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The Yard Sale (A Short Story)

by Patricia Ann Preston

Looking for a quick, fun read?

Then, come on down to Clayburn, Mississippi, where Jennifer Riley is having a yard sale. She needs cash fast. She’s lost her job, her house, and her husband has run off with another woman.

From Early Birds to Prince Charming, Jennifer meets a host of quirky customers, and by the close of her sale, her life has been changed forever.

Jennifer’s tips for having an extraordinary yard sale:

– Early Birds do arrive at dawn, so be ready.
– Stand up to Tightwads. How can someone ask you if you’ll take less than a quarter? Seriously.
– Show some love for Packrats because they’ll buy anything.
– Try not to make a fool of yourself when Prince Charming arrives.
– Most importantly, realize some things have a value greater than money.

Also, check out the newest story in the Down Home Humor series: “Laid To Rest,” and meet three of the funniest Southern characters ever!

Keef’s Christmas Crackers 101 Christmas Jokes for kids: Free your Christmas funny bone

by Keef Whiskers

Keef Whiskers presents: Keef’s Christmas crackers. 101 Top Christmas jokes for kids. These are some of Keef’s favourite jokes to tickle your Christmas funny bone.

The jokes are clean and suitable for the whole family at Christmas. Keef likes he’s Turkey dinner on Christmas day and then watches the his favourite movie Cats and Dogs. He has a Prawn cocktail later on and then tells some jokes and tales from his favourite armchair.

Keef’s favourites from the book :

Why do reindeer wear fur coats?

Because they would look silly in plastic macs !

What’s the difference between a reindeer and a biscuit ?

You can’t dunk a reindeer in your cup of tea !!

Keef hopes you will enjoy some Christmas laughs over the festive season. He wishes everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.


by Don Taylor

Dexter, a once successful businessman, is bored rigid in living in a care-in-the-community hostel that houses six other somewhat comical inmates of both sexes. He constantly keeps them amused with tales of the sea, of smuggling, of hypnotic regression to past lives, of violence and murder, of amusement arcades, of sexual liaisons with young women, of the problems encountered with his ambitious son. To at least one of the residents he is another Walter Mitty. But could his stories be true? Flashbacks to various events give the answer. Or at least they explain the circumstances of how he comes to be where he is …

Do check the author’s details on Author Central to ascertain what type of books he writes.

Lakes: Dreams Coming True Ain’t All They’re Cracked Up To Be (Eric Waters Trilogy)

by Brett Beyer

Eric Waters and his little town of Lemongrass have a new visitor, and she’s turning the place on its ear. His friends are getting called as kings, heroes and damsels in distress and dreams are literally coming true everywhere to everyone.

But there’s a disconcerting sign that the new visitor may have an ulterior motive. Discovering the visitor ripped straight out of a storybook is more dark and sinister than she seems to be, Eric is now on a race to save his friends and his home town from this menace before she leaves the town and its residence nothing but skeletal husks.

And let’s face it, when you show up to school in nothing but your underwear (again), you soon realize that dreams coming true ain’t all they’re cracked up to be.

Mini Ha Ha

by Colin T Williams

Four, short, humorous stories.
Adam and Eve – Adam’s life was peaceful until he noticed what the animals got up to. Feeling lonely he demands a female companion … bang goes the peace and quiet!
A Nursery Crhyme.- Fun in the Nursery Land courtroom. Old King Cole, presiding as judge, is shocked to hear of so many crimes – and wishes he was far away.
Bare, Blair, Bears. A different look at Goldy and the bare, Blair, bears.
Alien8. – A close encounter with the President of the USA who manages to seriously insult his guests with disasterous consequences.

Candles of Secrecy (Book #5)

by Julie Ann Hough

A statue looks down at a Florence jewellers leading to a narrow street of dimly lit windows from a shop.

Merry Christmas: A Secret Treasure Hunt Game Book (Treasure Hunt Series)

by Laurie Cooper

A game centered on the theme of Christ’s birth is perfect for Sunday school classes or at home enjoyment with family and friends.

Merry Christmas: A Secret Treasure Hunt Game Book is a ready-to-play treasure hunt game which includes 8 clue pages to be hidden around the house or classroom setting. Play right from a Kindle, just hide clue tags. Get FREE matching printable clue tags at

Designed for elementary age children, kids love this game. This theme based game will have the children wanting to play it again and again. Hide a prize at the end and enjoy the FUN!

Limo Adventures in Myrtle Beach

by Bill Ames

A collection of 53 true short stories of the many adventures in the Limo in Myrtle Beach. It’s a quick fun read that reminds many of the fun and wild times in Myrtle Beach. The names are annonymous to protect the guilty and the innocent.

Quiz Mania

by Barry Moore

Quizzes are great fun and suit all ages you can do them in an individual, family or team setting.
This book covers a wide variety of topics that are designed to test your knowledge. Each topic consists of 5 sets of 10 questions of varying levels. Answers are easily accessible from the question page.
These quizzes are ideal to set your very own pub quiz night for an evening of fun.
Hope you enjoy the challenge, have fun and who knows maybe even learn a thing or two!

An evening with Santa Claus

by Memmy RP

This is a book of genera l knowledge, a sort of “Did you know?” for young children, because there’s no age limit to learn interesting things, especially curious things that not everybody knows.

It is hard to get the interest and the patience of a young child. But any information that is “played” in a story, in a funny way or presented in a picture, will be easily learned of every child.

This book is made for my 3 years old boy and I tested on him and on his friends. And I want to share my good results with you

How to write humorous fiction (How to write fiction)

by Jo Dean

Jo Dean has written five humorous novels to date, Forty not Famous, Stage Left, Love No Marriage, Dallas Revisited and A broad, Abroad.

In this witty and informative book, Jo tells you how to go about writing a humorous fiction and the benefits and pit falls of starting out as a new author.

The book covers topics such as how to find your material, what to write about and how to turn tragedy into comedy. It culminates with some useful information about the process of publishing and how to market your work.

This is an ideal guide for anyone who has ever wanted to write a fictional novel but just does not know how to get started.

Jo, as an author, for over ten years, writes honestly about the problems and the joys of writing and does it in a frank and easy to follow way that is accessible to all.


by T.C.R Baker

Read the thoughts of a twenty something, everyday man, as he takes a trip to London with a friend, takes a walk into town, talks about a town, and the mental health problems caused by smoking cigarettes, and drinking far too much alcohol, and taking pain killers, which inevitably leads to disappointment, dejection, and psychiatric treatment. Followed on by three years of personal quotes to help him through the days, without a career, money or job prospects… This is an engaging non-ficitional insight into modern day English life, that could be of interest to people of all ages, young or old, this has something for everyone…

Whitey Ford is Nicer Than Me

by Leonard Stegmann

Yankee pitching legend Whitey Ford lied to a little kid? How could this possibly be? (Nostalgia Humor/690 words)

Loo(d) Cartoons

by Myke Ashley-Cooper

Toilet Humour at its best!

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