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A Touch of Midnight: A Midnight Breed Novella (Midnight Breed Vampire Romance)

by Lara Adrian

USA Today bestseller!

Savannah Dupree is a freshman studying at Boston University on a full scholarship. But academic excellence is only one of her gifts. Savannah possesses something even more remarkable than her quick mind and insatiable curiosity for learning. With a simple touch, she can see an object’s pastâ??a skill that puts her life in danger, when her studies bring her into contact with a centuries-old English sword and the terrible secret hidden within the blade’s history.

In all his three hundred years of living as one of the Breed, vampire warrior Gideon never dreamed he’d see the blade again that spilled his young brothers’ lives ages ago in London. Ever since the boys’ deaths, Gideon’s been on a personal quest to rid the world of Rogue vampires, but now he can’t help wondering if the brutal slaying was something more sinisterâ??an act perpetrated by an unknown enemy. An enemy who is apparently living in hiding somewhere in Boston. There’s one certain way to prove Gideon’s suspicion, but it will mean using innocent, gifted Savannah to help uncover the full truthâ??a truth that will shatter everything she knows about herself and the world around her. And with danger closing in from all sides, the passion that ignites between Gideon and Savannah will tempt them to risk their hearts and lives for a love that might just last an eternityâ?¦.

(This 40,000-word novella, a prequel to the Midnight Breed series, was previously published in its entirety in The Midnight Breed Series Companion, also available now in ebook and paperback.)

Frail Blood

by Jo Robertson

4 1/2 star Romantic Times Review Rating

“Robertson delivers a suspenseful tale of murder, sex, and deception.”

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ABNA Publishers Weekly Reviewer

This outstanding manuscript begins in 1909 northern California, where Alma Bentley has murdered her boss and lover, Joe Machado. Enter the famed attorney, Malachi Rivers, who must defend this uneducated, naïve and clearly guilty woman. The trial is watched carefully by Emma Knight, an heiress who is determined to make her own way as a newspaperwoman and to whom Alma has confided the truth behind the murder. As love grows between Emma and Malachi, the two become partners in their efforts to save Alma from herself and from the biased hand of the law. The trial unfolds while the truth behind Malachi’s family is unveiled, offering up two parallel and engaging mysteries. The characters and setting come to life through effective and creative dialogue, while the trial provides a unrelenting narrative tension. Don’t be surprised if you finish it in one sitting.

Book Description:

“Frail Blood” is an historical romantic thriller.

California, 1909. A woman straps a pistol to her ankle, walks to her lover’s home, and shoots him. Her motive? After an affair of four months, he jilted her for another woman.

How would an attorney defend the woman in light of her outright confession? Would an all-male jury view her actions with repulsion or pity?

The climate of California in the early twentieth century when women couldn’t vote and men held the real power, where immense wealth rested alongside poverty, held a paradox of contradictions.

The bare bones of this true California court case sparked the idea for the fictional story of Alma Bentley, attorney Malachi Rivers, and Emma Knight, the woman who helps him investigate the case.

When jaded lawyer Malachi Rivers engages newspaper editor Emma Knight to aid him in the case of Alma Bentley, he has no idea they’ll eventually unmask a vile web of family deceit, wickedness, and treachery. Constantly putting herself in harm’s way, the feckless Emma uncovers dark secrets that lie behind the wealthy facade of the Joseph Machado clan.

With her strong opinions, Emma tests Malachi’s patience even while he’s strongly attracted to her. She disagrees with every aspect of his trial strategy, but he defends his client the only way he can – by insisting that a woman, a naturally frail creature, is incapable of committing such a heinous crime.

Emma wants to experience true passion and detests the false notion that women are inferior to men in any way. Even while she confronts Malachi at every turn, she falls ridiculously in love with him.

Readers of historical fiction and mystery/suspense, as well as historical romance, will enjoy the elements at play in this slice of life, fictionalized story of California.

Tournament of Hearts

by Alyssa Stark

Clan McLaughlin is without a Laird and stands on the brink of war.

Lady Isobel McLaughlin is the last to carry pure McLaughlin blood. Her father, the recently deceased Laird McLaughlin devises a reckless plan to choose the man worthy enough to succeed his Lairdship and marry his only daughter.

A tournament.

Men of noble blood will compete in feats of bravery and skill to win Isobel’s hand in marriage and secure the right to the McLaughlin Lairdship.

In an effort to protect herself from her unwanted suitors, Isobel seeks the help of the village blacksmith, Tristan Finnegan. Isobel purchases a dagger and Tristan instructs her in the use of the weapon.

Neither of them expected to fall in love.

Tristan risks everything to fight for Isobel, hoping to win her father’s tourament and keep Isobel’s heart forever.

Will the secrets of Tristan’s hidden past destroy his chance at finding happiness with Isobel?

Dancing with the Devil (The Devil to Pay Book 2)

by Laura Drewry

All Deacon wants to do is set things right with Rhea, and never come back. He knows it won’t be easy, but maybe if she stopped pointing that rifle at him. . .
All Rhea wants to do is live her life as a self-proclaimed widow. It’s been easy enough until Deacon returns and she is forced to live as his wife or admit her deceit to everyone.
Somehow, they must work together to keep their growing number of lies straight; alone, they must work to keep their feelings buried because despite Deacon’s denials, they both know it’s only a matter of time before he goes back again. . .

His German Hardness-Hot Celebrity Encounters: Issue 1 (Hot Celebrity Encounters Series, erotic short stories, rocktar erotica, rockstar romance, erotic romance)

by Giavanna Presley

Today only, get the titillating first issue of Hot Celebrity Encounters for only $0.99! Regularly priced at $2.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

Giavanna Lacey is a rising entertainment journalist with stars in her eyes. It’s her big dream to have her own entertainment news show and become a celebrity in her own right. Gia is smart, savvy and determined to make it to the top of her industry but she often gets side tracked when she allows herself to get too close to the celebrities she’s interviewing. Every hot celebrity encounter is an adventure for Gia that tests her desire to make it to the top.

After making some mistakes that almost sabotaged her career Gia vowed to stay on the straight and narrow. She quickly realized that celebrities are nothing but drama and she promised herself that she would stick to getting her story and nothing more. Noone, no matter how tempting was going to get between Giavanna Lacey and journalist stardom. But when she gets the opportunity to interview the irresistible European rockstar Christoff Diemacht Hartmann it’s obvious that he’s just as attracted to her as she is to him. She knows if she nails this interview with a hot international star it could be just the lucky break she needs. The tension mounts as Gia and Christoff try to hide their desire for each other and they each fight for what’s in the best interest of their own careers. Will Gia be able to keep her promise to herself to stay out of trouble and get the story that she needs to revive her career?

Download your copy today!

Series: Hot Celebrity Encounters

Issue: 1

Recommended Audiences: 18+ (adult language and explicit sex)

7,000+ words

tags: rockstar romance, erotic romance, romance erotica, rock star romance, rock star fantasy, rockstar erotica, erotic short stories, erotic stories, sex stories, erotic fiction, erotica, coming of age, new adult with sex, new adult, new adult rockstar romance,women’s fiction, women’s erotic fiction, rock star erotica

Magic Academy (A Fantasy New Adult Romance)

by Jillian Keep

Out of a young woman’s ambition comes a love triangle that could destroy more than her heart.

Firia has always wanted to be a witch, but even though she’s a natural in magic, there’s a problem: She’s human.

Considered by the elven elite to be inferior, Firia needs an edge to be accepted into the Magic Academy. Out of sheer desperation, she summons the demon Varuj, a terrifyingly gorgeous spirit who helps her win the entrance competition. But at what price?

As the commanding demon does everything he can to penetrate every aspect of her innocent life, Firia still finds herself drawn to her study partner, Mae’lin. Not only is the sweet elf completely different from the powerful Varuj, but their relationship is forbidden.

How is she supposed to choose between the demon she owes her life to and the innocent elf who makes her a better person?

This thrilling coming of age new adult romance is from fantasy romance author, Jillian Keep.

Lessons in Love

by Victoria Sinclair

Emily Peterson finally has the chance begin her business degree after working for years to support her younger brother and sister, who were left in her care after their mother passed away. There she meets the infuriating but devastatingly attractive Nicholas Cavanaugh, lecturer and successful businessman.

Unfortunately, they get off on the wrong foot from day one, and although there’s a definite attraction between them there are just too many obstacles that stand in their way. Or are there?

Despite their professional relationship, Emily and Nicholas find it hard to stay apart, even when everything in their lives seems destined to drive a wedge between them.

Can Nicholas and Emily overcome their differences and find true love, or will they miss out on their one chance to find happiness?

A Sandcastle Christmas (The Edge of Texas)

by J.D. Faver

A SANDCASTLE CHRISTMAS-Christmas Mainstream-Romantic Suspense; 110k

Come see who’s stirring up Christmas trouble and raising the temperature on the coast.

â??Tis the season, but mayhem doesn’t stop on the Texas Gulf coast…even for Christmas. When the sheriff finds an infant abandoned in the a manger scene at church, it sets off a string of events including murder, a stalker, a lot of seasonal tension and heartwarming happenings for the gang.

Join Chloe and Rafael, Darla and Mike, Cassie and Javier and Sky and Zach for a big bundle of chaos, suspense, passion and delight as they prepare for the holidays and try to sort out the mysteries.



– Book 2-BAD KARMA

– Book 3-BAD VIBES



Grab your copy and snuggle up in front of the fireplace for a good winter’s read…

The Neighbor – Book 3 (An Erotic Romance Series)

by D.C. Chagnon

***Content warning: For adults only!***

It has been a week since Katia Rodgers’ place has been thrashed and ransacked. It has also been a week since the new neighbor Treyton Phillips move in to the apartment door opposite Katia’s.

She and Treyton had discovered such an intense connection between them, not only in bed, but in common interests. There had been no news on her missing items but, then again, she hadn’t expected much. Her writer’s block had broken and her days were now filled with writing while her evenings (and the occasional morning…afternoon…lunch break…midnight snacks) had been spent with Treytonâ?¦

Things are looking bright for Katia a week after her worst day in her life happened. But is the worst really over?

Verry, Katia’s bestfriend warned her that Treyton wasn’t really who he says he is?

What secrets are Treyton trying to hide? Did Treyton broke into her apartment and not her ex fiancé David?

Another Day in Paradox…a very unconventional love story (The Grace Anderson Series)

by Judith Kristen

Grace Anderson, a novelist with grown children, an ex-husband, an age beginning with the number “4” and an acute case of writer’s block, turns to cyberspace for diversion/inspiration. She finds it in the form of a bright, charming, articulate, obviously accomplished man she meets in a chat room late one evening. The two of them begin to build a relationship the old-fashioned way – with their words and their imaginations. When her cyberspace swain turns three-dimensional, the good news is that he is indeed bright, charming, articulate, obviously accomplished, and better yet, drop-dead handsome. The more, interesting news is that he is a Princeton University Wunderkind, twenty-eight years her junior-younger than both of Grace’s sons. So, just what happens when the perfect love meets a most socially unacceptable age gap? The road to finding that out will captivate you. The storyline is timely… and the romance… timeless.

Nova – Mind of Desire: Part 1 – The Abduction (Nova Mind of Desire)

by Christine Weatherby

Some powers aren’t meant to be tamed

Alien adventure romance. After uncovering the relic of an ancient Minoan civilization, high school student Nova is alone with a secret power she must tame at all costs, even if it means placing her life – and her heart – in the hands of Stievway, the brooding and charming king of Burbank High.

It will take all Nova’s strength to protect those she loves.

Be Mine This Christmas Night (Star Light ~ Star Bright)

by L.A. Sartor

The Children’s Author â?¦

Annie Hamilton’s children’s series Star Light~Star Bright is a mega hit. She loves kids and wants nothing more than a family of her own, but twice burned, thrice shy. When a gorgeous man with two young boys moves next door, Annie can’t help but dream her impossible dream.

And The Widower Who Moved Next Door â?¦

Cole Evans is a brilliant scientist, but finds fatherhood a challenge. When his son develops a bond with their enchanting neighbor, the boy’s favorite author, Cole discovers just how much he’s lostâ??and how much he needs.

Will Their Wish Come True This Christmas Night?

Can Cole overcome family meddling and alleviate Annie’s fears so they can be a ready-made family?

The Department of Hate – A Love Story

by Anthony O’connor

A modern day Divine Comedy which ends rather differently.

Jarrod finally meets the girl of his dreams at Waterloo Station on a Friday night, waiting for the next train to Brighton. He falls in love instantly, though Cassandra’s response is at first more ambiguous. He thinks that he is a philosopher working at the University of London. She thinks that she is an Artist. But they are both mistaken. Things get … complicated, and very violent. They find themselves in Hell where Lucifer is making final preparations to re-assault the Heavens and God is nowhere to be found. On the Earth above the whole world is falling apart – and the end of days is rapidly approaching. The demons fight among themselves. Beelzebub hates Asmodeous, Asmodeous hates Gaap and Gaap hates everyone. The vast Pit of Despair at the center of Hell dominates the landscape. Confined to the far edges of the surrounding Plains of Desolation, Marduk, Ishtar and the other ancient Gods watch on, thinking dark thoughts, biding their time. Jarrod and Cassandra want only to escape but escaping from Hell is not so simple.

A harsh and cynical look at love and sex, death and the afterlife, faith and religion!

Will love prevail? Who is Jarrod and does he have a plan? Who is Cassandra and what does she really think about all of this? And who is the evil twisted little gnome who haunts Jarrod’s dreams and who has been watching Cassandra for her entire lifetime. What does he want from them?

This book is definitely NOT suitable for minors.


by V. M. Woody

She danced naked for two decades until one day a change came…………………………..

Sasha was an aging stripper approaching the end of her pole grinding days. The money was becoming less and less and the bills were becoming more and more. In the beginning it had been exciting to dance, drink, and fornicate with the devil. Today it was stressful, causing her to almost lose her apartment, the respect of her son and her sanity

One day when she is locked out of her apartment, she is forced to do an unmentionable act with a scumbag landlord. This life changing experience causes Sasha to leave the strip club and give God a another try. Prior to that experience she hadn’t been to church in over two decades.

While on her journey Sasha’s life is changed by an inspiring local minister, a community activist, a group of troubled teens and a struggling girls club. In the midst of the struggle she learns whether or not God has a plan for her.

If you feel trapped and don’t know your way out, Private Dancer is the story for you. If you love Jesus but don’t want to be preached at, Private Dancer is the perfect alternative to a traditional sermon. If you feel like God has a plan for you but you don’t know what it is, Private Dancer is a story you should read.

Upcoming writer V. M. Woody once again does a perfect job of combining a sermon and a story. Unlike much of traditional Christian literature it doesn’t judge and makes God accessible to everyone. It is worth the dollar it takes to invest in this new wordsmith. Private Dancer is only available on Kindle.

A Liberty Treasury Trio of Gay Romances

by Alp Mortal

A trio of gay romances from the Liberty Treasury.

Love when you expect it the least; but are you ever prepared for it?

Adam is camping and Robert is the farmer’s son; a tale of uncomplicated love.

Kenny has just broken up after three years, finding his partner in bed with another; Jean drives a truck; rebound or the real thing? Love as wild as the horses of the Camargue.

Archie is knocked down by Joseph’s car; Nathan is employed to care for the patient; a quirky romance with intrigue and danger (and a part two!).

Unpredictable Changes

by Keiava Hall

Celeste Walker is the creator and CEO of Glitzy Jewelz, a successful jewelry company. She’s beautiful, wealthy, and lives life to the fullest. Her family wants her to settle down but that isn’t in her plan. Her fast-paced lifestyle comes to a screeching halt when she’s faced with news that could change her life forever. Will this possibly life changing ordeal make her reconsider her lifestyle? Kori Browne is the total package; pretty, smart, and, successful. She and Greg have dated for two years but he’s not interested in commitment or taking things to the next level. When she ends the relationship and meets Quinton Miller the same day, things start to look up. He seems perfect until he starts to be unreliable, distant, and inconsiderate. After a series of events that result in her being hospitalized, will she make their relationship work or walk away? Simone Baker is a beautiful, plus size woman. She’s an esteemed professor of Science at a university. Her younger husband, Fernandes is an up-and-coming model and travels frequently. Their marriage is happy and all appears to be well, until the long distance takes a toll on them. She begins to spend time with David, the new, strikingly handsome biology professor. Will she stay faithful in her marriage or give in to the building feeling of loneliness? These ladies learn that life is full of UNPREDICTABLE CHANGESâ?¦â?¦

The Healer’s Gift

by Barbara Cutrera

Ainsland, a virgin widow fleeing from her husband’s murderer, and Collum, a healer who possesses supernatural abilities, are brought together by circumstance. What begins as a marriage of convenience for the couple evolves into one of great love and passion. Yet, Collum’s tragic past and the ever-looming threat of Ainsland’s malevolent pursuer’s appearance in their close-knit rural community overshadow their ability to be truly content. When evil strikes and all seems lost, will it be the resilient, headstrong Ainsland who is able to save herself, her husband, and the people she has come to know and cherish or will Collum, determined and wise, somehow manage to rescue the love of his life before time runs out?

Another Way

by Frankie McGowan

Eleanor Carter thinks she has it all.

A sought after magazine journalist with her own column, she is a strong, sexy, independent woman, who has worked hard to fight her way to the top.

Her office is regularly awash with flowers, complimentary tickets and review copies of the latest books.

But when a man from her past – Theo Stirling – is unexpectedly put back into contact with her, her glamorous lifestyle is under threat.

Suddenly, without reason, Ellie is fired. Her diary is empty, lunches are cancelled, doors are closed.

As she is close to giving up, Ellie finds her fighting spirit.

Can Ellie use her contacts to continue a successful career in journalism?

Or will she be forced to find Another Way to keep her freedom and her happiness?

‘Another Way’ is a brilliantly told story of ambition, dreams, adversity and love.

â??Ellie is a streetfighter and how she makes her comeback gives this novel the edge over the usual summer reads’ – Sunday Express

“A heartfelt story, in Ellie, McGowan has all the elements right. Thrills, intrigue, a rattling plot, and a glorious helping of happily ever after romance.’ Midweek

â??A novel written for the modern career girlâ?¦ an astute, witty and very sympathetic read’ – Sarah Broadhurst

â??Straight from the desk of a successful magazine journalist, comes a glamorous and pacey tale of Ellie….. politically correct, sexually adjusted, Ellie has made it, but then she’s fired and every door is closed. But when you’re down the only way is up and you’ll find you’re with her all the way.’ Prima

Frankie McGowan is a journalist and former magazine editor. Her novels include ‘My Mother’s Wedding’, â??A Better Life’ and ‘A Kept Woman.’

Endeavour Press is the UK’s leading independent publisher of digital books.


by Marc Kuhn

Robert and Sandra are two young lovers whose quest to be together forever is challenged by misguided jealousy and a great world war. They grew up together in the small town of Centreville on the scenic Corsica River that streams outward from the Eastern Shore of Maryland. This is “the land of pleasant living” along the great Chesapeake Bay. It is a rich and bountiful environment where resilient people have lived for generations and where a usually tranquil lifestyle remains undisturbedâ?¦until a letter mailed forty years earlier finally reaches its destination.


by Mischell Day

Okay, I have to admit it, I love all three of the Fifty Shades books. What started as a guilty pleasure turned into full on obsessive! If there were was another one in the series, I would have already read that one too.

I wrote these journal prompts because I couldn’t stand the thought of the books ending, and I wanted them to continue. I’m sure you know what I mean. And they explore all aspects of the book like how you felt about the sex and Christian’s past to his incredible wealth.

What could be better than 50 days of 50 Shades? And E.L. James, if you’re listening, can you write a new trilogy with Kate and Elliott or Mia and Ethan?


by Jezelle

Twin tales of contemporary erotic romantic comedy (rated NC-17)â?¦

Story 1: Loralei and Rick were “just pals” back in high school, but they’ve grown up a lot since then. When they meet again at a class reunion, Loralei is amazed. Rick used to be a nerd. Now he’s a sex therapist? Well, that’s what he calls it. In actuality Rick is a professional Master who teaches the risqué art of bondage & dominance. Loralei is so in troubleâ?¦

Story 2: Jared was Selene’s first love, and he broke her heart. Now he’s asking her to come back? No, he’s demanding it. Selene is in trouble, tooâ?¦

The Cut of Her Cloth

by Antoinette Argisson

Kate Harrison was on the verge of making it big in the competitive New York fashion world.

Growing up in a small Georgia town, Kate made the move to New York some years earlier to create the life she had always wanted.

That was until her father turned up unexpectedly on her doorstep one day having been thrown out by her mother.

The roller coaster of events that consequently take place over the next few weeks throw Kate’s life into complete chaos.

Not only that, but she is also thrust head first into the midst of past relationship from her high school years that not only threaten her career aspirations but also test her patience, her virtues, her family values, and even have her questioning what is truly important to her in life.

A sweet romantic drama about family, work, business and of course love.

The Marked Man (Blue Magic Trilogy)

by Sally Middleton

The marked man is someone to be avoided… if you are wanting to steal his magic. But who needs his magic and what lengths will they go to to get it?

Dorcas is engaged to be married to Benedict, but still has no ring. Life has settled into rut and Benedict seems withdrawn. But things are about to happen… It begins with magic causing a rift between them and life takes them both on separate roller coaster rides with unexpected twists and turns.

Benedict decides to make a personal trip to Scotland on the trail of another heir. The journey takes a life threatening direction which will test him to his limits and make him wonder whether he really wants magical powers or not.

Dorcas’s boss, Jimmy has found his perfect construction project; developing the site of an old children’s home. When the ghost of a small child visits Dorcas with a message, Dorcas starts looking into the history of the house and the earth beneath. How can she turn Jimmy away from certain catastrophe on the word of a ghost?

Through it all they have the power of their love and they are destined to be together but is that enough?

Short Changed Taster

by Bella Costa

Twenty-year-old Serena’s world is perfect. Her childhood friend Marco, has made romantic moves; her career as a fashion designer, is looking promising and life in general is great. That is until she accidentally overhears Marco belittling her to a colleague.

Hurt and desperate to put distance between her and Marco, Serena runs – attempting to put her life back together in a new city with a new Fashion Label.

Four years later Serena falls chronically ill and makes an extended visit to her mother, bringing her into direct daily contact with Marco. Stubbornness, mistrust, U.S.T. and a growing catalogue of presumptions, escalate their strange relationship to almost comical proportions as they bring out the worst in each other.

Where will it end?

Shroud Shorts

by Robert Shroud

A collection of twenty three short stories by author Robert Shroud. You want romance? It’s in there. Drama? Packed with it. Suspense? Thrills? Tragedies and twist endings? Its all included in this compilation, and sure to be enjoyable read.

Timid Paramour. Fleeting Waiver. No wonder. Jade-Short End of the Stick. Sociopath. God, Scotch, Margaret, and a .38 Special. New World. Things Are Gonna Get Better Momma. It’s All About the Dough. Victory. Apologies I-Stephanie’s Laughter. Apologies II-Run Thaddeus Run. Apologies III-Nipped in the Bud. Stephanie’s Laughter-(Original). Constance Barrows. Flash. Sink or Swim I of II-The Game. Sink or Swim II of II-Hidden Player. The Key. What a Night She Had. The Closet. Venustria. Yesterday’s News. Seven Words. Clouds. Dish Served Cold I. Dish Served Cold II-She Weeps. Dish Served Cold III-Real Man. Sticky Buns.

About the author:

Based in New York, Robert Shroud peruses the interweaving passageways of his mind, soul and spirit. In these circumspections, he shakes loose life experiences, depths of emotions, spiritual connotations and burgeoning aspirations. Infused with a quirky sense of humor, the result is transformed into gritty, soulful, down to earth characters of imaginative intent.

A Foxgrove Christmas (Foxgrove Hall)

by D.C. Williams

Christmas, 1811. Roddy and Thomas have been lovers for two years, but fear discovery at every turn. A midnight revelation could show them a way to greater safety, but test their devotion to one another.

Guitar Hero

by Steven R. Zellers

A high octane romantic comedy with rock and roll attitude.

29 year old Alex Slater is about to lose everything. His wife Kate is going to divorce him because he’s given up on life and spends all his time playing video games. He is a loser, a quitter, and he’s lost his way. Just when things can’t get any worse Alex finds himself in the middle of a terrorist plot that could kill a whole lot of people. That’s when Alex and an unlikely friend decide its time to “Rock and Roll.”

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