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The Case Study

by Michael Hibbard

Psychiatrist, Dr. James Marston, is firmly rooted in his belief that all things have a scientific or medical explanation. But, upon taking a job in Baltimore at a Psychiatric Facility, his entire world view crumbles when assigned to evaluate his first patient, John Smith.

Found naked and hairless, wandering through a town in Western Maryland the patient has no memory, no name, no criminal history, and believes something unspeakable ate his soul.  Over the course of thirteen days, Dr. Marston frantically tries to maintain his own sanity as the patient reveals horrifically, unimaginable experiences in each of their sessions.

Much to his horror, Dr. Marston is plagued with horrible nightmares, paranoia, and hopelessness as John Smith ensures him that ‘they‘ are coming for his soul as well.

Weeping Mary

by John Paul Allen

When eleven-year-old Marissa Ruiz first entered foster care she was warned. Don’t let them get too close to you. Don’t let them get you alone. Don’t let them tuck you in at night. She was prepared for anything until the white van pulled up and she met The Shepard who soon taught her the ways of The Church of the Weeping Mary. The Mother gives you life… The Mother gives you hope… The Mother gives you purpose. Some pray for eternal salvation… some simply pray to survive one more day

Cristman (Cristman Triology)

by Matthew Alan

Some storms you don’t see coming……

Jon Cristman and his
family are living a fulfilling family life in downtown Portland, Oregon.
A devoted husband and father, Jon seemingly has it all.
On a sunny afternoon trip into the Oregon farming country outside of Mt.
Hood, Jon stumbles across a secluded cave, and a powerful secret it has
been hiding for decades.
As Jon falters to maintain a hold on his once happy life, he must come
to terms with the meaning of sacrifice and battle a newly unearthed
desire for the power swelling within him.


by Stephen del Mar

Short Story, ~5,500 words

Imagine taking the bus home at the end of a cold winter day. The bus is full of all kinds of people with all kinds of problems. And as one slowly descends into madness he notices you. Would you notice before it is too late?

HIM is a short psychosexual horror story about madness, delusion and murder. Intended for mature readers only.

In The Wake of the Fallen

by Andy Barker

In the Wake of the Fallen is the first in a series about a zombie apocalypse.Non-stop adrenaline pumping action with a colorful cast.

Seven of Spectres: The First Hypnogoria Book of Uncanny Tales (Hypnogoria Books of Uncanny Tales)

by Anonymous

From the fireside of the Great Library of Dreams, Mr Jim Moon calls up seven spectres; presenting a selection of classic ghost stories complete with introductions, commentary and annotations plus a full page plate illustrating every tale.


The Clock by WF Harvey

The House of the Nightmare by Edward Lucas White

The Haunted Dolls’ House by MR James

The Tale of a Gas-Light Ghost by Anonymous

Man-size in Marble by E Nesbit

The Upper Berth by F Marion Crawford

The Judge’s House by Bram Stoker

In Gethsemane

by Stephen Gallagher

Novella, fiction. In the years following the Great War, a skeptical conjuror and a spiritualist medium merge their interests to tour the regional lecture halls of the United Kingdom.

The First Level of Hell

by Troy McCombs

A juvenile delinquent headed down a path to self destruction… inadvertently leads himself to an eternity in the worst place imaginable…


“Look into the abyss, and the abyss will look back into you.”–Friedrich Nietzsche

“Practice abysmal sins, and they’ll weigh you down into the abyss itself.” (Unknown)

Sixteen-year-old Johnny Morris has been committing heinous acts the majority of his lifeâ??nearly everything short of homicide. For him, causing mayhem is the same as a fix is for an addict.

Everything soon changes on the day he gets into a fight with the wrong person. Johnny, the boy who blew up his neighbor’s mailbox with an M-80, the boy who shot out windows with a BB gun just for a good time, wakes to find himself in another world…one that’s red, hot, and filled with evil things whose only purpose is to make his afterlife a living hell. Forever.

Henry, another lost soul, befriends the newcomer and tells him good news: there may be a way out for him, if he hurries. However, escaping will not be an easy task. It will be a difficult, dangerous, and harrowing adventure. Can he do it? After being tortured, scarred spiritually, and chased by the damned? Or is it a lost cause? Is Hell really inescapable? Read and find out!

It will shock you!

It will disturb you!

It will give you nightmares!

Read it… at your own risk!

Horror novels and paranormal thrillers involving demons and the damned could not possibly get any more graphic. This is a new form of splatterpunk!

Into Darkness (Short Stories and Whatever)

by José Ignacio Quiñones

The following is a collection of weird literature written under the moonlight as a series. It includes various stories and one chapter excerpts from books currently under production.

The Sphinx Gambit (The Sphinx’s Hero Trilogy)

by John Enright

Cora Whitehall came to Ether City to hide, little did she know that the city had its own dark secret. Five weeks later the streets are crawling with zombies, the local National Guard has been decimated and all forms of communication are cut off. Nothing goes in and no one comes out.

If it were just her, it wouldn’t be so bad but Cora isn’t alone. A little girl she saved was bitten during the Guard’s rescue attempt. When Cora’s supplies and hopes at their lowest, she is offered a chance at redemption. The Sphinx offers his cure but at a price, it must be won in a game of wits with nothing held back and everything on the line.

Aided by a brilliant but dangerous teenage programmer with an agenda of her own, Cora will challenge the Sphinx and even other survivors in hopes of getting the cure before the girl turns. Yet what she doesn’t know is that in this game of cat and mouse, there are no winners.

The Magpye: Circus

by Chris Lynch

An occult crime thriller, “The Magpye: Circus” has ghosts, magicians, witches, crimelords, and dirty cops all vying for control of “The City”.

Trapped in the middle of this blood-soaked battle is Able Quirk, the dead son of a circus psychic who has been reborn with the power to speak to the dead. All he has to do is eat their corpses…

With an army of vengeful spirits in his head that he struggles to control, Able is plunged headlong into a world of crime, corruption, and the power of the occult as he dons the mantle of “The Magpye”, a dangerous vigilante persona that embodies the very worst of some of the ghosts trapped in Able’s head.

Struggling to piece together his own memories, Able must solve the mystery of why his circus home was razed to the ground by the all-powerful King crime family, whilst also trying it dismantle their criminal empire.

Able’s only help comes from Marv, a Vegas stage magician with real magical powers, and Marissa, Marv’s mysterious and ethereal daughter. Both have secrets of their own, however… secrets that will derail Able’s quest for revenge against the Kings completely…

From the mind of critically acclaimed comic writer Chris Lynch (The Dark, Monkeys with Machineguns, The Hammer of Time) comes a story, and a hero, like no other!

Praise for Chris Lynch’s other books

“The Punisher meets Vanilla Sky”: SFX Magazine

“a great, fast read”: Geek Syndicate

“highly original and inventive”: Forces of Geek

“glorious and unexpected”: Forces of Geek

“confident”: Escape From Tomorrow


by Anthony Avina

“My name is Clark Young, and this is the story of how the world ended.”

This story follows the beginning of a man’s journey through the apocalypse. Witness the beginning days of a viral outbreak that turns everyone into ravenous undead creatures, and one man’s quest to save his wife and unborn child.

FBI Agent Clark Young is hot on the trail of an illusive serial killer. When he finally finds and kills the infamous L.A. Slayer, Clark uncovers a massive conspiracy that he is helpless to stop. On the eve of humanity’s destruction, Clark Young and his pregnant wife Monica must escape Los Angeles, and find a safe refuge to survive.

Once you escape the Epicenter of the apocalypse, the hardest part of the aftermath is learning to survive. Read this short novella from Anthony Avina to delve into the minds of two unique individuals: one a man whose made into a hero, and the other a man who makes himself a monster.

Louring Age (A Short Story)

by Laura L. Sullivan



LOURING AGE – a chilling psychological glimpse into the terrors of old age – is a story for adults from acclaimed writer Laura L. Sullivan.

In her youth, Millie roamed the world, having adventures, taking lovers…

Now she is trapped by her body, penned in by her incredible age. Her mind is still sharp (or is it?) but her once vast world has narrowed to a daily hobble to the liquor store. Every day, Millie passes by a home for Alzheimer’s patients. On a whim, she enters, and decides to fleece the easily-duped residents in card games. But before she can flee with her ill-gotten gains, she is captured… not by the law, but by a nurse, who believes she is one of the residents.

Thus begins a nightmare of sedation, surgery, and confinement. Trapped in another woman’s life, Millie plots her escape from the institution. But even when she is home again, she finds neither peace nor safety.

With a powerful voice and subtle shifts in tense that mark the heroine’s wandering mind, LOURING AGE is a frightening story of the way bodies and minds can betray us.

Wash Down Hope With A Glass Of Despair

by Ian Canning

Another collection of dark short stories:

We follow a man who seems to be having an awful day. Will his luck change?

James Trent discovers a hole in his apartment that leads out in to what appears to be another world.

3. 4355
A man, who debunks mysteries, comes across an abandoned building which houses a strange elevator. But what lies on floor 4355?

Michael Harris, a wannabe actor, creates the next big children’s TV character. But with an alcohol problem and severe claustrophobia, will Michael lose everything in the end?

Prey Until Dawn: Tales of the Yellow Book One

by Daryn Guarino

It starts with simple curiosity that accidentally awakens a forgotten secret. A darkly thrilling tale of heart-pounding torment, frantic desperation, and raw despair, “Prey Until Dawn: Tales of the Yellow Book: One” will have you jumping at shadows.

This is the first of the four “Prey Until Dawn: Tales of the Yellow Book” short stories. This story stands alone and is also collected in “Prey Until Dawn”.

Hellscape (Book Two: Homecoming)

by Duane Ratswander

Aleck’s only hope is that his uncle Matt will turn up in time to help prevent the Kid from destroying the town. But even Mattâ??a career criminal accustomed to violence, who has seen the very worst life has to offerâ??struggles to come up with a solution to the nightmare.

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