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Daniel’s Garden: A Civil War Novel

by Meg North

It’s June 1862, the second summer of the Civil War. The battle of Shiloh has already claimed 4,000 casualties and 33 regiments have already left Boston for the war-front. President Lincoln has given Massachusetts a quota to fill – 300,000 more are needed at once!

Despite the war raging around him, Daniel Stuart couldn’t care less. He’s a rich kid just trying to get through his freshman term at Harvard. What does it matter when he’s worried about passing “Paradise Lost” exams? Well, his three closest college friends definitely have soldier glory on their minds. Andrew urges Daniel to attend a recruitment rally. Matthew goes along with his feisty brother, and David finds a spiritual reason to join the Federal army.

Meanwhile, Daniel’s supposedly ideal home life isn’t so rosy. His older brother has career plans for him to become a lawyer, and his mother also urges him to take responsibility for his life. Daniel blows them off by escaping to his garden. Only a young Irish maid seems to understand his turmoil over his life decisions.

Should he stay and commit to a dull career path as a lawyer? Or, should he follow his college friends to war?

What would you choose?

A Lasting Pact

by Mark Harrison

In the immediate aftermath of the Spanish Civil War, General Franco seeks to strengthen his tenuous grip on power by suppressing and eliminating all opposition whether real or imagined. Under this guise, Eduardo Ripoll finds himself unjustly imprisoned in the village of Benimarta. After visiting Eduardo, his wife, Vicenta, is brutally assaulted by a former family friend who is now a leading Falange supporter and who holds the reins of power in Benimarta.

When Eduardo is taken away in the middle of the night and consigned to prison in Alicante, Vicenta is determined to fulfil the pact she made with her husband that they would remain faithful to each other no matter what.

Resolute in her quest to find Eduardo and secure his release, Vicenta heads for Alicante – a journey made more difficult by the knowledge she is now pregnant. Unable to support herself in the city, Vicenta is forced to rely on the Auxilio Social run by the Sección Femenina of the Falange Español and endure its authoritarian regime.

When her son, Reny, is born in traumatic circumstances, Vicenta must fight for his survival and her right to motherhood. With Eduardo still missing, she returns to Benimarta with a plan to secure Reny’s future free from the threat of abduction or internment. As the years pass and Reny matures, Eduardo is never far from Vicenta’s thoughts. She refuses to accept that Eduardo is dead and she can never forget or forgive the injustice he has suffered. Above all, she cannot renounce the pact she made.

Finally the truth is revealed and Vicenta is presented with an opportunity – if not for justice, then for revenge.

Magdalene’s Gospel: A Love Story

by Robert Traer


The story begins in 35 CE beside the Sea of Galilee where Mary Magdalene is sheltering battered women and fatherless children. Magdalene has the support of the apostles Matthew, Thomas, and Nathaniel. But the church in Jerusalem led by James, the brother of Jesus, and Peter tries to undermine her leadership.

Magdalene visits the sisters of Jesus, Mary and Salome, living in Nazareth and Cana, and Susana in the city of Sepphoris, which is only a short walk from Nazareth. In Bethany, with Mary and Martha, she creates a new celebration of Passover affirming Jesus as the sacrificial lamb. In Bethlehem, the dying apostle John entrusts her with his gospel.

After Claudius, the Roman emperor, makes Herod Agrippa king over Israel, the church in Jerusalem backs the losing side in a struggle between Jewish families to influence Agrippa’s choice of high priest. Agrippa sees Jewish Christians as a dividing his kingdom and arrests Peter, but Magdalene helps him escape. When Agrippa dies suddenly, the high priest blames Christians and violence soon follows.

Interwoven with this 1st century story covering ten years is a 21st century story of ten months. Mary Anne, a college chaplain living with her daughter and mother, meets Daniel, a teacher of Roman history, who is raising the son of his imprisoned brother. While preparing to take students to an archeological dig in Magdala, Mary Anne and Daniel fall in love.

Mary Anne’s ex-husband takes her to court to try to obtain custody of their daughter, Sarah. Mary Anne fears he may abuse Sarah, as he did her during their marriage. After Daniel’s brother, John, is released from prison and reclaims his son, Jamie, the boy runs away. John blames Daniel and is furious when he arrives at Daniel’s front door.

Mary Anne counsels a Christian student who feels guilty about having premarital sex, and then tries to deal with her own guilt about sleeping with Daniel by hurrying their marriage. Soon the children are engaged in a turf battle and Mary Anne’s mother is unhappy.

When Mary Anne and Daniel, their kids, and their students arrive in Israel, they see the sights in Jerusalem and Bethlehem before traveling to the archeological dig beside the Sea of Galilee. They find coins dating to the first century and then make an astonishing discovery.

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