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The Will and the Wisp: Warning of the Wisp: Episode 1

by James D. Armstrong

A poor Mississippi share cropping family finds a treasure they think will change their lives. The Wisp seems to offer a warning of doom, and the Native Indians tell them the treasure is evil. Will they heed these words of wisdom and leave the treasure alone? Or will they pursue the wealth and be forced to face the consequence?

Brethren: Book One of The Villeins Trilogy

by Jeremiah Pearson

500 years ago, the invention of the printing press ignites the first information revolution. Brave souls risk torture and fire, working in secret to teach literacy. The church-state hunts them as radicals and heretics, condemning their teachings and pacifism as a threat to wealth and the recruitment of armies.

With their underground printing press, one small cell of idealists struggles to liberate others. They believe in equality of all people, all sexes, all races, and call themselves brethren. Capture means an agonizing death.

This is their story, and of those who come to love them, and of those who relentlessly hunt them.

Saturday Night Dance Club

by Karen Truesdell Riehl

Hold onto your heart as you follow the lives of four couples, from the early 1900s to the 1930’s, touched by the horrors of the Great War, the growing threat of organized crime, the misery of the Depression and the threat of another war. Together they find solace and escape by creating their own Saturday Night Dance Club. The story is based on true events, documented in the author’s family history.



Mortal enemies!

Hannibal swore a passionate oath of eternal hate of the Romans to his father as they were about to step ashore in a primitive area of the Iberian Peninsula. On a dark night nineteen years later, Hannibal, and others meeting in a tent on a quiet stretch of the Ebro river, unknowingly stood on the door step of history.

No-one saw the young girl’s ruthless lunge for the knife until it was too late. Hannibal’s brother-in-law fell dead at the feet of the man he had been talking to. Her terrifying speed wielding the knife suddenly elevated Hannibal to the position of Supreme Commander of the growing Carthaginian empire in this primitive land. His thoughts turned to the past and the deadly conflicts between the Carthaginians and the Romans, two of the world’s great empires, and his oath of eternal hate. His time had finally arrived to avenge his father’s losses in Sicily and he was determined to attack the mortal enemy of the Barca family on his own terms.

He looked at the girl, then at the officer holding her. “Take her out and kill her!” No one questioned the order. His voice was strong, that of a commander. He motioned for his aide to follow and left the tent.

A few minutes later, Hannibal was weighing the problems his obsession with the oath to his father would bring him. He was in command. He could make the decisions. However to bring Rome to its knees and truly avenge his father he would have to triumph executing an overwhelming attack against the Roman army or be taken back to Carthage in disgrace. The warrior army now at his disposal was far too small considering he would have to leave his inherited Iberian Empire protected while he took an army of sufficient size onto Roman soil to fulfill the oath that tormented his life.

A great general and one of the world’s great strategists!

Hannibal suspected Rome would seek to thwart any efforts to increase the size of his army by pressuring the Carthaginian Senate, and to offset that possibility he began baiting Rome, expecting them to declare war against him. When less dramatic efforts aimed at forcing Rome’s hand failed, he was quick to show the Romans they were not only dealing with one of the world’s great Generals, but one of the world’s great strategists by turning his eye on Saguntum, a Greek city with a population of nearly fifty thousand people, allied to Rome, but located deep in his territory. He purposely attacked it to draw a declaration of war out of his Roman enemies, thereby obtaining approval from the Carthaginian Senate to take the war into Italy and leave Carthaginian holdings in Iberia safe from Roman intrigues.

During the eight and a half month siege that followed the attack, the story plays out with its share of humor, tragedy, and the relationships between people of differing backgrounds and the resulting drama of all these things intertwined. Hannibal, a Celtiberian named Orriso directing Saguntum’s defense, the daughter of the Saguntum’s governor, a magistrate, a likeable old prostitute, and Tarrah, a young girl taken from a village and sold into slavery are just a few of the characters you will come to know as you read the book and it takes you through a buildup to the attack on Saguntum and the eight and a half month siege that followed.

The Sons of Thorgrim the Strong (The Men of the North)

by Mikael Lind

Taking place a handful of years after the start of the Viking age, the series follows the lives and deeds of Thorgrim and his four sons, Balgrim, Eingur, Thorulf and Brunolf as they live their lives on the Swedish Island Ã?land. Thorgrim is a Great farmer among the Norse, owning a land, livestock and even a fort in the village of Mudcake. As their lives go on, not all feel joy towards their fortunes. Some watch on greedily from the shadows, desiring to take Thorgrim’s possessions for their own.

Portals to the Vision Serpent

by Carla Woody

Preston Johns Cadell is tormented. He attempts to outrun discontent and the void in his heart. His mother is hardly around. His father’s origins and disappearance are shrouded by family secrets. His sole remembrance of his father is flying through the stars nestled in his arms.

Any comfort Preston derives is from an unseen advisor who teaches him of the invisible world. Now he is coming of age. Memories arrive from long ago when a brown-skinned woman cared for him. But she, too, vanished. Finding the buried remains of his father’s altar, Preston must answer the draw to his destiny, to discover his lineage–even though he has no idea how or where it will lead him.

Portals to the Vision Serpent is a Hero’s Journey into the realms of shamanism and the Maya world. Interwoven are the struggles of indigenous peoples to preserve their way of life and tragedies that often come from misunderstandings. Through a family saga of dark wounds and mystery, spiritual healing unfolds.

The author donates 10% of profits from book sales to Kenosis Spirit
Keepers, a 501(c)3 nonprofit she founded whose mission is to help
preserve Native traditions in danger of decimation.

Ruby – I Was a Cowgirl (It’s Not Random)

by Elaine Fields Smith

An authentic postcard inspired this fictional story of a grandmother telling tales of her days as a rodeo cowgirl in a birthday card to her grandson. Heartwarming and written with country colloquialisms, the story brings to life days of old.

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