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House of Flesh

by D.L. Snell

They call it the House of Flesh. It moves from town to town like a seedy carnival, always in some weedy lot.

Most cities tear down the flyers immediately, ashamed to have such images besmirching their town. But two kids have gotten their hands on the ad and are determined to visit the house.

Awaiting them is a harrowing journey that will test their friendship and identitiesâ??their very will to survive.

In the House of Flesh, innocence is a horrible thing to lose. But so is a best friend.

A Relationship, in Pieces

by Garry Crystal

A Relationship, in Pieces – Three Short Stories (6670 words)

Relationships are balancing acts no matter what stage you have reached or how long you have been together. Whether it’s long term, the first night of dating or simply a fleeting encounter, it only takes a wrongly spoken word or a misunderstanding for things to quickly deteriorate.

Each story in A Relationship, in Pieces contains different characters at different periods of a relationship; a meeting between strangers, the first night of dating and the inevitable ending that is apparent to all but those involved. These are the cautionary tales played out every night in every city around the world. If you have ever been in a relationship that hasn’t run entirely smoothly, your story is possibly here.

Waiting in the 11th Arrondissement – A couple spend an evening in a restaurant in Paris where an eavesdropping waiter enjoys the ensuing argument that comes from being too honest.

Running With the Bulls – A couple trapped in a long term make-up and break-up relationship look to the past to find if there is any way to save their future.

Strangers – A drunken night in London leads to a chance meeting between two strangers. But in a city of over seven million people where mistrust is considered an inbuilt safety device, you should prepare for drama or lock yourself away. (contains some strong language)

And When the Arguing’s Over…

by Garry Crystal

And When the Arguing’s Overâ?¦where will you be and what will you have achieved?

People argue on a daily basis but these arguments are not always what they appear to be. Sometimes perception is needed to read between the lines.

Six plays/conversations covering themes such as following the herd and selling out at work, the desire to be noticed, fiction versus non fiction, perception versus memory and the comforting lies we tell each other and ourselves to make life a little easier. And hope – because without hope, even misguided hope, what would be the point in arguing.

Includes –

Hecklers – a comedian is heckled on stage leading to a debate on originality and following the herd.

Appraising – an employer-employee appraisal turns into an argument and asks the character defining question of whether or not you would remain in hell if the devil paid you enough?

The Elephant Frowned – a journalist interviews a film director and breaks through the idealised version to uncover truth, lies and manipulation. But what is reality and what is fiction when everyone has an agenda?

Happily..ever.. – one person wants to get married the other doesn’t. The eternal argument.

Plus Algeciras and The Seawall.

62 pages.

Honeysuckle and Jasmine

by Liz Grace Davis

The past is never far behind.

Senia Loato’s life has been needled by disappointment, and the wounds that fester go beyond skin deep. She is certain if she puts miles between her and her tainted past, she will somehow outrun it. When she’s offered the chance to leave her island home of Mintang to become an au pair for three boys in Germany, she takes the opportunity to start running.

In Germany, she meets Miina. What builds between them is a life-defining friendship, one they will risk everything for.

And soon, they’ll be asked nothing less.

When Miina is betrayed and left stranded, Senia stands by her, risking much more than just her stay in Germany. She also stands to lose rich, handsome, turquoise-eyed Roman Dorenwald, the first man she has allowed into her heart.

But they’re risks worth taking.

Eventually, Senia makes a sacrifice that catapults her back to her past, where she’s forced to draw back the curtain and discover the shocking truth of her history.

Can she confront her nightmares, reach deep into her soul, and forgive those who have hurt her? Or is it easier to just keep running?

Virtual Silence

by Vince Dickinson

Virtual Silence is a novel about unplugging from TV or the Internet, from dead end jobs processing paperwork no one will ever see, from brand loyalty to faceless corporations that will never love you back, and from godless religions that have sold their souls.

It is about rediscovering the Will to be human.

The Common Lot

by David Grant

“The Common Lot: Take Off” is a novel of political speculation and character study. It posits a ‘citizen legislature’ selected in the manner used by the original Athenian democracy — through sortition, random selection of citizens willing and able to serve. The novel follows two sortitionally selected representatives during the trials and tribulations of their first year in this legislature ‘by the people’.

Running On Empty

by Steve Merrill

Set in late seventies rural Vermont, Running On Empty is a bittersweet story of love, loss and friendship, told with gentle off-beat humor.

When charismatic Spencer Bellamy dies it leaves a vacuum for his friends in an already bleak post Watergate, post Vietnam War landscape of booze and drugs, dead-end jobs, and no future. Now his best friends, Miles, Ripley and Pokey, aimless young men lost in the no man’s land of youth, that period of time between adolescence and full adulthood, have to decide if and how to move on, and maybe if they will even remain friends now that Spencer, the glue that held the group together, is gone.

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