Free Kindle books for children and young adults for 20 Dec 13

Ethan Wright and the Alchemist’s Order, (Book 2)

by Kimbro West

Book 2 in the Ethan Wright series. The highly anticipated sequel to Ethan Wright and the Curse of Silence will delve ever deeper into the world of alchemy.

The Mortuus Manus bracelet â?¦ the wearer will be unable to die, unless he tells a lie.

Xivon has his eye on the mysterious bracelet as well as snuffing out Ethan Wright, if he gets the chance. With a replacement alchemist urgently needed and a missing Mitan at hand, the alliance forged between Tirguard and Losalfar hangs by a thread. Ethan continues his adventures as he and his friends search for clues to unravel the mystery.

Rapunzel My Story

by Kate Houser

Entertaining read (approx.19,000 words) for girls age 8-12.

You all know the fairy tale of Rapunzel, the girl with the very long, golden hair who gets imprisoned in a tower by a witch and rescued by a prince.

Well, Rapunzel is now here to tell you the story in her own words! She wants to tell you what it was like living in that tower and what really happened. She also has an embarrassing secret to tell you that the prince had wanted kept secret!

Follow Rapunzel as she tells her story in her captivating words.

Why is POOKIE stinky? For Ages 4 to 7 Years Old (Book One: Silly Puppy Series)

by Lucinda Sue Crosby

Dog story – Book One in “Silly” Puppy Series perfect Children’s Ebook for Holidays

Short Picture Book Written in Rhyme

This loveable terrier gets into all sorts of trouble as she chases rabbits, rolls around in the mud and licks her brother’s stinky feet. In real live, Pookie is just as adorable and those that meet her say she looks like Toto from the Wizard of Oz. A true terrier, Pookie is curious, feisty, playful and yes, sometimes, very stinky. We love her so much we couldn’t help but write a story about her.

Ë?Ë?Ë? Endorsed by Preschoolers

We offered this story to a Pre-school teacher and her students offered us the following feedback:

I read this story to my group of pre schoolers today and it was an instant hit! It went down very well with one little boy who had just that very day got a new puppy…..he was able to chat with great animation about his dog and how smelly it was when it kept “pooing in the corner!” (his words!).

The story, with his simple rhyming format appeals to young children and mine particularly enjoyed trying to guess the last word of each line! We do a lot of rhyming games at nursery so these types of books are always popular.

Ë?Ë?Ë? Makes Children Laugh Outloud

There were several moments when the children laughed out loud….especially the bit about the stinky feet and Pookie wearing her hair in bows!

It introduced some vocabulary that was new to my children “” living in England they weren’t that familiar with skunks, but I always love it when I can introduce new words to the children through stories so we went and looked it up online and found out how smelly they can be!

The story gave the children lots of chances to chat about their own pets “” it’s good to choose a theme about something that is close to most children’s hearts, and this story was definitely right for that! They came up with lots of tales about their dogs getting stuck in the cat flap or jumping into the river and getting covered in smelly duckweed!

Ë?Ë?Ë? Fun Illustrations and Photos

We had a lovely time reading this story and the sweet illustrations added to the enjoyment. The best part was finding out Pookie is a real live dog and seeing an actual photo of her at the end! It made it all the more real for the kids. They loved her little coat!…

Thank you for letting us share your story

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The Secret of the Gypsy Horse

by Diana Halstead

Sarah feels frightened and abandoned after her mother leaves her with a stranger. But when the Gypsies come to town with a mysterious horse, her life changes in ways she never imagined.

Liberty Frye and the Witches of Hessen

by J.L. McCreedy

“It’s endless hoopla that will keep you on the edge of your seat! … The scene is set around Christmas time, so it’s a prefect gift. It’s also a great book to read every year. The same thing you do with your favorite holiday movies. Create a tradition with your kids.” … Melysah Bunting (Goodreads Review)

“A magical and fantastical tale with a touch of humour – brilliant!” … Kindle Book Review



The average ten-year-old girl seldom travels far from home. She doesn’t worry about being kidnapped by witches or imprisoned in medieval castles where children meet their unspeakable demise. She rarely gives thought to curses, potions and magic. She certainly isn’t concerned about risking life and limb to decipher ancient rites and lost treasures….

But Liberty Frye is about to discover that she is not just an average girl.

When a cryptic note from long-lost relatives arrives, the news it brings flips Libby’s small-town existence upside down. Soon, she finds herself lured to a foreign land where mystery, spells and the dark stuff of fairy tales await. It’s up to Libby to unravel the sinister plot that brought her there in the first place, but in so doing, she’ll uncover a shocking secret that will change her life forever … if she survives the challenge.

Come Along With Me (A Gracie Book)

by Linda Schell

Come Along With Me will transport eight-to twelve-year old children, their parents, and their grandparents to another world when they read Come Along With Me, an adventure about friendship and caring, the unfortunate consequences of jealousy, and the power of hope.

Meet Gracie, a ditzy dwarf kangaroo from the Thirty-sixth Universe–a creature who lives in a perfect realm. Because she is bored, Gracie longs for an adventure to St. Petersburg, Russia, a place she imagines is filled with beauty and enchantment. Much to the tiny â??roo’s surprise, her ability to transport herself to the land of the czars has failed. She ends up at a dairy farm in St. Clair, Pennsylvania, where she saves the life of Gibson, an abandoned Maine coon cat.

The unlikely pair become fast friends. While Gracie tries to find her way back home, Gibson carves a life for himself on a farm with his newly adopted mistress, the farmer’s young daughter. There’s one hitch: The overworked farmer demands that Gibson earn his keep. Gibson’s task is thwarted somewhat when he experiences strange visions. But are these visions the result of a thrashing he received from the farmer’s two dogs? Or, maybe Gibson sees parallel universes?

As outsiders the little kangaroo and the cat from the city negotiate the perils of farm life. They meet two malicious rats who hate anyone who is happy. The two devoted friends must contend with stampeding cows and a barnyard of critters that have little use for newcomers.

Will Gibson keep his sanity and become the little girl’s pet? Will Gracie ever see the splendor of the Russian Versailles? Will the farmer survive the evil machinations of the rats, Bratwold and Eastman? Drift back to the days of Barbie dolls, hula hoops, and Sputnik to find out.

Sam & Me (Granny, Magic & Me)

by Fleury Sommers

Called “heart-warming,” “delightful,” and “wonderful” by readers, “Sam & Me” is the third in the series, “Granny, Magic and Me.” In this story, which can be read as a stand-alone, Eric begins to resent the fact that everyone in his family has magicâ?¦except him. And, although he knows he shouldn’t be jealous, he is, especially when he’s helpless to change the consequences of real evil. What Eric doesn’t know is that he’s slowly growing into his magic and when he discovers it, he will also discover what’s most important.

‘My Snow Day’ -children snow book about buliding a snow-woman (The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year, a Christmas book level 3)

by Ally Nathaniel

From the #1 best seller author of ‘Sparkly Me’ and ‘Who’s Under The Bed’

The perfect Christmas book that will empower your child.

It’s the first day of snow and Gabi and her siblings are about to get creative.

They have the most brilliant idea: they will build the best snow-woman ever!

This book will not only empower your child by sending the message that children can trust their own thinking and ideas, and implement them all by themselves, but will also emphasize the importance of team work.

The great values your child will learn

  • Family is very important
  • Team work is the key to success
  • Follow your passion
  • Creativity is fun

If you are a parent for children ages 4-8 add this book to your cart now.

Bubbles Day-childrens book for ages 1-3 (Children Empowerment and self esteen for toddlers.)

by Ally Nathaniel

From the #1 best seller author of “Sparkly Me” and “Who’s Under The Bed”

Download this fun story to help empower your child

Bubbles, a four years old girl, loves bubbles. She loves watching them, she loves touching them and she wants to learn how to blow them all by herself. Do you think it’s easy? Will Bubbles be able to blow bubbles without any help?

The important values your child will learn

  • Do what you love doing
  • You can reach any goal if you put your mind into it
  • Follow your passion
  • A little support can help you go a long way/li>

If you are a parent of a child age 1-4 add this book to your cart now.

Maxi the Monkey learns why Going to Bed Early is Important

by Cressida Elias

Next in the series – The Safari Children’s Books on Good Behavior – Maxi the Monkey is a good little monkey who loves to help his parents…but one night prefers to play instead of going to bed. Cute full color illustrations to get your little ones to go to bed on time…!

Why Would I Want to be an Ant?

by Vincent Radatti

The old man said to the young man I’ll grant you this gift that you can change yourself into a lion or an eagle or a horse as an afterthought he said, Oh I almost forgot, you can also turn yourself into an ant. The young man not believing any of this laughed and said “Why would I want to be an ant?” The wizard said you will see and you will also by reading the book.

This story has been told to five generations of our family. It was first told to the author by his Grandfather when he was a child but that story did not contain the ant. At some point this story must have been an Italian folk tale passed down in our family verbally. The author’s addition of the ant takes this tale from an interesting story of magic and adventure and adds the moral of not overlooking someone just because they are small. Certainly something a child can identify with.

This is a classical style folk fairy tale for children that makes for a good bedtime read. Nothing too scary to keep the kids awake and of course the good guy wins!

Touchdown Tony Crowne and the Mystery of the Missing Cheerleader

by Peter Guy George

A family-friendly sports mystery packed with action and adventureâ?¦for the 9 to 12 age group…

Tony Crowne is your normal, run-of-the-mill back-up quarterback and aspiring detective who has his share of troubles: He hates the nickname his father gave him, his eighty-pound dog clobbers his mother and grandfather at breakfast and he gets into a fight with the biggest kid in school.

Worst of all, his best friend, cheerleader Ashley Richardson, disappears the morning before Tony’s big football game.

Did she run away? Was she kidnapped? Is she alive?

Now, Tony must help his team win the big game and help a retired police detective find Ashley before it’s too late.

Children’s book: The Mysterious Cat (Bedtime Stories)

by Ruth Ronen

This is a funny bedtime story about a very mysterious cat that a little girl named Sharon finds in a tree.

While playing with her doll, she heard a telltale “meow” that signaled the arrival of Leo, who quickly became her friend. Learning to take responsibility for her new pet was good training for Sharon.

But one day Leo disappeared without a trace. Sharon, miserable without her furry friend, waited and waited.

Finally, the mystery of Leo’s disappearance was solved.

The story had a happy ending, Sharon and her mom and dad were in for a real surpriseâ?¦ You will find out too when you read this beautifully illustrated picture book.

Una Princesa Diferente – Princesa Pirata / A Different Princess – Pirate Princess (English and Spanish)

by Amy Potter

Learn Spanish or English for Kids Series, English/Spanish Bilingual Book.
Serie para aprender Español o Ingés para niños, Libro bilingüe Inglés/Español.

Amy likes to be a princess, but not only a princess. She likes to be a different princess each night. Her magic unicorn Huggy brings her to dream worlds where they have a lot of fun.

A Amy le gusta ser una princesa, pero no sólo una princesa. Le gusta ser una princesa diferente cada noche. Su unicornio mágico Huggy la lleva a mundos de ensueño llenos de diversión.



Owen the Owl Wears Glasses

by j.j. beavis

Owen the Owl is a cute and cuddly character who needs glasses to see at night. He lives in the forest and will introduce you to his forest friends.

This rhyming bedtime storybook is sure to charm your little ones with enchanting illustrations. Perfect for ages three to six.

Numbers Fun

by Badrinath

Numbers Fun is an addition to our famous Alphabet Fun book. Counting 1 to 20 numbers with beautiful objects will be an interesting way to learn for the children. Parents and kids can share hours of pleasurable learning.

The Pollen Path

by Adriana Devoy

Ally Penney is a gifted thirteen-year-old whose world is crushed when her parents suffer a financial blow. Forced to give up private school and her social clubs, she becomes attracted to the troubled loner, Peter, and takes up the solitary sport of running, through the flower-filled paths of the Salmonier estate. She finds herself in the care of her three young aunts, Jessica, Jewel, and Mimi; and becomes witness and accomplice to their many romantic adventures.

Jessica is a piano prodigy harboring a secret and juggling a love triangle, while she battles with local developers eager to foreclose on her historic estate. The beautiful Jewel pours her turbulent passions into abandoned animals and dangerous men, but when an accident leaves her life hanging in the balance, a celestial vision sets her on an unforeseen path. Mimi is the glue that holds together the trio, but her self-effacing ways may sabotage her own ambitions and chance at love.

The Salmonier estate weathers a winter of blizzards, an intoxicating spring and a sultry summer; is the scene of two weddings, and a way station during the region’s worst fire. Yet the clock is ticking on the day it will be lost to public auction. On its enchanted grounds, during an unforgettable year, young Ally learns about life, love, creativity, friendship, family, and second chances.

Cover design by Lorna Allen,

Colors (Early eBooks)

by Something Else Publishing

Little ones will quickly learn their colors with beautiful, full-color, photographic illustrations including a red lady bug, purple flowers, or a black cat. Early childhood is also the best time to absorb other languages and each color is highlighted in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese.

COLORS has been formatted for landscape viewing on the Kindle Fire and Kindle apps for phones, tablets and computers.

Be sure to look for three other Early eBooks from Something Else Publishing including SPORTS ABCs, SEASONS & HOLIDAYS, and OPPOSITES.

Dark Knights – Beware the Demons

by L.E. James

Jim is a thirteen year old boy who, after moving from Edinburgh to Devon with his mum, is bullied at his new school and his life is utterly miserable. A magical gift sees him travel through space and time to the Kingdom of Lion. However, the King of Lion is missing, imprisoned by demons in the Pit of Endless Time.

Only Jim can save him and with his new friends, a grim warrior, a wizard and a grizzly bear called Barney, he travels to the underworld to fight demons, dragons, zombies and the dark knight, Valdus.

Suddenly his school bullies don’t seem so bad!


by Cindy Callaghan

In this short story based on the tween favorite JUST ADD MAGIC, Kelly Quinn and her friends meet the famous TV chef Felice Foudini. It seems Foudini has a problem that only a secret cooking club can help solve. Are Kelly and Company up for the task?

Like JUST ADD MAGIC, this delicious story comes complete with its own recipes.

Larry The Lizard Tours Ireland: A Photographic Journey Across Ireland (For Ages 4-8)

by Larry The Lizard

“Cute and engaging trip around Ireland
with a plastic tour guide.”

Larry The Lizard Tours Ireland highlights over 50 pictures from Larry The Lizard’s trip across Ireland. Larry visits Dublin, the Burren, Cliffs of Moher, Giant’s Causeway and much more. Enjoying this book is like taking a seat on Larry’s couch and having him lead you through his photo albums.

Experience the beauty of Ireland with everyone’s favorite plastic reptile as your guide. Larry The Lizard has visited more than 20 countries in his globetrotting adventures and is loved by people of all ages.

This book features photographs and captions with a few bits of Irish folklore and fact thrown in.

Olen The Christmas Goat (The Robens Family)

by Maryann Macpherson

Nathan is a young boy who lives with his family on their farm in Eastern Ontario. He is constantly being told he’s too little to do the things he’d like to do. The exception is his friend Mrs. Matthews, who lives on a nearby farm with her pygmy goats. When Nathan is told that Santa only visits the homes in which children live, he worries about Mrs. Matthews, and decides to take steps to make sure she isn’t forgotten on Christmas Eve. Nathan’s family and friends learn that being the youngest and smallest has no impact on his desire to act to help others, and Nathan learns that even the best laid plans sometimes need a little Christmas magic.

The Clown Picture

by Troy McCombs

Horror novels have just gotten more horrifying… and this may be the next generation in all of children’s horror stories…

“Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! Come see the flying trapeze twins, the lion and lion tamer, the clown and his appetite for children! Do be scared, as it helps in the digestion process!”

9-year-old Logan Barnes loves the circus more than anything. In fact, all he wants to be when he grows up is a clown. To instill hope in people; to make sick children feel better.

But when his mom brings him home a painted picture of a sad-looking clown, he begins to seriously reconsider. Something is seriously wrong with this old, worn painting, and it’s only going to get worse–much worse. The picture is just plain evil. In addition, the clown inside it is somewhat alive, and will do everything he can to escape into the real worldâ?¦ no matter what it takes.

Does Logan stand a chance against him? Or is he doomed from the start? Either way, it’ll be one heck of a battle.

“The Clown Picture” is one of few scary kindle books meant for all ages. And of all scary books for kids 9-12 to adults from age 18-87, the unrelenting terror in this never lets up. It will not only frighten the child, but the adult as well.

Hungry Farm Animals (Hello Animals)

by Hollyn Overton

Farm Animals,
for early-readers,
from the
‘Hello Animal’ series.
It is over twenty pages.
picture book, makes it
a FUN-2-READ book!
We love to create
E-BOOKs for you!
And enjoy great
comments! 🙂
We also provide
video fun on you tube!
Hollyn Overton
(best viewed in wide mode)

It Would Be Cool

by C.S. Heller

A whimsical journey through all the “cool” things animals could be or do, It Would Be Cool is a book that speaks to young children with instantly recognizable images and ultimately challenges them to use their own imagination.

Inspired by conversations with a toddler, this book is designed as a quick read with an open ending for your own improvisation.

Book length: 12 pages
For ages 1-5 years

QuizME Basic Fractions ( Interactive Quiz Book )

by Jerome Collins

This Edition Features

  • Over 120 Questions and Answers
  • A Fully Interactive Table of Contents
  • Superior Kindle Formatting
  • Additional Bonus 40 Question Quiz Book  
  • Self Paced Learning with Review

This is an interactive question and answer kindle book for learning fractions.

There are over 120 quizzes plus a bonus book in the back with an additional 40 quizzes. There is also a review for each question.

Four answers have been provided for each question, simply click on the correct answer to proceed to the next question or return to the beginning and try again if you answer incorrectly.

Hundreds of multiple choice questions! Receive points for each correct answer. Can you complete the interactive quiz? Enjoy and learn in the process!

For any person, who has had a difficult time learning fractions this a great beginner to intermediate book to get them started in mastering fractions.

Please download a sample book for preview before purchase to get a better understanding how it works and looks on your kindle.

wee willy and the bump in the night

by d. manuel mendonca

Come join willy as he let’s his imagination get the best of him.

Rivers: How to Become a Hero in Three Easy Steps (Eric Waters Trilogy)

by Brett Beyer

Eric Waters isn’t powerful, mystical or even exceptional. When an ancient god chooses him to fight monsters, save innocent people and solve impossible riddles, he begins to wish that he were. Now he wonders why his life has gone from normal to insane as he sees ghosts, gods and mysterious girls who either want to kiss him or see him dead. Surely this kind of stuff only happenes to people after they turned 12.

My First Christmas Story

by Hugo Costa

A colorful book, with lovely and friendly illustrations, written in a simple, accessible way, that tells the story of Christmas.

This book is ideal for young children, raising awareness for the true story of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Carlie’s Dream

by Nicole Wilson

Have you ever wished upon a star and hoped your dreams might come true?
Carlie did and you can find out what she wished for when she spotted a shooting star zipping across the sky.
Kids love this fun, delightful bedtime or any-time story which will surely put a smile on their faces.
Ages 3 and up.

And With a Kiss, Awake

by Sherrie Dolby

Another in a series of children’s book meant to teach morals and right choices. This book takes us on a journey quite similar to Sleeping Beauty but with a noteworthy twist.

Charlie and the men in shoes

by MD Shakespeare-Fletcher

Almost three years ago Britain’s foremost authority on artificial intelligence was torn from his family by a rival’s terrible creation.

Now the nightmare has returned.

Visited in the dead of night by D9, a secret department of British Intelligence, Elizabeth Bingham receives the unwelcome news that Jack Winter, the man thought to be responsible for her husband’s disappearance, is back in the UK.

Charlie thought he’d be safe at Uncle Harry’s Water Mill on the remote North Norfolk coast, but when D9 decide to evacuate the Bingham family there, it will only be a matter of time before he’s discovered and his fight to protect them all will commence.

From the sinister development laboratories buried beneath the searing sand and salt of Area 51, to the port of Marseilles, the beautiful, but dangerous, Brecon Beacons; training ground of the elite Special Air Service and the idyllic countryside of Norfolk and Somerset, the family are pitched into a battle for survival against one of the most fearsome weapon systems ever to be created.

But can the family succeed where Special Forces have failed to protect them?

With Charlie, their newly found family member on their side, I wouldn’t bet against it.

Written for young adults Charlie and the men in shoes is an action packed adventure which can be enjoyed by young people of all ages.

Children’s Book: Bunny Donny and Michelle’s Camp Performance (Funny Bedtime Story Children Books Collection)

by Shir Family

Let’s together read the exciting children’s story about two bunnies Donny and his sister Michelle, who despite his young age were able to overcome their fears and learned to believe in their abilities. They gave a fun show performance of their talents and creativity in front everyone in the summer camp. How they did it? Read on, and learn a valuable lesson from Donny and Michelle!

This children’s book for bedtime reading for children from 3-7, as well as independent reading for children 6-7 years.

Children’s book: Stubborn Emily (Children book for age 3-5) (Bedtime stories collection)

by Ayelet Sade

Emily is a happy smiley girl with a long shiny hair.

Each morning Emily sits down on a little stool with a lot of patience while her mother combs her hair.

One morning Emily decided she does not want to comb her hair any more, it is hurts, it’s not comfortable and it is simply annoying.

She decided that today she is going to go to kindergarten with her hair loose….

do you know what happened?

Amusing bedtime story that your child will love.

Fabulous Features of Mythical Creatures

by Paul Perro

Come with us and let’s enter the world of fabulous beasts and mythical creatures – the Minotaur, Medusa, goblins, fairies, the Loch Ness Monster, and many more.

This marvellous picture book makes an excellent bedtime story for young children. Parents will delight in reading aloud the lively rhymes, which often take a funny and unexpected turn. Each hilarious verse is brought to life by cute and vibrant artwork.

Fans of “Rumble in the Jungle” and “Commotion in the Ocean” will love this cute and funny picture book for kids, created specially for the Kindle.

A Fairly Talented Christmas (Tojo and Nelly’s Cat Tales)

by Tamara Forge

It’s a busy run up to Christmas in Tojo and Nelly’s household. The snow is glistening, the tree is twinkling and poor owner, Ben is whizzing about like a whirlwind! He must finish all his baking for the Christmas Fair and still have time left to practise his marvellous magic act. Tojo and Nelly have been practising too and the whole village is out on the green to see everyone perform. The thing is, Nelly’s not too sure if magic is one of her many talentsâ?¦

This book is the Special Christmas Edition 2013 and part of the series “Tojo and Nelly*s Cat Tales”

Fairyville Adventures: Tasha’s Wish (A Children’s Bedtime Story for ages 3 – 7)

by Simone Cannon

Age Level 3-7

Would you like to be granted three wishes by a beautiful fairy? Most people would really enjoy such an opportunity. What would you wish for? Would you wish for a pony? Would you wish for a new bicycle? Or would you wish you never had a little brother?

Six year old Tasha is visited by Cleona, a fairy. Cleona grants Tasha three wishes. Tasha wishes she never had a little brother. But then she realizes that life as an only child is not what she really wants. Tasha confronts her emotions and feelings as she realizes that nothing is more important than family. Join Tasha in this unique fairy tale filled with fantasy, adventure and magic.

Fairyville Adventures: Tasha’s Wish contains 1,642 words and 24 beautiful color illustrations.

Simone Cannon created the Fairyville Adventures series with the intention of drawing children into a fantasy world while creating a love of reading. Each book in the series is fast paced and contains beautiful color illustrations.

Books in the Fairyville Adventure series:

Fairyville Adventures: Tasha’s Wish – book 1

Fairyville Adventures : Devon’s Wish – book 2

Fairyville Adventures: Tasha’s Visit – book 3

Fairyville Adventures: The Giant Teddy Bear – book 4

Fairyville Adventures: The Angry Dragon – book 5

Fairyville Adventures: Escape from Wonderland – book 6

Jane and Her Friends Celebrate Christmas (A Children’s Picture Book for Ages 2-4)

by Betty Palatin

Jane and her friends prepare for Christmas by trimming the tree and waiting for Santa. What will he bring for Jane and her friends? Find out in Jane and Her Friends Celebrate Christmas, where even Santa gets his own surprise!

This lively picture book is written in rhyme and will have your kids jumping for joy. Jane and her friends celebrate the holiday with gifts of their own and even one for your child. Check out Jane and Her Friends Celebrate Christmas, it is sure to become a must-read each holiday season.

This new, enhanced 16-page edition is optimized for reading on tablets.

The King of Christmas

by Jim Parker Dixon

A prose poem for Christmas. Set in a fishing village on Christmas Eve. A fisherman takes to the sea but does not return. His daughter goes looking for him…

Moo and Baa Fireworks no:23 (Moo and Baa stories)

by Peter John King

In this compilation of Moo and Baa stories. Mr Farmer has his firework night which all goes well for him, but for the animals things go wrong as the animals should be kept in the sheds, but Mr Farmer really loves every minute on his own, little could be said for Frog who unfortunately got trod on.

Peter John King Moo and Baaa stories Rhymes no;2 (Moo& Baa stories Rhymes)

by peter john king

This is the second in the series of the Moo & Baa stories. We see Moo and Baa at School learning rhymes with the other animals, Rhymes that are not the originals, once the Author has got hold of them.

Plucking Poetry from the Air (The Encourageable Endeavors of Calliope Spencer)

by CS Reid

Calliope was simply born to be a poet.

Her prodigious talents are cultivated

under the astute instruction

of Mrs. Rutherford,

her sixth grade teacher.

However, Miranda Michelli is a

considerable, dueling wordsmith in

her own right, as the reigning genius

of their language arts class.

Who will take the penultimate crown

in the Shining Voices Poetry Contest:

Calliope, who pens about the wonders

of nature, or Miranda Michelli, the

resident brainiac in the sixth grade?

Here is a synopsis of what you’ll UNCOVER INSIDE:

Do you want to learn how to read and analyze poetry critically?

Do you want to learn how to create your own poetry?

Young poets will learn how to recite poetry with confidence, young poets will learn what important literary terms mean and how to use them in their own poetry, young writers will learn about notable Jazz Figures, young writers will learn about The Beat Generation and The Harlem Renaissance Literary Movements, young poets will learn self-discipline by completing their poems from start to finish, young writers will learn how to work collaboratively on writing projects, teen writers will learn how to analyze and interpret multicultural works, and teen writers will develop their own literary voices by becoming critical thinkers and readers of literature.

Santa’s Little Friend (A Fun Christmas Picture Story for Toddlers and Young Children)

by MK Grassi

“It is Christmas Eve and someone is coming.”

And so begins this enchanting picture book by award winning artist/author MK Grassi.

Hearkening back to such Christmas classics as “Twas The Night Before Christmas” and “Rudolf The Red-Nosed Reindeer”, “Santa’s Little Friend” features…

* beautiful color illustrations that will captivate your children

* a warm-hearted, humorous story with a surprising “feel good” twist at the end

* simple flowing text that will engage your children and sustain their interest

“Santa’s Little Friend” is written for toddlers and young children, but older ones (and their parents) will enjoy it too!

Pick up your copy now. Press the Buy button at the top of the page.

The Shadow of Minecraft: The Voice – A Minecraft Novel

by Kevin Reed

The Shadow of Minecraft: The Voice

“I am not sure what is real anymore. I look at my reflection in the mirror and the person I used to be is no more. I am but a shadow looking at a reflection of a shadow. Where am I? who am I?”

Between the worlds of fantasy and reality lies a world built on the imagination of a dreamer, the world of Minecraft. Trapped between two worlds Alex must look within himself and answer the voice that is calling to him. Is it friend or is it foe? The answers he finds will rip apart the fabric of what is and what was. Gaze into the mirror of mystery as we find out the secret of the voice!

Follow Alex on his journey as he finds himself in a new world.. a world made of blocks… The world of Minecraft! It is his mission to save Minecraft from a dark and evil creature. Only he has the power. For HE is the chosen one!

The Shadow of Minecraft is a fascinating, action-filled tale seen from several perspectives. The Voice is the first part of this breathtaking journey.

Do YOU dare to follow? Scroll up and grab your copy now.

Sky Whale Trilogy

by S. E. Fearon

In the Sky Whale Trilogy we meet three heroines, with three destinies, in three unique novels set in the developing civilisation of the Draca Lands spanning some two-hundred and seventy years. In each story the sky whale (a mythical omen of destiny) is a mostly invisible but strong presence presiding over the destiny of our heroines as each heroine faces the turmoil of their times.

Sky Lily

One morning Lily Newman sees a whale in the sky! Despite her grandmother’s assurance that people who see sky whales are destined for great things life goes on as usual in her sheltered mountain village – that is until her path crosses with Viscount Odin Fairchild.

Suddenly Lily is thrust into a world of kings and queens and a kingdom in turmoil. Where will her convictions lead her? And can she find the courage to discover whether people who see sky whales really are destined for greatness?

Pearl Empire

At the tender age of six Eira is taken from her family and sent to the Keikoku Academy. The night before she leaves, her mother tells her a whale appeared in the skies above Hreinnby on the day she was born – an omen of destiny.

Years pass and Eira finds herself a position as a lady’s maid within the Imperial Palace. However trouble is stirring in the heart of the Empire. Driven by her conscience and a deep love for her people she will need to find the strength and courage to rise through the ranks and save the Empire from ruin.

Northern Dawn

Dawn and her father Balen flee to the safety of the Independent Archipelago to escape the great war ravaging their country. After twelve long years the war is finally over and peace begins to settle – but not for long.

Barely six years after the ceasefire whispers of war reach the islands of the Archipelago. In a bid to protect his daughter, Balen sends Dawn to the frozen north to marry – but neither snow nor ice can hold off war indefinitely. So far Dawn has been one step ahead of the seemingly unstoppable war. Will the war finally overtake her, or is this man from the north, who once saw a sky whale, able to change the course of history?

The Treacle Fairies

by Adam Goddard

Enter the world of the Treacle Fairies in a stand alone story and also discover a way to help your child behave at bedtime.

101 Silly Jokes for Kids – Witty and Fun Jokes for Children of All Ages

by Charlie Chestnut

Jokes are wonderful because they can be shared with everyone. Everyone loves a good joke, especially kids. Here are 101 jokes gathered together especially with kids in mind. They are good clean jokes that will get kids smiling. They can be used to make new friends or cheer up old ones.

In this book, there are different types of jokes starting with animal, holiday and music jokes. From there you will find nature, school and sports jokes. Lastly are the classic knock, knock jokes and other silly jokes. Get ready to laugh until your belly hurts as you read through each section. Here are some of the best jokes that will get you thinkingâ?¦ and laughing of course! Spend some fun time with a child you know by sharing these with them.

Butterfly! Kids Book About Butterflies – Fun Facts & Pictures About Butterflies, Life Cycle, Anatomy, Species of Butterfly & More (Amazing Animals in Nature Series)

by Gemma Watts

Children’s author Gemma Watts presents “Butterfly! Kids Book About Butterflies – Fun Facts & Pictures About Butterflies, Life Cycle, Anatomy, Species of Butterfly & More”. This educational children’s book, part of the “Amazing Animals in Nature Series”, is full of fun facts, beautiful color pictures and carefully chosen words to teach children about butterflies.

Children will learn about the life cycle of butterflies, as well as their feeding habits, senses, anatomy and other fun facts.

This book features the following 10 species of butterfly:

* The Banded Orange Butterfly

* The Blue Pygmy Butterfly

* The Common Banded Peacock Butterfly

* The Common Jezebel Butterfly

* The Junonia Coenia Butterfly

* The Monarch Butterfly

* The Orchard Swallowtail Butterfly

* The Queen Alexandra’s Birdwing Butterfly

* The Sara Longwing Butterfly

* The Silvery Blue Butterfly

Book features 28 stunning color pictures of butterflies!

PLEASE NOTE: This book is suitable for children aged 7 years and older, who are able to read to themselves. For younger children, parents may like to read this book with them.

It is really quick and easy to download this book, and it can be read on an iPad, Kindle, Tablet or other mobile device supporting Kindle books.

*** Your child will love this book – guaranteed! ***

Jojo’s Christmas Day – A bilingual Romanian Christmas story about a naughty elephant calf

by Sujatha Lalgudi

This is a beautifully illustrated Christmas story in Romanian about Jojo, the naughty elephant calf.

Jojo loves to eat his favorite red fruits. On Christmas eve, he refuses to share the fruits with his friends.

The Queen announces a grand Christmas party. None of his friends want to celebrate Christmas with Jojo.

Will Jojo mend his ways?

What happens in the Christmas party??

Read this sweet little Christmas book in Romanian to find out …

This story (in Romanian) hopes to capture the spirit of Christmas and the joy of friendship and sharing.

Merry Christmas!

Bonus: Go on a berry hunt! Find the partially hidden berries on each page.

Marianne the Mermaid (Book 7) – The Mer-child’s Birth

by Viv Rosser

An egg has fallen from the mermaid’s magic castle and no-one can find it. A lost mer-child is growing inside a giant clam. No-one notices her drying out on the sand until along comes Mother turtle.

Can the mermaid sisters find their lost baby sister?

This story stands alone and is part of the series, Marianne The Mermaid.

This book is suitable for the Kindle Fire, Ipad or Iphone, but also looks good in the Amazon Kindle-Viewer. (On a PC or Mac – set full-screen, landscape, with words-per-line at max). Due to the 14 high-quality, hand-drawn art images, the ebook file size is large and may take some time to download.

Mukade Island (The Island Chronicles)

by Nikki Bennett

Prepare yourself for the adventure of a lifetime. Get ready to face the horrors and wonders that will ensnare you as you fight to survive your journey through THE ISLAND CHRONICLES.

Begin by braving the horrific monsters and unimaginable peril on MUKADE ISLAND. Join Jack, Steffi, Rob, Steve and Keiko as they struggle to survive in this strange, alien place. Delve into deep caverns and discover incredible treasures. Join forces with the mysterious green-eyed, purple bats as you battle terrifying monsters. Fight and conquer the ferocious tribe that controls the island. And find a way to escape across the poisonous sea.

MUKADE ISLAND is the start of an adventure like nothing on Earth.

Hannah and Rebekah Meet Santa Claus

by Loraine Nunley

What do you get when you mix two little girls with a travel machine? A recipe for adventures! Hannah and Rebekah are having the adventure of a lifetime when their travel machine takes them to the North Pole. Will their quest to help an elf in need allow them to meet Santa Claus as well?

Hey! You Took Our Stuff.

by Dean Schechinger

This picture book for children shows how features on animals are similar to features such as horns, armor, long necks and legs on dinosaurs. In the book, children will be challenged to guess which animal(s) took a feature from a dinosaur. The book includes easy pronunciation guides, non-threatening pictures of dinosaurs and animals and basic dinosaur facts, such as how big (in feet and meters) the dinosaurs were and where they lived.

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