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To Wake the Shadows

by Hannah Kollef


Mary Margaret is not having a good year. The trouble begins on her fifteenth birthday, when she is attacked by a demon made of shadows. Soon after, she becomes plagued by prophetic dreams. Her grandmother suffers a devastating heart attack. And, as if all that isn’t enough to worry about, something evil is stirring in her basement, waiting for the opportunity to strike.

To combat these evil forces, Mary Margaret’s cousin, Andy, contacts Emmeline, a powerful psychic from the South. Together the trio fends off a violent, shadow-infected attackers and attempts to cast the darkness out of Mary’s house. Just when they seem to be winning, Mary’s boyfriend stumbles into this mess, and things become really complicated.

Written in the tradition of the Southern Gothic with a modern paranormal twist, To Wake the Shadows is part horror novel, part family drama, and part coming of age story. Not recommended to be read alone, late at night, when you can hear the floorboards creakingâ?¦


Hannah Kollef spent four years studying Japanese and Politics in order to find a job as an unemployed writer. This is her first novel.

Attack at Peacock Flats (Ka’ena Point Saga)

by Jeanne Dellinger

A vicious pack of wild dogs stalks competitors during an ultra-running competition on remote Hawaiian island trails.

In this thrilling sequel to “Nightmare at Ka’ena Point,” the wolf-dog Ka returns, hell-bent on revenge against the humans who decimated his pack. A trail-running competition in the remote Waianae Mountains of west Oahu leads to a grisly confrontation between canine and human, with desperate runners fleeing for their lives, pursued by a ravenous pack of wild wolf-dogs leaving carnage in their wake.

Who will survive in this psychological thriller of the hunter and the hunted? Find out in Jeanne Dellinger’s second gripping installment in the Ka’ena Point saga!

The Enchantress

by Alburn Passion

The sky is burning in twilight hues of orange and indigo, the moon slides toward the sky like a great swollen pumpkin and the witches brew smolders with an undying passion. Come join faries and witches both good and evil for this journey to the heart of the enchantress.


by Louise Eriksson

Nora and her mother unexpectedly inherit a house.

What a pleasant surprise!

Or maybe not …

Lorian’s Nightmares

by Lorian Skylar

This book is a collection of the most vivid & lucid dreams written as tales. These REAL nightmares are so scary and suspenseful; sometimes I screamed in my sleep to be rescued from them. If you’re looking for a good real scare; considered yourself warned for the harrowing tales in this book… They’re dreams no one will ever forget.

Wolf Spike Chapter Five 1875 (The Wolf spike collection)

by James Moore

The Story of Alice Cross Continues Three Hundred Years Later who had become a werewolf and had been living the past 300 years as a Vampire The Year Is 1875 The Story Takes Place In Transylvania And Other Parts Of The Globe

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