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Disregarded: The True Story of the Failure of the UK’s Work Programme

by David Dennis

In the UK, a programme has been implemented called the “Work Programme”. Officially designed to get you into work and give you crucial skills to get a much needed job, it is actually better designed for private companies to make money out of the unemployed.

David Dennis was a bright student who found himself cast into the middle of this new agenda upon leaving school. He saw first-hand the many ways private training companies are making money from the unemployed. He saw the way the unemployed are thrown into work placements to work for free. He saw the way his government is devaluing paid workers in an effort to bring down wages. He saw it all and he lived to tell the tale!

With startling honesty, Dennis takes us through his experiences of life on the “dole” and warns us all of the dangers of unemployment. His story is a warning we should all heed.

Can the Dead be Harmed?

by Masayuki Yoshida

Product Description
Masayuki Yoshida examines the harm thesis in the light of some specific questions: When a corpse is damaged or the reputation of a deceased person is sullied, what or who is actually being harmed? If the dead cannot be harmed, then is it possible for nobody to be harmed? If a living person is otherwise harmed, is the person a former living person of the damaged corpse? However, any answer to this question is prima facie at least bizarre, in particular because dead persons cannot perceive of damage or harm against them. Moreover, if it should be possible for the formerly living person of a corpse to be harmed, then it would follow that time goes backward. The author, despite the apparent bizarre nature of any answer, nevertheless argues that the dead can be harmed both in the case of damaging a corpse and in the circumstance of defamation of a dead person.

Book Description
This book focuses on discussing the philosophical questions â??can the dead be harmed?’ and â??does a dead person have an interest?’ It claims the view that the dead can be harmed and that they have interests, highlights argument regarding defamation of the dead, and reviews the characteristics of reputation.

About the Author
Masayuki Yoshida, PhD, is Visiting Fellow of Technology, Ethics & Law in Society at the School of Law, King’s College London, the United Kingdom.

The Preppers Cookbook – The Ultimate Recipe Guide

by Jacob Palmar

The Ultimate Preppers Cookbook!

Widespread natural disasters, worldwide food shortages and other scenarios have driven many to consider preparing themselves by stocking survival foods. Learning how to grow and store emergency food, as part of an overall disaster preparedness plan, could help you and your family survive many conditions that might be less than adequate to support life. We have collected over 30 quick and easy prepper recipes. Enjoy!

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Pilgrim At The Crossroads of Human Trafficking; releasing captives on today’s underground railroad

by Abdiya Wesab

Pilgrim At The Crossroads of Human Trafficking takes you into the lives and miracles of women and children being rescued from sex slavery and abuse in some unlikely corners of the world. Each individual rescued is unique; yet the network and warmth that springs up between them is heartening. Although the reality is stark, the solutions show potential, rather than disaster, throwing light and hope into certain darkness. Pilgrim gives food for thought, and releases each of us to recognize how simply we can each step into this monstrous current event and slay the giant of human trafficking with the small stones we find in our own slingshots.

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