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For Freaks Only: Story 1 (Dark Chocolate)

by Justin Amen Floyd

***Story 1!!! They say “the freaks come out at night.” Journey into a world where the freaks come out not only at night, but in the daytime and afternoon as well. The 1st story in a collection of sizzling, nasty, erotic shorts is guaranteed to leave you hot, bothered and… spent. Behind closed doors… everybody’s a freak. Open the door and cum inside. You just might see a familiar face or two. Who knows; you might even see yourself. 😉 *NOMINATED for the African American Literary Awards for Erotica!!!*

Naughty Claus (Paranormal Tentacle Erotica Short Story)

by Marina Probain

When the young and voluptuous Sydney gets turned down at the Christmas party for a night of fun and frolics with the office hottie, she heads home for some fun of her own.

She must have been extra naughty this year â??cause what she gets from Santa is a whole lot more than she asked for!

***Mature Content Warning*** – This 5,600 word short story contains scenes of paranormal tentacle erotica, 18+ for language and adult situations.

Sabrina’s Vampire

by A K Michaels

Sabrina’s life was a mess, suspended from her police job, she ran to Vegas for a break, to escape the torment and embarrassment. She followed this up by getting blind drunk and down an alleyway with two thugs who wanted more than a goodnight kiss! Kyle, a vampire, hears her scream and against his better judgement enters the alley and saves her. As she collapses into his arms he had a deep need to take her home? He never takes anyone to his home! Soon Sabrina is ingrained in him – he can’t get enough – can’t let her go and just why are his bites not healing on her neck? When he finds out he is shocked – he must keep her – make her stay! Will she? Will this woman stay in the arms of a vampire?!

Vampire Erotica Book

Forever Kind of Guy

by Khelsey Jackson

Gretchen Elliot wasn’t looking for love, she’d had enough of â??love’ to last her a life time. All she wanted was a little fun and a good time, and she’d found it in one passionate night with Claus. Now with her divorce about to be final, Gretchen can’t help but think back to that amazing night with that amazing man. Too bad they’d promised never to contact each other again.

A chance encounterâ?¦

Stefan Romano never imagined that he would meet the woman who’d been haunting his dreams again, let alone arrest her for car theft. Now he can’t wait to get her beneath the sheets again. He just hopes he can keep her there this time, while fooling himself into believing he’s not a forever kind of guy.

Can two people not looking for love, avoid falling for each other and keep things on a no strings attached level? Gretchen and Stefan believe they canâ?¦

Ass to Mouth (Porn Star Confessions)

by Justin Amen Floyd

*Based on REAL Events* Ever wondered what REALLY goes on inside the mind of a Porn Star??? Well, get ready to find out as “NASTY” lets you into her CRAZY world, shares her innermost secrets, and the most salacious details of how she rose to become the #1 Porn Star in America. But everything isn’t always what it seems…
*Previously published as ‘Nasty’ in the anthology ‘Guns & Roses’*

Governor Sara Polan and the Horny Shifter War on Christmas

by Amanda Clover

Celebrate Christmas with America’s sexiest politician!

Spunky Alaska Governor Sara Polan is stuffed full of the Christmas spirit, among other things. She was mated by a moose monster trying to protect Alaska from oil drilling, now it’s reindeer mating season and she must confront a herd of horny shape-shifters intent on enslaving all the women of Sara’s small town.

Sara enlists the help of a girthy bear shifter and her old moose friend to thwart the bah-humbuggering the reindeer have planned for Wasilla’s women. Before Santa can deliver the gifts, things are going to have to get naughty. And messy!

Sara Polan and the Horny Shifter War on Christmas is a naughty erotic satire featuring a fictional parody of Alaska’s sexy governor, lesbian lust with a tea party congresswoman, monster breeding under the mistletoe in a bear’s cave, and a were-reindeer gangbang sure to leave some presents under the tree. This 9,000 word story includes explicit erotica and is definitely not to be taken seriously.

Strictly Secret Men’s Business

by Christina Jane Andrew

Kris Hardwick is introverted, 46, overweight, balding and in a rut with his marriage. When he meets up with his childhood best friend, the slim, good-looking, red-headed extrovert Paul Robinson, he is reminded of the sexual escapades of his youth and sees that his womanising bachelor friend is still having fun. Not only is he jealous of Paul, he realises that he is sexually attracted to him and always has been. Kris begins to examine his life and his sexuality and with trepidation embarks on a voyage of sexual discovery that will take him to the dark side of married men’s male male relationships. If you are in a relationship with a middle-aged man you need to read this book. WARNING This book contains explicit sex scenes between consenting adults, many of them male/male.

Best Shared Wife Stories

by Rosy Best

Adults Only Erotica 18+

Featuring the stories

What happens when a man shares his wife in the most intimate way?

1.Sharing The Night With My Wife And A Friend

2.Would You Do My Wife?

3.Perking Up The Old Sex Life

4.The Interview

5.In And Out

6.Naughty Pictures Of The Wife

Swingers (Fantasies, Fetishes & Flesh)

by Abyrne Mostyn

For the Swingers scene in Boston, the anything goes quarterly party is the golden ticket to the inner circle. For Colb and Tangyr Mitras it is where they began, and where they expand their repertoire of fantasy fun. The players are many, the perspectives unique, and the possibilities endless. Whatever you want is there for the asking, if you leave your inhibitions at the door. What could you do in twelve hours?

Teacher’s Temptation

by Isis O’Shea

Heather Perkins, a shy young teacher has been secretly lusting after Luke, one of her students who has recently turned 18, for months now. When the opportunity finally presents itself to seduce him Heather takes her chances. Luke turns the tables on her though and gives her a weekend of sex she will never be able to forget. Heather learns some new ways to get down and dirty in this scandalous Kindle erotica.


“You are a very attractive woman. It isn’t too much of a stretch. I’m sure you have some things to teach me and ,as you already know, I’m a very devoted student. They should not hire teachers as sexy as you. It is a huge distraction.” He told her with a playful smirk. She could feel a bulge growing in his pants up against her waist. He started to slowly massage her ass cheeks sending small rushes of pleasure through her body. She reluctantly let out a slow moan. ” I like to hear you make that noise.” Luke chuckled. ” So about those plans with your friends?” he asked in a sexy whisper while teasing her ear with his hot tongue. “

” What plans?” She said huskily. “I’m free to spend the rest of the night with you.” Heather said leaning her body more into him and kissing him on his lips.

” That was exactly what I wanted to hear. ” Luke told her and then went in for another kiss. He backed her up against the wall and pinned her there as their tongues tangoed inside their mouths. He darted his tongue into her mouth and explored it, licking every surface within her mouth with his soft warm tongue. Heather began to breathe heavily as she raked her fingers through the young man’s long shaggy blond hair. His mouth on hers felt so much better than she had imagined. He slipped his hand up her shirt and touched her large breasts as he left a trail of kisses down her neck.

“This is a little faster than I was expecting. I don’t know if I can do this.” She said with doubt and placed her hand on his chest in order to put some space between them.

“It’s alright. You just need to relax some.” he said and gently squeezed her shoulder. He led her over to the dark brown leather couch. “I’ll be back. I have something guaranteed to loosen you up.” He said and headed toward the kitchen and then down the steps to a basement or cellar of some sort. He returned with a glass full of a red colored wine. Soft, slow music began to play from a stereo system in the living room.

“Here you go. This stuff will reduce all that anxiety.” Luke told her, handing her the glass and setting the bottle on the glass coffee table next to the couch. He turned her body so her back was to him and he slid in close behind her. He began to massage her shoulders making all her stress and worry melt away. The alcohol was helping too. The wine was a sparkling mix of blueberries and strawberries that made her tongue do a happy jig and soothed her. She had always been partial to the bubbly stuff. Luke kissed her neck as he continued to move his hands in a massaging motion down her back. He allowed her to finish her glass of wine and then empty half of a second.

” You are so tense.” He whispered in her ear as his thumbs worked at a knot in her back.

“Kinda.” she admitted. Living without sex for months will do that to a person.

” Follow me, Heather.” he breathed hot and heavy in her ear. “I have a better way to relax you, to release your stress. I will show you a night that you will never be able to forget. I’ll pleasure you over and over and over again.” he told her taking her by the hand. She willingly followed, feeling the wine working its magic and drawing her into a happy stupor.

This erotica also contains some lesbian and threesome action.

Mrs. Claus Gets Elfed 2: North Poled (Stocking Stuffers)

by Sapphire Del Rey


It’s two weeks before Christmas, and productivity is down all across Santa’s workshop, particularly in a few key divisions – such as adult toys. Unfortunately, Santa is away from home and getting busy with the pledges of the aptly nicknamed Phi Beta Ho. He doesn’t have time to worry about what’s going on back home. After all, isn’t that why he has a wife and bunch of elves?

It might not be Christmas Eve just yet, but, Mrs. Claus, Candy to her friends, and Steve, the new Head Elf, are working on increasing both morale and productivity in Santa’s Holiday Workshop. Because if something doesn’t change soon, there won’t be any gifts for anyone, not to mention a whole lot of angry people come the big day!

So, how better to lift sagging holiday elf spirits than with a performance by a former stripper, the one and only Ms. Candy Claus herself? After all, she wasn’t the former lead dancer at the Kit-Kat Room at Cheater’s Lounge in Sarasota for nothing! However, when Candy starts working the pole under the watchful eye of Steve, as well as room full of excitable elves, things get out of hand rather quickly. Soon she and the elves are playing things a whole lot more wicked than reindeer games!

This 9,200 word- novella, which contains graphic depictions of sexual acts between consenting adults, is recommended for adults only over the age of 18. In fact, it probably wouldn’t hurt if you were over 25.

Mind Control (The Interracial Conspiracy – Episode 4)

by Opusillon Smith

The Interracial Conspiracy continues with Episode 4!

Morgan cupped Allison’s chin with the palm of his hand and turned her face towards fat Ed. Her eyes vibrated with the weakness of the moment as she stared achingly across the room with her glassy, hypnotized eyes. Helplessly held in Morgan’s hands, fat Ed knew well what her fate would soon be.

“Why don’t you stick out your chest a little more for fat Ed?” whispered Morgan in her ears.

She gazed languidly at fat Ed and arched her back as requested. Her tits opened up like two mozzarella balls as her breastbone became visible.

Standing behind her, Morgan descended his hands below each tit and grappled one and then the other as Allison lay with her arms locked over the back of his head.

Fat Ed saw his boss feeling off her weighty breasts, as if judging if they would do. When he cupped her nipples with both hands, fat Ed knew that he was reserving them exclusively for the evening. Her husband would be eating left overs that night.

Fat Ed couldn’t resist. “Boss, can I stay?”

Opusillon Smith is available only on Amazon!

The Interview (Breaking Boundaries)

by Crystal Blue

Newly graduated from college, Gloria had been well-trained in the oral arts by her ex-boyfriend. Jilted, unemployed and getting desperate, she knew she couldn’t blow this interview. But when she met the boss, she couldn’t help herself.

Introducing Gloria Kingman in the first of the Breaking Boundaries series. Follow Gloria as she uses her oral skills to break the first boundary and secure the job. Light-hearted and fun, this erotic story begs the question, what to do if your best skill is not in the job description?

Intended for readers 18+. Explicit sex scenes and sexual language.

Paid To Play (BBW Interracial Prostitution Erotica)

by Roxanne Sweet

Monique has been unemployed for three and a half months. When a friend suggests that she check out the jobs section on Craigslist, neither of them suspects that she’ll become completely addicted to browsing the personal ads instead. It doesn’t take long for her to discover the number of men who want to pay for sexual services.

The easy money is tempting, but is she really the kind of woman who would sell her body for sex? And would any men even be interested in a black BBW like her? It might be easier if she just starts with a handjob.

When her friend pushes her into trying it, she ends up getting more than she bargained for!


This 4000+ word short story is meant for adults only! It contains explicit subject matter including mind-blowing oral sex and sex between a gorgeous young black BBW and her first-ever john, a stunningly handsome older white man.

“Paid To Play” is a stand-alone short story that is also the first instalment in the three-part Craigslist Series (Paid To Play, Anything To Get Hired, Paying To Play).


“You can touch it, if you want to,” Steve says. I’m not sure if I do want to, but that’s what I’m here for, I guess. There’s no turning back now.

I graze it with my fingertips, still scared. It’s firm and warm, and my touch makes Steve groan a little. I run my fingers up and down the long cock, then across his big, shaved balls. “That’s good,” he says. Finally I wrap my hand around it and start to move it up and down, ever so lightly. It’s been so long since I’ve had a cock in my hand, I hardly remember what to do.

The Princess and the Pea (Bedtime Stories for Big Boys and Girls)

by S K Johns

WARNING: This book contains graphic content of a sexual nature. FOR ADULTS ONLY.

Perhaps it wasn’t the pea under the many mattresses that caused the bruising on her delicate skin?


by Mika Barnes

In this sexy short, Cassandra De Souza has never had a problem getting
a man. Juggling more than one is her favorite past
time. When it comes to love, she has the upper hand
with the men in her life until she meets Dante
Stallworth, a strappingly handsome trust-fund baby
who is used to getting his own way. But when things
don’t go his way, he sets out to bring Cassie to her
knees, inflicting pleasure and pain; they say it always
comes in threes.

Determined to get Dante out of her head and out of
her heart, Cassie strikes out on an escapade; sure her
night on South Beach is one for the record books.

3 is an explosive, thrilling roller coaster ride of
emotions, lust and mistrust when magnified by a
scorned lover.

Elf Yourself (Santa’s Hot Secrets)

by Bethany Goring

An Xcite Books collection of five festive stories with mixed themes including m/f, m/m, group, fantasy, light BDSM/spanking, ghost, pastiche, party, gangster and humour.

Elf Yourself by Landon Dixon

There’s a new Santa in town. Earnest Elf discovers that it’s hard times at the North Pole as economic recession and elf over-reproduction lead to lay-offs, discontent, malcontents and a full-on elf insurrection. Earnest himself has a thriving meat and blubber business, a hydroponic oathouse on the side, and his own gripe against the red-suited fat man so he’s neutral, cool to both sides. Then Evelyn Elf pays his frosty abode a visit, and her tale of Snowtopia woe melts more than his heart â?¦

Christmas Keeps Coming by John McKeown

It’s not shaping up to be much of a Christmas for New York shopping mall Santa Jerry. He’s being blackmailed by horny Mob wife and Santa Claus fetishist Nuala. But while the proud, hard-working Italian-American is enjoying the kind of payments she keeps on extracting, he knows he’s in serious danger. If Nuala’s feared mobster husband finds out what’s going on, Jerry could soon be sleeping with the fishes.

Santa’s Knee by Bethany Goring

Deputy headmistress Angela is on duty at Santa’s Grotto in her school. Sensing that she’s lacking in seasonal goodwill – and “hasn’t had any” in way too long, the big man in red takes a hands-on approach to teaching the teacher a stern and painful lesson. He won’t stop until her bottom is glowing like an open fire and he’s made her believe in the spirit of Christmas – for the most intriguing of reasonsâ?¦

Mistletoed by DK Jernigan

As the owner of a small business, Marcus sees no escape from the multi-office Christmas party, despite his ingrained dislike of the entire holiday season. What he doesn’t expect is for his frigid mood to be warmed considerably by the charming Rob, who he encounters at the party – and who happens to own one of the other businesses in the building. Sparks fly under the mistletoe, and perhaps Marcus will be able to skip out of that party early, anyway â?¦

A Christmas for Carol by J Smith

It’s been three months with no boyfriend and no sex, and when Christmas Eve arrives, Carol’s spending it alone with eggnog, an X-rated DVD and her vibrator. When she resolves to live a celibate life from now on, three ghosts of Christmas appear and try to put the willies up her in an effort to get her to change her ways. They show her sex in her past, present and future, but can they get her to change before Christmas Day?

These stories also appear in Santa’s Hot Secrets

Witchy Woman’s Wicked Ways (PARAnormal Press Presents A Quick One)

by D. Walters

Witchy Woman’s Wicked Ways (A PARAnormal Erotica Quick One #4)

The Witchy Woman Gets Nasty!

The sexy witch Danielle is still with Mandy, her long-time companion in crime. Then Ben entered their lives, and his friend Emily, and things got hot. They might all be pawns in someone else’s wicked game, but Danielle has some wicked thoughts of her own.

Recently Danielle has become obsessed with Ben’s friend Ron. She and Ron shared some kinky lipstick fetish play over that wild, wild Hamptons weekend, and she found out what he really likes. Then Danielle and Mandy had a great foursome with Ben and his friend Ron. The hunky Ben is still involved with his mysterious girlfriend Emily, but he’s been sharing Danielle and Mandy’s bed, too. Now Danielle’s kinky thoughts include a very, very wicked threesome with Ben and Ron… but in this one, Danielle wants the guys to definitely get it on with each other, too.

How can she make it happen?

Well, she is a witch, after all. She has her ways… her wicked ways. She knows how to massage the guys’ cosmic auras until all they can think of is crossing swords. Danielle wants to be their sheath, too, but all she can think about is seeing the two men pleasing her — by pleasing each other…

Can she pull it off?

Sex magick abounds as Danielle does whatever (and WHOever) is needed to get Ron and Ben together. What will Emily think about all this? Danielle wants to call her out, and this threesome might just do the trick!

Call it a challenge to Emily, or whoever is manipulating her. Call it a dare.

Just remember to call it sexy as hell!

As always, the sex in a Witchy Woman story is raw and hot and… sexy. Look for m/f, f/f, f/m/m, and m/m sex in every possible position.

The Specifics
Witchy Woman’s Wicked Ways is an erotic novella of over 15,000 words in length. Included: excerpts from the other Danielle and Mandy adventures, Witchy Woman and Witchy Woman’s Weekend and two excerpts from PARAnormal Erotica Volumes 1 and 2.

Please note, this is seriously for adult readers only. Contains explicit sexual descriptions of happy straight/bi and extreme twosomes, threesomes, foursomes, with oral and anal sex. If you’re offended by this content, please look elsewhere.

Brought to you by the folks who published PARAnormal Erotica Volumes 1 and 2. Edited by D. Walters.

PARAnormal Erotica, by PARAnormal Press.

Welcome to another PARAnormal Press Presents: A Quick One, a new direction in adult adventures of the naughty kind. PARAnormal Press presents a mix of encounter tales, some of which are exotic, futuristic, or even mysterious and occult, while others might remind you of your friends and neighbors if you could peek behind their curtains. Some tales will tantalize you with the supernatural, the dangerously criminal, and the fantastic. Exotic or normal, supernatural or dangerous, you can be sure the tales have one common element – they are hot. We’re scouring the world for writers who know what turns you on, and we hope they’ll succeed. Quick Ones is a series of self-contained short stories that run longer than average and present a more compact reading experience, and we hope a more intense one. Your editor, D. Walters, welcomes you to the fourth Quick One. Enjoy!

The Journey of One Woman Discovering Her Sexuality

by Dianne L. Milner

Ladies have you ever thought about what brings out your sexual prowess. How much does your childhood nurturing or past sexual experience affect your sexual behavior?

Samaya Crenshaw looks back into her childhood and her knowledge of sex to see how it affects her sexual behavior. As she explores her childhood through adulthood memories, those memories help her to enhance and discover her true sexuality.

Erotic Stories Of An Office Temp

by Jordan Taylor

Erotic Stories Of An Office Temp

Erotic Stories Of An Office Temp is a collection of adventures that take place after 22 yr old Meagan Davenport begins working for a staffing agency in Atlanta, GA. She finds herself in some pretty sticky situations, but eventually does find financial and romantic stability but only after some adventurous sex with her boss and best friend which became her first lesbian experience. Her day job is peppered with raunchy 3 ways and an unexpected tryst with a surprising……

The Temp

My First Lesbian Experience

The Secrets In Brittany’s Place

I Know I’ll Never Be A Real Woman

Winds Of Satin – Kitty’s Rides On To The Mediterranean (Kitty’s Threesome MFM Hotness Five Series)

by Ava Joel

Kitty, Sean and Brad, very close friends from Central Florida have decided to travel in Europe together. They each luckily have an extended vacation or can maintain their work via the internet.

On the trip over they have joined the Five Mile High Club and christened the bus they took to Cuenca. At the beautiful Parador, restored government hotel, they have brought love to the torture chambers below the main building.

Kitty’s wardrobe has occasionally lustily motivated other guests to make extra bedroom visits. The threesome visits the Cuidad Encantada near Cuenca very creatively renaming some of the landforms. Their visit to the sandy banks of the river near the city will put their final touches on Cuenca before they head for the lovely islands of Mallorca.

Face Splash (Face Splash Part 1)

by Lance Greencastle

Caught naked in his girlfriend’s kitchen, can he explain to her house-mates that he is not a pervert? Can he escape with his dignity intact? Can he just leave?

But “the new girl” wants to have some fun at his expense and she’s not going to let him go until he’s shown the girls everything he has got to offer.

CFNM fun from the erotic pen of Lance Greencastle.

Please Note: This is one single short story.

Paris, 1989

by Lilou DuPont

Pandora and Hugo – a self-absorbed artist and an aerospace geek from L.A. – are at the top of their games when they visit Paris. But it is 1989 and their narcissistic worlds are about to change. Genre: Literary Erotica.

Tan Choon Yee

by Captain Chris Felton

Tan Choon Yee, such a wonderful girl, when she was murdered with her friend in Indonesia, Kester Wylie, grief struck inflicts a horrific revenge on the people who committed the terrible crime. He discovers Choon Yee’s camera which contains photographic evidence of the crime and the perpetrators. He hires an Indonesian private detective and he tracks the men down to their villages. Only after eliminating the last gang members can he rest in peace. But one boss of the gang orders and attack on his home and during the attack TC his wife is murdered. He hunts them all down and eliminates them like the vermin they were.

After Salsa

by Ava Joel

Stephen a good looking Greek lands at Los Angeles, who is all set to settle by finding himself a job, a place and with relationship to start the new life in States. As he gets through the customs check at the International airport, his attention is drawn towards a beautiful woman standing at an exit sign all by herselfâ?¦

“After Salsa” is a story filled with passion and romance, about four strangers on a cruise. In this adventure and captivating love story, you will meet Katie, Richard, Stephen and Mia. Our travelers, who all meet quite by accident aboard ship, will share with you their laughs, sighs, tears and passionate surrender.

Their story will bring you into their lives and leave you with a greater understanding of their love and desires, as well as take you on an adventure aboard a world famous cruise line set in the beautiful and exciting Mexican Riviera.

Black Serpent Erotica’s Sexy Shorts #1: A Woman on Each Arm

by Seth Daniels

A man attending a party is attracted to a young blonde woman who shows an interest in him and gets a surprise when her brunette friend also comes across and introduces herself. The girls decide to have some fun and drag the man upstairs and into a bedroom, stripping him naked and showing him just how good they are at pleasing a guy.
This is an explicit erotic short story of approximately 2,500 words. It contains graphic language and sexual themes. It is meant only for adults who are interested in this type of material for viewing in jurisdictions where its sale and enjoyment does not violate any local laws.
I wonder if that’s as nice as the tattoo,” Sammie giggled and watched as Faith knocked David’s hand away from the boxer briefs and grabbed at them to pull them down. As the erection came into view it continued to harden and the girls watched as it came to attention in front of their faces. Sammie was the first to reach for it, David groaning as he felt her fingers wrapping around it and holding it tight. As her fingers started to stroke along the hard length, Faith leaned forward. She kissed the tip of the cock and let her mouth slide back and forth across it, her soft lips caressing onto the sensitive skin. She could feel the pre-cum wiping against her mouth and when she moved back, David watched as she flicked out her tongue to lick at the taste. The sight was erotic and Faith put on an exaggerated show of licking her lips when she looked up to see David watching her. When she leaned forward again, Sammie joined her and for the first time in his life David felt the sensation of two mouths on his cock. The girls kissed the hardness and then flicking out their tongues licked up and down either side of the shaft. The sensation was incredible and David felt the buildup of pressure in his body as the pleasure of the touch rushed through him. The girls looked up as they worked and the sight of their pretty faces sent a shudder through David. His body convulsed harder as he felt a mouth work to the tip of his cock while the other slid down to his balls. Faith ran her lips over the head of the hard shaft, letting her mouth slide down so that the cock suddenly filled her mouth while Sammie licked her tongue hard against the balls and tried to suck them between her parted lips.

Stories from The Haven

by Lilou DuPont

An intimate collection of erotic short stories by Lilou DuPont, author of Dangerous Love. Part semi-autobiographic, part fantasy, sometimes humorous, sometimes heart wrenching, these five tales are set in New Haven, Connecticut, where Lilou lived for 15 years.

A Day in The Life of A Pixie
Breakup Sex
Push as Hard as You Can
Glamour Town

Hot Couples Break The Rules. Sexy stories For Couples who Push the Boundaries of Eroticism.

by Jordan Taylor

Hot Couples Break The Rules. Sexy stories For Couples who Push the Boundaries of Eroticism.

These Erotica short stories contains scenes of very graphic and adult nature, and it might also contain some profanity which some may find offensive.

Here are some excerpts from the stories

My Birthday Surprise

Although I wouldn’t say our sex life was at all disappointing, I wanted to do something extra special for my husband’s birthday. I wanted him to be sexually excited but also completely shocked by me at the same time. The one fantasy of his that had never been fulfilled was the fantasy of having a threesome. More specifically, he wanted to have his dick sucked by two women at the same time.

We would talk about it during sex because it got him extremely excited, but we had never seriously talked about making it happen. Ironically, it wasn’t even an idea I was entirely opposed to, it was just something that seemed outside the realm of our marriage.

Assuming the Role We Both Enjoy

Do you know who you really are? You might be surprised to learn you can spend many years believing you have yourself figured-out, and then discover the events of one particular day ends-up changing who you are in every way. If you need proof, read the story of Amy and Trey.

It wasn’t until many years into their relationship they found they had everything turned around. Amy discovered she enjoyed being the dominant one, Trey found he enjoyed watching her being pleased.

Trying New Things

I felt him climb unto the bed. He ran his hand from my ankle, up my leg, across on ass and up my back. He told me to put my hands above my head. When I did that he used a satin ribbon to tie my wrists to the headboard. After my wrists were secured, he moved back down to the end of the bed. He grabbed my ankles and spread my legs wide. Then he positioned himself on the bed between my legs.

A flood of heat rushed through me as I realized there was nothing I could do to stop him from taking me. anyway he wanted. My clit started throbbing as I felt him touching my pussy with his fingers, playing with it and feeling my wantonness. Without warning I felt him thrust something hard into my pussy.

The Change I Never Thought Possible

Jessica and Jason illustrate how a very conservative couple can spend an evening with a dear friend and then invite new sexual energy and another person into their relationship.

I felt Jason’s hands slip inside my bra and begin massaging my tits. I had to admit what he was doing felt fantastic, both relaxing and arousing at the same time. I really didn’t want him to stop even though I knew Brian was watching Jason fondle me. As I was trying to decide what to say, Brian’s hands slid under my skirt and begin working the muscles on the top and sides of thighs. Thoroughly confused, I looked up at Jason. He smiled and asked if I was enjoying myself.

My Birthday Surprise: Part I
My Birthday Surprise: Part II
My Birthday Surprise: Part III
Assuming the Role We Both Enjoy
Trying New Things
The Change I Never Thought Possible

Tame Me (The Billionaire’s Submissive)

by Simone Holloway

When Summer applied for a job with one of the world’s richest, most desirable men, she’d anticipated long hours and hard work. But when her new boss proposes a mutually beneficial agreement involving a unique opportunity and loads of money, she soon finds herself on a journey of sexual discovery.

Her boss, Mr. Quinn, is determined to teach her what it means to be a submissive, but will his sexual demands go too far?

While Summer struggles to understand the dangerous world of BDSM, Mr. Quinn finds himself battling to keep his personal feelings out of their arrangement. The blurred lines between pleasure and pain, lust and love lead to unexpected avenues in this new, hot BDSM series.

Bunny’s Hedonistic Adventure – A Delivery for Bunny

by Bailey Bunnie

Bunny is a BBW housewife. Her husband is overworked and they don’t get to spend as much time together as she would like. Bunny’s husband has been working on securing a contract with his team for the past four months and as a result their sex life has been nearly non existent. They have only had 3 quickies that left Bunny wanting more. Aside from the lack of sex, their relationship is wonderful and Bunny loves her husband dearly and remains faithful.

On a Wednesday morning in the middle of June, Bunny’s husband calls home to let her know he closed on his contract and his team can take the remainder of the week off. He informs Bunny that the two of them will be spending the next four days on vacation and she needs to get her things packed.

Surprised and excited by the thought of four days alone with her husband and some much needed relaxation time, she sets off to get her things ready for the trip. This begins Bunny’s Hedonistic Adventure which is an ongoing series or short stories told by Bunny that describe her sexual frustrations, experiences and pleasures during the course of the vacation.

Each part in this series has it’s own story to tell and is contained in a separate book. You can read some or all of them in the order you choose, but I recommend starting with part 1 and working your way through to the end.

Part 1 – “A Delivery for Bunny” This story introduces Bunny and allows us to follow her as she prepares for the coming trip. We get a glimpse at some of her fantasies and an understanding of her frustrations as they start to erode at her ability to contain her sexual desires.

Advanced Seduction (Straight, Romance)

by Katie Sebastian

Two years ago, Christina graduated high school as a straight A student and headed off to college with a chemistry scholarship. All thanks to her favorite teacher, the sexy Mr. Roberts, who kept her company in her fantasies long after she moved away. But, like all unrequited love, it was something that could never happen, not in a thousand years.

A return visit to home provide that otherwise when Christina finds out that Mr. Roberts had his own desires for her, but kept them in check just as she did. But now that they were no longer teacher and student, could something happen between them?

Cactus Rose

by Christine Taylor

WARNING – Adults 18+ only: This book contains graphic depictions of sexual encounters. All participants are fictional and over 18 years old. Intended for reading by adults 18+ only.

Short Story: 5,900+ word count

With a little help from her friends, Sally Scott’s garden and life are just about to blossom in ways she never could have expected. Some people like roses and some people like thorns.

Eliza’s Holiday (Eliza’s Party)

by A. L. Haddix

Eliza strongly yearns to switch partners and then wishes for another encounter between her husband and friends. The holidays mean it’s the perfect time to give them all the gift of herself, so she does just that in this continued exploration into her uninhibited sexual desires.

Erotic Short Story Bundle Volume 2 (Erotic Short Story Bundles)

by Christine Taylor

WARNING – Adults 18+ only: This book contains graphic depictions of sexual encounters. All participants are fictional and over 18 years old. Intended for reading by adults 18+ only.

A collection of 5 Erotic Tales by Christine Taylor, Julie Blackmore, Scarlet Marsend, Kristy Adams and Brian Parkinson.

Compliments of the Chef by Christine Taylor

(Short Story: 5,400+ word count)

Tired of frozen food on Friday nights, Sophia Fairbanks takes a risk on a gourmet dinner date and ends up with more spice than she bargained for.

Bath Time Escort by Brian Parkinson

(Short Story: 5,300+ word count)

When a shy girl is forewarned that her friends have booked an escort for her on the eve of her birthday as an early present, she finds herself getting excited at the thought of seeing some muscular male flesh. When he turns up earlier than expected she is still in the bath with a face mask on and finds herself embarrassed when she opens the door to let him in. Asking him to wait, she finds him following her into the unlocked bathroom with a couple of bottles of beer. It leads to her enjoying some bath time fun where the beer is used for so much more than just drinking.

Bed Mates by Kristy Adams

(Short Story: 6,100+ word count)

Sandra has been having the worst luck with guys lately, until her best friend Peter steps in to cheer her up. It only takes one night to change their friendship for the better.

Crossing the Fence: Part 1 by Julie Blackmore

(Short Story: 3,8300+ word count)

When Blair Summers crosses over to see her new neighbors, the last thing she expects is to get involved in hot, steamy, curl-your-toes sex that is so hot, it changes her. Then when she tries to forget about it, it brings her the kind of trouble she never expectedâ?¦

Ken and Britney: A Love Story by Scarlet Marsden

(Short STory: 4,000+ word count)

Britney and Ken worked together, had a secret crush on each other, and shared the same dreams and desires. Ken finally gets a chance to let Britney know how he feels when he asks for help with one particularly difficult client. He finds out he’s not alone in his desire to make love to Britney. To his pleasant surprise, Ken discovers that Britney has the same desire to make love to him.

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Ken and Britney: A Love Story

by Scarlet Marsden

WARNING – Adults 18+ only: This book contains graphic depictions of sexual encounters. All participants are fictional and over 18 years old. Intended for reading by adults 18+ only.

Short Story: 4,000+ word count

Britney and Ken worked together, had a secret crush on each other, and shared the same dreams and desires. Ken finally gets a chance to let Britney know how he feels when he asks for help with one particularly difficult client. He finds out he’s not alone in his desire to make love to Britney. To his pleasant surprise, Ken discovers that Britney has the same desire to make love to him.

Necessary Tension : Four stories of wanting, waiting, and taking.

by SF Lazorro

There are those who wait for the time to be right, and there are those who make the time right.

1. THE WAY HOME: A reticent man makes a bold move to rekindle the fire in his strained marriage.

2. GETTING READY: A conventional woman is tempted by her boyfriend’s fantasy which may keep them from getting to a friend’s wedding on time.

3. MOUSEGIRL: A man struggles with the pursuit of an amazing woman that seems indifferent to him.

4. IMMACULATE DEMOLITION: A woman recovering from a past trauma sets her sights on the man who will bring down her last inhibitions.

On the Run

by D. P. Madchild

All the stories in the ‘On the Run’ series

Rayqelle’s Revenge —Book 1— Special Holiday Edition (Ratchet)

by Shon Cole Black

Book 1-

“RATCHET” is the story of Miss Rayqelle Davis; the stepdaughter of a Chicago police officer who grows up in a seriously dysfunctional home and turns to the streets as a means of escape.

Broken and torn apart by physical and psychological abuse at the hands of her alcoholic mother, Rayqelle leaves the safety of the suburbs to live with her grandmother on Chicago’s southside. There she quickly develops an insatiable fascination for the dangerous side of hood life.

That’s when she meets Chance, an extremely handsome, very intelligent, hugely talented artist from a wealthy family who turns her world upside down.

Sara and Abby (Sara’s Summer Abroad)

by C. E. Todd

Hi. I’m Sara. I no sooner got off the plane than I met Abby. And I was worried I wouldn’t fit in during my trip to Oxford. Abby’s been pretty good about taking care of me, introducing me, making me feel at ease…. Well she did a bit more than that, but I’ll let you figure that out.

Second in the series. Approximately 9100 words.

The Sexting Tease

by Brian Parkinson

WARNING – Adults 18+ only: This book contains graphic depictions of sexual encounters. All participants are fictional and over 18 years old. Intended for reading by adults 18+ only.

Short Story: 5,300+ word count

When a college girl gets a text message from her new boyfriend, describing what he is fantasizing about her, it leads to an exchange of messages that turns increasingly erotic. When an invite comes for her to cut her afternoon classes and go to her boyfriend’s home, it is too good an offer to refuse. It’s only when she gets there that she realizes she has been set up and that it is not her boyfriend that has been sending the messages. Turned on by the idea of what she finds when she arrives, she goes all out for an afternoon of wild sex.


by Josh Hilden

Adult subject matter and contents 18+ only!

This short piece of fiction (46 pages) contains the F word, B word, S word, C word, and the dreaded D word. Parental discretion is advised.

In an unnamed Ivy League University a group of poor overweight scholarship students are enslaved and tortured by the Coterie the children of the Ultra Elite. When things go too far the children of privilege are taught a lesson they will never forget â?¦ if they survive.

Taken By The Outlaw Biker And His Gang Trilogy

by Tiffany Madison

“How bad do you want this, Ashley?”

The Siblings Of Freedom was the most notorious outlaw motorcycle gang in the entire state and it just so happened that my dad was a part of it. I was just a fresh faced 18 year old girl straight out of high school and I had no idea how dangerous the gang wasâ?¦until I got involved with it myself. My loyalty to the Siblings Of Freedom and the sexual acts I perform to prove myself and maintain my new lifestyle, can be found in each of these three books.

Taken By The Outlaw Biker And His Gang

My parents were always struggling with money. They had to make a lot of sacrifices when I was growing up in order to make ends meet. That was, until my dad joined the outlaw motorcycle gang, The Siblings Of Freedom. Although he never went into details about what he did with the gang, he started bringing home wads of cash and money was no longer a concern.

But life wasn’t going to be as easy as we had thought. When my dad gets into a bit of trouble during a business interaction, he’s forced to rat out a club member. There’s only one man who can clear his name and keep him safe: The new leader of the gang, a man who calls himself “Mercy”.

But Mercy isn’t going to help my dad for free. He wants one thing in exchange and he wants it badly: Me.

Will I let Mercy have his way with me hard and without protection in order to help my dad clear his name?

This 6000 word story features a muscular and powerful outlaw gang leader taking control of a beautiful and innocent 18 year old girl.

Taken By The Outlaw Biker And His Gang 2

Mercy, the fearless leader of the Siblings Of Freedom motorcycle gang, offers me a job. He wants me to help organize the gang’s finances and since I’m good at math, it’s the perfect job for me.

There’s one big problem, though. Women aren’t allowed in the gang. Mercy decides to take me to meet two other leaders, Blake and Johnny. He says if they can learn to trust me, then they will mostly likely let me on board.

But Blake and Johnny are not easily convinced that I’m trustworthy, especially when they realize that I’m the daughter of Donny, the man who almost got the club in some serious trouble with the law.

How far will I go to convince them that I’m worthy of the job? Will I let these three men have their way with me hard and without protection so that they will let me be part of the most notorious outlaw motorcycle club in the state?

This 7000 word story features not one, but three, muscular and powerful outlaw gang leaders taking control of a very pretty and innocent 18 year old girl.

Taken By The Outlaw Biker And His Gang 3

I was finally a full fledged member of the Siblings Of Freedom motorcycle gang. But because I was the first, and only, girl to ever be allowed in the gang, I was constantly having to prove myself to the guys.

One day, Mercy decides to have me do a “business exchange” for him. Everything seems to go smoothly, butâ?¦

It’s not long before the cops kick down our door and take Mercy, Blake, Johnny and I to jail. It becomes clear that Deputy Kraig, the bigger and more muscular of the cops, is turned on by me. It doesn’t take me long to realize that I can use that to my advantage.

Can I get myself and the other gang members out of jail? Will I do whatever it takes, even if that means letting Deputy Kraig have his way with me hard and without protection, in order to get my freedom back?

This 6000 word story features a powerful law enforcement officer taking control of a beautiful, but not so innocent, 18 year old girl. It finishes off with a very surprising turn of events.

Taken, Bound, and Bent Over by the Demon: A Rough First Anal Sex Erotica Story

by Autumn Crowl

Who would have expected the little occult experiment would actually result in anything other than amusement? I never thought there’d be anything real about it, and when I agreed to the silly terms I thought my friend was proposing, how could I have known I was making a real deal with a real creature? I found out quickly that deals with the devil can’t be broken. I could, though, and living up to my end of the deal meant giving in to the desires of a demonic monster intent on taking me in every single way, and that meant my tiny untouched ass!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during a monster sex encounter. It includes very rough sex, first anal sex, deepthroat, bondage, and semen swallowing. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by such a fantasy situation.

Here is a preview:

I was a bit foggy, the way the shock of waking up in an unfamiliar situation kind of paralyzes a person, and it took me a while to orient myself, to remember what the hell was happening. It was blurry and foggy, but I finally got a chain of events worked out in my head. I’d found the skull, the one in the ornately carved box, in the used bookstore. I’d taken it home and done some experimenting with different rituals. Don’t think that I’m some kind of crazy person, but I enjoy the idea of occult rituals and so on. In fact, I’d made it my doctoral thesis. I certainly didn’t believe any of it. Nonetheless, I was certain that the mind could convince itself (just as charlatans convinced audiences) of just about anything. There was dried wax on the human skull, someone had carved amateurish looking runes, and I thought it would be just perfect for another ritualistic experiment.

I opened my eyes, and I saw the thing in front of me. It was strange, because its long snout gave it an almost smiling look, and it reminded me of a poem I had to read in high school, a poem about dogs looking like they’re smiling while they’re growling. This creature was full of malice, there was no question at all, and it was strange because up until that point I hadn’t formed the coherent thought that I was naked. I mean, I’d known it, but it was almost like a dream, and the shame was almost like a dream. Now, though, reality hit hard. My wrists were cuffed to my knees and I was naked; spread wide, in front of the thing. It didn’t hesitate. It saw that I was awake, and suddenly my pussy was full. I yelped as I felt his fingers, long, thick, abnormal fingers, in my pussy, and he began moving them quickly.

What Was Your Name Again? Five Sex with Stranger Erotica Stories

by Alice Drake

Stranger sex. In some ways it’s just the most deliciously dirty fantasy out there, but it’s been at the top of the sexual fantasy list for women along with threesomes, public sex, first lesbian sex, and more. In this scorching collection, there’s plenty of sex with stranger encounters, and it’s just a click away.

1. The Stripper Screws a Stranger: An Erotic Short Story

Very close to the end of her shift, Stella gets a client for a private show. This beautiful stripper is amazed at how handsome William is, and she’s excited to spend her last hour entertaining him in a champagne booth. The lap dance turns into far more, though, and before long she’s having sex with a stranger, hard sex with a stranger!

2. Katya and the Stranger: An Erotica Story

While Katya’s parents are away for the weekend, her cat disappears! Grief-stricken, she peppers the neighborhood with flyers and is thankful when a handsome older man arrives with Mr. Whiskers. He refuses a cash reward, but there’s no way this beautiful babe is going to let him walk out with nothing, so she decides a red-hot stranger sex encounter is just the thing to show her appreciation!

3. The Stranger Takes Two: A First Lesbian Sex MFF Threesome Short

It’s been a tough week, so Carlene is looking forward to a night out with her best friend Jackie. Get a few drinks in this girl, though, and she’s ready for action. Action in this case means her first ever lesbian sex experience right in the middle of a ménage a troisâ?¦with a complete stranger!

4. Alice’s Ass and the Stranger: A Rough First Anal Sex Erotica Story

Alice has been so damned frustrated lately. Her boyfriend just doesn’t have any time to spend with her, and the lack of attention has left her constantly horny and desperate for the touch of a man. When an anniversary dinner results in nothing more than sleep, she’s ready to burst. Perhaps that’s why she’s so willing to let the handsome stranger do anything he wantsâ?¦make her call him mister, let him push his cock into her throat, and let him take her tiny ass as roughly as he wants. It’s an explosive first anal sex encounter that leaves her breathless.

5. Auctioned for Ass: A First Anal Sex Short

Daphne is happy to be auctioned for a dance at the Daugherty Foundation fundraiser, but when Aaron Daugherty himself bids an impossible sum for the dance, she’s amazed. The rich playboy doesn’t only want music, though, and before the night is through, Daphne will have her first anal sex experience!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during various sex with stranger encounters. It includes stripper sex, deep throat, rough sex, stranger sex, first lesbian sex, public sex, spanking, masturbation, domination, first anal sex, and semen swallowing. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

18 and Time to Work

by Candace Mia

It’s Megan’s eighteenth birthday. To this point, she’s done nothing but cause trouble and waste her life away. Her occupational outlook bleak in private sector, other plans have been laid down for her, plans that utilize her greater attributes.

Adventures with Strangers: Five Erotic Sex with Stranger Stories

by Stella Sinclair

It’s such an adventurous fantasy! Imagine sleeping with a man you don’t know. For that matter, how about sleeping with a stranger who’s also another woman? What about stranger sex in groups? This scorching collection has it all, and it’s only a click away!

1. Bent Over by the Janitor: A First Anal Sex Erotica Story by Amy Dupont

I couldn’t believe the situation. I’d become stuck in the plastic crawl tube in the little play park we kept at the office for our clients’ kids. It was late at night, and I was going to have to wait until help arrived. When someone finally did try to pull me out, things got even crazier. The husband and wife janitorial team could do anything they wanted to me, and I was stuck! With her mouth on me, though, I was happy to be stuck. As for the janitorâ?¦he was absolutely delighted to give me my first anal sex experience.

2. Dominated By a Stranger on My Wedding Day by Stella Sincair

She wasn’t sure she could go through with the wedding. When she finally came to her senses, everyone was already on their way! Without a ride, the stress jumps into high gear. To make it worse, a sudden rainstorm gets in the way, tooâ?¦and she’s locked out! Thankfully a kind stranger stops and opens the car door. He’ll get her where she needs to goâ?¦in this case making a pit stop first for some domination, bondage, and rough sex!

3. Taken on the Train: A Rough Public Sex Double Team Short by Toni Smoke

It’s been too long for Kirsten, and she really needs a man! So, after a disappointing trip out with her friends without a guy in sight, she can’t help but stare at the very attractive men at the subway station. When she boards the train, she’s even more frustrated and needy. She’s in for a surprise, though, because the men noticed her stares, and they’re ready for action, too. The rough sex that she experiences right out in public will leave you reeling! How will she contend with it? More importantly, how will she deal with how much she loves it?

4. The Stranger in Connie: A Rough First Anal Sex with Stranger Erotica Story by Sandra Strike

A fiery redheaded woman at a bar meets a very direct stranger. He talks her into meeting him in a hotel roomâ??or more accurately, he tells her she’ll meet him there, and she does. She has no idea how he managed to get her to go there, but that’s not all he manages to get her to do! It’s a rough stranger sex dream for Connie complete with her very first anal sex experience.

5. The Stranger in the Theatre: A Sex in Public Erotica Story by Angela Ward

I couldn’t believe that a complete stranger would just kiss me in the dark while I sat in the theatre, but it was a whole heck of a lot harder to believe my own behavior. I kissed him back! I couldn’t even see him and I had no idea who he was, but I kissed him back! It was crazy, but it got even crazier because it became really clear really fast that he was interested in a whole lot more than just kissing.

The Geeky Girl Gets Double Teamed: An MMF First Anal Sex Erotica Story

by Hope Parsons

Walt Dorus is definitely not a geek, which makes Nadine’s attraction to him strange and forbidden, but there’s just something about his muscles and his jawline she can’t resist. What’s a theatre major to do when she’s invited to a frat party? All of her experience at parties is roleplaying games and intellectual conversation. This party is going to be a whole hell of a lot more than that, too. Walt is ready to have scorching sex, and he’s ready to share this geeky girl with a friend!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during an MFM threesome sex encounter. It includes double team sex, rough sex, deep throat, oral sex, and first anal sex. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

Here is a preview:

Walt put a hand on my thigh and it sent shivers right through my back. I could smell him. He smelled like a mix of beer, cologne and sweat, the good kind of sweat that smells musky and masculine and clean. As I leaned closer to him, he grabbed my head and touched my lips with his slipping his tongue inside my mouth. He teased my teeth and pressed hard against me. I was starting to get wet. My legs felt weighed down to the bed with anticipation as he gently stroked my thigh upwards. It was incredible. I wanted him to slide his hand up further.

As he took his other hand to my breast and started to lightly squeeze, I leaned back on the bed and he pressed his body against mine. I could feel his bulging crotch through his pants and he felt full and big. I realized I was almost drunk from the beer when I heard the knock on the door. He bit my neck softly and yelled out, “Come in!” I was totally beside myself. I’d never been caught in the act and I moved to sit up so I could adjust my dress and save some kind of face.

Walt, though, pushed me back down on the bed and kept grinding against my hips. I looked over his shoulder and saw a tall guy who was also tan, wearing a red button down shirt and black pants. He smelled like cologne too, although a different scent, and I could tell he was muscular. He had brown hair and nice eyes.

“What’s going on in here?” The guy asked in a low but friendly tone.

“Hey buddy. We’re just having a little fun. You’re welcome to join the party.”

I started to protest. I was horrified by Walt now, but he slipped his tongue back inside my mouth and it felt so, so good moving around my lips that I had absolutely no willpower. I heard the guy say, “Sure,” and I could hear his shirt hit the floor followed by his zipper.

Horny Hopes: Five Hardcore Sex Erotic Shorts

by Hope Parsons

Bestselling erotica author Hope Parsons presents five of her best!

1. Let Me Watch You Fuck! An MFF Menage Sex Short

Mrs. Martin has been devastated since her famous husband Darius passed away. Still hounded by the Paparazzi, she can’t frequent the hotels and sex clubs she and her husband once did, so she has to bring the entertainment home. Her call girl and gigolo for the evening are Crodelia and Rock, and they are luscious! On this particular evening, she can’t help herself and breaks the rules, participating in the threesome sex, turning it from a voyeur sex encounter to an ffm ménage a trois sex extravaganza!

2. April’s Anal Awakening: A First Anal Sex Erotica Story

April’s the type of a girl that gets really into it while she sucks cock. After all, who wants to pay attention to anything else when your throat is being stretched by some nice deep throat? Still, she should have listened to Harry more carefully because Harry just asked for something, and she just consented without really hearing him. And now, Harry’s big cock has one destination: April’s tiny little rosebud asshole, her untouched asshole. Now she’s getting the surprise of her life, completely unexpected first anal sex.

3. Being Handy: Bobby’s First Threesome

Bobby can’t believe his luck. He gets some handyman work online to help two women put some furniture together. They’re beautiful, like a wet dream come true, and he can’t believe how hot they are, but when he finishes one project and searches them out for some direction to the next, they’re in the middle of hot lesbian sex! He’s floored, but the best is yet to come because the girls want him to join in for an ffm threesome complete with oral sex and anal sex!

4. My Boss and Her Husband Both Want Me: An FFM Threesome Short

Rory’s life is definitely on track. Her boss, Jillian, is very pleased with her work as a personal assistant and even arranges for Rory to come along on vacation. Not only that, she offers to double Rory’s salary for the month long trip with Jillian and her husband. After a while at the resort, Rory is confused because she can’t figure out what her job duties are. It doesn’t take long, though, before everything is made clear. Rory’s there to fuck the couple, and her first lesbian sex and first ménage sex are better than she ever thought possible.

5. The First Time in My Mouth: A Rough Blowjob Short

I had never given a blowjob before. In fact, I’d only slept with one guy. At eighteen, I was inexperienced as hell. But man! Neil was enough to make me want to get all the experience I could, and he was ready to oblige, but I found out quickly that it would include taking all of him into my mouth, and he expected me to swallow whatever came from the experience, and with my mouth full I couldn’t say anything about it!

I Don’t Know If I Can Handle It! Five Rough Sex Erotica Stories

by Sarah Blitz

It’s still one of our favorite fantasies, and there’s no surprise there. Just the thought of someone taking us in a really intense wayâ?¦ This collection of five rough sex erotica stories is sure to please!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity and includes rough sex, rough first anal sex, rough group sex, and more. Therefore, only mature adults who won’t find that kind of content offensive should read this collection.

1. Kara’s Double Penetration at the Office: A Rough Double Team Sex Short by Susan Fletcher

Kara is unprepared to be confronted by Ryan when everyone else at the office is already gone. She’s especially unprepared for the stranger he’s brought along with him. Of course, she’s fully unprepared when her hands are tied behind her back with a phone cord. No amount of preparation would have mattered, though, because Kyle and Ryan are determined, and before the night is through, she’ll have a rough double team sex encounter complete with her first anal sex and a scorching double penetration!

2. Kate, the Soldier, and His Buddy: An MFM Threesome Sex Story by Angela Ward

Kate, the lovely and brilliant proprietor of Fantasies for Hire, recounts the story of her first anal sex experience as she facilitates the fantasy of a soldier just about to ship out to war. With two handsome men to please, she experiences an explosive and sexy double penetration that leaves her breathless, just as it will you.

3. Samuel the Arranger: An MFM Threesome Erotica Story by Sarah Blitz

Elizabeth has come to terms with her relationship with Samuel, although she still finds it maddening that he has so much power over her. Nonetheless, when he calls her at work, she dutifully meets him. She’s excited to learn he wants her to meet an old friend but horrified to discover that she’s the old friend’s welcome home present! The worst part about all of it is that she can’t help the way her body responds to both of them!

4. The Billionaire and His Friend: A Very Rough First Anal Sex Double Team Story with Bondage by Amy Dupont

If Anton Styles thought he could cancel his contract with my firm, he had another thing coming! There was no way I’d let that bastard get away with it, no matter how much money he had! I headed over to his estate only to find he was entertaining a friend. It didn’t matter. I was there to teach him a lesson. I found out when he had me naked and manacled to his couch with a ring gag in my mouth that Mr. Styles gave lessons. He didn’t take them. When his friend joined in and I had two of them to contend with, I had no idea what I would do.

5. The First Time In My Mouth: A Rough Deep Throat Erotica Story by Hope Parsons

I had never given a blowjob before. In fact, I’d only slept with one guy. At eighteen, I was inexperienced as hell. But man! Neil was enough to make me want to get all the experience I could, and he was ready to oblige, but I found out quickly that it would include taking all of him into my mouth, and he expected me to swallow whatever came from the experience. With my mouth and throat filled up, how could I refuse?

Kimmie’s Kinks: Five Hardcore Sex Erotica Shorts

by Kimmie Katt

From bestselling erotica author Kimmie Katt comes five of her steamy sexy stories.

1. April’s Arousing Afternoon: A First Lesbian Sex Erotic Short

April likes Macey a lot. The girl helped her out when she first got to college, and this was the semester that brought April out of her shell. So, when Macey invites her over for a pool party, she’s eager to accept. Things go differently than she expects, though; and before long the two girls are naked and exploring each other for April’s first lesbian sex experience with hands, fingers, tongues, and a very nice vibrating dildo!

2. Facebook Blackmail: A Rough Double Team Short

Savannah can’t believe the mess she’s gotten herself into. A late night half-drunk encounter in a chat room led to some explicit shots of her naked, and now the once-friendly chatter demands she show up at a hotel for a more personal chat! Reluctantly, she arrives, hoping she can keep the whole thing under wraps, but it won’t be easy. He has a friend with him, and she’ll have to satisfy both of them with a rough sex double team encounter complete with deep throat and spanking!

3. Going Down to Get Ahead: A Secretary Slut Short

Brandi really wants a job at the marketing firm but her resume leaves a little to be desired. That’s no problem for a girl like Brandi, though. She has assets above and beyond her professional experience. She has assets like her lips, her tongue, her hands, and her throat! Of course, all of them will be put to the test in this sexy short by Kimmie Katt!

4. Harrington’s School for Girls: An FFM Threesome Sex Short

On her eighteenth birthday, Mindy wanders the grounds of her all-girls school and stumbles upon her art teacher and the grounds worker busy in a hot public sex session! She can’t help but watch, and it’s more than embarrassing when they notice her. It’s a hot FFM threesome sex encounter right out in public with this lovely lady!

5. Taking the Naked Neighbor: A Rough Threesome Short

Gayle can’t believe her neighbor is naked and asleep on the couch when she and her husband arrive early. That’s okay with her. For some time, she’s wanted to have her first FFM threesome, and the beautiful neighbor will work fine. It’s a rough time as she has her first anal sex and deals with deep throat and semen swallowing!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during a various sex encounters. It includes tribidism, rough double team sex, oral sex, first lesbian sex, rough sex, rough deep throat, spanking, humiliation, semen swallowing, FFM ménage sex, public sex encounters, first anal sex and more. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

Paranormal Pleasures: Ten Paranormal Erotica Stories

by CJ Smalls

Vampires, werewolves, ghosts, mythical creatures, and more! Rough sex, paranormal romance, and crazy and impossible situations with unbelievable creaturesâ??this collection has it all!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity and includes alien monster sex, vampire sex, monster sex, rough sex, first anal sex, double penetration, and more. It is intended for mature adults who won’t find sex in a fantasy, horror, and science fiction setting offensive.

1. TAKEN BY TENTACLES WHILE MY BOYFRIEND SLEPT: An Alien Monster Sex Erotica Story by CJ Smalls

I’d already gone one round with my boyfriend, and the pleasant afterglow of my orgasm hadn’t even faded completely before the tentacles arrived, pushing into my mouth and my pussy without warning. It was impossible, and as they took me and moved within me in ways no human penis could, I was swept away until they lifted me up and suddenly went after my untouched ass.

2. NORA’S VAMPIRE: A Paranormal Erotica Short Story by Cassiopea Trawley

Nora discovers soon enough that Alex is far more than he seems, a vampire living a tragic and remorseful life. As she grows to love him, she discovers his body offers as much as his mind.

3. Taken by the Troll: A Rough First Anal Sex Monster Sex Story by Autumn Crowl

Maggie Forestt is willing to do anything to make her name in the archeology world, but who would have thought she’d come face to face with the creature and that it would be interested in taking every one of her holes!

4. TAKEN IN THE SHOWER BY THE PHANTOM: A First Anal Sex Paranormal Erotica Short Story by Cordelia Montgomery

Natasha will meet him in the shower when he pushes into her hard and fast; but that’s not all. This ghost won’t be satisfied until he’s bent her against the tiles and pushed into the tiny untouched opening of her ass!

5. TAKEN BY THE SATYRS: A Very Rough Paranormal Monster Sex Gangbang Erotica Story by Diana Katsaros

Things change fast when a strange artifact alters everything for Cori and she finds herself surrounded by creatures she’s only read about in books! These half men, half goats aren’t interested in what she’s selling. They’re interested in only three things; her throat, her pussy, and her tiny little asshole.

6. Blood Kiss an erotic short by Molly Synthia

Corina has scoured the city for the man, or maybe the monster, that she knows has taken her friend, Gina. She catches up to him or, rather, he catches up to her and she finds out soon enough the allure of his power, his strength, and his lust.

7. Blood Lust: A Vampire Erotica Lesbian Short by Kandace Tunn

JoAnn hasn’t learned to control her appetite, and that spells trouble for her and her maker. If every time she has sex she’s going to drain the partner of his blood, the trail of bodies will certainly lead to trouble!

8. Hunger in Ddaear Rhyfedd: An Erotic Werewolf Short by Kaddy DeLora

The Blaidd Dynn are dying out, and Aeron Gravener, the whelp father, must find strong blood, new blood, to keep his pack alive in the strange New World away from his home in the British Isles. He finds it in Gwen, a lovely academic studying anthrozoology.

9. Lovers in the Statuary: A Paranormal Erotic Romance in Three Stories by Tawna Bickley

Here is the story of a woman cursed by a jealous goddess and the warrior who rages against the curse and offers her hope. Can the will of an immortal be thwarted and can the curse that should have doomed Medusa to a live of pain and loneliness instead be the very symbol and proof of love?

10. The Phantom at the Club: A Paranormal Short of First Anal Sex by Carolyne Cox

Taylor put herself through college in Las Vegas as an exotic dancer, so it makes perfect sense for her to do the same as she spends a year working on her doctoral thesis in the remote highway town of Front’s Bluff. This particular night club, though, as she will soon find out is haunted with a very sexually charged presence!

TENTACLES IN EVERY HOLE: An Alien Monster Sex Double Penetration Short

by CJ Smalls

I have no idea what’s growing in the bathroom. The little clay pot that used to hold my houseplant now holdsâ?¦well, I don’t know what it is. All I know is that it’s not a houseplant, and when I take a shower it seems to getâ?¦excited. It doesn’t stay small, either, in fact, while the water falls down around me, it always ends upâ?¦well, this time, there’s no hole off limits, and my tentacle monster is ready to give me my first anal sex experience and to make sure my mouth is completely full while I have a rough double penetration in the shower!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during a double penetration sex encounter. It includes tentacle sex, tentacle deepthroat, first anal sex, tentacle bondage, rough sex, and double penetration. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

Here is a preview:

By the time I gave up on trying to move it, it was about as big as my palm. I resolved to bring it to the attention of my landlord once I had the time, and leave it to the professionals.

Between one thing and the next, however, I never got around to mentioning it to anyone, aside from a few colleagues at work – I’m fresh out of college and on my first job – when I was bursting with frustration one lunch break. So the thing stayed in my pot, seemingly harmless. It stopped growing when it was just a little larger than my hand with the fingers outstretched. By that time, it had been there for so long that it was just part of the scenery, so to speak. I stripped, bathed, and brushed my teeth in the bathroom without giving it more than a passing glance until it moved.

Now, I touch myself in the shower sometimes. It’s not something I advertise, but sometimes a girl just needs some form of release after a long day. Other times, nothing but a good, drawn out orgasm will do to help me get to sleep. The bath’s the perfect place to do it, after all: you don’t have to worry about creaming the sheets or your underwear, and everything just washes away with the water. Anyway, the first time the thing moved, I was so achingly horny that the first thing I did after the water warmed up was put my fingers on my clit and rub. I was so occupied with trying to get myself off that I didn’t even notice that the thing in the pot had sprouted tentacles until it had me pinned under the showerhead with one thick, ribbed appendage shoved deep into my pussy alongside my fingers.

That’s Not Where I Thought You Were Headed! Five First Anal Sex Erotica Stories

by Sarah Blitz

Here are five red hot stories of backdoor bliss, from rough to sweet. Bent over and giving up an untouched tiny opening for the very first time. We love the fantasy, and we know you will, too. It’s only a click away, so what are you waiting for?

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity and includes first anal sex, group sex, rough first anal sex, and more. Only mature adults who won’t find that offensive should read this collection.

1. Cam Girl Chloe: A Very Rough First Anal Sex Short by Toni Smoke

Chloe enjoys working as the internet web sensation Mia Rose, the GIRL-NEXT-DOOR-TURNED-CAM-SLUT. She enjoys the anonymity and the way she feels so sexy getting men off on camera. One session with a mysterious man leaves her breathless, though; and she’s even more overcome when he figures out where she lives and shows up at her door! Before the night is over, she’ll have a night of very rough sex, and her very first anal sex experience!

2. My Husband and the Video: A First Anal Sex Erotica Story by Nycole Folk

I was afraid to give my husband anal sex, and our sex life was great anyway. One day, though, while we were watching a porn movie and mimicking what the actors did. It took me a moment to realize what happened, but then I saw what the actors were doing on screen. It was too late to stop it! I was right in the middle of my first anal sex experience!

3. My Turn to Be in Charge: A First Anal Sex Erotica Story by Sarah Blitz

Tommy and I enjoyed our sex rough and wild, and that meant I let my man take control. I decided I wanted a change in pace. I wanted to be in control for a change, and I knew just how to bribe him to let me take over for an eveningâ?¦I gave him my untouched ass. My first anal sex experience, and I was the one who took charge!

4. Spanked and Bent Over: A First Anal Sex Erotica Story by Connie Hastings

When I met Jesse at the bar, I was immediately attracted to him. He was perfectly smooth but I was like a clumsy oaf. In fact, I spilled my drink on him and I felt dreadfully embarrassed. He was gentlemanly, though. Like an idiot, I made an offhand flirtatious comment. I never realized he’d take me seriously but when we got to his hotel he not only spanked me but also gave me my first anal sex experience!

5. Travis Wins the Bet: A Rough First Anal Sex with Stranger Erotica Story by Sandra Strike

Tina’s had a horrible day. Horrible. In fact, it could be the worst day of her life. Lost her job, lost her boyfriend, lostâ?¦well, it sucks. Add to it that guys at the bar won’t let her drink in peace. When she accidentally spills a drink on a stranger, though, she ends up in a bet with him over whose day was worse. She doesn’t get any comfort out of the fact that his day trumps hers, but she does like the stakes. He won the bet and that means he won the right to take her home. Who would have expected a horrible day to turn into sex with a stranger complete with her first anal sex?

This Is Crazy! Five Group Sex Erotica Stories

by Amy Dupont

Here are five red-hot stories of sex in groups! From threesomes to gangbangs, from raunchy road trips to dark glory holes; the stories are scorching!

Warning: This ebook contains explicit descriptions of sex in groups including ffm threesome sex, lesbian group sex, and gangbang sex. Only mature adults who won’t find that content offensive should read this ebook.

1. Blind Date Domination: A Very Rough Public Gangbang Fantasy Erotica Story by Constance Slight

Kara is a bit irritated when her blind date is late and reminds herself to give the girl who set it up an earful, but something strange happens when the man arrives. He immediately starts issuing commands, and Kara finds herself swept up in a desire to obey him, even when that desire leads to an out of the way restaurant where she’s bent over the table for a very rough and very long gangbang complete with rough anal sex and her first lesbian experience.

2. Kate Cornered: Sex at a Glory Hole by Sandra Strike

Kate and Maureen are back, and this time Kate’s journey to self-discovery takes her to a tiny little strip club called The Night Horse. This sleazy dump is filled with the worst kinds of clients, but what sets Kate on edge is the discovery that the very stripper she caught in bed with her husband is performing. She flees to the bathroom, but she’s not getting away because inside, Kate is introduced to glory holes, and there are plenty of men expecting to be serviced!

3. Nicole Doesn’t Get Any Sleep: A Rough and Reluctant FFM Threesome Sex Erotica Story by Amy Dupont

Nicole is supposed to be up at six in the morning, but the neighbors are partying like normal even though it’s after midnight. She’s finally had enough, so she marches to the dorm room next to hers, bangs hard on the door, and shouts for the jerks to quiet down. She’s surprised but pleased that they listen, and she feels good when she gets back in bed. This young beauty is about to learn that she ought to make sure her door is locked if she’s going to confront the neighbors. Oh well, she’ll figure it out when she wakes up with hands all over her and a cock shoving into her mouth!

4. The Handyman Gets Lucky: An FFM Threesome Erotica Story by Angela Ward

He thought it would be like any other minor job, but he didn’t expect to see two incredibly beautiful women. Even then, he got about his work with the efficiency that made him a reliable contractor. He was about to find out, though, that these pretty flowers weren’t fragile. In fact, these two women knew exactly what they wanted, and right then what they wanted was to add a man to their lesbian tryst!

5. Three for the Road: A First Lesbian Sex MFF Threesome Short by Brianna Spelvin

Jen and Charlie have spoken about having a threesome, and though Jen is willing to do it for her husband, the idea doesn’t really appeal to her. That all changes when she sees Mary at a bar while she and her man have a date night. The alluring strawberry blonde appeals to Jen, and before the night is through, she’ll have a steamy night of passion with Charlie and Mary, complete with oral sex, threesome sex, and her first ever lesbian sex.

Tie Me Down! Five Bondage Erotica Stories

by Constance Slight

Bondage is so kinky, and nearly everyone fantasizes about it at one point or another. We’re ready to help those fantasies right along. Are you looking for very rough domination? A rough anal sex gangbang suit your fancy? Spanking? We’ve put together a scorching collection of five bondage erotica stories just for you.

1. On My Stomach: A Rough Anal Sex Gangbang Story

She woke up tied spread eagled to the bed, completely naked with the cool air conditioning flowing over her skin. As soon as she stirred, men moved. How many? Two? Three? Four? She’ll know soon, though, because before it’s over, she’ll be gagged, blindfolded, and spanked. And then, the men will go after their final target, her tiny ass as she experiences her first anal sex in the form of a very rough anal gangbang complete with deep throat and double penetration!

2. Pink Cheeks: Belinda and the Briefcase, A First Bondage Humiliation Fantasy Erotica Story

Curiosity can get a girl into trouble, and Belinda is about to discover just how it happens. When she visits Joshua, she can’t help but wonder about the heavy briefcase, and when she finds out what’s inside she’s shocked by the contents. That’s just the beginning. Before long, she’ll be cuffed and gagged and completely at Joshua’s mercy, feeling the sting of his hand, the riding crop, and complete and utter surrender.

3. Isabella’s Training: A BDSM Erotic Fantasy

Isabella doesn’t really want to try adding BDSM to the relationship with her husband, but when she discovered he’d done it back before he met her, when he was with his old girlfriend, she’s not willing that he should have pleasant memories with his first love he doesn’t have with her. So, she agreesâ??terrified about the whips, chains, and beatings that are sure to follow. Imagine her surprise when she discovers that BDSM is about trust and pleasure, not viciousness and horror!

4. Restrained at the Airport: A First Anal Sex Erotica Story with Bondage

For a businesswoman who spends so much of her time traveling, she’s really tired of airport personal who can’t tell the difference between a terrorist and a professional in a pencil skirt. So, she’s aggravated when the Transportation Authority guard decides she needs to be searched more thoroughly. She’s about to discover he wants a whole lot more than that, however, because before she knows it she’s right in the midst of her first bondage experience, an experience that includes bondage, humiliation, and scorching first anal sex.

5. Auctioned for Ass: A First Anal Sex Short

Daphne is happy to be auctioned for a dance at the Daugherty Foundation fundraiser, but when Aaron Daugherty himself bids an impossible sum for the dance, she’s amazed. The rich playboy doesn’t only want music, though, and before the night is through, Daphne will have her first anal sex experience!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during a rough bondage sex encounters. It includes deep throat, gangbang sex, whipping, spanking, rough anal sex, domination, first anal sex, submission, rough sex, sex toys, semen swallowing, stranger sex, handcuffs, humiliation, double penetration, and more. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

Too Much Is Never Enough: Five Group Sex Erotica Stories

by Alice Drake

Group sex is so damned hot that group sex erotica is some of the best selling on Amazon. Enjoy these five scorching stories of more than two people enjoying their bodies at the same time. It’s just a click away, and if you can’t make room, you’ll be glad you did!

1. Sharing My Husband with Kelly: An MFF Threesome Sex Short

She’d always had the fantasy to enjoy a woman with her husband Giles, and Kelly makes for the perfect choice. She’s beautiful, she’s bisexual, and she’s available. It’s a night of scorching hot threesome sex complete with rough sex, lesbian sex, sex toys, and deep throat!

2. Releasing Lily’s Inner Slut Wife: A Swinger Sex Erotica Story

Dante loves Lily and she loves him, but after a few years of marriage, their sex life has become boring and nearly nonexistent. When a therapist suggests talking to a trusted couple to see ways others spice things up, they meet with some of her friends at work. When Lily finds out her friends are swingers, it turns her on so much that the moment they leave, she attacks Dante’s cock! Dante’s in for a whole lot more than a blowjob, though; because it isn’t long before they’re introduced into the world of swinger sex, and Lily is about to learn the joys of wife swapping and group sex!

3. Banged in Blueberry: A Rough Gangbang Erotica Story

Gwen is tired of her small town life. Everything has been planned out for her. Graduate. Get a Job. Get married. Nothing exciting happens to her, and she’s tired of it all. Her desire for a way to overcome the boredom of small town life is about to put her right in the midst of an awkward situation. In this case, her search for adventure will put her in a factory filled with young men enjoying a late night party, and she’s just become the entertainment. It’s a crazy gangbang filled with rough sex and boys everywhere.

4. After Hours Office Orgy: A Reluctant Group Sex Erotica Story

Adele has set her sights on the handsome new executive Jason Lands, and as far as this slutty secretary is concerned, he’s going to be hers. Her coworkers seem to have no clue what she’s up to, but she’s about to find out they understand a whole hell of a lot more than she thinks. Before she knows it, she’s getting her wish with Mr. Landsâ?¦and also getting a whole lot she didn’t wish forâ?¦a whole bunch of the girls at the office joining in to make sure she has a very rough and overwhelming experience!

5. Wife Share in the Backroom: A Group Sex Erotica Story

I was really looking forward to the 70s themed party at my friend’s home, and my husband and I searched the vintage clothing shops for the perfect outfit. It was easy for Bill to find silk shirts with cardboard lapels, but I was ready to give up hope. Finally, we found Pandora’s box, but it still wasn’t easy to find what I was looking for. It was a simple thing to find something else, thoughâ??a group sex experience in the backroom complete with my first lesbian experience and rough sex!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during various group sex encounters. It includes mff ménage sex, rough sex, double penetration, office sex, gangbang sex, deep throat, first lesbian sex, semen swallowing, wife share, wife swap, public sex, and first anal sex. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

Tunns of Hardcore Sex: Five Explicit Erotica Shorts from Kandace Tunn

by Kandace Tunn

Bestselling erotica author Kandace Tunn presents five of her scorching tales in this collection. From lesbian sex to double penetration, from sweet encounters to rough sex, from anal sex to vampires, this collection has it all!

1. My Beautiful College Biker Boy: A First Anal Sex Erotic Short

She’s had a crush on Graydon for a while, and when a chance meeting at the college cafeteria leads to a date, she doesn’t waste any time at all. In just a few minutes, they end up at the hotel, and less than fifteen minutes later, they’re naked. It’s a hot and sexy time, and for her, it’s not only a hardcore sex adventure; it’s also her first anal sex!

2. Two Cock Surprise: A Double Team Sex Short

Marissa is nervous about meeting her boyfriend Andrew’s best friend Carl, but she’s set at ease when she finds him to be charming and is overjoyed that he seems to like her. Carl likes her more than she thinks, and as she moves on top of Andrew later that night, he shows up and joins the party! Andrew doesn’t mind at all, and now Marissa has two cocks to contend with for her first ever double team MFM ménage sex!

3. Two Cock Casting Call: A Double Penetration Short

Irene’s acting career isn’t going the way she’d hoped, but she’s pretty sure she can get spot in a student production at the local college. Of course, she had no idea that the camera’s would be capturing every side of her just as two men would take every part of her, her mouth, her throat, her pussy, and her tiny asshole! Deepthroat, double team sex, and double penetrationâ??sound like a movie you might want to see?

4. Losing Control on the Airplane: An Erotica Sotry

Mary has spent all of high school fending off the boys, determined to allow no distractions to keep her from her goals. On her eighteenth birthday, twenty thousand feet in the air, she meets a boy she can’t resist, and Charlie gets what she’s kept from everyone else. It’s a sweet tale of erotic fun and mile high club excitement.

5. Blood Lust: A Vampire Erotica Lesbian Short

JoAnn hasn’t learned to control her appetite, and that spells trouble for her and her maker. If every time she has sex she’s going to drain the partner of his blood, the trail of bodies will certainly lead to trouble! Perhaps the only way for the ancient vampire Sherilyn to keep her protégé under control is to make sure she satisfies herâ?¦herself! A lesbian experience is incredible enough, but when it comes with the heightened senses of a vampire, there’s nothing more powerful!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of various sexual encounters and activities. It includes first anal sex, mile high club, double penetration, oral sex, deep throat, rough sex, double team sex, lesbian sex, face sitting, and semen swallowing . It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

The Virgin Chronicles, Volume 2: A Dream Fulfilled

by R. LeBeaux

From the erotic anthology, â??The Virgin Chronicles,’ â??A Dream Fulfilled’ tells the story of Caroline and Phillip, two childhood friends whose long-festering desire for each other goes unfulfilled until they reunite as young adults after a six-year separation. Now eighteen, Caroline begs Phillip to return, after her beloved grandfather (Phillip’s godfather) suffers a life-threatening stroke. The ensuing struggle between the older Phillip’s reluctance to fulfill his dream of deflowering Caroline, and her relentless quest to take him as her first lover, results in a surprisingly tender reunion, during which Caroline happily surrenders the virginity she has held sacred awaiting his return.

Both poignant and joyous, â??A Dream Fulfilled’ strikes a delicate balance between morality and the undeniable spiritual connection between two people separated only by age and conservative religious dictates. Once these conflicts are resolved, their hunger for each other explodes on the page in a firestorm of unrestrained passion and erotic sexual gratification.

R. LeBeaux is author of the novels, â??Barbara: A Novel of First-Time Intimate Sexual Adventure’; â??Lessons – The Sexual Education of Phillip’; and â??Cute: The Sexual Perils of Growing Up Cute.’ All available from Amazon in trade paperback and for the Kindle.

You and Me and Him: Five FFM Threesome Erotica Stories

by Amy Dupont

The threesome fantasy is so overwhelming, and what makes it so wonderful is how many different ways it can be experienced. From first lesbian sex to first anal sex, it just gets better and better. In this collection, there’s sweet seduction all the way to rough, rough sex. It’s a click away and waiting for you!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity and includes rough sex, group sex, first lesbian sex, first anal sex, and more. Therefore, only mature adults who won’t be offended by such content should read this collection.

1. Bent Over by the Bodybuilder: First Anal Sex with Strangers by Brianna Spelvin

She had a great workout and a great shower, but she did push the limit and the gym was right about to close. So, she wouldn’t have been surprising if the locker room was empty when she stepped out from the shower. It isn’t though! A beautiful blonde is on her knees sucking on one the massive bodybuilder trainers! She tries to walk away from the embarrassing situation, but she’s noticed, and within a few minutes, she’s right in the midst of her first mff threesome, her first lesbian sex, and a rough first anal sex experienceâ??and she doesn’t even know their names!

2. Kate Carousing: First Threesome Sex with a Stripper an erotic short by Sandra Strike

Kate, the stripper obsessed divorce is back, and when her old friend Margaret comes into town, she’s shocked to discover she’s become a stripper! It gets even crazier when Margaret’s husband tells her to dance. Before she can think about it, Kate is right in the middle of her first threesome, an mff masterpiece complete with deep throat, rough sex, and lesbian fun!

3. If That’s What Connie Wants: An FFM Threesome Erotica Story by Angela Ward

When my best friend asked me to have a threesome with her, I was shocked! She wanted to give her husband a special birthday present. It would mean she’d share her husband with me and I’d have my first lesbian experience. I was unsure, but one thing was always certain. Connie always got what she wanted!

4. Taking Dani Together: A Husband Share MFF Threesome Sex Erotica Story by Constance Slight

Dani’s overwhelmed again, and the only thing to do when she’s broken up with another boyfriend is to be a shoulder for her to cry on. Beth is happy to give her friend that shoulder, but when she accidentally blurts out that her husband occasionally fantasizes about all three of them bed together, everything spirals out of control. Before long, Beth finds herself in the midst of her very first lesbian sex experience in a torrid threesome, sharing her husband with her best friend!

5. Threesome in the RV: An FFM Ménage a Trois Erotica Story by Amy Dupont

What the hell had happened to me? I was suddenly desperately attracted to the younger woman who checked us into the RV Park. I couldn’t believe the way my fantasies were driving me crazy. When a horseback riding accident put me on a course to see that fantasy fulfilled, things got intense! It was my first lesbian sex ever and I got to see my husband with another woman!

I Had An Orgy With Satan, Death, And A Demon From Hell And I Liked It (I Banged)

by Raven Blackbird

26-year old Jessica Fox has loved and admired the world-famous priest Gabrielle Amory ever since she saw a YouTube video of him performing an exorcism on a possessed child. That famous video has amassed over a billion views, and it was what enticed Jessica to seek him out for an interview. The magnanimous and charismatic Mr. Amory agrees to let Jessica videotape another one of his exorcisms for a special report. Unfortunately for Mr. Amory and everyone involved, this exorcism goes horribly wrong and the expunged demon goes on a killing rampage. The demon only agrees to halt the bloodshed if Jessica decides to return with him to Hell and engage in hot, wild, immoral, orgiastic sex. Jessica agrees, as she’s always wondered what it’s like to bang an inter-dimensional demon from Hell. (I mean, like, who hasn’t?) Once in Hell, Jessica meets Death and Satan, both of whom want to join in the debauchery. How could Jessica possibly resist?

This is the fourth erotica short story in the “I Banged” series, featuring sultry and fiery journalist-turned-sexual-deviant Jessica Fox. One day she’s banging the president, the next day she’s riding Santa Claus, the day after that she’s getting eaten out by Big Foot. Admit it, you’re mighty jealous of all the banging Jessica does. (Except, of course, when Jessica has sex with an inter-dimensional demon from Hell. Even she has to admit that’s a bit weird.)

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