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Death of an Old Git (The Falconer Files – File 1)

by Andrea Frazer

Book one in the Falconer Files – a village detective series with a delightful slice of humor.

In the village of Castle Farthing a mean-spirited, spiteful, curmudgeonly old man is found drugged and strangled in the kitchen of his cottage, with no obvious clues to the perpetrator of the crime.

DI Falconer and Acting DS Carmichael are summoned from the police headquarters in the nearby town of Market Darley and begin to uncover a web of grudges against the old man and a sea of familial connections between those who knew him.

As the heat of July continues relentlessly, tempers flare, disturbing the usual rural calm of the village, and the normally imperturbable Harry Falconer. Faced with a crime with no obvious prime suspect and the idiosyncrasies of his new partner,Carmichael, he feels that he is gradually losing his grip on the case as the body count rises.

Undecided whether he has one or two murderers to bring to justice, only a moment of serendipity will show him how events actually unfolded, and allow him to close his File on Castle Farthing, still smarting from the hideous twist with which events finally came to a head.

Two Shots

by Joe Albert

When state game warden Tony Leach responds to an emergency call about a hunter who has been shot and killed at a deer camp in the woods of northern Minnesota, there’s no way he can be prepared for the twisted web into which he’s been thrust.

Five years removed from a stint with the Minneapolis Police Department, Tony Leach is a game warden for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Content to spend his days in the woods and on the water enforcing fishing and hunting laws, he thought he’d left violent crime behind when he left the city. But a single call from dispatch two days before the deer-hunting season opens changes that.

Now, he’s pushed into working a case he really shouldn’t be involved with, and digging for the truth in the death of a noted political operative that some high-powered people would prefer remain buried in the northern Minnesota woods. As Leach pursues those responsible, he finds people and things aren’t exactly what they seem. And as the investigation goes on and the web unravels, it becomes increasingly clear the only way for it to end is with a killer’s – or his – demise.

Sweet Ginger Poison (Ginger Lightley Short Novel Mystery Series: Vol. 1)

by Robert Burton Robinson

SWEET GINGER POISON – Ginger Lightley Short-Novel Mystery Series, Book One. This book is also available as part of the Ginger Lightley Mystery Series Boxed Set.

Description: Virginia “Ginger” Lightley is the owner of Coreyville Coffee Cakes, a popular bakery in East Texas. Customers drive from miles away to visit the little shop for a taste of her original creations. It’s a shock to the whole community when a young man drops dead across town after eating one of her famous cakes. The newly appointed police chief promises to solve the case quickly. And Ginger wants to help him—until he accuses one of her employees of murder. She rejects the crime scenario laid out by the young police chief and secretly determines to solve the crime herself.

Praise for Robert Burton Robinson’s SWEET GINGER POISON:

“…absolutely in love with your writing! I am up at 4AM just to finish reading the conclusion to Sweet Ginger Poison. Keep writing. I am an avid reader and I haven’t stayed up most of the night to read a story in several years.” – MJ

“Wow. I have had many guesses, each changes with the plot. A lot of authors make it really easy to predict the end of their stories, but all I did was kept on reading yours. So dynamic and addictive. You really mastered the art of mystery novels. Well done!” – Aida Rosni, UK

“Very good book. Not as predictable as I originally thought it to be. I have enjoyed everything that I have ready by you! I will recommend you to others.” – Niki

“This was a real good story. I hope to read many more. Keep up the good work.” – Pat Sandlin

“Very enjoyable! Just the type of story I like. Love the ‘domino club’ women. Funny! I look forward to reading more from you. Now I have to go find a bakery lol.” – Linda Steuer

“Great Book. Finished it in 2 days. Keep up the good work.” – Terri

“I stayed up late last night to finish reading this, and enjoyed every moment.” – Toby

“Great story. It had a mix of everything, humor, romance and mystery. Just my cup of tea. I really enjoyed it.” – Kathy Vekassy

“Enjoyed it. It has mystery, romance, humour and it was fast.” – Julie

Blue Coyote Motel (Coyote Series)

by Dianne Harman

                   BLUE COYOTE MOTEL (PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLER)   An Award Winning Best Seller, Blue Coyote Motel was chosen as a quarter finalist in Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel Award contest in the mystery/thriller category as well as a Goodreads Psychological Thriller Book of the Month and an e-thriller Book of the Month.                                   Scroll up and get your copy today!Ever wondered what would happen if someone discovered the secret of eternal beauty and happiness? Well for one couple the dream becomes reality … or does it?
   Blue Coyote Motel is a suspenseful love story which begins in the barrios of Southern California and spans the globe in such diverse locations as Provence, South America, and the Himalayas. The beautiful Latina, Maria, and her husband, Jeffrey, a scientist fired from a prestigious laboratory, struggle to build a new life in a remote Southern California desert area as owners of the motel.
   Along with the anti-aging hormone, Jeffrey invents a “feel-good” wonder drug to help Maria with her depression. As Jeffrey becomes insane, he begins to experiment with the wonder drug. Six wayward travelers, including an alcoholic priest, a couple who own gold mines in Brazil, a depressed widow, a struggling salesman, and a Native American pediatrician, find themselves spending the night at the small motel. The next morning they wake up feeling better than ever. Has Jeffrey’s miracle drug delivered? Or is the nightmare of addiction only beginning?

The Eve of Murder (A Detective Frank Miller Mystery)

by James Whitworth

The Yorkshire coastal town of Whitby is getting ready for the literary festival that is going to put it back on the cultural map.

But as the opening day draws near, the body of Georgina Callan, the festival’s organizer, is found dead on West Cliff – at exactly the same spot where her father threw himself to his death many years before.

Except her death was no suicide. She has been strangled.

An elderly dog walker reveals that he has seen her at the Cliff almost every night for the last year. She always has company, yet her male companion is not her husband.

Was her death an isolated attack? Or is there a serial killer at large in the town?

Meanwhile, Don Watson, the famous writer and literary figure , is coming to Whitby to speak at the festival. He needs police protection because he has been receiving death threats.

Detective Inspector Frank Miller has a big job on his hands: solve the murder before the festival starts and keep Don Watson safe.

Can Miller stop another killing.

Or is this ‘The Eve of Murder’?

‘The Eve of Murder’ is a gripping contemporary crime novel set in the North Yorkshire coastal town of Whitby. It is perfect for fans of Peter James and Ian Rankin.

‘A gripping page-turner of a read.’ – Robert Foster, best-selling author of ‘The Lunar Code’.

‘Frank Miller is the most interesting detective series on the market.’ – Tom Kasey, best-selling author of Trade Off.

James Whitworth is a writer and cartoonist. He is the author of the best-selling ‘Death’s Disciple’.

Endeavour Press is the UK’s leading independent publisher of digital books.

A Christmas Mystery (A Short Story)

by A.L. Jambor

Hank and Josie own a small nursery in Mays Landing, New Jersey. They have three kids and a house with a mortgage. Josie has worked hard making and selling wreaths to make money for Christmas presents. Two days before Christmas, while she is collecting pine cones for her wreaths, she finds a woman named Helen lying in the woods behind her house. She is bruised and beaten, but won’t let Josie call for help. Helen lets Josie take her inside her house where Helen meets Josie’s husband, Hank, and their daughter, Mabel. Josie notices Helen’s strange, old-fashioned clothes and wonders where she came from. While talking about her son, Billy, Helen suddenly disappears.

Was Helen a ghost? As Josie begins to investigate, she discovers that Helen was a real person. In fact, she was Josie’s great-grandmother, a woman who abandoned her young son and her husband to become a chorus girl in Atlantic City. But is the family history regarding Helen true, or a story concocted by her husband to cover her murder?

When Josie receives a foreclosure notice and realizes they are about to lose their house, it’s just the beginning of a bad Christmas Eve. When circumstances threaten to ruin their Christmas, Josie and Hank discover that the old abandoned house across the street may hold the key to the mystery surrounding Helen’s appearance, and to finding the money they need to save their family’s home.

The Wicked Sister

by Heather Stotz

Short Story murder mystery set in 1800’s New York. Two orphaned sisters struggle to make a living, one working as a barmaid and the other working for their wealthy elderly grandmother. The older sister is not content to slave away and live in a slum her whole life, so she begins to plot to gain their inheritance early.

A Serial Killer in Love

by Safia Jones

The chase is better than the catch? Not always. The chase is the means to an end in some cases. The end? That final all-consuming moment of control and clarity when you look into her now dead eyes and know that for her, it is all over and for you it is about to begin. The start of something beautiful. Love.

Fate’s Shepherd

by Scott Baxter

An Original Screenplay – Murder, love and obsession pull together the threads of a powerful story.

Patricia dreams of becoming a freelance journalist – enough to give up her job as a nurse. But living the dream is a long way from reality. Her biggest story so far is an exposé on narcoleptic pets. She needs a big story – her break-in story – that will go national and make her name. Dennis survives a horrific automobile accident. Patricia is there for her neighbor and longtime friend. Dennis needs help. The driver in the other car is dead. And now the police want to know why Dennis’ wife has been missing for over a month. Patricia soon discovers that Dennis has other secrets. For six months he has been unemployed after his company shed jobs. He is a man descending into crisis. Patricia starts to pick up the pieces and look for answers. When she collects the personal effects from Dennis’ wrecked car she finds a package. The police made nothing of it, but the journalist in her finds no detail beneath her attention. She opens the box. It looks like a cheap gift, but Patricia’s medical training tells her otherwise. Only she comprehends the macabre nature of the box’s contents. Now Dennis’ accident takes on a darker aspect. Patricia has her break-in story and she will do anything to find the truth. Who is the real owner of the package? The more they discover the greater the danger. Will the unspoken past that Dennis and Patricia share bring them together or tear them apart?

On the Side of Angels

by G. Michael McElroy

Join Parker, a consulting detective for the Archdiocese of New York, as he looks into the murder of a senior associate from a politically connected law firm. Parker finds himself thrown into the mix of the highest echelons of the New York legal industry and the Art World including international dealers, private collectors and major museums. But things are not quite what they seem. After following a labyrinth of lies, Parker discovers that the deception and deceit are the direct result of the ongoing fall-out of Bernie Madoff’s massive Ponzi Scheme and the black market sale of masterpieces plundered by the Nazis during the dark days of the Second World War – Holocaust Art.


” A first class page turner in the tradition of Raymond Chandler’s Philip Marlowe and Robert Parker’s Spenserâ?¦â?¦â?¦ a tapestry of fraud, deceit, suspense and intrigue that grabs the reader from the first page till the last, and asking for more.”

A 2013 Baker Street Award Nominee

– The Whodunit Report

“Parker is a thinking man’s hero, righting wrongs with a checkered past, keen seen of irony and passion for cooking, while successfully navigating a proverbial labyrinth of lies and deceit… A worthy successor to the late Robert Parker and his iconoclastic Spenser”

– Stamford Star

“One hell of an enjoyable ride”

– Ft Weekend

“Beguiling, smart and sassy”

– Rocky Mountain Chronicle

“A tangled web of deceit and deception combined with a tapestry of suspense and intrigue. Who knew the connection between Madoff’s Ponzi scheme and Holocaust Art? Now we all do!”

– Star-Ledger On-Line

“A sensational first work… Stylish writing with urbane dialogue… Let’s hope for more”

– The Scotsman

Wild Suspicions (Romantic Suspense)

by Rebecca Marey

One Woman, Two Men, and a Race to Rescue Wildlife!

When Lydia Nichols’ rich and handsome boss, Parker Maxon, whisks her away on a romantic trip to a mysterious location, she believes that her fantasies are finally coming true. In a case of “be careful what you wish for,” she soon meets arrogant pilot Garrett Wade and comes to realize that both he and Parker are keeping secrets. Whom should she trust?

Garrett Wade isn’t too pleased to have Liddie along for the trip. Her presence will complicate an already dangerous mission. She can either heed his warnings or remain cozy with Parker and face the consequences. Either way, Garrett would personally see to it that she gets what she deserves.

Parker Maxon lives by his own rules, and after three years of workday flirtations, he was making his move. Surely, Liddie would fall in line with the Maxon family values. And if she didn’t? Parker would plan for that as well.

What happens in the Malaysian jungle that rips Liddie’s fairytale to shreds? Which man morphs into monster, while the other wins her heart?

Find out, in a story that pits grace against greed, and hope against horror, in a fight for survival – for man, woman, and beast.

–  Romantic Suspense for Those Who Cherish and Respect Wildlife  –

Coyote in Provence (Coyote Series)

by Dianne Harman


>>>>>What happens when the very beautiful and sexy Maria Brooks, now Elena Johnson, a woman hiding out in Provence, France, from the California legal authorities, meets Jordan Kramer, a handsome art theft detective from Los Angeles?

>>>>>He’s looking for stolen California paintings reportedly for sale in Provence. She’s trying to stay under the radar. Both share a love of food and wine. Will Jordan find Pierre, the French chef who’s suspected of being the art theft? And who are those young Afghan girls hiding out in his parents’ home?

>>>>>If you liked Dianne Harman’s award-winning novel, Blue Coyote Motel, you don’t want to miss Coyote in Provence.  Great mystery, wine, food, and art in romantic Provence!
>>>>>Blue Coyote Motel, the first book in the Coyote Series, was a quarter finalist in Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel Award contest, a Goodreads Psychological Thriller Book of the Month, and an e-thriller Book of the Month. Coyote in Provence continues the story of Maria, the captivating character in the trilogy

Butcher of Venice

by Irmgard Rawn

A serial killer is turning Venice, California, into his personal recreational area, leaving brutally murdered and mutilated young women at public locations. P.I. Lenny Badger fears the worst when his girlfriend, Claudia, does not return from a morning walk.
Psychiatrist Michael Jenkins hires Lenny to protect his glamorous wife, Diane, who receives anonymous death-threats. Their relationship has deteriorated, and Michael is carrying on a bi-coastal affair with a sophisticated divorcee he met while attending a convention in Zurich.
Lenny accepts the assignment; confident the doctor is not the killer. The deeper he probes, the more bodies pile up. Soon he finds himself implicated by LAPD in a mystery that intertwines the lives of three disparate couples.

The Turning

by Paul J. Newell

People are disappearing. When Lleyton Quinn is arrested in connection with a missing woman, he insists he knows nothing about it. He’s wrong. Soon he comes to realise that he is intimately entwined in the whole mystery. And when the female detective who arrested him pleads for his help, he is dragged to the centre of a phenomenon that could change everything. This is more than just missing people. The very fabric of society is being slowly unstitched by an unknown seamstress, and Lleyton has been chosen to pick up the threads. Before it’s too late. Before he disappears too.

This book is an intriguing blend of crime-thriller and science-fiction. Comic, dark and surreal in places, the story is based in the near future, in a world not too dissimilar from our own. Rich in thought-provoking concepts, this novel touches on all aspects of humanity, culminating in an evocative new theory about the nature of our world.

This is fiction … that promises to teach you something.

Nightmare at Kaena Point (Ka’ena Point Saga)

by Jeanne Dellinger

At a desolate wildlife refuge on the rugged North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii, Beth, Shari, and Jeff, unsuspecting hikers, face a run for their lives when they become the prey of ten hybrid wolf dogs, bred to fight and kill. What was supposed to be a fun hike turns into a day and night of sheer terror.

Severely mistreated by their drug dealer owner, the dogs, accidentally released during a raging storm, now see all humans as their enemies.

Who will survive the attacks of the ravenous wolf dogs, hungry for revenge? Hikers? Fishermen? Park rangers? Some will live and some will die, but none who survive will ever be the same after the Nightmare at Ka’ena Point.

The Search for Gabriella

by John Problem

Reader 1: For me it’s a mystery story. About Ben’s quest to find the answer to his uncle’s life’s work.

Reader 2: Yes, I see that. But for me it’s a sort of historical novel. Look at the different time periods where the action takes place – Renaissance Venice, Elizabethan England, out in Abyssinia in the time of Queen Victoria, and present day London and Prague.

Reader 3: But for me, it’s a romance – or two romances. There’s Gabriella and her beau, there’s Ben and the girl who isnâ??t named. But I forgot! There’s Tom and Diana. It’s full of romance!

Reader 4: Well, for me, it’s an adventure story. With a lot of action. I love the brawl in the bar in Venice, and the gondola chase, and the rockets firing away in Abyssinia, and the sly Kakonin in Prague, trying to outwit Ben.

The Truth

by Larry Dobson

The truth has been hidden from the world for well over a half-century. The truth about the origin of man, the truth about UFOs, and perhaps the truth about Divine intervention. A few of the individuals who have discovered this secret decided that ending their lives was far easier than living with the truth.

General Murdock, the keeper of the truth, believes that Nick, an ex-CIA operative, and Julie, a world-renowned photojournalist, have uncovered the secret and need to be terminated. Unfortunately for Nick and Julie, the General has unlimited lethal resources at his command. It’s also unfortunate that they have no idea why they’re being hunted.

If they can uncover the truth and save their lives, will they want to expose the world to its shocking knowledge?

Can the world handle the truth?

Can you?


by Olsen J. Nelson

Sarra, a scientist living in an isolated biosphere, discovers problems with the integrity of the facility, which has unexpected results for the lives of all its inhabitants.

As Sarra conducts her investigation, she’s led to the facility’s manager, her father. Their interactions force her to question her family’s past and that of the community. This is exacerbated when uninvited wanderers arrive and tell her about a secret that’s been uncomfortably hidden nearby for years. When she and her team dig deeper, they make a discovery that contains more potential than they allowed themselves to believe was possible for many years. It’s up to them to decide what to do with it.

Approx. 9.8K

Wielder, a short crime story

by Glen Krisch

A 3000 word short crime story (graphic details, not for the easily offended) Dixon, a grizzled policeman approaching retirement age, learns of his ability to mentally “push” people to do his bidding. How will he choose to use this gift? Is his new power a gift, or really a curse?

Phantasmagoria Death Tale (Novella)

by Alfred May

The story is about a young boy, Nicholas, who was fed-up about life and committed suicide.

He found himself in heaven where he was told that his death was not by suicide. He later discovered that he was not even dead at all! He had been hypnotized and mesmerized!

Nicholas was raised in an orphanage and given his name by a Reverend father.

His father was a poor man who later became rich by joining a gang of drug pushers.

His mother was killed by thugs who injected her with high dose of heroine….

Nicholas was hijacked by a man who wanted to kill him, the man told him to decipher a code for him.

How will Nicholas decipher a code he did not know? You need to find out in this book….

Nicholas fought with his destiny, he fought with zombies, he fought with death…..

This novel is the one that makes you reason for a longtime, I bet it with you.

At long last, you will see why Nicholas deserves pity!

This novella has 12 chapters. This is an intriguing story, a masterpiece! You will be glued to your kindle reading this book all day long.

The story is interesting, exciting, suspense packed, awesome and worth your review after you have gotten a copy.

Deep Water (American Sideshow)

by Raymond Romain



1. A small show offered in addition to the main attraction, as at a circus.

2. A diversion or spectacle that is incidental to a larger set of circumstances or a bigger issue of concern

American Sideshow is a series of stories that follows the misadventures of an unlikely band of Carnies in post 9/11 America; an era that combines aspects of Pearl Harbor, Vietnam, the Great Depression, and the kind of paranoia and government control that would make J. Edgar Hoover giggle with joy until he wet himself. If the situation wasn’t complicated enough before the Carnies capered into the mix then it will be soon enough. So, Step right up and pay the man at the door! The show is about to begin, but if you hurry you can still get a good seat.

We each have a story with a begining, middle and end. Mimic, begins his story as a mental patient at an Institution in New Orleans during the chaos of Hurricane Katrinas aftermath. He’ll follow one compulsion after another in a wild ride on the coattails of disaster, into an uncertain future full of adventure, but short on muffins…What will happen once the muffins are gone?


by Olsen J. Nelson

Lana, a natural scientist, discovers rapidly emerging, worldwide ecosystem degeneration that, to her and her team, demands immediate, concerted attention if there’s to be any hope of finding a remedy before it’s too late.

When Lana presents her initial findings to the board of directors, an unexpected chain of events unfolds that sees Lana, her team and an extended network of scientists engage in R&D and extreme political action at the highest levels in order to save the ecosystem and reconfigure the structure of society and its values.

Approx. 13.6K

High School Hit Men

by Tim Yingling

In Huntington, West Virginia, a pair of assassins operate. Deacon and Reno are the best in their area. And they are only in high school. Not only do they have to deal with their problems of assassination people, but they also have to deal with their high school lives.

One aspect of their high school lives is that they have a group of friends and they have to deal with their friends problems. The major problem they are dealing with is that one of their friends ex-boyfriends, Travis, is robbing the school, and Deacon and Reno have to find a way to stop Travis and his friends from trying to kill themselves and their friend. Little do Deacon and Reno know, but Travis has a powerful friend and will be using that friend to help in stopping Deacon and Reno.

Deacon’s past is also a problem for just himself. His parents were murdered and he wants to find out why. Everything comes to head for everyone involved as they find out the truth about what Deacon and Reno do for a living, and Deacon’s past.


by David N Prouty

What would you do if you discovered your best friend’s body after he was viciously murdered and tossed into a dumpster like so much trash? It happens to Gideon Sinclair, burger-flipper extraordinaire, and he frantically struggles to track down his friend’s ruthless killer before the police throw him in jail for the crime. Even worse, his friend uncovered a diabolical terrorist plan to attack America’s finest city and paid the ultimate price. Now Gideon, on the run from the law, is the only one who can stop this monstrous plot before America’s finest city is transformed into a radioactive wasteland. But how can you fight monsters without becoming one yourself? Mayhem and carnage is wrapped up to go in this succulent, action filled thriller.

The White Dames (Cigars and Legs)

by Adam Lawson

They’re all attractive, dangerous, and related.

They all get intertwined with Ron’s life in one way or another, and each interaction is progressively more dangerous.

After dealing with the syndicate called Salt Marsh, Ron Cavanaugh has something of a slow period — interrupted by a set of Dames named White and the trouble surrounding them!

Enjoy three short cases packaged as one in: The White Dames.

5 Twists

by Camille LaGuire

These five flash stories from the Daring Novelist blog each have a twist. Some are hard-boiled, others light and fluffy. The stories include:

“Burning Bridges” A hard-boiled woman must guide a young bimbo in trouble.

“Balancing Act” A klutzy woman, a charming man and a the theft of a jewel. The question is whether the fellow was just a bit too charming….

“Deadmen Don’t Eat Fruitcake” It’s a Noir Christmas when tough guys get their stolen jewels mixed up with fruitcake and on tough old lady.

“Power Is Greater Than Love” A dictator knows only power, a simple woman knows only love. Which is stronger?

“The Unexpurgated Story of the Baby Shoes Which Were Sold Unused” The story behind Hemingway’s famous six word story: “For sale, baby shoes. Never used” may be more complicated than he expected, as an upright Victorian spinster explains to a newspaperman.

This collection is approximately 8500 words long (approx 30 pages in a mass market paperback book.)


by Shauna Bickley

Secrets and lies can be a killer.

The last person Juliet expects to meet on a work trip is Luke. She has changed her name and worked hard to ensure he wouldn’t find her, but now he is back in her life again. Is it chance, or something more sinister?

Juliet has secrets she needs to keep hidden, but Luke wants to renew their relationship. After meeting him incidents occur that make her fear the unthinkable. Her life may be in danger.

She leaves Auckland for Sydney on a business trip, but Luke appears there. Can she trust him, or are his secrets more dangerous than the ones she hides.

Driftwood is a romantic suspense novella. Included in the Kindle version are the opening chapters of the new novel, Lies of the Dead, and the opening chapters of Lives Interrupted.

Animal Park

by P. J. Gerrard-Gough

The old man has a special talent but must cross a ruined park that is populated by gangs and other low-life types to reach the store. That’s where he gets the key ingredient for his ‘way out’. He can transport himself…

Justified Insanity

by Matt Connelly

From the thrilling author Matt Connelly, comes his latest fast paced psychological adventure.

Join Johnny Winter as he fights for control over the dark voice in his subconscious. This internalised debate leads him on a path of destruction and devastation. He must journey onwards and conquer his demons. He will lose the people he loves most and fight in situations he never would have considered to be part of his life. From prison, hospital, million dollar apartments and police stations, Johnny Winter must take control over the dark part of his mind.

A wild ride from beginning to end.

A Matter of Trust: Follow Your Heart

by Marcia Dickson

Being sexually molested by her stepfather had left Allison with a mistrust of men, all men. When she was involved in a one-car accident that left her injured and trapped, she was saved by a handsome stranger, an attorney who happened to be passing by. Was Doug the one to help her overcome her mistrust of men, and even allow her to find love?

Occupation (The Ausländer Series Book 2)

by Dave Lacey

The Grolier Codex proved true. They came. They occupied. Those that survived the initial invasion have been forced underground. Eight years after the Auslander arrived, rumours abound of a plan. A weapon.

If it can be realised, maybe, just maybe, we have a chance. Jes and Toby join forces with other communities. Together, they undertake an arduous journey, with no guarantee of success. Hunted by the â??Landers and their fellow man, the team must complete their objective. They must find the catalyst for the fight back.

Earth is scorched and bruised. Its populace oppressed and withered. The time has come. Mankind faces its greatest challenge. Break the Occupation.

This Corporation of Ours: Escape

by Matthew Spychala

“â?¦men are puppets, they pretend like they’re all mighty but they can’t move unless their strings are pulled.”

Back in its heyday those that lived in The Neck before its decay would open shops in the Market District so that residents of Downtown and the heavily populated Southside could do their shopping. With the times the Old Market district went from agriculture markets and family owned restaurants, to cafes, fine dining, and expensive stores. It is the smallest borough in The City, but no doubt the Old Market District carries The City’s soul.

1921- Serafina Cella and Joseph Speca romantic relationship starts to come out in the forefront. Will Serafina and Joseph be able to escape Alessio Cella’s rath?

1955- Matthew Salvatore’s nickname is “Psycho” because of his overly aggressive tactics to handling Sassari “Family” relations. Matthew must now work with Donatello “Donny” Puglisi to mastermind a coup of the Puglisi family before its high ranking family members form a deal with the Abruzzo’s to front a war with Salvatore’s own Sassari family.

2013- As Michael Smith recovers from his attack, Michael must go on the offensive to discover his former client’s intentions before there is another attempt on his life.

An Unlikely Hero (An Alfie Bowman Story)

by Alfie Bowman

Alfie Bowman has been heard to describe himself as a refugee from a failed life. An ordinary looking guy, who’s starting to lose his hair, he’s a little bit shorter than average, a little bit heavier than he should be, and a lot less fit than he really ought to be! At the ripe old age of 50, all he really wants to do is re-start his life and maybe do some writing. If only he could find something to write about! So he’s nothing special, and definitely not your typical all-action hero!

So when this particular ordinary guy stops in the pub for a couple of pints on the way home, the last thing he expects to have to do is save a stunning young woman half his age from a fracas with an enormous thug with huge fists! But then, as far as Alfie’s concerned, there are some things you can’t just stand by and ignore.

Waking up in hospital later that night he wonders if maybe getting involved wasn’t such a great idea after all – that guy in the pub did tell him he’d regret getting involved! But he soon learns that the beating he’d been given was nothing to do with events in the pub…

So who beat him up, and why? Who is the stunning young woman and what’s she doing in town?

Join ordinary guy Alfie Bowman in this the first of a series of stories. Meet his friends Positive Pete and Dry Biro. See how he outwits abrasive ex-wife Gloria, and deals with a close encounter with local gangster Nugent the Nutter. And how does this â??refugee from a failed life’ manage to deal with a beautiful young woman who sweeps into his life?

And then there’s his attraction to gorgeous and mysterious neighbour Sophia. After a disastrous marriage he believes women are a mystery he’ll never really understand – he just knows that if he ever does get the girl she’s going to end up being disappointed! So, much as he would like to get to know the seemingly aloof and mysterious Sophia, he’s also having to deal with his own fear of getting involved. It’s a seesaw of confidence…

This is neither the longest, nor the greatest, story you’ll ever read, but it was never intended to be. It’s the first in a series that’s intended to be an entertaining read with a bit of mystery, a dash of pathos, a touch of romance and a good dollop of humour. You never know, you just might enjoy it!


by Chance Raymond

A young man named Russell Pond imagines three birds in a tree and decides to write a love story according to their characteristics and behavior. The narrative begins when he is a child and concludes when he is twenty one. Ultimately, the reader is able to connect the dots to perceive how his father and stepmother were murdered in two separate incidents, and what the German shepherd had to do with it… Since Russell is impartial and innocent as children generally are if not otherwise influenced, he sees that all people basically look alike. For example when he is asked what color his friends are, he pauses to think, and then says he will have to go and see; or for example, the three birds in his allegory are all red because his grandmother taught him the first man Adam’s name means red like the clay and all humans descended from Adam. Consequently, the characters in the book he wishes to write all look the same although the girl is dark and the boy is light, because Russell sees all people as either light or dark skin, not something to make into an issue. As when we see someone with a sun tan, or with blonde or black hair, we simply see it as a feature, not a nationality or race. When he thinks outside forces are trying to get him to write his book with clarity, variety, he relates that to when others tried to make him use more than one crayon to color in his coloring book. His other personality conflicts with the way he wants to write. (The personalities split at infancy when the infant accidentally breast fed upon his father’s hairy chest, as his mother had gotten out of bed for a moment. So the boys do not like each other anyway). .â?¦When the story takes us to his teenage years, before he got sick, he recalls his high school sweetheart named Jacqueta and his obsession with a waterfall. The two personalities then accuse the other of emphasizing their personal feelings and attachments to the allegory, which they believe will ruin the great book they wish to write. … Russell’s mental illness does not become full blown until after a serious head injury in his teens, but the signals come earlier.There are three sections of the book: an allegory, a waterfall, and a nightmare. Implants are inserted in these three portions to tie the story togeatherâ?¦.The book is only intended to be literary comedy with no subliminal messages, positive or negative; there is no moral to the story; there are no anti-establishment implications nor does the story suggest solutions; there are no hallucinations, and strictly no occult scenes; all of the main character’s thoughts are from his imagination or have a medical explanation. Except for the grandmother and Jacqueta, the characters are not designed to be rational or intelligent and the story is simply a zone; it isn’t meant to represent reliable truths and other aspects of life.

This book is only intended to be literary comedy with no subliminal messages, positive or negative; there is no moral to the story; there are no anti-establishment implications nor does the story suggest solutions; there are no hallucinations, and strictly no occult scenes; all of the main character’s thoughts are from his imagination or have a medical explanation. Except for the grandmother and Jacqueta, the characters are not designed to be rational or intelligent and the story is simply a zone; it isn’t meant to represent reliable truths and other aspects of life.

The Box

by Jeff Howe

Don is in a dark room alone. There is also a box in the room. A strange voice keeps asking him questions he can’t answer and forces him to confront the contents of the box. There the mystery grows.

The Box is a short story by Jeff Howe. It was Highly Commended in the 2008 Tom Howard/John Reid Short Story Contestr.

The Nosey Parkers

by Sergio Pereira

Harold and Jane Parker are the epitome of mundane. They work boring jobs, watch the same old boring television shows, and go away to the same holiday destination every year. However, their dull lives receive a much needed boost of excitement when they believe they’ve uncovered a murder.

“The Nosey Parkers” is a short story.

Snapshot (Ryan Aziz: Origins)

by Marshall King


The complete Ryan Aziz: Origins trilogy is now available in one MEGA-VALUE BOXSET:

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After a trio of photographers crash the wrong funeral, a masked killer known only as Snapshot begins a murderous campaign against the paparazzi.

Working through his list of targets with increasingly brutal results, Snapshot releases photos of each victim to strike fear in those yet to be punished.

At first indifferent to police requests for his assistance, Ryan Aziz is pulled into the investigation when Snapshot sets his deranged sights a little too close to home.

Ryan faces his most dangerous test yet in this thrilling final chapter of the Origins trilogy.

The complete Ryan Aziz: Origins trilogy is now available in a single volume.

This boxset represents the best value purchase but the other books (No Signal and The Contained) are also available to buy individually.

No Signal:

The Contained:

Snapshot is a novella of 33,000 words (around 140 pages). The story can be read as a standalone but some of the background will be better understood if you have read No Signal and The Contained.

Praise for No Signal:

– “Kept me enthralled from start to finish”

– “Looking forward to the sequel”

– “A fun, fast-paced read. There are enough plot twists to keep the reader guessing, without feeling too contrived.”

– “A non-stop page turner… I actually can truly say I can’t wait for the second part”

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