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The Smart Parent’s Potty Training Book. STRESS-FREE POTTY TRAINING IN 1-3 DAYS!

by Olivia Michael

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The average age that western children are potty trained is NOW HIGHER than at any time in HISTORY, 36 months for potty training girls, 38 months for boys.

Author Olivia Michael will give you her simple methods to develop your child’s natural ability to toilet train earlier. It’s all HERE in her latest book.

Also NOW available in paperback this book makes a popular choice as a caring and thoughtful Baby Shower Gift.

Olivia’s goal is to have your baby potty trained between 12-18 months and in ALL cases before they are 2 years old.

This book is for mothers with babies 6 months old +, and for mothers who are not having potty training success with their older child. The information inside will help you and your baby prepare for the transition from diaper to potty, helping you make discrete communication advances with your amazing developing baby.

Olivia give’s you easy no cost steps that all parents can take to successfully Potty Training their baby in 1-3 days. Olivia includes her up to date research and information to easily prepare your baby from diaper to Potty.

About The Author..

Olivia Michael is a Law graduate who previously worked in Law enforcement as a Child protection officer and a Child behavioral and early intervention consultant.

From 16 years old Olivia was employed as a nanny for two children which developed her love, care and bond for children and the later connection for her work in early child development and intervention.

Olivia is currently a stay at home mum and runs a successful day home specializing in children aged 12 months old + . The pleasure of caring for her son, running her day home and her passion for creating, writing and sharing her children’s development books is what drives Olivia in her work today.

In 2010 she wrote and published her first book on THE SMART BABY SIGN LANGUAGE BOOK where she also shares the additional benefits that baby sign language has for Potty training your baby.

Olivia recognizes that all children are different and develop at different stages however, with the right discreet development your child can be trained before they are 2 years old. Over the past 6 years she has personally potty trained dozens of children and advised numerous parents on her method of potty training, with amazing results.

Olivia wants to share these successes with you in her latest book.

The Author Olivia Michael will also help to improve your baby’s communication by teaching you the amazing benefits of potty training using her Smart Baby Potty Training Book. This includes reading the “Its Time For Potty” Your baby’s first Potty Training Rhyme Book with your baby. Also learn WHY you should potty train your baby before they are 2 years old.

So just relax and let her take the stress and worry of potty training away from you..


The First One to Scream, Loses – Conflict Management Techniques for Parents (Conflicts and Negotiations series)

by Asaf Shani

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 executive or a stay-at-home parent, you likely feel the same way about your kids – they make you want to scream. Well, not always . . . just at the worst possible time. The worse part, though, is when you end up screaming, you end up feeling guilty, like a fool and often, like you’re the worst parent in the world.

In order to avoid having these feelings, the solution is simple – don’t scream.

How? This e-book ‘The First One To Scream Loses’ by Asaf Shani will teach you all the tips and tricks to keep your cool, stay in control and handle conflicts in your home effectively.

Asaf Shani is the happily married father of three daughters. In addition, he has spent more than 15 years teaching conflict management techniques and negotiation skills to executives, sales people and business owners.

During the Q&A portion of every workshop, he noticed that participants would often begin questions with, “I’ve got this kid at home . . .” followed by a heartfelt story about a family conflict, suddenly out of control. All these stories have a similar pattern: a conflict leads to hurt feelings, followed by harsh words . . . followed by more hurt feelings, followed by more harsh words . . . and so the cycle goes on and on.

This inspired Asaf to come up with ways to adapt conflict management techniques to situations at home so they can be applied even to children.

As parents, you can’t always control the reactions of your kids. But you can control your own reactions through education, preparation and practice. This book gives you easy-to-follow techniques on how to get what you want from your children – whether it is going to bed at eight, eating vegetables or doing homework – the first time you ask without a fuss and without them even knowing it. Based on Asaf’s real-world experience in conflict management and his experiences as a father, it is a practical guide designed to help you create an immediate change for the better in your family life â?? and long-lasting changes in the lives of your kids.

Surviving Divorce & Broken Hearts

by Greg J Kelly

Guys, we’ve all been there… All of us! That happy go lucky feeling you had yesterday has vanished quicker than a hot apple pie at an all you can eat buffet and now your sucking your thumb under the kitchen table in the fetal position and no one on the planet understands your pain. Sound familiar? I’ve been there a few times, one of which really kicked my nuts in so far I ended up in the hospital.

My goal with Surviving Divorce & Broken Hearts is to convince you that you will absolutely survive the nightmare you are now going through. I discuss the stages of depression, bargaining, acceptance etc… I talk about the practical baby steps, daily little things to get you back on track. The book comes with a printable progress chart that can be very useful in allowing you to see that indeed this is just yet another phase of life, a crappy phase but in the long run it really is just another part of your 90 year journey.

Most important guys: You will get through this! For many of you I know it seems like the end of the world and indeed a big chunk of who you are is changing, but as hard as it is to believe you will come out of this stronger, smarter and will have learned one of the biggest lessons life has to offer.
If you are suffering from a divorce or broken heart I am sure the book can help you out. Right now a million guys on this planet are going through the same thing. Sometimes they really do just leave and sometimes we have to deal with yet another unfair kick in the nuts.

You Can’t Hurt Me Anymore

by Wm. G. Thilgen Jr.

Fourteen years of perplexity and uncertainty of what to do results in a difficult situation and set of circumstances in which a young man sets himself free.

The Defiant Ones: A Manual for Raising Kids

by Jeffery Bruns

This book describes the system I have been using successfully with kids for many years. It is written for parents with kids from toddlers to teenagers who have ever wondered why their child should turn to them rather than to drugs and suicide. It is a record and a guide for these parents to a program that is working successfully in the home and classroom to change these hostilities among our kids. To produce the necessary initiative in the classroom and in the home, I show kids how they can get what they want and be who they want to be by adopting an industry-based standard of achievement. Kids learn how to take responsibility for their actions. I will discuss quite candidly why our educational system is not able to offer the same success as an alternative and why all too often some parents realize too late the mistakes they make in bringing up their children.
How did I develop The System? Well, it happened almost by accident.
In 1980, I was fresh out of a university graduate program in behavioral science-three graduate years training cats to respond to commands by teaching them to ring a bell when they were hungry. Two years later I was completing an internship by helping to develop programs to change the unacceptable behavior of junior high school students using the same techniques I had learned with the cats. Unless their behaviors changed, the local school district would have to place these children outside the regular public school system. The programs were just as effective as the programs with the cats, and the children were admitted back into the public school system, where their problems started.
While I was pleased that the behavior modification programs worked, I was distressed because the systems I was experiencing and observing in the school and home weren’t working. The systems themselves were creating a need to have “corrective” behavior programs, instead of simply functioning to educate children to be happy, successful people. Teachers and parents were nagging children ninety percent of the time and teaching and enjoying them ten percent of the time. It was a constant emotional turmoil. If we weren’t able to raise our kids for success, then what were we doing? Whatever it was, it wasn’t any fun.

The Non-Silence of the LAMB: Real-Reality Fiction

by Luke Brown

Christmas had always been special for Essie, but now it meant even more. They say that when you are in love, everything looks brighter and better. Well, Essie was in love with life in New York City, and even Christmas seemed better than it had ever been.

This is more than a Christmas story. It is a real-reality Jamaican fiction.

Yes! It is true. I was not fond of the Lady. That woman was heartless to leave a two-year old baby boy in the woods of Hanover. It is outright evil and is therefore unforgivable. Hello, my name is Karl. Yuh nah go nowhere till yuh hear fi mi side of de story (you’re not going anywhere until you’ve heard my side of the story). My story is about how my madda left me in the bushes to live with mi fadda who could hardly cook, much less to be able to take care of a two-year old child. Enough is enough. To understand my point of view, you will have to take a walk in my shoes. Imagine if you may. You are two years old and you were left in the bushes in the middle of nowhere. Now imagine that you were left with someone to watch over you who had no ability to breast-feed or seemed to have any ability to prepare a proper bottle of baby food. Expect to eat large pieces of boiled yam and boiled green banana even before you start growing teeth. Nuff saidâ?¦

(Read the villain’s direct response to the reading audience and see his side of the story in this unique cutting edge “Real-Reality Fiction” style of writing).

No Hannibal Lecter here. Just a single mother and her raging passion with a few quid pro quos as she grippingly strives for survival for herself and her eight children.

More Excerpt #3 –

The fireworks represented everything that Mrs. Essie Brown believed in, including the right to freedom and the right to a better life. She now had a brand new life and a clean slate in the United States. The sky was the limit, as far as she was concerned. That night, Mrs. Essie Brown saw more than fancy high-tech lights and fireworks. She saw what it meant to be an American. It meant the God-given right to beâ??to be left alone, to be loved, to be one’s true self, to be free, to be treated fairly, to be respected, to be strong, to be proud, and most of all, to be all that one could be.

Clarion Review


A pleasant, often sweet, and always entertaining novel.

Mark McLaughlin

Excerpt #4 –

The sweet-smelling scent of the island spices still hung in the air. It filled his nostrils and titillated his appetite all over again. It must have been the aphrodisiacal clam preparation. Or maybe it was the soul-soothing Cajun sauce or the jerk island spices that she used to sauté the lobster. Or possibly it was the teasing amount of caviar that she sprinkled over his meal as a topping. Whatever it was, it was surely working its magic.

Real Families, Voice, Value and Respect

by Diana Terrell Culver M. Ed

This book is designed to empower families to recognize their unique qualities. It also covers risk factors, academic and behavioral challenges and offers suggestions for the family to overcome these. Finally, it helps the family develop an action plan to use the information and assert their voice as the most qualified expert on their child to effectively advocate for their family and child to achieve their personal best!

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