Free poetry Kindle books for 19 Dec 13

A Way With Words For The Rochdale Canal

by The Failsworth Writers’ Group

A collection of works by writers of the Failsworth Writers Group, with a theme of the Rochdale Canal.

The Siren Song: Poetry of the Sea

by Meg North

Beautiful rhyming ocean and sea poems are found in this lovely book of poetry. The great writers are included, such as Alfred Lord Tennyson, T. S. Eliot, Victor Hugo, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Walt Whitman, and e. e. cummings. Lovely vintage works of art from famous artists like John William Waterhouse, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and others show lovely seashores, ships, mermaids, sirens, and even the famed Kraken.

This poetry book will quickly become a treasured addition to your Kindle books. Ocean love poems, famous poems, and rhyming poetry of my own are here for the sea gazer, the beach walker, and the shell collector. You may even smell the salt air and feel the sea wind as you read.

Enjoy this poetry book for many years to come!

Life Is A Myth

by Johnny Goldsmith

Religious Poems supporting the non-literal interpretation of the Bible.

The purpose of these poems is not to challenge the faith of traditional believers. However, if your are seeking a deeper investigation of Christian mythology
and history, please download this book. Thanks, JG

Vermont November

by Jonathan Neske

The poems in this chapbook are sketches of life in northern New England as experienced by Jonathan Neske in November and December of 2013. The poems capture the stillness, quiet, and humor of life. Neske is open to the mystery of moments and leads the reader to a sense of wonder. Neske lived in a cabin in Danville, Vermont where he wrote these eight poems. The chapbook is both a thank you gift and a holiday card to friends and strangers.

Yet You Thought, From My Actions You Knew My Thoughts

by Saba Tekle

“I began writing poetry in middle school, inspired by a friend. At the time that’s all it was-writing rhymes…

I, then, graduated late from high school because I was constantly switching schools. Affected deeply by my difference of race, feeling to Americanize for Ethiopians and was looked as an Ethiopian to Americans, I found it hard to find my place. Being pretty didn’t help. I was always looked at under a microscope hearing how people didn’t like me for whatever reasons, no one ever new me. I didn’t know me.

I found my self surrounded by drugs, sex, low self-esteem, and friends with no compassion. Days of being rejected longed to be accepted so I seen what I wanted to see in them, friends. Good times were good, bad were bad. I let my self slip time and time again by giving into what everyone else was doing.

Only by the grace of God, did I pick myself up.

Because of God did I only keep my feet in the door, poking my head in and out of curiosity. Keeping my family and Him near and dear kept me from completely giving my all to nothing.

I later graduated from North Seattle Community College. But school only taught me so much; I took mental notes on life finding myself jotting it down in poetry. Poetry dried my eyes every hard time in my life, poetry put things to rest, and poetry kept me open. It became my second language.

In my journey to now I realized how easily my actions were influenced by my surrounding. Still making mistakes sometimes anticipating them, realizing I am still human, I take months out to myself help me not lose identity and keep me writing. My book of poetry is my journey to now.”

A Melancholy Harvest

by Oreu Lugogo Leunoto

This poetry book speaks to a tapestry of life themes, human experiences and scenes of immediacy. Love, Loss, Grief, Youthful Aspirations and Calming Wisdom are explored in this anthology of poems. The multiplicity of the expression and experience of these emotions are explored with candor and intelligence. Oreu Leunoto brings something new and something old to the conversation that are accessible to all of us.

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