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Why Do We Exist?-The closely guarded secret of why and how god created the universe.

by Sri Vishwanath

When I read the Bhagavad Gita and reflect about how God created this universe everything else seems so superfluous. – Albert Einstein.

I have written this small book to share with you how easy it is to understand the process of creation and dissolution of the universe. You don’t need to be a scientist or have great IQ levels to read this book. This book will bring power to you and clear you of all the cobwebs surrounding creation and the uncertainty of Dec 21st 2012.

I have also introduced two powerful exercises at the end of the book titled:

a) Simple Technique To Know The Beginning of the Universe

b) You will not die on Dec 21st 2012

So enjoy the book and write back to me with your comments.

A.D.D. 28 Years and Counting

by Ava Fails

Where are all the personal A.D.D. stories? That is what I wondered as I searched for books about A.D.D. and A.D.H.D. There was no lack of expert advice, but so few titles with a direct connection. This book begged to be written.

For 28 years and counting, I have been a student of A.D.D. I have lived with it intimately and learned to cope with it effectively. I was diagnosed at age 10, and have run the gamut from medication to no medication. I have developed many personal coping skills, and I don’t think an expert could pick me out of a crowd.

In this book, I tell you my story with a sincere hope that it will help you. I hope you find something you can relate to and something that you can use to encourage others. I have included the information that I have found encouraging in my own journey. I have received comments from all over the world in regard to my story and my list of Famous People with A.D.D. I’ve heard from people who have shared the list with their children with positive results. I’ve received comments from people who have thanked me for changing the way they view themselves and A.D.D.

This is a personal story of my life with A.D.D. I wrote it for you.

Children’s Book About Tigers: A Kids Picture Book About Tigers with Photos and Fun Facts

by Jessica Lopez

Jessica Lopez is pleased to present her new picture book for kids. This easy reading book for children contains fun facts about tigers in detail among the content of, Children’s Book About Tigers: A Kids Picture Book About Tigers with Photos and Fun Facts.

This delightful picture book for children, ages about 4-10, contains a variety of fun facts about tigers and contains wonderful graphic images to accompany the story. It offers interesting facts, in simple language, and although appropriate for all these ages, for the 4 year olds to early second grade, it will probably need to be viewed with a parent.

Students will encounter new words and concepts. They’ll read about some aspects of the tiger that they may not have known about, like where do tigers live, how they hunt and how the tiger raises her cubs. Other subjects in the book include, facts about the tigers speed and endurance and the Bengal Tiger. In addition, the end of each chapter gives your child more information in the form of a factoid under the heading; Tiger Tales…

The images in the book are primarily colored Photographs that are stunning if read with a Kindle Fire or the Kindle Application on one of the tablet devices or the PC. Black and White readers will be also see them clearly but will just miss the added dimension available. Children will also find answers to kid-style questions like;

How do tigers hunt?

Why are the cubs vulnerable?

What is a White Tiger?

Teachers and homeschooling parents will find this book a wonderful addition to their nonfiction libraries. It provides selected passages on an assortment of subjects. Science facts, history facts, and cultural facts are all presented for the young reader. Great illustrations bring the text to life.

The main subject of this ebook is to let your children explore the world of the tiger making this a fantastic addition to every children’s library, whether on the child’s reader or a parent’s or grandparent’s reader. It also makes a fantastic addition for reading in the car.

DR. BARRY LYCKA’S INSIDE COSMETIC SURGERY TODAY In depth conversations with the world’s leading cosmetic surgeons FEATURE INTERVIEW DR. JOE NIAMTU

by Dr. Barry Lycka

Have you ever wondered if you, family members or other loved ones are good candidates for cosmetic surgery, how early to start cosmetic procedures or how to choose the right doctor?

If your response is yes, Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr. Barry Lycka, one of North America’s foremost authorities on current cosmetic surgery techniques, has the answers to these questions and more.

In this first edition of his new eBook series, Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today, In Depth Conversations with the World’s Leading Cosmetic Surgeons, Dr. Lycka interviews the internationally renowned American oral and facial surgeon Dr. Joe Niamtu. A respected teacher, author and opinion leader, Dr. Niamtu shares expert, insider information about what everyone considering cosmetic surgery should know.

Inside this eBook interview with Dr. Lycka and Dr. Niamtu you will find out:

– How to get the best cosmetic surgery and skin care at any age

– The latest procedures to remove crow’s feet, puffy eyes and dark circles

– How signs of alcohol, tobacco, wind and sun damage can be reduced or erased

– What to expect from laser treatments

– How to choose the facelift that’s best for you

– Why fillers are turning the too tight facelift into “just right”

– How to choose the right physician

– When to say no because what’s being advertised is too good to be true

– How new developments are making cosmetic surgery safer and more accessible

Happy reading!

Ear Plugs, Hearing Protection For Smart People

by Lyse Lauren

In these times of unprecedented noise pollution, audio health is no longer something that we can take for granted. In many situations we cannot control the sounds that surround us, especially in crowded city environments.

However, the simple precaution of ‘ear plugs’ does empower us to take back some of our control and goes a long way towards helping us to protect our ears and subsequently our hearing and in some situations also our nerves and even our sanity!

This means that the simple inclusion of a few pairs of ear plugs to our hand bag or carry luggage, in our bed rooms or on a recreational outing, are potentially, a very useful addition, and in certain situations it may be much more than that.

Our hearing is valuable and we should protect it, ear plugs provide us with inexpensive options to do just that.

An Easy Guide to Learning Anatomy and Physiology

by Bruce Forciea

An Easy Guide to Learning Anatomy and Physiology can really help to ease the struggle of learning anatomy and physiology. This book breaks down complex concepts by presenting a simplified version of the main idea (called the Big Picture) before getting into the details. Written in an easy to understand and humorous way, An Easy Learning Guide to Anatomy and Physiology covers many of the topics presented in a typical 2 semester sequence of anatomy and physiology courses. Over 200 colorful images help readers along. Review questions are included at the end of each chapter to test what you’ve learned. In fact, the author (a full-time college anatomy and physiology instructor) uses this book in his own classes. Perfect for allied health, nursing, pre-med, pre-physical therapy, biology, massage therapy, high school students and anyone interested in the human body.

Kings Canyon: The Backpacker’s Park

by Dale Matson

This book is this about Kings Canyon. 75 miles of the JMT is in Kings Canyon National Park. This lack of access to the inner beauty of Kings Canyon, a park like Yosemite, also formed by glaciers, has also preserved much of the pristine beauty. Kings Canyon simply has a different feel about it. Kings Canyon is set up for backpackers with several backcountry rangers stationed along the JMT to assist backpackers. Some of the highest peaks in the Sierras are in Kings Canyon including North Palisade at 14,249′. This book is designed for optimum performance on the Kindle Fire

Diagnostic Testing And Functional Medicine

by Ameer Rosic

Have you been going from doctor to doctor who give your more problems than answers?

Have you ever been curious about your hormones and want to take control of your health?

Functional medicine is a new, holistic approach to healing and it’s time you got the care you deserve. No more complicated diagnoses.

Learn from renowned doctors in functional medicine and find out what lab tests are best for you in order to enhance your hormones, immune system, neurotransmitters and increase your vitality and maximize your energy!

Doctors featured include Dr. Jonny Bowden, as seen on Dr. Mehmet Oz, Dr. Barry Sears (who calls him “one of the best”)

Dr. Kaayla T Daniel, author of the Whole Soy Story and regular on Dr. Oz.

Dr. Ron Rosedale, world specialist in Hormones and author of his famous book The Rosedale Diet.

Dr. Amy Myers, world-renowned Functional Medicine doctor and regular guest on Dr. Oz.

Dr. Jack Kruse, world-renowned brain surgeon and distinguished Tedx speaker.

Dr. Spencer Nadolsky, expert in in weight loss (bariatric medicine) and cholesterol (lipidology)

Pam Killeen the author of Addiction: The Hidden Epidemic and co-author of the New York Times bestseller with Dr. Mercola, The Great Bird Flu Hoax.

Thousands of patients are discovering how Functional Medicine and Functional Diagnostic Testing can naturally save their health and life. Learn how you can use this valuable tool to improve your health!!

Get to the root cause of your health issues and say goodbye to, hormonal issues, chronic fatigue, arthritis, autoimmune disease, leaky gut, arthritis, parasites and candida for good.

You’d think this book would cost $35 dollars. Or even more.

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