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The Daring Heart (The Highland Heather and Hearts Scottish Romance Series)

by Carmen Caine

Kirkus Reviews –… a comforting read featuring a couple worth rooting for from their first dagger-point meeting.”

The latest from Award-Winning Author Carmen Caine:
(Scotland, 1482) – To the scandalous Lord Julian Gray, marriage is a malady and nothing more.

How can a man even court a lass longer than a fortnight when there are so many pouting lips to kiss?

Roaming the courts of Europe, Julian appears to spend his time drinking wine, wagering gold, and dandling willing lasses upon his knee. But no one knows the man behind the mask. No one knows that he is Le Marin–Europe’s most daring and brazen spy.

But everything changes the night he finds a dagger pressed against his ribs and an alluring hazel-eyed minx in his bed.

Born into the Vindictam, the renowned Venetian family of assassins, Liselle dreams of the day she will be allowed to practice the family craft. And when she is sent to the Scottish court, her dream is finally realized. But is it an honor … or a curse?

As the threat of civil war looms over Scotland, and the king’s own brother conspires with the English to put himself on the Scottish throne, Julian can’t help but be distracted by the mysterious Venetian beauty and her many secrets.

But will it be his undoing?

Historical Note

While each of these books is a standalone story, “The Daring Heart” continues the story of King James III of Scotland where “The Bedeviled Heart” left off.

And Liselle and Julian never existed, but Lord Gray did. It was Lord Gray’s telling of the tale concerning the mice and the cat that brought about the events of Lauder Bridge that sealed the fate of Thomas Cochrane.  The story of King James III and his brother Albany is based off of true historical events, along with the story of Dolfino Dolfin’s exile from Venice. However, I don’t think it was at the request of the Vindictam. But as they are a secret society … who is to say? 🙂

And while my goal is to weave history throughout these stories in an effort to make them all the more entertaining, these books will always be romances first and historical second.

“The Kindling Heart” begins the story with Bree and Ruan in the Isle of Skye.
“The Bedeviled Heart” covers Cameron and Kate’s dramatic romance against the backdrop of court intrigue and witchcraft.
“The Daring Heart” brings the adventure of Lord Julian Gray as he meets his match in the Italian assassin, Liselle.
“The Bold Heart” weaves the spell of fated love with Merry rescuing Ewan in the events leading up to the Battle of Sauchieburn — completing the circle of how it all began.


Madison Adler/Carmen Caine writes fantasy under the name of Madison Adler and Medieval Romances under the name of Carmen Caine.

The “Glass Wall” is the first book of her new quirky paranormal series about ancient beings, Tulpas and different dimensions:

“The Glass Wall” ( Available )
“The Brotherhood of the Snake” ( Available )
“The Inner Circle” ( Available )
“The Egg”

Her Scottish Medieval series, “The Highland Heather and Hearts Scottish Romance Series” covers the span of years ranging from 1478-1488:

“The Kindling Heart”( Available )
“The Bedeviled Heart” ( Available )
“The Daring Heart” (Available)
“The Bold Heart”( 2013/14 ) 

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Like many of us on this planet, Carmen Caine/Madison Adler is from another world. She spends every moment she can scribbling stories on sticky notes that her kids find posted all over the car, house, and barn.

When she is not working as a software engineer, she is busy ferrying her kids to various appointments, writing lyrics for her husband’s songs, rescuing her blankets from being eaten by her Doberman ‘Ajax’, attempting to tame her three insane cats, scratching her three Nigerian Dwarf Goats behind the horns or coddling her flock of thirty bizarre chickens from around the world.

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His Dark Empire (Tears of Blood, Book One)

by M.R. Forbes

A young girl desperate for revenge. An old man desperate to remember. An immortal tyrant desperate to stop them.

For over four hundred years he has ruled the Empire. His armies are vast, his power unquestioned. He does as he will, enslaving dissenters and offering those with a talent for magic a simple choice: follow and live, flee and die. 

Eryn chooses to flee, barely escaping with her life and being forced to witness the death of those she loves most. Thrust into a dangerous world she doesn’t understand, she soon finds herself in the company of Silas, a mysterious fugitive with a dark past. An efficient killer with a soft heart, he hates him as much as she does. Together, they’ll begin a journey to discover his secrets and put an end to his dark empire.

The Twistedly True Tale of Ruby Hood (Ruby Hood Series)

by Stephanie Greenhalgh

In the small town of Woodsville, self-assured Ruby Hood becomes tangled in more than traditional teenage angst. With the Homecoming Dance looming, everything at Woodsville High appears normal, but things are not as they seem. Ruby meets a cute boy with a lopsided grin, Dylan Hunter. She flirts shamelessly with the football star, Kent Wolf, and finds herself in a barrage of harsh verbal altercations with his stunning yet wicked sister, Kayla Wolf. Thankfully, she finds solace in her friend, Lilly Fair. Through a series of odd and painful events, Ruby discovers her true calling and the responsibilities that come with her new power and position. Despite her heartache and sorrow, will Ruby find the inner strength not only to protect herself, but also to keep the Wood safe at all cost?

COLIN (Demon Hunters)

by Evanne Lorraine

All Holly wants is a Dom to call her own. All Colin wants is a sweet little slave and some rope. It should have been so easy… Why the hell did she have to be human?

Holly loves her job as a private nurse, but the ill and injured offer little chance to explore her secret longings, especially not for a submissive seeking a master worth risking her heart. When she braves the exclusive La Ceinture Noire, a mysterious dom takes charge of her. She never sees his face, but she’ll never forget his powerful mastery.

Demon hunter, Colin avoids the sweetly submissive nurse next door because she doesn’t deserve to be drawn into his nightmare world. No one does. All he has to offer her is pain and heartbreak. He damn near hurts himself by tripping over his own tongue when he spots her in red lace lingerie at the club. After a too brief interlude with the enchanting little slave, he comes to his senses, and alters her memory of their encounter before leaving. There’s more to Holly than he suspects. For openers, she’s immune to his mind games. He can’t erase her memories without serious damage and he can’t bear to hurt her. The more she learns about him, the greater her jeopardy. How can he keep her safe?

Warning: This story contains a dangerously hot alpha male and a sweet woman with steel under her curves along with violence, red-hot sex, and kinky rope play.

Degenerate Diaries

by Saurabh Dey

Degenerate Diaries is a satirical fictional account of a girl named Trisha, who lives in a place where sex is not a taboo subject at all. People engage in it openly, chat about it with their parents and neighbors, and even make it a part of their social life without embarrassment. There are other issues though, from which a free soul like Trisha wants to break free. She is troubled by the thinking of her family members, their judgmental eyes and the controlling nature of the society in general. She relates her story of the few years which changed her otherwise regular life into one full of exploration and rebellion. She has so many questions in her head and she wants to find answers which would help her understand the root causes for the codes of the society she lives in.

Kalieri Tales: Alliandre

by Susan Stuckey

The Halurdow conquer everything in their path, destroying and crushing the Kalieri wherever they find them. After conquering the Isle of Ipsen Watch, they are stopped by a magic shield protecting the Ipsen mainland. The key to this shield is the only survivor of the Halurdow attack on Island of Ipsen Watch: an old woman. A young shaman sits with the woman night and day, working to get the secret of the magic shield from her. Today, she will succeed.

A Child of Two Worlds (The Nine Realms Series)

by Mark Cole

We are all going to die here,” he muttered to himself. “If the city wasn’t surrounded…” I could escape.     The innumerable army of demons and undead had appeared the day before, charging across the plains toward the city.  Sounds so terrible he could not describe announced their arrival.  The gnashing of teeth and rending of flesh haunted his waking mind.
     Darren had watched from the walls as the squad of guardsmen commanded by his brother, Sir Trevor, was cut down by the undead monstrosities the day before.  His brother, one of the four Commanders of the Guard, had been devoured by the zombie hordes.  Darren knew the reanimated corpse of Sir Trevor Wright was beyond the wall, hungering for the flesh of those within.  
     He’s hungering for my flesh.

     When Terra Duval is kidnapped by the Demon Lord Azreal, Alex Zane must venture from Earth to the Realm of Magic to rescue his love.  Together, Alex and Terra must unite the forces of a fractured world to free the Nine Realms.  But will his love for Terra prevent him from saving those he has been charged to protect, or will it be the catalyst Alex needs to save the Nine Realms?

Thomas Jefferson, Rachel & Me

by Peter Boody

What if Thomas Jefferson returned to life, penniless, powerless, and without a single slave? What if he meets a beautiful mixed-race woman he takes to be Sally Hemings reborn?

What if he lands in a psycho ward or meets the President — at an Independence Day citizenship ceremony at his own hilltop home, Monticello, no less?

“Thomas Jefferson, Rachel & Me” is a tale told by retired history teacher, Jack Arrowsmith, a man numbed by the deaths of his wife and son. It’s about his — and his late son’s girlfriend, Rachel Carter’s — adventures with the writer of the Declaration of Independence.

They meet the ghost of Jefferson at Monticello and, fighting off their panic, agree to take him off to see America.

A history grad student at Columbia, Rachel knows secrets about Jack’s son and wife that she decides Jack must know. They will turn his world upside down, just as Rachel’s world will be changed forever by her evolving relationship with Jefferson.

Dazzled by Rachel, Jefferson regains the vigor of his prime as the trio travels together. But what then?

For all its fast pace and humor, “Thomas Jefferson, Rachel & Me” is a story about hauntings and history. It’s about love and friendship, grief and loss, family secrets and America’s own denial of its past.

Here’s a comment (January 2012) from a reader completely unknown to the author:

“Upon receiving this book as a gift I was told by the presenter that it was one of the better books they had read this year. I couldn’t agree more. The story is moving, the characters are well developed and likable, even in their not-so-best moments. The author certainly humanized a pivotal American figure for me, even if it is the author’s take on his personality. It serves as a nice reminder that these men and women were human as well, for all our faults and talents. I would definitely recommend this book.”

Here’s what another reader said: “I read your book in three sittings, which surely tells you that I couldn’t put it down. After the first chapter, I was hooked and when it ended, I wanted more. Your writing, especially your descriptions, is beautiful. Talk about using words precisely and effectively. I could see Charlottesville and Monticello and wanted to go back (especially to Fleurie, which must be new since my days). I also need to take that evening tour at Monticello. The dialogue was great, believable. Parts made me laugh. Your characters interested me, amazed me, surprised me, made me sad. I was fascinated by how you built the story, how the characters developed, how your imagination worked. I was intrigued by how much real history was there without any sense of a history lesson. And of course the Jefferson questions are irresistible. It was fun to read your book after having just read ‘The Hemingses of Monticello’ this winter. In short, WOW!!”

Darkened Soul (Darkened Volume 1)

by LaTorre Mays

Passion can make a person do some dark things. It can even tear a relationship apart.

That is the lesson that Daniel Westberg, a Nosferatu, learns in Darkened Soul, a futuristic vampire thriller that combines dark fantasy and horror with sci-fi trappings.

The year is 3053. The United States has become a series of futuristic city-states. Daniel and his companion Jared head to California for a little fun. California is not what it seems however. In California, Daniel encounters a face from his pastâ?¦a face thought long dead and that makes him question everything, including his rock-solid relationship with Jared. Also, Daniel learns of Ursula, a woman with an agenda that will send Daniel to Europe and dreams of his past there. From London to 2048 Paris to California again, Ursula’s agenda reveals an ancient prophecy and pits Daniel against Jared and the truth of their existence.

Midwinter Freedom, an Alwyn Holiday Short (The Adventures of Mary Alwyn)

by Camille LaGuire

Long after Mary and Jackie Alwyn have settled down to domestic life, Mary finds that the irrepressible Jackie can actually keep a secret. But is he straying from his vows, or is he up to something else?

Midwinter Freedom is a short story in The Adventures of Mary Alwyn, which take place in an alternate world a little like Revolutionary America. The novels are melodramas. This short story just little romantic holiday story. It is 4800 words or about 16 paperback pages.

On The Run (The Next Stage)

by James Wadley

Chapter 2(of 4) Kialla Bossito,a hyper-fast reporter for the News Reel working on an expose of Tesla Risollo and her criminal family. Rhober Orchard, Tesla’s ex-husband, a supremely powerful but self-indulgent business-man who finds his own schemes up-ended by his ex-wife’s radical behavior. The illusion of utopia continues to shatter as Tesla’s dark and complex plot unfolds to claim more victims.

The fiscal war between the Orchards and the Risollos continues as the search for Tesla begins! After his soon-to-be-ex-wife is arrested for kidnapping their son and conspiracy bank fraud charges, Rhober Orchard is left to pick up the pieces and take back control of his affluent and influential family. His attempts to legitimize the company involves one secret weapon: Bryyan Jacksson, brought back to life by illegal robotics after his grisly encounter with the lunatic known as Phoe. With his new body and social status upgraded, Bryan finds and assists Kialla Bossito, a hyper-fast reporter for the News Reel, who has been in contact with Dorodee Hutchinson, one of Tesla’s personal servants, for several months while working on an expose of the entire Risollo crime family. While everyone believes that Tesla is imprisoned, however, it is revealed that she has escaped and seemingly free to follow through on her own secretive plans, with the exception of one factor: the mysterious Lynnea Misaki, who has changed from a meek office administrator into a bitter killer, and has already left a trail of dead Risollos on her path of revenge for the death of her sister.


Torn in Two (Cordelia Kelly #1.5)

by ER Pierce

Let’s go back in time and see how Cordelia began…

Every person has emotional wounds, internal scars, and at one time or another, witnessed an event they wished they’d never saw.

These things change us irrevocably

For Cordelia Kelly, growing up at the mercy of her Dark Empathic father caused her to tear in two when she was sixteen. As she tried to save her mother from his brutal attacks, she unknowingly unleashed her inner duality and now struggles under the weight of who she truly is, and what she’s capable of.

This is the beginning.

Torn in Two is a 24 page short story delving into the teenage mind of Cordelia Kelly. The story can stand alone, but is better read after Duality.

Noah’s Secret: The Beginning

by Antony E. Green

5000 years ago a plan was conceived.
Things had to change. Perfection was inherently flawed and Noah knew it.
There was no going back once the plan had been set in motion, but Noah wasn’t happy when he realised that the truth would wreck the plan. And so the plan became a secret: Noah’s Secret.


Following the discovery of a 140 year old Armenian map by Jivan Bayadyan, Alexandria de Vray and her team find eight ancient bodies buried deep in the permanent ice just below the peak of Mount Ararat.
The bodies hold the key to several ancient mysteries but who can be trusted to find the truth? With someone watching, the race is on to find the answers, but can the answers come fast enough as Noah’s plan begins to unfold?
This is the story of the flood and how the human race became what it is today. It also lays the foundations for revealing what really happened 2000 years ago, and, more importantly for those of us alive today… just what is going to happen within our lifetimes.
The truth is within our grasp… but we may not like where it is leading us!


Books to complete the trilogy:
Noah’s Secret: The Fall From Grace – due mid 2013
Noah’s Secret: Revealed – due early 2014

Psychics and Swords: The Amazing and Totally Plausible Adventures of Steve Walton

by J. M. Naydol

They said it was too bizarre, too random, too insane! The book has the habit of twisting its readers heads into knots is here, ready to punch you in the face with its rejection of convention. Clones! Aliens! Elves! Juggling! Magic swords! Hideous genetic mutations! High school students in over their heads! If you want some boring, straightforward, deep, meaningful, character-driven book, look elsewhere. You won’t find that here! But maybe – just maybe – you’re the type of person who hears “so this guy with psychic powers has to fight a bunch of random monsters while an evil arch-nemesis searches for a magic sword, and oh yeah, he has help from magic juggling balls given to him by an interdimensional elf” and thinks, yeah, that’s totally something I could read… in that case, look no further!

The Violin Maker’s Wife

by Maya Lassiter

“The Violin Maker’s Wife” is a historical fantasy novelette, set in 1870s Missouri, and is about forty pages long.

Nora Warren always knew there was something uncanny about her husband Tom’s work. What she didn’t know what that his enchanted violins could be deadly. Tom’s friend has one of the exquisite instruments, as does Tom himself. So does Garrett, Nora’s only son.

But Tom has looked too deeply into his own magic, and Garrett is in danger. Now Nora must find the answers Tom can’t give her, even if it means searching for spells hidden in his workshop, questioning a secret society of musicians, and following dangerous lights out into the wilderness. Tom has looked where he shouldn’t, but to save Garrett it’s Nora who must find who–or what–has looked back.

Jimmy Threepwood And The Veil of Darkness

by Rich Pitman

People’s Book Prize Finalist
â??Great book for children’ ~ Jamie Owen – BBC
â??Great young fantasy novel, in the vein of Harry Potter and Percy Jackson suitable for young readers and adults, thoroughly enjoyable.’
â??Wow what a great book I bought this book for my nephew at a book signing. I started to read it and could not put it down, what a story can’t wait for the second book great cliff-hanger ending.’
â??This book is awesome. I’m always looking for more reading material and this book was recommended. I absolutely loved it, it grabbed my attention from the first few paragraphs and had me hooked’â?¦
Many centuries ago the Elders designed the world we live in, but they knew that through time and the advances in medicine and technology, the world would slowly start to die and man would ultimately destroy the planet. The Elders created a prophecy that every two millennia, four children would receive a mystical mark. The children would grow and (one day) be powerful enough to release the mighty beast, Tyranacus. Together they would purge the world of man, allowing it to heal before the life cycle would start again. Margaret Threepwood was a gentle and loving wife and was due to give birth when tragedy struck and Margaret fell severely ill. The Gatekeeper of life and death appeared in the hospital ward and provided a one-time deal so Margaret would live as long as her son Jimmy Threepwood was brought up unloved, uncared-for and handed to the Gatekeeper and his minions on his eleventh birthday, where his destiny would be unveiled to him. As Jimmy approached his eleventh birthday he noticed strange and unusual things happening. Firstly, a mysterious crow started to follow him around school; this ultimately led to a Bunson burner accident and an unusual scar forming on Jimmy’s arm in the shape of a number nine. This was followed by Jimmy protecting his friend against the school bully, but one touch changed both Jimmy’s and the bully’s lives forever…
â??This book is a must for fans of everything from Harry Potter to the Skullduggery Series. It is dark in places but with enough humour to keep the more nervous among us reading on.’
â??I loved this book and can’t wait for the next one. I really liked the description and story line – it has great action. Good reading for 11+ years.’
If you enjoy dark magical fantasy filled with mystical adventures, dragons and twists this book is for you.
â?¦â??Even Heroes Do Bad Things’

THE END How It Really Happens (E-Book)

by V.A. Pesce

Brock D’Manna, 44th President of the United States, faces yet another enormous crisis. However, this time, prophecy may prove too much to overcome.

Matthew 24:36 “But of that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but the Father alone”

Thus begins an intricate and emotional web that leads humanity on a terrifying path of self discovery, coming to terms with personal situations, each other, and the encroaching path of destruction of a ruthless and ancient foe. Whoa to mankind, thy judgment hast arrived.

Prophecy Fulfilled: [10] A great star, blazing like a torch, fell from the sky [11] the name of the star is Wormwood. And it carries destruction upon its surface. Woe to humankind. Thy judgment hath arrived. [7] The [Horde] looked like Beasts prepared for battle. On their heads, they wore something like crowns of gold, and their faces resembled human [children]. [8] Their hair was like women’s hair, and their teeth were like lions’ teeth. [9] They had armor like breastplates of iron, and the sound of their passage was like the thundering of many horses and chariots rushing into battle. [10] They had staves and stings like scorpions, and in their staves, they had power to [annihilate] people. [11] They had as [Queen] over them an angel, whose name is [LinaLinas], and in the [old tongue], The [Mother]. [20] They trampled humans in the winepress outside the cities, and blood flowed out of the press, rising as high as the horses’ bridles. Revelation

And the Earth shall run RED with BLOOD

Dynfal Moel Myd (The Welsh Chronicles)

by Mark Hodges

This is the fourth book of the Welsh Chronicles series. The story of a young duke, son of a petty Cornish King, who rises to his feet and becoming embroiled in the ongoing civil wars of a torn Britain, he emerges victorious and re-establishes one Britain and a new and just civil law that would last the next 1000 years. It covers the time period from the death of Cordelia, daughter of Lear, through the reuniting of Britain under the good King Dynfal Moel Myd, or as known in Latin, Dunvallo Molmutius, the giver of the Molmutine Laws. Based on the MS LXI as translated by W.R. Cooper, the period in this book is roughly 500 BC.

Four Stories: Black Cab, Hellcat Prom Night, Phone Sex on the Nightside and Under an Invisible Shadow

by David Bain

FOUR STORIES collects:

BLACK CAB – The rumor that mysterious black cabs are abducting citizens off the streets of Chicago was thought to be just another urban legend – until the night Benny decided to hail one. Previously accepted for the pages of CITY SLAB magazine.

HELLCAT PROM NIGHT – To what extreme – and violent – lengths will a proper, civil-minded Southern belle go to ward off an unwanted suitor – and save her prom? Previously published in WICKED KARNIVAL.

PHONE SEX ON THE NIGHTSIDE – A traveling salesman decided to dial the number for that sexy vampiress in the back of the porno mag he just picked up at that shoppe out by the airport… Previously published in the print anthology EROTIC FANTASY: TALES OF THE PARANORMAL.

UNDER AN INVISIBLE SHADOW – An epistolary road story about what happens when the zombies start dying and a new threat arises – a threat most of humanity can’t even see! Previously published in two print anthologies: DEAD BUT DREAMING: NEW TALES OF THE CTHULHU MYTHOS (Miskatonic River Press) and in THE UNDEAD 3: FLESH FEAST (Permuted Press).

David Bain is the author of DEATH SIGHT: A WILL CASTLETON NOVEL, GRAY LAKE: A NOVEL OF CRIME AND SUPERNATURAL HORROR, and several short story collections.


by Miranda Schnack

The Gods in their callousness cursed me with the severity of a serpent and in their cruelty caused the name “Medusa” to forever more produce horror in the hearts of mortals…
*also included in Traipse: An Anthology*

Full Moon Rising (The Books of Gem: 3)

by Linda G. Shelnutt

FULL MOON RISING is a warm romance between a human male and a sort of alien female who was born human. As the cover shows from a distance, the main characters, John and Jennifer O’Reilley and their canine friend, Ebony, are fantasy takeoffs from the author and her husband and dog, Arlo.

The woman in the cover photo is Linda’s Mom, Margie (Rocchio) Hudnall made famous by COAL & COCA-COLA, which was selling wildly off its product page during March 2013 [her birth date was March 24, 1920]. Linda is the shadow on the bottom edge.

Though this bio-based sci-fi fantasy is a sequel to MORNING COMES in a parallel series to THE ROSE AND THE PYRAMID, each book in the Mya Gem series can be read as a standalone mainstream novel, and enjoyed in any sequence.

The Rose is available on KINDLE in an upgraded 2013 edition, and in limited numbers of used copies of the original trade paperback, as a collector’s item.

MORNING COMES is also available on KINDLE in an upgraded 2013 edition.

This 2013 version of FULL MOON RISING has also been enhanced from earlier editions. As is the case with other upgrades of Shelnutt’s offerings in the KINDLE GLOW BOOKS format, improvements include series of photos, lists of books, hyperlinks for easy internal navigation and related web sites, easier to read text formatting, reviews, and more.

As with most KINDLE books, free samples are available for downloading to Kindle, and the “Look Inside” feature is available on the main Amazon web site book pages.

A free sample or “Look Inside” of FULL MOON RISING might show how addictive it can become to read a book on Kindle which takes advantage of some of the capacities paper books can’t offer… though many of the hyperlinks in the sample will go to the end of that content since the links are designed to go to later pages in the book.

A handy option for reading this book free if you’re a member of Amazon Prime is to borrow this book. Borrows to Prime Members are at no charge to the member but authors/publishers are paid generously by Amazon when Prime members borrow books.

Possibly the best appetizer for FMR would be CRICKETS and DREAMS (A Short Gem) which is a polished, enhanced excerpt of a few midstream chapters of the full book.

Also included in most of Linda Shelnutt’s Kindle offerings are categorized, hyperlinked lists to all or most of her books. The lists categorize like books in separate collections for ease of identifying and pursuing similar books or Short Gems in sequence.

Note that included photos cause this book to be larger than the average KINDLE offering, but KINDLE GLOW BOOK’S tests of downloads have been done in under a minute, and once read, the book can be archived free in the Amazon CLOUD through Manage Your Kindle.

After reading this edition of FULL MOON RISING on KINDLE, especially if you’re already addicted to your Kindle, you might begin craving this type of upgraded version instinctively working with Kindle’s unique capacities.

The KINDLE kindles many types of fires for creativity and imagination.

Of course, we also agree that there are no electronic tricks which satisfy a true reader more than simple words on a page. Kindle can satisfy that, and more, with options for highly comfortable basic reading or various types of more, especially with KINDLE FIRE.

Best regards from KINDLE GLOW BOOKS

The Souls of the Ocean (Book Two in The Tamarack Series)

by Ross Turner

Tamarack is now free from Depozi’s madness, and the demonic threat has finally been quelled. But it seems it was not solely He that was the cause of Isabel’s strife.
And so now, with far greater forces at work, and evermore vengeful enemies bearing down upon them, Isabel and Zanriath must yet again face the trials placed before them.
But yet even still, that is not their greatest worry, for Cole, their only son, is also caught up in the unforgiving conflict, and his involvement is something they cannot hope to prevent, for he has the potential to either save, or bring an end to their world.


by Hannah Kollef

“words drip like diamonds from your lips…”

Time storms travel across North America. Prague’s lonely statues come to life, hunting new members to watch over the city. Little girls hunt for needles & nettles in sidewalk cracks. And in one small apartment in New York City, the Fey gather to mourn one of their own.

The world is a stranger place than you know.

Fans of science fiction, urban fantasy and Grimm’s fairy tales will enjoy these short stories and poems from Hannah Kollef, author of “Path of Needles” and “To Wake the Shadows.” “Juniper” also includes an exclusive, never-before-seen prequel to “Path of Needles.”

Strange Happenings in an Elevator

by John Ware

A folksy tale about two occupants finding that they know each other a little better than they thought.

Omen Swift Four Brother’s Grim

by C.K. Thornehill

Inside the sinister and sometimes unexplainable illusion filled town of Sleeper’s Wood Far From Par … Hags and Ape monks roam the villas and deeply set homely havens inside the grounds. These people protect the illusionist from the invincible nature controlling wiccan followers… who at night, hunt animals and attack the humans in Far From Par, to become part mythic beings. Omen Swift is given the wiccan supernatural powers of controlling nature, himself …. and the people around him. But Omen doesn’t live the life of a normal boy.. he is banned from using Wicca because the Pagens are punishing his gypsy mother for a deed that the illusionists have not done. They have killed the leader of the wiccans three brothers in a stage act that they seem to have no explanation for. Hags roaming the illusionists protecting their secrets in festivals , Omens’s own wiccan ambitious sister wanting to thwart her brother to be invincible like him, Christmas and Halloween collided on the same day by the works of the illusionist. Fire burning illusions of the gypsies, A museum that holds a diverse mix of powerful Red Indians and the demure Gothic Kids, and Pagens turning humans into part mythic beings from the hunting of the bad moon rising, When Omen finds out he was chosen to come back to ‘Far From Par’ by a wood nymph, a life changing experience makes him realize that having a hard life as a normal boy in a orphanage is better than being aware of having invincible powers that he is banned from using. Omen now has three tasks to conquer, his life is determined by three wiccan strands, three cuts means he used wicca against the baleful Pagens and he dies. A sister who is against him, and wants his power. And finding the hard justice for his mother who has given him up and died for him from being punished. Being invincible is not fun as Omen thinks it is. How will Omen find the justice his mother needs? and resist the urge to use wicca when he is banned from using it? This happens to be a task Omen sets out to do on his own with the clues of the eccentricities of illusionist and gypsies, the wise knowledge of the Ape Monks. And his past. Omen must try to save his life. And others as well from having the ability to be invincible beyond his means ….. but be banned from going anywhere near it….. either that.. or he dies.


by Tristyn Jones

This a very short play centered around a man named Decimus.

Litain the Thief (A novelette in the Erinua Saga)

by A. J. Lumaren


What would it take for YOU to become a thief?

The unscrupulous Sir Rincin is searching for a thief. Someone to steal a flame from the sacred temple fire. They must be prepared to face armed guards, mythical monstersâ?¦ and the deadly fire itself.

But who will be prepared to risk their life? And why?

Can they possible succeed? And what will happen if they do?

“Beautifully-written, this book will have you on the edge of your seat, plunging through hope, fear and horror.”

“Who will fetch that flame? You know that it is said that the flame burns the unworthy; that it can even kill with death eternal.”

“Don’t be foolish! Of course I shall not put myself in danger! I shall send someone. I need an accomplice who is trustworthy, brave and pure of heart.”

“I have tried to impress upon him the inappropriateness of his calling upon you like this, but he is most insistent. He merely repeats some nonsense, again and again, about his willingness to bear a flame for the lord Rincin.”

“In the centre of the cavern was a blazing, white fire, seeping forth from a crack in the earth. It glowed brighter even than the sun and its flames danced in an unfelt wind.”

Open Wounds

by Keith B Walters

Sophie was due to be on a plane in the New York skies on 11th September 2001.

She wasn’t, and has always thought that her grandmother did something very special to prevent that happening.

Sophie escaped fate but has been haunted ever since by nightmares of those who may yet to be discovered from the aftermath of that fateful day.

Jake does everything he can to comfort and protect his friend as the nightmares threaten to burst into her waking world and then, somehow, they start to break into his life too.

Fires are burning.

Dark angels are falling.

And time is running out to discover the lost.

Runaway (Wild Spirit)

by Suzi Goode

What’s a seventeen year old guy supposed to do when his parents are constantly arguing and engaging in the divorce battle of the century?

Drink beer.

Relax by himself.

Take a driver’s exam.

Hang out with the only real friend he ever had, and is now falling in love with.

Her middle name is trouble. Jason Sommers doesn’t want to end up like his parents –forever fighting about trivial matters–but with Oshi, a self-styled princess from the past, he has no choice. She gets under his skin in a big way.

She’s a law to herself. In her eyes, she can do no wrong. She thinks she knows everything when she doesn’t.

Is she real or is she a figment of Jason’s imagination?

A driver’s license will allow him to run away from his parents, Oshi, and his problems. Oshi, however, is making trouble for him in the back seat and the examiner thinks the young driver is talking to himself. Will Jason ace the test and make good on his promise to run away for good?


Frankly, Oshi was a devil. Seventeen year old Jason Sommers wasn’t sure whether to love her or hate her. His safest bet was to tell her that he at least liked her. A lot. If he didn’t, she might lock him up inside a tree trunk, and there was no telling but that he might be there for hundreds of years. Oshi claimed she’d been stuck in one for two centuries, through no fault of her own. He didn’t believe her though. If she had been as mischievous then as she was now, no wonder the sorcerer had thought it was a good idea to give her some cooling off time. However, his notion of locking her away hadn’t worked. Oshi still got into everything. Luckily for Jason, she wasn’t with him now.

“Are you ready for your driver’s test?” his father asked, keeping his eyes on the mid-afternoon traffic. Mr. Sommers navigated onto the I-5 ramp. Jason hoped he wouldn’t be asked to jump onto the freeway during the practical exam. With Oshi at his side giving not so practical advice, he’d practiced and practiced driving the mini-van. But he was still uncomfortable with entering the freeway with other people on the passenger seat beside him.

Normally Jason would have nodded but he figured the movement would have been wasted on his dad since the older man’s focus was on the road. Instead, he said, “Yeah.” He didn’t add everything would be fineâ??as long as Oshi didn’t come along. She had a habit of throwing him out of kilter simply when she was around.

She didn’t look or act like an average seventeen year old. She twisted her midnight-black hair into two long braids and wore a leather headband woven with multi-colored beads. A real eagle feather jutted out from the band and her mid-knee dress was made of soft tanned leather. The kids at Woodlawn High thought she looked real cool as she acted out the part of a Native American princess, but Jason knew she was the real thing. And, he thought she had the hots for him. Which was ridiculous. He didn’t like girls. Your problems began when you started liking them. You couldn’t do anything wrong, or try as you would, right either. His mom and dad were living proof.

Her name was interesting too. With a straight face, she claimed Oshoni meant ‘Messing with Spirits’. Jason couldn’t decide whether she was being serious or not. Most of the time, she wasn’t and she seemed to enjoy getting him into mega trouble.

4200 words

Skratches Trilogy

by Justin Robertson

All three Skratches books in one! Two astronomers discover a new universe and explore it. Learn about the Skratches and how they live. The girl astronomer gets kidnapped, they travel through all the planets in the new universe to save her. In book two, with the help of the Olympian Gods, the Skratches fight their first war. In three, It is up to the Skratches to defend their world from Kronos.

Twilight Huntress (Chapters 1-15)

by Neo Edmund

Action… Adventure… Magic… Mystery… A hint of Romanceâ?¦ The power to rule the night… What more could a girl ask for! Red Riding is an action-packed paranormal novel with an exciting twist on the classic fairytale. Red Riding Hood will not only have to face dangerous wolves; she will have to face the wolf within herself. Gifted and cursed with the ability to transform into a powerful werewolf, she will rise to become a legendary warrior known as the Twilight Huntressâ?¦ She will join forces with bad-boy, Wolfgang Helheim, and a circle of her best friends who have mystical powers of their own. Together they will wage a supernatural war to protect Wayward from malevolent werewolves, witches and many other dangerous creatures, all the while resisting the temptation of stumbling down a path of darkness. Only through this can Red hope to save Wayward and the world from falling under the control of those who seek to bring chaos, thrust the world into eternal night, and allow malevolent werewolves to overrun the Earth.

The Lingerie Shop (Book 8) – One of a Kind

by Trisha Miller

The Lingerie Shop

A dark, romantic fantasy

copyright © 2013 Trisha Miller.

After Bill’s warning, Peter begins to wonder if Katya is the kind of woman he thought she was.

One of a Kind

They found a room in a little market town that looked out over the town square. Exhausted from the hunt, Peter climbed into bed next to Katya. He felt her soft, warm skin against him as she fell asleep, but he needed to think it all out before he could sleep. Eventually the drunks in the town square stopped their shouting and wandered off home. He fell into a fitful sleep. The town had fallen utterly quiet when he woke, in that black, still time before the dawn. He rose on one elbow. She was awake too and snuggled into his arms as he held her to him.

“I need to tell you something,” Katya murmured.

“Ok,” he whispered.

“I used to be like youâ?¦ A long time agoâ?¦ Beforeâ?¦ It’s difficult to tell you: I’ve tried lots of times to tell you, but you don’t ever seem to want to know. You say you love me. It touches me that you do, but sometimes I feel that you don’t know me at all but if I told you it would ruin everything. I like being loved and some part of me; the part I used to be a long time ago, is that wonderful person who you see in me and I feel that someday I can be that person with you. But what I was, what that man made me into, was like those things we killed last night: murderous, bloody, full of blame.”

Magical World

by Michelle Campbell

Magical World is a young adult fiction novel that combines sorcery and magic with humanity and romance. The story follows our heroine Munlee on her quest to uphold her family legacy of being one of the most prominent and powerful sorceresses while still holding strong to a more human and emotional side. Despite living in a magical community, she frequents a book store in a non-magic user town near her home. There she finds Seth, a perfectly ordinary human boy who shares her love of books and art. Together they explore the boundaries of friendship and forge a bond that cannot be shattered despite their diverse lifestyles and upbringing. It doesn’t take Munlee long to realize that she has completely fallen for Seth, and not just as friends. However, she is bound by a magical law that forbids her from telling him about her feelings until he first confesses his feelings for her. She struggles through several emotions, questioning the strength that she is supposed to possess and finally realizing that being strong isn’t about being the most powerful sorceress, but being a caring and compassionate human who is capable of showing strength and perseverance even through her most troubling times.

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