Retirement Questions Answered (Retiring to Mexico)

by George Puckett

So you want to retire to Mexico and you have a lot more than 20 questions. You may even have more than 50 questions. Maybe you know a retiree in Mexico and perhaps they have answered some of your questions but not all. That’s really a good start but just a start. If you know all of the ins and outs of expatriating yourself to Mexico or any country you will eliminate some anxiety in the future.

In this book we have made an attempt to anticipate your questions and provide answers or point you in the right direction to find more complete answers. Look inside the book. Read the table of contents to see what topics are covered. There are some excellent resource links at the end of the book.

We make an earnest attempt to give you good information. However, you should know that implementation of provisions of different laws can and does vary from state to state and even between cities.

Regardless to where you move in Mexico you will find Mexican Nationals willing to help you navigate more quickly through various bureaucratic jungles. Ask around the American community and employ these expediters. They will help make your transition smoother.

This book will give you some background so that you are not completely in the dark as to what’s going on. Even if you use an expediter you should have some basic knowledge of the process.

Enjoy your adopted country.

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