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Bodyweight Workout: A Study in Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy; Bodyweight Bodybuilding and Exercises Workout

by Devon Gaines

f you want to get stronger and lose weight, you do not need to spend loads of money on expensive equipment. A bodyweight workout is something you can do no matter where you are, because the only equipment you need is YOU!

If you really want to improve your overall physique and strength, it is important to understand the bodyweight strength training anatomy of your muscular structure. Bodyweight strength training requires a commitment, just as any workout program.

The big difference is that you don’t need to go to the gym or buy a lot of equipment in order to begin and maintain a routine of bodyweight exercises.

All 20 of these are also appropriate as a program of bodyweight exercise for women.

The fact is that a bodyweight bodybuilding program can be undertaken by either gender, at any adult age. A bodyweight workout is the most effective workout that you can do to lose weight or build strength and endurance – without having to trudge off to the gym every other day.

In the comfort of your own home, you can understand bodyweight strength training anatomy and put your body to work for YOU!

Start today. Begin a bodyweight workout to build the body you want.

Coaching Youth Baseball: TRIPLE PLAY Box Set (Coaching Baseball)

by Drew Coolidge


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Whether you are a baseball parent or a baseball coach…TRIPLE PLAY is a must have. Download it to any device and you will immediately make a difference in your baseball player’s life. In fact, many coaches download this to their phone for quick reference during practices!

‘Twas The Night Before Sports, Coach Like A Champion and Say Goodbye To The Slump are three eBooks guaranteed to make an impact on you and your child. Click on the cover and “LOOK INSIDE” to learn more!

“I coached with Drew in the early ’90s and his style and ideas continue to maximize all players’ potential by simplifying and slowing down the speed of the game.”

– John Mozeliak, St. Louis Cardinals General Manager

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There are some books that teach coaches what to do in practice and how to run certain drills. These books in the TRIPLE PLAY BOX SET go into extra innings and explain why and how to create a situational practice, how to deal with batting slumps, how parents act in the stands impacts their child’s performance and you will also learn strategic coaching skills that will put your team in the best position to win during games.

What count is the best to steal a base? Should a batter be walked to allow for a force-out even if the next batter is an RBI leader? Should we give up a run to keep a force in play? This up-to-date collection of books (some books are 5-10+ years old) covers everything you need to do to help your players succeed.

COACH LIKE A CHAMPION gives you sample practice schedules for all ages PLUS special “FOR THE BULLPEN IN YOUR BRAIN” and “COACHING HINTS” sections that will prepare you for any curveball thrown your way.

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There is only one championship team at the end of each season… are you coaching your team to be its best? If you only practice hitting, if you only practice fielding and if you only practice throwing then you will only be the best “practice team.” This book will teach you how to prepare your team for games and preparing for game situations separates the “practice teams” from The Championship Team.

In addition to learning baseball drills, plans for practices and learning how to get parents on your side…you will be learning how to be a STRATEGIC COACH during games and no other book will do this for you the way this one will.

Whether you are new to coaching baseball or looking for creative ways to lead your team, this book is a unique look into coaching America’s Pastime and Future. This book is the innovator at getting the most out of your players by keeping it simple…in practice and in games.

2013 THE OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP at Muirfield: Which Players Have the Best Chances of Winning? Insights from a systematic, analytic approach. (Golf Demystified)

by Andy Chao

Have you wondered who the best players in the golf world are? Have you wondered which players have the best chances to win The Open Championship?

This book provides insights into which players have the best chances of winning The Open Championship. In his previous book, Andy Chao, using a proprietary methodology named two players as having the highest chances of winning the US Open relative to the odds that the professional oddsmakers were giving them. The second player was Justin Rose who went on to win the US Open!

See what Andy Chao has to say now about The Open Championship!

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