Free religious fiction Kindle books for 19 Dec 13

A Season for April, Part 1: Summer Storms

by JP Alden

April Logan has always been April, but even she didn’t always know it. Born with tetragametic chimerism, April has spent 15 miserable years as “Anthony,” crushed between faith identity and an ill-fitting social gender identity. In a deeply religious, conservative home, looking like a boy and feeling like a girl is tantamount to mortal sin. April is overwhelmed by shame and self-resentment, and bent on punishing herself into conformity. But everything turns on its head in a moment when a trusted physician discovers that “Anthony” is literally only skin deep.

Finally set free to explore the feminine identity she has always craved, April begins to learn that being a girl is more than shoes, dresses, and makeup. She is and always has been a daughter of God, with a divine nature and destiny. As the true April flourishes, her confidence grows, friendships solidify, and happiness feels attainable.

But when a terrible ordeal threatens to shatter her fragile new identity and destroy those she loves, April’s faith will either be tempered in the forge of affliction, or broken.

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