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The Code of Life (The Visionaries)

by Luke Moore

The earliest explorers have only just now become aware of their connection to the spirit world. They believe in a higher power, a power that will guide, teach, nurture and protect them. A unique trait of higher sensitivity of both body and soul, exclusive to humans, has taken root and begins to grow. People from every continent on the globe are touched in similar manner by The Great Creator in the same period. These extra sensitve people would throughout time inspire and guide others to live according to the will of This Great Creator.

Millenniums later, much has changed, yet nothing has changed.

It’s 1806 in St. Louis, Missouri. Rubin and his brother Joseph have just completed the epic journey with Captains Lewis and Clark. They are troubled by the realization that the message they took to the Indians of a peaceful, harmonius coexistence will never be possible.

Instead, a slow but steady encroachment into Indian land by white culture is inevitable. Bigoted land agents, unscrupulous explorers and trappers, coupled witha priest’s plan to convert the Indians to Christianity or kill them trying, creat a formula for the white mans culture to annihilate the Native Americans.

Rubin and Joseph launch another trip into the land they fondly called Eden. Their mission this trip is to warn the Indians of dire consequences.

Rubin is filled with surprise and disbelief as he learns from a Shaman that all is well and proceeding according to the plan of Wankan Tanka, The Great Creator.

Timeless, mind-opening scenarios become obvious to all who learn to see with the eyes of the soul.

Rubin learns the real meaning of life and how to live peacefully with all the Great Creator provides.

Family is Forever

by Adam Taylor

This is the story of how one man tries to hold his family together in the aftermath of the death of his mother. Follow Kevin Masten as he deals with his brother-in-law’s legal issues, his brother’s divorce and his father moving in with him.

Boy Does Trash Fly!

by James Thomas

BOY DOES TRASH FLY! A beautifully illustrated picture story about how two brothers unite to recycle litter, helping to keep the world clean. The story tackles a serious environmental problem and helps the reader see how easy it is to make an impact, reducing our waste imprint on earth. The tale walks the reader through examples in which children can avoid waste and be environmentally conscious. Recommended for reading ages 4-8 years.

Little White Pills:Book #2 (The Girlfriends Series)

by Jodie Esch

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Treasure of Egypt,
Married off to the Plague of Egypt–what more could a man ask for? By Barbara Ivie Green.

The Wand-Maker’s Debate: Osric’s Wand: Book One,
A world of magic in its infancy. By Jack
D. Albrecht Jr. and Ashley Delay.           

Together for Christmas,
A beautifully heart-warming spirit-travel romance perfect for the Christmas
season. By Mimi Barbour.

Stolen Secrets, Danger threatens to
destroy their love. A Seattle houseboat mystery. By Nancy Radke.    

Gillian’s Do-Over, Matt
wants a do-over with Gillian. Is she game? By
Kate Vale.

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In Little White Pills, Book #2 of The Girlfriends Series -Tenth grader Steph Baxter has it all, perfect looks, perfect grades and a perfect life. She’s a model high-school student and a member of the cheerleading squad. But in her quest for excellence, she makes dangerous choices. Soon her simple solution becomes a complex problem. Follow Steph and her best friend Rachel as they cope with Steph’s unexpected journey. Can Steph find support before it’s too late?

Next Christmas in Girouette (Adventures in Girouette)

by Michael Welch

Next Christmas in Girouette is the first in a series of young adult novels set in a ghost town on the eastern porch of the Montana Rocky Mountains. This book will appeal to people of all agesâ??nine to ninety-nineâ??who want to share a classic, heart-warming literary adventure at Christmastime.

Next Christmas in Girouette is the story of a brother and sisterâ??Autry and Oxana Quinnâ??who find themselves stranded in a Girouette, a virtual ghost town, from Thanksgiving through Christmas when their father is taken seriously ill. Their grandfather, a Marine Captain long retired, plus an eccentric old café proprietress, a Blackfeet Indian horse trader who once served as the town’s mayor, a couple who published the local newspaper and an ancient deaf-mute trapper are the only remaining inhabitants of Girouette. These self-styled, “diehards” all seem to have one thing in common. Thanks to a mysterious event 60 years earlier, they still believe in Santa Claus.

Girouette features something for everyone: carefree cowboys who race their horses over snow covered country road, a team of wolves trained to pull a dogsled, a stroll that nearly turns tragic on a buffalo jump, a serialized newspaper story titled “The Adventures of Rocky Mountain Santa,” a desperate attempt to escape from an abandoned copper mine, a night-time journey through the mountains on a frozen river and the miracle that delivers wayfaring strangers to Girouette during a storm on Christmas Eve.

The book revels in the solitary beauty of winter in Big Sky Country, the enduring wisdom of the elderly citizens of Girouette, the excitement of frontier history coming to life, the inspiration of a family healing itself and the magic of an old-fashioned western Christmas. Read Next Christmas in Girouette with your family this year, and you’ll want to revisit it for years to come at holiday time.

Nova Scotia – Life Near Water (Anthology)

by Diane Lynn McGyver

“Life Near Water” is a collection of short stories that transports readers to locations across Nova Scotia and on a short vacation to the coastal waters of Newfoundland. McGyver’s love of the sea shines in “The Ocean Between Them”, and her keen interest in genealogy and history plays interesting rolls in “The Man Who Reads Obituaries”, “Dancing in the Shine” and “War on His Shore”.

McGyver’s quick wit takes centre stage in “Miss Tuttle’s Lemon Tarts” where neighbours bond over a cup of tea. “Mutated Blood Lines” transports readers into the future to a time when high water levels transform Nova Scotia into an island.

“Nova Scotia – Life Near Water” is McGyver’s first anthology.

Circle of Friends

by Jerri Gibson McCloud


Jacob, distraught that his father has left his family just before Christmas, against his mother’s wishes, he decides to go to his dad’s office and talk to him. During his bus ride while deep in thought, he gets off at the wrong bus stop and encounters terrifying experiences. At last he escapes to a nearby church. Does he find the safety he needs or is the church a front for something he couldn’t fathom? Will he make it home for Christmas? What do you think?

A Holiday Story

The X-Mas Tree

by Tess Marset

In this coming-of-age tale, 15- year old Peter gets his first glimpse at the responsibility and commitment it takes in being a provider. The X-Mas Tree is about a father and son’s love for each other that is tested by the challenges of progress overshadowing tradition and the transformation of a boy to a man.

Through the Streets of Indian Springs

by Curt Lincoln

This is a short story of about 5000 words about a college student who, after a night of partying, finds himself in an unknown part of the city and is pursued for an unknown reason. By finding an ally and friend, he must find a way to escape and get back to campus and safety.

Draft Distro: Tales of the Past, Present, and Future

by Daniel Foster

A collection of 17 stories including Science Fiction, Historical Fiction, Alternate History, Americana, and Horror. Written across the span of a career in the Armed Forces, these stories run the emotional gamut. Whatever your taste, you will likely find it somewhere in the Draft Distro.

Driving: A Short Story

by Faith A. Colburn

Driving into emptiness keeps you at least a few miles ahead of your neuroses–Jim Harrison. A whole nearly-invisible subculture exists on this country’s highways, in its truck stops and rest areas. Deb Wallace is part of that community. She makes her living driving a big truck. On the road one night, pulling coast-to-coast, an unusual encounter brings a glimmer of her past life on the family farm . . . and eventually brings to light an incident that robbed her of her innocence.

Santa and the Border Collie

by Angelo Dirks

A homeless boy and his dog meet a man named Nick Claus in Seattle. Before the season is over, each of them experiences a little Christmas magic. This short story (approximately 5,000 words) captures a story of canine love and human caring.

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