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Last Shuttle Flight, First Alien Contact Part 2

by J. Jack Bergeron

When the crew of the space shuttle Atlantis made first contact after a UFO sighting, things became wildly unpredictable. In this series sequel, expectations went beyond anyone’s dreams as the reality of faster than light travel is introduced to humans. However, the reality of extraterrestrial contact it not what they expected.

Sperm Donor for a Cosmic Paradox

by Aaron Frale

Jed finds out some disturbing news after a DNA test.


by J. Richard Singleton

“Well, my best friend was just murdered by a government conspiracy to suppress public knowledge of America’s cooperation with extraterrestrials and experimentation with alien technologyâ??but to answer your question, I’m looking forward to the prom,” the outcast Truman tells the school psychologist.

Ever felt that there is somethingâ?¦wrong with the world around you? Truman was a normal high school senior growing up in the quaint town of Smith, New Mexico (population 31,313), floating through a lazy summer when he met and befriended Ethan Howe, an eccentric out-of-towner who thought that the moon landing had been faked on a sound stage in Burbank, fluoride was a mind control substance, and that there was a Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory, a meta-theory that would encompass everything from vaccines to 9/11 to Roswellâ??a theory that would explain everything, including their own humanity. After Ethan’s sudden death of a suspicious drug overdose, the previously apathetic young man and potential girlfriend Avril proceed to get involved in a series of escalating dangerous situations and increasingly bizarre characters, from a very old Nazi scientist who worked on the government’s saucer research to mobs of men in black suits, as the two teens fight the impending future.

The Klondike Fever (Klondike Cannibals)

by Herbert Ashe

This prologue to the Klondike Cannibals trilogy details the strange origins of the outbreak.

“â?¦what a rip-roaring story it is! I was held throughoutâ?¦” Review – Amazon, U.K.

“The unique, desolate arctic setting only adds to the creepiness of the plot…” Review – Amazon, U.S.

“Harsh Klondike setting, introspectiveâ?¦ Very much an “Into the Wild” feelâ?¦ I felt drawn into the narrative, characters and am looking forward to the next part of the series…” Review – Amazon, CA.


by Olsen J. Nelson

Paige, a prominent Internet biohacker living in an undesirable near-future, experiments with an innovative biohack that has the potential of dramatically transforming humanity and the world system.

The lives of those who surround Paige have been reduced to a day-to-day existence. Her response has been to isolate herself from her local environment, preferring instead to experiment obsessively with personal biohacks as a distraction from the torments of the outside world.

An unexpected contact from the past, however, makes her dig up old memories and reconsider her life and what she’s doing. With an offer she can’t refuse, she self-tests a sophisticated biohack, the results from which soon lead her to displace her lifestyle and refocus her attention on the potential she now has to disrupt the future of transhumanity and the world system â?? that is, if she isn’t let down by her own inevitable naïvety and effectively suppressed by the conspiring social forces.

Approx. 12.1K


by Olsen J. Nelson

When twins, Renata and Ryan, see something they shouldn’t in the distance, their entire world is turned upside down with far-reaching consequences for everyone.

Having lived in a nomadic, ocean-based city their whole lives, the twins soon become obsessed with investigating what it’s really like on land in order to identify the extent of the disinformation they now realise they’ve been indoctrinated by and to gain an understanding of how the majority of the world’s population actually lives.

Despite their hopeless misadventure ashore, they resolve to do something to make life better for the impoverished hordes seemingly without regard for their own safety â?¦ or that of their isolated societyâ?¦

Approx. 12.2K

Difficult Times – Season Two – Extermination – Episode 10 (Difficult Times – Extermination)

by Walter Shillington

After a short and bloody war the Krimach invaders face defeat. For Earth, however, victory is bitter-sweet. Prohibited weapons were employed and both sides have been convicted of war crimes. Severe reprisals are imminent.

This weekly serial chronicles the adventures of Billy Trapp as he struggles to convince his former foes to cooperate in Earths efforts to avoid annihilation. Each exciting, fun-filled installment contains approximately two thousand words.

In this episode Bill is attacked by a mechanical dog..

Season one of Difficult Times has been compiled into one ebook called Difficult Times – An Alien Invasion Serial – The Complete First Season.

The Enderman’s Gambit

by Mark Mulle

An adventure packed Minecraft Fiction!

Follow the story of Brek as he looks for answers after his father was cruelly taken from him during an attack by the mobs from Minecraft. His journey will take him from his village of Tanlin to the City of Wall where he will discover his family’s past, will force him to use his training and ingenuity to overcome different hardships and will test his courage as he face the dangerous Enderman.

Get a copy and don’t miss this exciting story!

Saturday Night (Wine of the Gods)

by Pam Uphoff

A short story in the future of the Wine of the Gods Series,

Saturday night, and her room mate has stolen her boyfriend. Good thing she was home when that very strange man dropped in.

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